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Advantage Dolphins: Chase, protect the QB

This is what's going on at this hour:

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said Nathan Jones is nursing a hamstring injury which is the reason he did not practice today. As I reported in the previous post, Jones, Joey Porter (knee), and Jason Taylor (shoulder) did not practice Wednesday.

The irony is that Porter and Taylor have to be vital parts of Miami's chances of winning against Jacksonville on Sunday. The Jaguars, you see, have struggled mightily in two areas this year: They don't protect the quarterback very well and they don't rush the passer very well.

Porter and Taylor and Miami's primary pass-rush threats along with Randy Starks and Cameron Wake. I asked Jacksonville head coach Jack Del Rio about his team's work protecting the passer and getting after opposing QBs.

"Not very good," he said. "I think that's the one thing that's held us back a little bit from being a better football team. We have to protect our guy better. He's getting hit too much. And I know the Dolphins do a good job of getting after the quarterback.that's a concern for us this week."

The Dolphins defense has 35 sacks this season. That's second in the NFL in sacks per pass play.

The Jacksonville offensive line has yielded 34 sacks this season and that's 28th worst in the NFL.

Advantage Miami!

The Dolphins have a similar advantage in protecting Chad Henne. Miami has yielded 25 sacks of its QBs and that is a middle-of-the-road 16th in the NFL. But middle of the road is pretty good when one consideres the Jags have a bunch of JAGs (just a guy) chasing the QB on defense.

Jacksonville has 12 sacks so far this year. That means they are dead last in sacks per pass play on defense.

Advantage Miami! 

"The other thing we have not been strong at is getting after the quarterbback," Del Rio admitted. "That's something we have to get better at going down the stretch to have a chance against these good football teams like the Dolphins."

Interestingly, an issue that was hot on this blog about  20 months ago came up again today because, well, because I brought it up. Seriously loyal readers will remember I reported way back then that Jacksonville had a strong interest in acquiring Jason Taylor to improve their pass rush. It was a big issue even then.

The Jaguars denied the reports at the time. Taylor was eventually traded to the Redskins. Well, today, Del Rio admitted the Jaguars indeed had an interest.

"There were discussions at the time but nothing ever materialized," he said.

One final thing: Center Jake Grove returned to practice today on a limited basis. He is recovering from a high ankle sprain and tibia injury. Tony Sparano said the team will monitor his status Thursday -- to see how he handles the work and whether he suffers any setback --  and that will help him determine whether Grove will be available against Jacksonville.


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Hey guys im new here ive been reading the blog 4 bout 4 mon. I think the phins should put cam on porters side & if they can start have porter & tayler share snaps also they should put bell as a lb too what u guys think ?




so he can

insult the hell out of you and you will hate the day you came to mother earth.

I think Armando is making a case for the Fins throwing the ball a whole lot again this week. I actually see the Fins winning this week because we match up well with the Jags, its the Texans that look worrying to me.

Tee, JT will have reduced snaps this week anyway due to his shoulder. Most likely the same for Porter with his knee. Cameron Wake, your time is coming.

Welcome to the blog Tee! Good comment. Way to start the conversation.
Bell as a LB? He basically plays that on dime situations anyway. But no way in base sets.

The fact we cant lose any of them worry me!

However, I think that the only team that can run away from us is the Texens they can light it up in sperts

Aloco/menace. You are the biggest fake dolphins fan around. You were a dolphin fan who left because of the wannstedt years , joined the dark side and became a JETS FAN. You came back because of pennington. Now take your Fake A**(SS) and leave this blog sir.

Tee , be forarned that aloco is really the cuban menace and a TRAITOR !



I second that, aloco is the cuban menace. If you follow the blog you will see for yourself. Beware of the poison that is ALoco. You can tell it is ALoco even if he changes names because he speaks like a retard. Example: Me going now eat meatball sub, goodnight farmers.

This is weird as F'K!

aloco thankyou for the advice. Who else should I becareful of and why?

Bill Parcells how do you know the menace left and became a Jets fan? Please do tell so all of us can know the fool. How do you know all this of him.

The Jags are going to run the ball and they are going to run the ball a lot. They have some hard hitting players and play very tough on both sides of the ball.
The Phins are going to have to stop the run first and I believe this is the first real running team we have faced this season.
So it won't matter if we can get to the qb if we can't stop the run. If they start ripping 5 and 6 yards a run, they are never going to pass.
Their defence will be be coming at Henne watching Ricky. This is just another tough game for our team.
Go Phins.

Mr Tee , the menace/aloco has been bashing the dolphin on this blog for years. The menace even admitted to being a jets fan in the past because he hated the wannstadt years. He loved penny and the jets before penny came here . TRAITOR !

NON-FOOTBALL Related, Skip to next paragraph if you care for football.

This freaking blog is hilarious I have to say. I wonder what Armando actually thinks about this tom foolery on HIS blog. Anyways! You don't have to beware of anyone Tee, this is a blog, there is no danger of getting stabbed, I think you'll be alright lol. Don't have to worry about the cuban menace striking back. As far as I can tell he just gives his crazy opinions on the phins.


