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Coordinators explain selves, decisions

The first question to offensive coordinator Dan Henning today was why he called a halfback pass out of the direct snap formation against Buffalo last Sunday. The question came today because Henning only talks on Thursdays and because the play was an utter disaster, having been intercepted when Ricky Williams was hit as he threw on the first-and-goal play.

"Amazing that would be the first question," Henning said. "Let me just say this, we had 23 times we've been inside the 10-yard line this year. Two of those times the clock was running out and we kicked a field goal on first down. So that makes it 21 where we had opportunities to make touchdowns. We made 18 touchdowns in those 21 times. That's No. 1 in the league by far.

"My job is to get the ball in the end zone when we get down there. I don't make excuses for how we do it. And if you look at the 18, you'll find out there are some other calls that you would be asking questions about had they not been successful. We had a fumble and we had an interception. We don't apologize but we lament like everyone else."

Henning was asked if he understands why fans and media are perplexed why he called that pass play when Williams has publicly said he doesn't like throwing the ball and the Dolphins were plowing the Bills on previous plays in the drive.

"Certainly, I do," Henning answered. "I wonder about it. I'd like to have every call that wasn't successful back. Can't do it. That's not the way this works. Sometimes the players bail you out on a bad call that they make a good play. Sometimes they don't make a good play on what you think is a good call.

"We have to be accountable for that. You guys don't. I can only tell you our job is to get it in the end zone. We've done a good job of that. We didn't get it in there, that's a bad job."

I asked Henning what was his mindset in calling the play. Was he trying to fool the Bills?

"My mindset is Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday night," Henning said. "I do all the second-guessing you guys do and I still make that call. Because I thought it was our best opportunity at that time for the overall picture, OK? We didn't score there, we come back on the next series, we went ahead 7-0.

"There's a lot of things that I know when you go home to dinner at night, you don't have to worry about. I have to worry about it. I can only tell you that''s our job to get it in there. When we played New England last time, I can tell you we were down there and ran two straight plays. Runs. And we got stuffed. And then there was a guy named Ronnie Brown, he slipped out of there and threw a toucdown pass. You know what I heard about that one? That was innovative.

"And believe me, Ronnie doesn't throw the ball any better than Ricky does in that area of the field."

Henning said the Dolphins practiced the play in question for three weeks and that it worked every time in practice. He did admit Williams was not rushed in those practices.

Henning also admitted Williams has told him he doesn't like throwing the football. Despite this, the offensive coordinator that always asks his quarterbacks to list their favorite and least plays -- so he can call the ones they like and avoid the ones they don't -- doesn't apply that logic to his running back.

"Now Ricky would tell you he doesn't like to throw the ball. But over time, with all due respect to my boy Ricky, and I love him, he can tell you a lot of things he doesn't like to do or he might like to do and you might not agree with any of them," Henning said."So we have to deal with all that also. We understand that."

Henning's 10-minute interview was not all centered around the Buffalo call. He made a little news by saying the Dolphins are going to start using rookie receiver Brian Hartline more as we go forward.

"Hartline is coming along," he said. "We haven't pushed him to the front as much. We probably will here in the near future. We like him. He's making plays. He seems to show up as much as Greg [Camarillo] showed up in training camp the first year we were here, albeit we know and he knows what his shortcomings are. But he's an accountable guy.

"Hartline isn't quite as accountable yet. He hasn't been through the ropes and once in a while he'll blow this or blow that. But he has the ability to make explosive plays and we do need to get him the ball more."

The press conference with defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni was not quite so touchy. But I did ask who was responsible for losing leverage and letting Buffalo QB Ryan Fitzpatrick pop wide and down the sideline for a 31-yard TD.

"Everybody," Pasqualoni answered. "Thats everybody's job. That run there is 31 yards. And the shame of it is, if we keep the leverage there, he's probably going to get sacked because nobody blocked the right end who forced him to his right our left, anyway.

"The guys up  front are responsible for it and they got to keep [the quarterback] inside. And we have to react in the back end and not give him a 31-yard run. We have to tackle him and get ready to play red zone defense. So it's just a matter of proper execution. That's all it is."


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If he bashes the Dolphins like Tortured does, then who cares what he says. If he is one of those fans that keeps wanting us to make the big trade and get some playmakers.. then he is an impatient fan, but a fan none the less.

I have seen Emo post and thought he was more the latter than the former..

And anyway, this was just one example of you being a bit of a douche. You sometimes make good points and sometimes you are off base, but you always seem to be obnoxious in the way you deal with anyone that challenges what you say.

If you were the brilliant football mind you thought you were, you`d be coaching for Oakland.

carlito can always tell its you...

There are so many people using so many names you don't know who is who.

Its all about tone and content.

Really ruins the experience here.

I'm always Po White Trash...

Guess I'm not worth Hijacking; lol.

NJ---why are you such a douche?

Many dolphin fans wanted Edwards....so they were wrong, just like you were wrong about Fasano & Nalbone....you don't have to get mean just cause someone liked a player you did not, even if player and poster turned out wrong.

You are one nasty drunk! Seel professional help.

ok, you pass... I thought maybe you were Cuban Menace.

seek it, too!

