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Coordinators explain selves, decisions

The first question to offensive coordinator Dan Henning today was why he called a halfback pass out of the direct snap formation against Buffalo last Sunday. The question came today because Henning only talks on Thursdays and because the play was an utter disaster, having been intercepted when Ricky Williams was hit as he threw on the first-and-goal play.

"Amazing that would be the first question," Henning said. "Let me just say this, we had 23 times we've been inside the 10-yard line this year. Two of those times the clock was running out and we kicked a field goal on first down. So that makes it 21 where we had opportunities to make touchdowns. We made 18 touchdowns in those 21 times. That's No. 1 in the league by far.

"My job is to get the ball in the end zone when we get down there. I don't make excuses for how we do it. And if you look at the 18, you'll find out there are some other calls that you would be asking questions about had they not been successful. We had a fumble and we had an interception. We don't apologize but we lament like everyone else."

Henning was asked if he understands why fans and media are perplexed why he called that pass play when Williams has publicly said he doesn't like throwing the ball and the Dolphins were plowing the Bills on previous plays in the drive.

"Certainly, I do," Henning answered. "I wonder about it. I'd like to have every call that wasn't successful back. Can't do it. That's not the way this works. Sometimes the players bail you out on a bad call that they make a good play. Sometimes they don't make a good play on what you think is a good call.

"We have to be accountable for that. You guys don't. I can only tell you our job is to get it in the end zone. We've done a good job of that. We didn't get it in there, that's a bad job."

I asked Henning what was his mindset in calling the play. Was he trying to fool the Bills?

"My mindset is Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday night," Henning said. "I do all the second-guessing you guys do and I still make that call. Because I thought it was our best opportunity at that time for the overall picture, OK? We didn't score there, we come back on the next series, we went ahead 7-0.

"There's a lot of things that I know when you go home to dinner at night, you don't have to worry about. I have to worry about it. I can only tell you that''s our job to get it in there. When we played New England last time, I can tell you we were down there and ran two straight plays. Runs. And we got stuffed. And then there was a guy named Ronnie Brown, he slipped out of there and threw a toucdown pass. You know what I heard about that one? That was innovative.

"And believe me, Ronnie doesn't throw the ball any better than Ricky does in that area of the field."

Henning said the Dolphins practiced the play in question for three weeks and that it worked every time in practice. He did admit Williams was not rushed in those practices.

Henning also admitted Williams has told him he doesn't like throwing the football. Despite this, the offensive coordinator that always asks his quarterbacks to list their favorite and least plays -- so he can call the ones they like and avoid the ones they don't -- doesn't apply that logic to his running back.

"Now Ricky would tell you he doesn't like to throw the ball. But over time, with all due respect to my boy Ricky, and I love him, he can tell you a lot of things he doesn't like to do or he might like to do and you might not agree with any of them," Henning said."So we have to deal with all that also. We understand that."

Henning's 10-minute interview was not all centered around the Buffalo call. He made a little news by saying the Dolphins are going to start using rookie receiver Brian Hartline more as we go forward.

"Hartline is coming along," he said. "We haven't pushed him to the front as much. We probably will here in the near future. We like him. He's making plays. He seems to show up as much as Greg [Camarillo] showed up in training camp the first year we were here, albeit we know and he knows what his shortcomings are. But he's an accountable guy.

"Hartline isn't quite as accountable yet. He hasn't been through the ropes and once in a while he'll blow this or blow that. But he has the ability to make explosive plays and we do need to get him the ball more."

The press conference with defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni was not quite so touchy. But I did ask who was responsible for losing leverage and letting Buffalo QB Ryan Fitzpatrick pop wide and down the sideline for a 31-yard TD.

"Everybody," Pasqualoni answered. "Thats everybody's job. That run there is 31 yards. And the shame of it is, if we keep the leverage there, he's probably going to get sacked because nobody blocked the right end who forced him to his right our left, anyway.

"The guys up  front are responsible for it and they got to keep [the quarterback] inside. And we have to react in the back end and not give him a 31-yard run. We have to tackle him and get ready to play red zone defense. So it's just a matter of proper execution. That's all it is."


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Even if we get that TD at the begining of the game it was still a bad call plain and simple. Ricky was pounding the rock right down there throat and our OLine was smashing there Dline. 1 and goal at the 2 after Ricky gains 6 or 7 yds a pop and you throw the ball? Stupid, you force them to stop the run, and when they sell out thats when you pass. Henning was overthinking things, he should of played the odds and RUN the football!

As for Jets Bills...



I want Bills to beat the Jets.

If the Jets win and Dolphins lose, the Dolphins will be in 3rd place again.

If the Dolphins win and the Jets lose, the Dolphins will be alone in 2nd and only 1 game out of first.

Right carlito

I never 2nd guess calls but that call defies logic and I have to get it out because I am still pissed. The funny thing is we will win the game against the pats and still will have to win a wildcard spot because the pats have a 2 game lead. I do not see them falling apart and giving us the EAST but if we do beat them we will have a good chance at a wildcard but the way our D played in the 4th Q I do not see it happening. I did not see us winning the east last yr either though and it reminds me that this team can surprise us from time to time.