I've read in many places about the Jags and their deficiencies.. but hold on a sec. They're 7-5. They are one game better than the dolphins. What gives, what are they actually GOOD at?? I don't follow them at all, and all this florida bragging rights bull S is such garbage. Who here actually gives a S about Jacksonville? I sure as hell don't. I just want the phins to win another game.

The menace IS a Crazy Opinion.

Jags CAN run the ball. Lets see what our D line can do against the run. Crowder HAS to step it up agianst a team like the Jags. That being said, I still think we win. Shooter Mcgavin is correct with there pathetic pass rush. He may be second guessing his decison to pass on Taylor. He can have Porter. Isnt anyone else sick of his mouth?

Dolphis will wil 27-10
You guys all suck.Have no points and In The King of this blog. WOW I feel like NJ PHIN. LMAF

Dear Mr. Salguero

" this is a blog, there is no danger of getting stabbed"

Although this is good news, whenever I post here I always pack some heat.

I believe some of our other Phin Fans to be quite a bit off balance.

Soiled :)

We thought we had advantage over the Bills.
Lets be focused and passionate!

Richard 3K, the Jags are good at one thing and his name is Maurice Jones-Drew.

Kindry, The Fins played the Jets following their back to back 300 yard rushing games. That sounds like a running team to me. Even if it is the Jets! They also played the Panthers (I think D Williams averaged about 10 per carry) and Falcons you may have heard of Micheal Turner 1700 yards and 17 TDs last year.

For whatever reason they got rid of Roth he would have been nice to have on the roster now with JT and JP injured. I really thought that Roth and Wake were going to be the future OLB's for the Fins, oh well that just shows how little I know.


Hey has anyone thought about Ernest Wilford's back with the Jags, caught a td pass last week, and will probably be "jacked upped" to play against us Sunday? I would be so pissed if he all of a sudden looks "all-world against us Sunday. You never know about some of these sort of things.

A guy like Ernest Wilford can have a career game against you in revenge mode thne can end up being cut an offseason later. Wilford concerns me because of the revenge factor.

Just hope we dont overlook Ernest Wilford Sunday, I would hate to see him of all people have a career game against us.

I would want to smack Ernest Wilford if he all of a sudden becomes Larry Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson, and Randy Moss all rolled up into one against us Sunday!

Can you imagine what it would feel like if Wilford had 15 catches for 225yds against us Sunday. That would hurt worse than getting my prick caught in the zip! LOL

Here you go with your great analysis Armando!!!!! Remember that Buffalo gam? This will be no different. Miami can definitely beat Jacksonville; however, this is going to be a tough one. I don't care about all this stats. "Sacks per pass play" and all that nonsense. We are still a very average team (6-6). So ease up brother.

I hope we keep Jones-Drew hemmed in too. He's a threat to take it to the house on any given carry.

David Garard is always a threat to run too. Therefore our pass rushers must be very disciplined in thier rush lanes or he'll gash us all over the place on passing downs.

Great reporting. But T.Way speaks the truth

We should use Ricky more. I thought he did good last week and was under used. Don't get me wrong, Henne The Hero was great, but Ricky was running the ball hard as always and the o-line were opening some holes for him. Don't know how the Jags are against the run. Shelve Pat White, as he seemed to mess up the flow of the offence. GO PHINS!!!!

Also Garard's a very good passer when given time. So the pass rushers better not overlook Jags supposed weak pass protection in preparation or it can carry over into the game.

Also because the Jags are at home, protecting the football has to be priority one and we need to keep penalties to a bare minimum. Cant give them reason to believe they can win the game or they will. We must be very focused.

I believe one of the reasons we passed a hwole lot more is to keep Ricky fresh in case we do make the playoffs. Because if we do, we really need a fresh Ricky Williams to increase our chances to win.

I really look for Sparano to try and keep Ricky's carries down to 17-20 per game. It decreases chance of injury and wear and tear on a 32yr old body. Hilliard's carries maybe upped to around 10-15 per game. Depending on the situations.

Also wouldnt see Polite get 5-7 carries per game until season's end.

Dear Mr. Salguero

" this is a blog, there is no danger of getting stabbed"

Now I'm not saying this blog is located in one of more rundown area's of the internet but
I never come to this site without protection.

Just saying

Soiled :)

Dude , STFU Already !. Wiford suchs and he won't be a factor. He the least of miami's concerns. You're a MORON !

Dear Mr. Soiled Bottom,

You are right! On numerous occassions I have been threatened, defiled, and grammactically castrated by the keyboard gansters in this blog. There have been times I felt safer making a wrong turn into the hood than tuning in to this blog.

Sometimes I even have great fear of even being totally deleted and forever banished into internet pergatory.

Therefore I have contacted my local keyboard manufacturer to have B1, F16, F-17, M-16, and Ak-47 added to my keyboard arsenal. For now I can only Enter, Shift, and hopefully make a quick enough ESC!

I Have A dream that ronnie brown signs with my team next year .

Jeff Spicoli,

AKA keyboard gangster, the day is coming when I shall be able to AK47 you. My local keyboard company said I should recieve that capacity in 6-8wks shipping.

