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Coordinators explain selves, decisions

The first question to offensive coordinator Dan Henning today was why he called a halfback pass out of the direct snap formation against Buffalo last Sunday. The question came today because Henning only talks on Thursdays and because the play was an utter disaster, having been intercepted when Ricky Williams was hit as he threw on the first-and-goal play.

"Amazing that would be the first question," Henning said. "Let me just say this, we had 23 times we've been inside the 10-yard line this year. Two of those times the clock was running out and we kicked a field goal on first down. So that makes it 21 where we had opportunities to make touchdowns. We made 18 touchdowns in those 21 times. That's No. 1 in the league by far.

"My job is to get the ball in the end zone when we get down there. I don't make excuses for how we do it. And if you look at the 18, you'll find out there are some other calls that you would be asking questions about had they not been successful. We had a fumble and we had an interception. We don't apologize but we lament like everyone else."

Henning was asked if he understands why fans and media are perplexed why he called that pass play when Williams has publicly said he doesn't like throwing the ball and the Dolphins were plowing the Bills on previous plays in the drive.

"Certainly, I do," Henning answered. "I wonder about it. I'd like to have every call that wasn't successful back. Can't do it. That's not the way this works. Sometimes the players bail you out on a bad call that they make a good play. Sometimes they don't make a good play on what you think is a good call.

"We have to be accountable for that. You guys don't. I can only tell you our job is to get it in the end zone. We've done a good job of that. We didn't get it in there, that's a bad job."

I asked Henning what was his mindset in calling the play. Was he trying to fool the Bills?

"My mindset is Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday night," Henning said. "I do all the second-guessing you guys do and I still make that call. Because I thought it was our best opportunity at that time for the overall picture, OK? We didn't score there, we come back on the next series, we went ahead 7-0.

"There's a lot of things that I know when you go home to dinner at night, you don't have to worry about. I have to worry about it. I can only tell you that''s our job to get it in there. When we played New England last time, I can tell you we were down there and ran two straight plays. Runs. And we got stuffed. And then there was a guy named Ronnie Brown, he slipped out of there and threw a toucdown pass. You know what I heard about that one? That was innovative.

"And believe me, Ronnie doesn't throw the ball any better than Ricky does in that area of the field."

Henning said the Dolphins practiced the play in question for three weeks and that it worked every time in practice. He did admit Williams was not rushed in those practices.

Henning also admitted Williams has told him he doesn't like throwing the football. Despite this, the offensive coordinator that always asks his quarterbacks to list their favorite and least plays -- so he can call the ones they like and avoid the ones they don't -- doesn't apply that logic to his running back.

"Now Ricky would tell you he doesn't like to throw the ball. But over time, with all due respect to my boy Ricky, and I love him, he can tell you a lot of things he doesn't like to do or he might like to do and you might not agree with any of them," Henning said."So we have to deal with all that also. We understand that."

Henning's 10-minute interview was not all centered around the Buffalo call. He made a little news by saying the Dolphins are going to start using rookie receiver Brian Hartline more as we go forward.

"Hartline is coming along," he said. "We haven't pushed him to the front as much. We probably will here in the near future. We like him. He's making plays. He seems to show up as much as Greg [Camarillo] showed up in training camp the first year we were here, albeit we know and he knows what his shortcomings are. But he's an accountable guy.

"Hartline isn't quite as accountable yet. He hasn't been through the ropes and once in a while he'll blow this or blow that. But he has the ability to make explosive plays and we do need to get him the ball more."

The press conference with defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni was not quite so touchy. But I did ask who was responsible for losing leverage and letting Buffalo QB Ryan Fitzpatrick pop wide and down the sideline for a 31-yard TD.

"Everybody," Pasqualoni answered. "Thats everybody's job. That run there is 31 yards. And the shame of it is, if we keep the leverage there, he's probably going to get sacked because nobody blocked the right end who forced him to his right our left, anyway.

"The guys up  front are responsible for it and they got to keep [the quarterback] inside. And we have to react in the back end and not give him a 31-yard run. We have to tackle him and get ready to play red zone defense. So it's just a matter of proper execution. That's all it is."


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Whey are we still playing one-on-one with our rookies against the best receivers during critical parts of the game?

crowder and ayodele still suck trade both of them for a draft pick and throw jason allen in what a bust nice pick saban. LINEBACKERS ARE OLD.

Miami couldn't get a used jock strap for Crowder or Ayodele. The outside guys are AARP members and should be in wheel chairs.

Come on Mando, you need to put the fear of god in these douchbags, ??/?/???? what kind of questions are thoughs? COME ON YOU NEED TO ASK, WHY THE DEFENSE BLOWS, HOW COME HE DOESNT USE THE RIGHT PERSONEL WHEN NEEDED, WHY WE ARE NOT IN A 4-3 NOW??? WHY WE CONTINUE TO USE OUR 35, AND 33 YEAR OLD OLB'S WHEN WE HAVE FASTER ANDERSON, AND WAKE!!! JESUS.

