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Coordinators make their appearance

Dolphins offensive coordinator Dan Henning talked ot the media for about 14 minutes today and I was fascinated by the discussion about what this group of coaches -- and obviously the personnel dept. -- thinks of the balance between having a group of mediocre receivers or a group that is excellent and might include a so-called diva.

"We like this group of receivers," Henning said. "I've told you that before. They're like Rodney Dangerfield. [Greg] Camarillo and [Davone] Bess weren't even drafted. [Brian] Hartline was drafted but he was drafted after another guy on the same team [Pat Turner] and three or four other guys that went before him. And no one thought he was as good as we thought he was. And Teddy has been chronicled around here as ... he's been villified. And the only guy that has it worse than him right now is Tiger, I guess.

"But they like one another. They work together. They bought in to what we're teaching and so, you know, when you're talking about a coaching situation, everyone would love to have the most talented, biggest, strongest, fastest guy with the best hands. We don't have that and don't get them all the time. But even when you have that, as some people have found with certain individuals in this league, the best thing to have in a coaching situation is these type of guys."

Henning says Camarillo knows all four receiver spots. Bess knows three of the four. Hartline is learning all four. And Ginn knows two.

"We're getting a lot out of them," Henning said. "And we don't have any diva problems. Diva problems can suck the energy out of your football team."

Henning agrees sometimes having a reciever that tilts the field is worth the trouble. But he is very cautious about it.

"Yeah, but he's got to be good," the coach said when asked if he'd take a diva. "He's got to be good."


"It does take away," Henning said. "You just can't have discord because it's a team operation and when that's being talked about all the time and everybody's afraid to get into a guy's aura and you have to tiptoe around a locker room, it takes away from your team. So the guys' got to be pretty good. He's got to be an Alpha and a definite game-changer."

Look, my personal opinion? There are no perfect players because there are no perfect people. So if you have to pick between a bunch of great guys that stuggle on the field and a couple of great guys and some "divas" that take you to Super Bowls, I pick the latter.


Mark Clayton and Mark Duper were troubled people. You think Dan Marino isn't thankful he had them?

Santonio Holmes got in all sorts of trouble his first couple of years in Pittsburgh. You think that game-winning catch to win the Super Bowl last year wasn't worth that trouble?

Dolphins defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni talked to the media for almost 10 minutes and in that time he kept shroudded the fact on which player -- Sean Smith or Gibril Wilson -- had the ultimate responsibility on that 63-yard pass last week versus Carolina.

"We're supposed to cover the guy," Pasqualoni said. "I can't get into the details of the coverage. But in any of those coverages that we play, technically, you'd like fo the guy not to run between two guys. Ideally, you'd like to intercept it or knock it down."

The Dolphins have yielded 31 pass plays of 25 yards or more this year. That's an average of more than two per game.

And for the record, on plays where the corner is supposed to have help over the top from the free safety, the free safety is charged with getting over in time to knock down the pass.

I asked Pasqualoni about Jason Taylor's recent sack drought. He hasn't had a full sack since Oct. 25. Part of that is due to the fact he wasn't getting many opportunities, as he was curiously coming off the field on third down. But last game, Taylor got pass-rush chances.

He is locked at 6 sacks so far.

"They come in streaks," Pasqualoni said of sacks. "You get hot and sometimes you cool off. Sometimes it doesn't go your way. A couple of weeks ago when we were playing the Patriots, I don't think we had any sacks. At the end of the day, and I know that sacks [are] a big deal and big statistic in this league, but we just got through talking about team defense. We beat the Patriots and we didn't sack the guy once, but we win the game.

"You tell me? What would you rather do? Have fives sacks and lose to the Patriots? Or have no sacks and beat the Patriots? So to me, it all depends on the way it's going. If they come, they come. That's great. If they don't, it's not the most important statistic on the goal board. that won-loss is the most important one. That's the way I look at it. I would not get all out of shape about out, I really wouldn't."

In other news: Reggie Torbor returned to practice at least on a limited basis today. He is still nursing a hamstring injury which pretty much has assured he'll not start ahead of Akin Ayodele this week despite playing better than Ayodele last week.


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First, yeah way to go Paul, btw you get 5 sacks you wont lose the game douchbag!!


Bad job giving Chad Henne a "B" grade last week for his preformance against the Jags. Just because he threw an interception? The guy was throwing lasers all over the field. He deserved an A.

This is a very important game for Gibril Wilson coming up. He is heavily involved in the running game and the Dolphins need him to watch C. Johnson on every play. He needs to play big on Sunday.

Josh, few teams rush the passer as good as BUffalo but they stink. There are many facets to playing defense. Buffalo sacked Henne 7 times in their first game and lost 31-14. PP is right, sacke aren't everything.

Fake GM, good point on Gibril. He supports the run well and plays the pass like a linebacker unfortunately.

So much for Parcells going to Washington. Bruce Allen was hired as Gm/VP and Mike Shanahan is rumoured to be the next head coach.

Holmgren going to Cleveland apparently.