Soile Bottom is right, we must be protected in this latterday wild wild west called the internet. For now I'll just stroll and lock.

i think soiled met his match in the humor department ...MR.DyingBreed .they both funny and i am sure they both finished high school at least .

These last four games are going to be a rite of passage for our young dolphins. all those teams worry me. All of them winnable. Its the last two AT HOME that look most daunting.


Dear Mr. DyingBreed

"Therefore I have contacted my local keyboard manufacturer to have B1, F16, F-17, M-16, and Ak-47 added to my keyboard arsenal. For now I can only Enter, Shift, and hopefully make a quick enough ESC!"

Bravo my friend...Bravo

I hope in my heart that you will use that keyboard for the good of mankind.

Soiled :)

Mark Sanchez and Rex Ryan just announced they too.... have been with Tiger Woods. Is Tomasina Brady next?

Tee, Just remember that a certain Plumber from the Tri-state area poses as others(Ex: Bill parcells) but the good thing about NJ Phin Fan is if you have a clog, He's the guy to call....His motto is " never meet a turd that i could'nt beat."...


Dear Mr. Soiled Bottom,

I certainly hope so. But given enough power even the good go rotten. When that time arises and it almost certainly will. Please continue to be a friend and order me to page down. OK?

focus is key. I don't want to hear again from sparano this year that he didnt have the team ready. We need to beat teams that we match up well agains.

Dear Mr. DyingBreed

Property Values in this Blogs IP address have been in steady decline since then end of the Jimmy Johnson administration.

But recently under the Parcells adminstration we are starting to see some improvement in property values in some area's of the internet.

Which can be tracked by the rise of intelligent posts on this blog.

Soiled :)

Dear Mr. icoli,

I am turning green with your food poisoning. However I do plan to send you on an all expense paid cruise, with your own personal cabin. Just hope you look good in brown.

Mr Spicoli sounds strangly like NJ, Dont you agree????

Please excuse me Mr. Solied Bottom(speaking of)
.........ahhhhhhhhhhh........ now I feel much better! Was just keeping my promise to Mr icoli. He now has a very nice cabin and all expense paid cruise. He looks very nice in brown, better than I first thought.

Sad thing is, he'll probably never say thank you.

Mr Spicoli sounds strangly like NJ, Dont you agree????

Posted by: cuban menace | December 09, 2009 at 07:17 PM

If so he's probably safely floating the Hudson about now.

welcome to the blog Tee I'm also new but not new to the dolphins been rooting for them for oh well since 1973. alot of what you will read is crap but that's only because they get bored with themselfs. As far as JT I always thought he shuold be on the left side Porter is not getting it done let Wake and Anderson play opposite. Ernest Willford will not have a big game VD will make sure

Lots of people ask why isnt Turner playing yet. Here's the answer:

"When o'le Nate jones can shut you down then...."

Thats a statement Nate Jones made about a month ago about going against Turner in practice. Guess he has a point.

Turner's being shutdown by our nickel corner in practice. LOL

guys, any one knows if meatballs better w/garlic or not ?

Dear Mr. DyingBreed

Under the Parcells Adimistration we have seen these improvements to the Internet

Government sites like Headcoach.Gov all though improved can be vague and tough to navigate when trying to get answers.

Where we seen huge increase is in the adult sites on the Internet under the Parcells administration.

When I look at some of the rookie adult sites Parcells has brought to the Internet I can't help but smile.

Looking for many great years to come for the Internet under the Parcells administration

Soiled :)

Welcome Tee. But a word of warning: The Sand People travel in a single file to hide their numbers.

Damn, could VD's mother have picked a name with better initials?

But then again, maybe she didn't care because she could see into the future and saw that they'd be calling it STD's then.

well it is true that jt and porter are crucial players needed for this sunday, but whats wrong with cameron wake getting a little bit more playing time? Sparano is always talking about ways to get wake into the ball game a lilttle bit more, NOW is the chance to. think about it wake generrates more pressure than porter and charlie anderson isnt so bad himself. Look people JT AND Porter are going to be just fine and to top it off we getting back our center hopefully this week. The key to this game as it was for the new england game is to pass the ball and limit ricky to 20-25 carries at most. Our line is good in giving henne time in the pocket and its about time to see hartline in the starting rotation. Hartline is just a flat out baller, and Bess well everyone knows how special Bess is, man but i could only imagine him with 4.4 speed "deadly" but the fact of the matter is we should be fine this sunday if run well and give the ball in hennes hands and let him make some plays because let me tell you 4th and 6 with 2:06 left in the game and henne completting that pass to camarillo was some play.

we need to run lex this week and throw like last week save Ricky for the stretch he's shown he can play in the cold weather wouldn't that be nice power football at the end elite QBs be damned

some school of thought think meatballs are way better a way from the garlic smell which i agree .for me the smell of garlic make any home smells like dirty basement or a soup kichen .

One last time cause I'm still buzzing about this Victory! Call your shot baby.

-Dolphins upset the Patsies late FG wins this one.
later catch you guys tomorrow

Posted by: Dolphins4life | December 05, 2009 at 05:23 PM

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