Lips , i'm NEVER off base. :)

Po White,

I am always carlito from golfito, but sometimes people like to use my name, this is why I am in blue now...

I still believe...

Cuban menace is now sal in sunrise. When will the multiple personalities ever end . Follow your own advise and seek professional help.

Carlito, as long as it is mathematically possible, I believe!

Am not blind to our needs - I just being a fan is a little about blind faith in the improbable..

I have a question for you guys. I was staying a South Beach Hotel a few years back after watching a Steelers/Dolphins game. The next morning I woke up early (about 9 am) and went to the lobby to find Duce Staley and Hines Ward there on their own.

Now, my question is, do you think they left Marc in the room sleeping with his dress hanging on a bedpost?


its about style.

Might go blue but never been Hijacked.

No one wants toe Po white trash.

It’s an acquired taste.

But I believe.

To be that is.


If Dolphins beat pats all the talking heads will jump back on the bandwagon just like after the Panthers game talking about the Dolphins and playoffs.

Lips , did you name yourself after lips from anvil ? I think i asked this before ?

That's a TD

Anvil, that's old Canadian rock. NJ loves the 80's hair metal!



Mark , actually i'm a big SLAYER fan. You sure know about the 80's hair metal bands , you know all the words. LMAO !

NJ PHIN FAN, this is the first time I`ve seen the question.

My last name starts with the letters L-I-P and the nickname was given to me in High school..

South of heaven!

Raining Blood!


Old school!


Po , " reign in blood " is the best thrash album of all time.

NJ, you`re acting like a douche. Seriously.

So, Edwards drops a few balls. Why rag on another Dolphins fan...

I mean seriously..

Were you bragging like this when Braylon almost helped the jets beat Miami in his first game with the jets.

I hate sore losers and sore winners..

Posted by: LipsinToronto - I Believe | December 03, 2009 at 09:17 PM
NJ this person put you in your place you f'kn idiot. hahahahahha

Sorry, right!

PO , if you like those two , then you get their new album " world painted blood ". He f'n kicks azzzzz !

Been along time, getten old.

Breakin the law
Turbo Lover

Yeah . he really put me in my place , bwahahahahahahahahahahah , bwhahahahahahahaha ! How about my respone to him ? You seem to omitted that. Bwahahahahahahahahah !

I saw em in concert with motor head way back when in St Pete.

He changed his name to add God. He is got a God complex..what an idiot blasphemer. burn in he||.

Henning is a loser, always and forever. He was terrible in Atlanta and evidently hasn't gotten the message that he's a gooberhead. A little humility would go a long way for you, Dan.

I'd like to see the Bills win tonight, but if they win and we lose on Sunday, we will be tied with them. How's that for a downer?

Man, either way, I sure hope we beat the living crap out of Brady.

Fasano Nalbone wow you cannot be blamed for being lame. Go home and get off this blog sir

Sanchito is hurt


Sancheeze out

Hey Armando,

Some food for thought, please - IF Paul P is on the outs in the offseason - Who could be our candidates ?

Thanks for all the fun.

Hope your Holidays are fun !


Come check me on darlingtons blog. Im first second third and fourth haha. Mando darlingtons comin for ur job. Haha.

Who is the cancer of this blog?? Ryhmes with BJ...Initials for a state that is the armpit of the US.


I dont think nj or carlito are bad guys (both fin fans) but carlito def got nj beat in humor department.

lomito, the answer is NJ. what me prize? meatball sub, me no feel so good. NJ God will punish you if you mock him

Jaksin what is ck?

Bigwilly you carlito funny how? Like a clown? Or like a little brown costa rican monkey.

Killer d funny like dave chapelle make me cry make funny

Fins roll over pats this week. We are angry an nuthin to lose. Pats are beat up and exposed. Ricky 100 yards rushing Lex hilliard 75 bruising yards rushing pat white finally does something passing. Brady concussed. VD runs back a TD. Fins win this week. No doubt.

I Believe!

damn, c'mon loseres

bigwilly now you are talking...Brady concussion, pain, hurt, are good words. Legal hits that is all I am saying. Fins will win this week.

Its ken o'brien you jerk


How many children does it take to make Rex Ryan`s pants.

Jets are gonna win, I can't believe we lost to the Bills...

now we absolutely have to win on Sunday

Ace its gonna be Starks on a blind side hit. Brady gonna need some smelling salts.

I think we really need to win out for a play-off shot.. and if we win out, the best the Jets could do is finish with the same record.. i.e. we win the tie break.

So this game is no where near as important as any game we must play until season end.


Bigwilly real good. Starks lands on top of Brady when they hit the ground. Sweeeeet. Legal of course. Even though we will still get a flag because it is Brady.

I still believe, do not give up hope dolfans

Win out ? Playoffs ? Playoffs ?

even if the hit is legal it still gets flagged cause it hurt brady. maybe even ejection. roughing the pope's favorite alter boy.

The bills suck so bad tonight they made the sticken cockroach jets look like the NO SAINTS!

I love my team but dang we suck!!!! And we need to grow up like fast

NJ always making fun of others. Go away and leave this blog sir!

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