Parcells sure isn't leaving Miami for Buffalo. So either he will be back here next year or sleeping 14 hours a day like Jimmy Johnson. Mando was right.

To win is the bottom line. Pressures, hurries and maybe a forced fumble or two wouldn't hurt, either. Sacks sometimes are a result of good coverage. Miami's pass defense has shown a significant turn around and I for one would rather not see them giving up so many big plays. Batting passes down or an occassional interception would certainly be more important than the sack count.

Fewer pass completions and third down conversions gives your offense a chance to get the ball back and maybe score some points. It was nice to see how many three and outs Miami's defense was able to generate against the Jaguars. That kind of defense can keep an offense in the game. And Miami's offense was already ahead.

The Titan's have a great rushing attack but are not as good at passing it seems to me. Stuff the run and defend the pass well and Miami will win this game.

As usual Armando, another good blog. And I liked your Christmas Tree. Looks alot like how we decorated ours. Have a good and safe Holiday Season. All I want for a late Christmas present is for Miami to get into the playoffs. Don't care how naughty or nice they have been, just get there!

Dan henning already spoke armando...do you mean tony sparano?

JOSH , miami had 6 sacks vs Buffalo and lost ! Douchebag ?

jets suck.... nuff said!

vs saints 5-6 sacks and lost.

chris johnson is the one i would be more concerned with then defensive pressure on VY or Collins anyway in this game, u know fisher is going to hand the ball off at least 35-40 times in this game or wants to.

R.I.P Chris Henry

LOL @ NJ. Some people just come on here to spew venom. But all they end up showing is their ignorance.

Yep, Chris Henry. Seems like he was a troubled soul that could just never rest. He will find that peace now.

"Henning says Camarillo knows all four receiver spots. Bess knows three of the four. Hartline is learning all four. And Ginn knows two."

Enoughg said! The highly touted guy and supposed game-changer/speed demon knows TWO!!! At least he can say Turner is "slower" than he is.

Mark . YUP !

Damn that sucks for Chris Henry poor guy RIP

That little sound bite Henning just gave makes it seem like Ginn's days are numbered!! How is it Undrafted guys are coming in and learning multiple WR spots and you a 1st round pick only know two!!! Are you serious, he didn't even say he's learning the other two spots but made a point to say Hartline is learning all 4!!!

Josh- You are flat out wrong.

Ginn already got the big pay check and doesn't have to work that hard, these undrafted guys probably work harder cause they have to it order to make that big check...

to maximize our recieving crew with current roster, we need to exploit CAMARILLO, as does pats with welker. this week however CAMARILLO should have most of the deep routes, henne should still seek him as the main target, a hurried drop back will secure his throwing window, even if double covered CAMARILLO is the best option, but checking down to hartline as the #2 target is a safe play cause he has the 2nd best hands. beleicheck doesn't care if welker gets all the passes and niether should we when it comes to wins! Henne, keep camrillo as your primary and favorite target. he does not drop the ball!

Geez, 'Mando, you've really got it out for Henning. Dude is trying to explain to you the philosophies of chemistry, team first and ego control--which, by the way, won a division in its first year with no-names and has us on another improbable run in year two--and you are leaning on him to find a diva receiver.

Listen to what the man is trying to say. Admit that you and he have philosophical differences and call it a day. It doesn't have to be right and wrong or black and white. It can simply be a different approach.

A team cannot be fully re-built in two years. Patrick Turner didn't work out yet, and Ernest Wilford was a whiff. OK. We get it.

But can we at least give these people another draft to find better receivers? In the NFL, you can't buy all the groceries in one or two years, unless, of course, you take try to do it the Dan Snyder way. Like those results, 'Mando?

Here's my difference of opinion with you: I like what Henning has done. I think he is a true genius. I like the product he has put on the field.

I also really like your blog postings, so go figure!

Come on guys. Get off our receivers. They didn't come into the league as the best receivers out of college. Even though Ginn was drafted high, no one but the Dolphins thought he would be a first rounder. That's not Ginn's fault. They are what they are. What is good about them is that the past few weeks Bess esp but all have gotten a lot better. That is all we can ask. They seem to try as hard as they can and to bash them because they aren't Jerry Rice isn't fair. They can't be what they aren't. Let's encourage them. They have been playing well as a group the past few weeks and that is good enough. Bess catches anything thrown to him and is a great little Welker. Let them grow into their positions. They can't help God didn't make them Clayton or Duper. Let them be as good as what they are capable of being.

Mondo, I agree, we still NEED one go to #1 receiver. Free agency, or trade it would be preffered to get one that is allready seasoned. Then draft some later round prospect WR's and spend the rest of the early picks on other need areas like NT and LB.

this team has a lot of good things .why nj most of the time brings the negatives .what kind of fan is that ?

Armando - I think Henning was talking about Brian Robiskie when he was referencing Hartline being drafted after another guy on the same team. That team being Ohio State.

Ted Ginn's family ain't that bright..I'm amazed he knows how to tie his own cleats.


Sorry, but 5 sacks in no way assures you of winning a game. The Bills sacked us 6 times in a 38-13 romp...douchebag.

haha. NJ PhinFan posted the same thing...haha.

