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Chris Johnson punks Ted Ginn Jr.

Just got off a conference call with Tennessee Titans RB Chris Johnson. Johnson, who once ran a 4.24 time in the 2008 Indianapolis Combine, is obviously quite fast.

And that speed leads to a lot of conversations.

And the conversation today involved questions about how he'd do in a match race against Ted Ginn Jr., Miami's resident speed merchant.

"That's not even a legitimate question," Johnson responded.

Allllllrightie then. How would you do in a match race against track star Usain Bolt, Johnson was asked.

"That's a better question," he said.

Johnson then told the story of being at a pool party on South Beach in the offseason and several Dolphins, including Joey Porter and Ginn were present. He said Ginn and him got to talking about a race and Ginn actually challenged him to a race.

Johnson was apparently all in. To hear him tell it, he told Ginn to meet him on Ocean Drive and they'd run right there, right then.

"I showed up," Johnson said. "But he didn't."

[Update: Ginn talked in the locker room and confirmed the story is true. But he had no desire to get into a tit for tat with Johnson.

"It's nothing that relates to football," Ginn said. "That right now is not really my main agenda. I just want to go out and play football. It's not like I play defense and he play offense or he play defense and I play offense. We both on the same side of the ball. It's not a benefactor to me at all. I just want to talk about, you know, something else than that."

The best man may win. It's all up to the man upstairs. I know he's pretty fast and I'm fast and it would be good for both of us to run one day. But until that happens, I don't think this week is the week to really go into details about it."

Aside from it seeming as though Ginn had insurance on his mind before his interview, -- thus the inappropriate use of the word benefactor -- he did exactly as the Dolphins wanted him to do. He didn't stir any controversy that might motivate an opposing player. So that's that.]

Newswise today, Reggie Torbor (hamstring) did not practice. Jake Grove (ankle) practiced full for the first time since he suffered the high ankle sprain against Carolina Nov. 19. Grove worked primarily with the second unit.

Joey Porter (right knee) and Vernon Carey (back) were limited in practice.

For the Titans, Vince Young (hamstring), Keith Bulluck (non injury), Kevin Mawae (back), David Thornton (shoulder), Tony Brown (knee), and Eric Bakhtiara (concussion) did not practice. Nate Washington (ankle) was limited.

I asked coach Tony Sparano if any college has asked permission to interview any of his assistants for a job. This based on speculation the Virginia Cavaliers are targetting Miami oustide linebacker coach Jim Reid as a defensive coordinator candidate.

"No," Sparano said, before explaining now is the time for coaches to concentrate on winning games for the Miami Dolphins.

I'm told this doesn't necessarily eliminate Reid from a possible move to Virginia. It does mean he will not interview for anything prior to the end of the NFL season.

By the way as I reported on my twitter earlier today, the Dolphins cut Nevin McCaskill from the practice squad and added OL Ray Feinga, formerly of BYU.

Check back soon, I'll have more updates as news happens. 


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The last time Armando and the South Florida media spent their time writing about nonsense like this we lost embarrassingly against Buffalo. Tennessee has been kicking major arse while we been barely doin it. I'm just saying it seems everyone's taking this team lightly... Where is the urgency we had against the Pats, even the Jags?! The season is on the line Mando!

BTW.. when you gonna fix the IPHONE APP?

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Aloco is the real troublemaker of this blog. But he is no good at his own game.

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WOW ! just read where Chris Henry is fighting for his life after falling out of a pickup truck while having a dispute with his fiance.

ted would win'there was a guy for the steelers called 'dwight stone'well he had 4.25 speed in the 40 but when he raced alexander wright of the cowboys he got beat easily in the 60'which means that ted's long stride with outrun him at the end'don beebe had longjumper mike powel beat in the 40'at the superstars event'in the early 90's but aS soon as it past 60 he blew him 'away in the 100.mike lost to h.walker in the finals.

I thought this was an interesting website. Can see which other game's wins/losses improve our chance at a playoff, things like that..


chris johnson will have his worst game this week .

You know who you are. I am still waiting for YOUR apology sir...

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WOW ! just read where Chris Henry is fighting for his life after falling out of a pickup truck while having a dispute with his fiance.

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | December 16, 2009 at 11:53 PM

Aint that a B-tch NJ?
The guy finally starts to grow up and get his life back on track, then something like this happens.

I sent up a prayer for him and his family when I read it.

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Our defense needs to shut CJ up...if we stop him we win the game.I hate how no one is giving our Dolphins a chance against Johnson...like we haven't shut down some great RBs this year.I hope our D uses this stuff as fire to shut CJ down.

This blog is Miami Dolphins Football if you clowns want to have dumb azzzz conversations get each others phone numbers and text one another .....enough with the nonsense Armando please find a way to filter this crap....

If it was a race to get out of bounds....Ginn would win hands down!

Ted takes the high road chris Johnson is a douche should have been tbe title to your blog. Stop dissing my Miami Dolphins players.

forget about a foot race.... CJ is a better football player than Ginn, PERIOD!

Typical Ginn back right on out of Miami, you suck anyway!!!

In a fight Johnson wins

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