Right on, carlito. Go Bills (for this week only)

It is easier to say that than Go paaa.. Go paa..
mmmm, how about

Go jjj... Go jjjj

Ya, aint never gonna happen!

forget trading the players. trade the coordinators. yes offense and defense. they are to predictable.

I hope Rex chokes on a poutine.

How many picks for Sanchito tonight? They lucky to get a 3 and out there.

I am not by any means rooting for Bills.

I am only chosing the lesser of 2 evils for 1 night.

I would usually hold a grudge for the Bills beating the Dolphins last week, but that loss was all on the guys in Aqua and Orange.


This is not to be argumentative or contentious, but is it not "poutine" instead of "a" poutine? Like, "french fries," not "a" french fries.

Also---it (poutine) is fries covered with gravy (& cheese?), right? We've got the Hollywood boardwalk down here, filthy w/ French Canadians this time of year.



I hold a grudge against the phins for that one.

But I got ya.

You need to ask Henning the following:
1) Why does he often put Henne under center on 3rd and long, and have him do a play-action fake, rather than have him be in the shotgun when you know you're going to throw?
2) When he calls a pass on first down, why doesn't he do more play action?

It seems he really doesn't know when to use play action. Yes, he sometimes has Henne in a shotgun in 3rd and long, and sometimes does play-action on first down, but it seems he does it more the backwards way than the right way.

Hey Marc,

How ya like ya boy Allen Faneca... He just got beasted for a big sack..

Irv--don't forget that game early in season,during 4th qtr when we needed a comeback (Indy?) when Henning had Henne running a play action pass on 3 & forever & no time & no way to run in any universe

haha, you guys still second guessing and wishing for Braylon Edwards????


He looked like Ginn when that hit him in the facemask


S H I T !!!!!



Just saw Kyle Williams abuse Marc's boy Alan Faneca

Yes, you are probably right. Either way, I hope he chokes.

And yes, gravy and cheese. More popular in Quebec, but available everywhere in Canada.

Did everyone see the Braylon pull a Ginn?

Actually, those are the ones Ginn catches, since he was completely alone!

Keep sending the French Canadians down south. Surely don't want them here




Can't believe there are so many Bills and Jets fans in Toronto. Going out for a few drinks later too. Hope I can avoid them.

Po White,

hahahaha... thats scary

Mark in Toronto,

I saw that too... he looks old

HAHAHAHAA, nice catch Braylon. Right in the FAWKIN FACE!!! he caught a shot in the face like Jenna Jameson

"yep, he looked it in, right into his face"

HAHAHHAHAHAHAA, there's another one of Marc's boys.

I hate the Bills.



Damn caps -

It seems like Mark in Toronto is watching the game on Canadian tape delay. ;)

Give hell Mark!

Ya, the Bills suck - except when they host Miami in Orchard park ..

I'm watching it on my PVR (TiVo). I hate commercials so I start watching games half an hour later

Where is that douchebag that comes here to talk all that crap?

Bump on a log, jet fan, skid mark, pink panty boy?

Must be workin a truck stop to pay the cable bill. What a b i t c h!

Wow, refs letting the corner play pretty physical

Get 'em Po. Don't take crap from anyone!

2 big drops for Braylon Edwards

Wow, Braylon stinks

What the hell did i tell you about edwards . HE'S GARBAGE ! Emo fin fan , what's up with your boy edwards ? You were crying for edwards to be on miami , lmfao !


Marshawn Lynch just ran thru that so called D LIKE THE B I T C H E S WE KNEW THEY WERE!


NJ, you are arguing with a guy named Emo. Isn't that a character on Sesame Street? Let it go ..

NJ, you`re acting like a douche. Seriously.

So, Edwards drops a few balls. Why rag on another Dolphins fan...

I mean seriously..

Were you bragging like this when Braylon almost helped the jets beat Miami in his first game with the jets.

I hate sore losers and sore winners..

Why didn't they put up Ted Ginn's numbers against Revis on that graphic?

There goes Marc's boyfriend Fancea giving up another sack

Was wondering the same thing... perhaps because he is not an elite receiver... or maybe because Ginn burned him long.. and that would not have helped them prove how great Revis is

I dont think that is the real NJ...

Mark , you should be that last one giving advise about letting go. You've been on here arguing with marc all F'N day.

hey NJ, what about Kessel's game tonight? 2 goals and a fight!

definitely not the real NJ

Faneca = Epic Fail

Ya, but Marc wears dresses and says stupidity all day long.

Ouu, braylon made a catch, gonna snow for sure

Lips , do me favor and learn about who emo fin fan really . He's on here bashing the dolphins every chance he gets. He's no real fan. Next time know what the F you're talking about before you open your big mouth.

Marc , the leafs suk and thank you for tukka rask. He's been unbeatable !

Call me Marc again and I'm going to make you wear a dress!

Mark , dude i'm sorry . That was a typo. LMFAO !

That is not real NJ... he would not type "F'n"... he would type "fuchin"

Nice challenge Rex. Didn't he see the replay? Stay away from donuts

Lips , how was that dropped pass edwards had against miami on that bogus pass interference call on will allen ? Edwards dropped it. He's GARBAGE!

Apology accepted, it was an accident

Carlito. F'N and FUCHIN. How's that ?

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