Jim, He sure falls down allot, Maybe he doesn't....

This team will not be a legit team until it lands a # 1 receiver and if that means henning goes then he goes.

You confuse "troubled" with "Diva." And then proceed to argue that troubled isn't necessarily bad. Interesting logic.

Defensive Coordinator

Paul Passthebolgna

Go Phins!

Anyone notice the deep ball thrown to Bess in the J-Ville game?

Go Phins!

Since the topic was Wide Recievers, what wide receiver should the Dolphins select in the 2010 NFL Draft?

If he isn't off the board when the Dolphins pick, would suggesting drafting the kid out of Illinois, Arrelious Benn


Arrelious Benn is NJ's favourite receiver.

In all honesty though, he had a crap year. Talent appears to be there though, but not a 1st rounder. His Qb at Illinois, Juice Newton saw to that for sure.

Happy Hanukkah to our Jewish Phin fans by the way....

Juice Williams is the QB ast Illinois.

I say we pick up a receiver and tight-end in FA next year.

Then draft the other positions. WR takes some time to develop so it would be better to get a young one that is proven (V. Jackson, M. Austin come to mind)

Also a tight end that can stretch the field like Ben Watson (also a capable blocker). I am not sure if Miami would want to disch out the cash though since they may think they can develop one in-house-but I'm telling you TE really should be addressed. I dunno, maybe the reason we haven't seen Turner is that the FO is thinking about switching him to TE and thus the development delay.

This is a good look at FA next year


finfan, that is what we call a joke. But if you are under 30, i don't think you would get it.

Just call me Angel in the Morning!

BuckeyeFinFan, I would be a big proponent of bringing in Ben Watson or Tony Scheffler at TE. These are guys that can give you the chunk yardage at TE. Fasano is a good blocker and good TE but isn't going to stretch the field.

At WR, I don't think the big name guys will be available but if they aren't other names to keep an eye on are Jason Avant of Philly, Malcom Floyd of SD, and Antonio Bryant of TB.

What about Ocho-Cinco Johnson, mayber he'd like to come home... Just saying...

The weaknesses will be addressed AFTER this season...it makesno sense whatsoever for us to worry about positions that we are lacking this year..We need to beat the Titans this week, that's our only concern right now...Go Phins

R.I.P. Chris Henrey...

Nobody is on our rcvrs' cases, we are on Ginn's case, he clearly is not one of the sharper pencils in the set but he is a great kick returner and could be used for slot, short, out, curl and sideline routes, end arounds and then as a decoy to stretch and keep defenses honest. Heck, design a few plays for him in the wildcat position Ronnie played, might be good for short yardage pickups and if he can get to the sidelines, with that speed might be able to take it to the house. Henning's supposed to be the offensive guru, let's get some good use out of Ginn and maybe it will bolster some trade value.

CC, Side line routes his his forte....

NJ has alot of jealousy and envy problems

anyone begging for recievers to be taken high in the draft look no further than the Detroit LIons

I don't think that Henning is calling that many bad plays.
Ginn can catch the ball if it is low and he is almost stopped or facing the ball. He isn't an over the middle type of player and the current staff sees it.
7-3 after and 3-0 start. That is smoking hot and we have played a lot of top teams.
I honestly believe that the secondary will be fine with the current crop of players. Wilson is coming along and even with some mishaps on the field, the communication is great.
We have a good young qb and probably will for a long time.
So why do you want a diva receiver. Who needs a jackass? The Phins don't, not with this type of team anyway. Remember McMicheal and Chambers. All of the man love for these two and the antics and then the endzone drops.
I am hoping for a Superbowl with a good team that stays out of any big trouble.

Hey Sobroso or should i say cuban menace , why you starting trouble. Nj isn't even here.

Sabroso is not the cuban menace, I should know, I am also Sabroso.

Time for my meatball sub with provolone cheese



to the donkey who just faked my beatiful name at 7;19 pm.....why donkey ,why ?

Glad I did not go directly(thank god for Google)to ALocos above mentioned site......

Should of seen that one comming(no pun intended) That’s pretty F*cked up dude.
The fact that you even know that site exists is F*CKED UP!

That being said, if we go up 14 points in the 1st half of the Tennessee game Sunday I ask the no one blog that the game is in the bag!

Saw that last week and by the grace of GOD we squeaked that one out.

ALoco, I think that is Tortured Dolphin.

The web site seems to be one he would frequent.

When he is not working the truck stop that is....

Cuban Menace is the one on the right. We like to call him shorty and i am bubble butt!!!!!


Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! lmfao!!!

I cant get out!!!!!

Help!!!!!!!!!! Stuck for 2 months now!

Its only 2K Don't need it now and it would only be getten 2% in a 12 month CD.


I should tell you about the 10K I lost in a Brazilian Gold mining company a few years ago.

Funny thing is that Peter Boulware was in it also and probably lost a whole hell of a lot more than I did.
I actually saw him at a shareholders meeting.

He was not a happy camper!

Sorry, it was a Columbian gold mining company. Always get the 2 countries mixed up.

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