The reason I don't like going to NFL games anymore is someone like Matt always sits right behind me! The Phins are doing just fine.

You've been pounding Henning all year, 'Mando, so I hope you're happy that you finally think you have him cornered.

You're probably too myopic to realize that his responses to your probing queries have all been better than your theories regarding the man's shortcomings as an OC.

Henning's Red Zone percentages this year speak for themselves, and he shared they have been running Ricky's halfback pass play in practice for three weeks where it has worked.

That's good enough for me. I like the man. I like the fact that when I try to guess what he's going to do, I usually guess wrong. That's certainly wasn't the case before he got here.

I do appreciate that you are exploring the issue. It is very interesting to delve into the coaches thinking process regarding particular plays. With all due respect, I appreciate their postions better than yours so far.

I can't understand why Henning can't say "I fuc*ed up, it wont happen again".

Probably cause it will...

this team needs LINEBACKERS and al groh to run the defense next season!

Miami seems to score TD's when they get to the red zone, but geez, only 23 times in 11 games? Are you serious?

This is why we are 5-6. We require long drive to score. We don't have the ability to score quickly or gain big chunks of yardage.






WHY?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASK THEM THAT!!!!!!!!!

We need to do what Buffalo used to do to us in the thurman Thomas days: run the ball until the other team consistently stops it. When we get 1st and goal from the 2, we should pound it 4 times in a row; it's up to the OC to figure a way to not have it stuffed every time.

Yeah what is the deal with our defense routinely sucking in every 4th quarter this season???

Did you really use the word leverage when you asked that question Mando? Or did you write the word in this blog after Pasqualoni said it?

I think Mando asked Henning the perfect question (but I would have elaborated or asked a 2-parter). Ok, his mindset is getting it in. But your follow-up (to us, not sure you made it to Henning) is that we were already running it down their throats. Why not "feed the stud?" Don't change what ain't broke. He gave a lazy response that NE stopped us on 2 runs in the red zone. PLEASE! I was born at night but not LAST NIGHT! NE is not Buffalo, by any stretch of the imagination. Henning wouldn't say he f'ed up (even though basically that's what he said) but that's exactly what he did. He should say Ricky will never throw the ball out of the Wildcat again, and put it to bed. Now Pasqualoni is a totally different matter. While Henning can boast of all the success the offense has had (and they have in areas of the game), Pasqualoni can't boast at all, because Miami's defense is downright rotten. And now they can't even stop the run, the only thing they were good at. He's the one you guys should have pressured Mando. Forget Henning. Dolphins are scoring 20+ points in most games. We need the defense NOT to let the other team score 20+ points if we want to win. He's the one you need to be dressing down. His whole scheme is rotten. We don't blitz at the right time, don't use the right personnel to blitz, don't make the right calls, don't finish tackles, don't double-team or play zone enough, don't disguise defenses, don't do ANYTHING right! Pasqualoni's gotta go!

I am tired of Pasqualoni

Come on Armando, help us fans by asking tough questions and follow ups ! Henning, Pasqualoni and their boss Sparano, need to feel the heat.

When he answered the Hartline comment, I would have followed up with, "What about Pat Turner?" To which Henning would have probably given us the standard, "We go with the package that gives us what we think is the best opportunity to move the ball down the field." At which Armando could have followed up with, "And you think that Ted Ginn gives you that opportunity?" At which Henning starts squirmming and you got him cornered. I can think of a million follow-ups to all of Ted's woes vs. the unknown upside possibilities presented by rookie Patrick Turner. Forget that darn Ricky pass Armando and ask the more important questions about our lack of a downfield threat and why Coach Henning hasn't done anything to fix it. I would.

When these guys all talk it's like listening to Charlie Brown's teacher. They speak about players being held accountable, but, apparently don't want the same burden themselves. Yes, coach, we would have crowned you a GENUIS had Ricky completed that pass! Doesn't matter if your offense was inept the rest of the game/season

Marc is a pizz ant w/no life

Guess why we tossed Pasqualoni out of Syracuse, he is an average coach, he is not an aggressive coach by any means. This Defense will never rise to what they can be with him at the helm.

I disagree Marc. Offense has been pretty good w/ the exception of the lack of an executable downfield passing threat. Personally I give the coaches an "A" for everything but that. For that they get an "F".

Let me clarify my previous comments. "A" on offense except for executable downfield threat (grade "F"). I'd give our defense about a "C-" overall.

AGree Sgt. Major...

Uh let met get this straight.... the Pasqualoni coordinator meeting was less testy than the Henning one? Why? The Defense SUCKS!!!!! You Clowns in the media should be grilling this guy! We have the worst defense in the league in the 4rth quarter.....I guess stupidity must be contageous in south Florida these days. Also, Henning is just realizing that they need to get Hartline involved more? Did his Alzheimers meds just kick in? If thats the case Mando, why don't you print this last section off for him to read before every game...
Ginn = Can't catch and won't go across the middle
Camareeehhhoo = Blew out his knee and can't separate from anyone
Bess = Heart of a champ, speed of a chump
Turner = Who knows, we've been hearing how he was going to play for the last 3 games yet? Nothing!!!

even the plumber can do a better job than Henning.

Angry, Youre still Angry????..

"When we played New England last time, I can tell you we were down there and ran two straight plays. Runs. And we got stuffed. And then there was a guy named Ronnie Brown, he slipped out of there and threw a toucdown pass. You know what I heard about that one? That was innovative." - Henning
Exactly! You got stuffed on the 1st two plays. In other words, the run wasn't working. Buffalo is one of the worst teams in the NFL against the run and didn't stop the run that whole drive. Plus, it was first down!!!!

If you ran the ball on 1st and 2nd down against Buffalo and got stuffed and then Ricky threw the INT, there would be no criticism. On 3rd and goal from the 1 yard line after Buffalo has shown it can stop the run, then you call it. On 1st down it's just retarded.


WHAT THE DEUCE?????????????

HOW COME CUBAN KNOW WHO'S WHO ???????????????????

coach p is a gentleman but not a d coord. his opponents at syracuse scored at will with chunk yards and YAC! S.U. was forced to let him go because of an inept defense. ernest wilford (va. tech) burned us (syr) on 4 long td passes when we never made halftime adjustments!! sound familiar???????

WW345, Your Aloco....

" I'd do it again " . Mr henning , are you f'n kidding me.

I Went to a chinese take out at lunch time and looked at the menu while the waitress asked me if i want the S of the day ? i asked her what do you have for today ? she answered ( fried chicken skin w/steam rice ).i said to myself ,i didn't come to the beautiful USA to eat FRIED CHICKEN SKIN AND I RAN OUT .



Yes Cuban, it feels better when I vent though!

NJ, that should prove iam not aloco, we posted the same time............


My friend, I have more devil in my little pinky than Marc can ever attain. The pizz ant is not one of my pupils

Henning says "we had two runs and got stuffed, Ronnie Brown comes out and throws for big gain". Yea, he's right except for the fact it was first down, and the run wasn't stuffed yet, it was a terrible call on that play

I could fix some problems on offense with two words Charlie Weis. He helped develop Tom Brady from a nobody to a pro bowl QB. Dan was kicked out of Carolina because of his play calling. On defense, I believe we need to go 4-3 the remainder of the year to offset the loss of Ferguson. In the off season they need to be aggressive and pick up some help in the free agency. ( WR, ILB, NT, AND MAYBE A SAFETY.

I saw the best shirt today, it said "What happens in Vegas happened to me"

aloco , you're the menace therefor you're also WW345.

nj is a man of high integrity.


Cuban and I posted at the same time so that should prove we are not the same.LOL
Afterall my name is half of his...


Aloco that is more like it.

Ace i Mean Men or do i mean MENACE???? that's great ace, what about the pink pants wear Hermaphrodite Marc???? His douchebaggery is legendary....

Agree w/ mrmikejohnson. if he runs that play at 3rd down and it gets intercepted I look at it in a whole different light. It was the timing of the play. Even if Henne throws it on that down and gets intercepted, I'd be scratching my head for passing based on us steamrolling down the field to get there at 1st and goal. I let it go though. Much bigger fish to fry "getting Pat Turner on the field".

I still believe people

Aloco / menace. Why do you ask ? Does your FAT azzzzzzz want to join ?

Join what oh mighty god??? :)

Bye the way I love Kool-Aid

ohhh THE gym, I asked you 2 months ago, you never replied...

Dear Mr. Salguero

"The first question to offensive coordinator Dan Henning today was"

1 - Where you drinking Hennessey before that play call ?
2 - Where you visited by the ghosts of the Buffulo Bills of past ?
3 - Did your wife come at you with a 9 iron ?
4 - Are you getting a brain scan or was that call just an anomally?
5 - Do you think Ricky Williams still has a shot at backup QB ?

Hard hitting questions Mr. Salguero...Hard hitting questions.

Soiled :)

soiled ,
did ever been to a gym in your life ?

Word has it that tiger was going to visit a certain transsexual that likes to play Madden foot ball and wears dresses when he left his estate at 2:45 am, Marc can you confirm this???

Where's Marc? My mission is to get him to learn to spell his first name by the end of the year.

Dear Mr. Aloco

"did ever been to a gym in your life ?"

Only during mating season to increase my attractiveness to the opposite sex....that and wearing bright colors increased my chances of a successful mating season.

Soiled :)


Was he headed to Orange Blossom Trail or Parramore neighborhoods? These are places to find street walkers in cheap dress with hairy legs in Orlando where Tiger live.

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