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Dolphins holding on 14-10 going to 4th quarter

JACKSONVILLE -- This one seemed well under control. The Dolphins were leading 14-7. They were deep in Jaguars territory.

And then Vernon Carey gave up a second-down sack. Then offensive coordinator Dan Henning called a sweep on third-and-18 which didn't get within an area code of a first. And then Dan Carpenter missed a chip-shot field goal.

Not to be outdone by bad tidings, the defense then got in the act. Torry Holt caught 63 yard pass from David Garrad. And the Jags kicked a field goal.

It is 14-10.

Ricky Williams, by the way, has fumbled three times today, having just lost the first one for him.

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Ricky has always fumbled, just not usually 3 in one game..

Feels like Ricky is fumbling it away

we are dominanting everywhere except in the all important turnovers.

We should fire the coaches then the players wont drop passes and fumble the ball right guys?

"Not normally known as a fumbler"...Where has that guy been?

No more Ricky I guess.

Nice stand by the defense. Now we need a touchdown!

Lex Hilliard?

defense is playing lights out!

You would think that some time both the O, D and Special Teams would all have a good game at the same time...wouldn't ya?


man we dont have the killer instinct

Henne-God speed-Via Condios!

On the bright side, Jaguars refuse to do much other than run MJD inside.

63 yard bombs? Who cares?

The game plan says run MJD inside.

Solai might be our maN at d tackle if he can keep playing like this, two good weeks now

defense minus wilson is playing lights out HP in PA

throw the ball every play


Why is Bess the punt returner?
There is no threat there ..

Comments arent working

Sitting here waiting to shot myself in the foot

I been saying all year give Camarillo the damn ball. Finally we're seeing it.

But in an instance, MJD can bust one and all of a sudden Miami is losing

Feelen kind of shaky.

the 63 yard bomb was a miscue on the defense mando, they don't do it every play, it just feels like it sometimes

IF they want to be cute FINE. But give Henne the ball for one series and let him score a damn touch down. Then get all the fairy dust s hit out there with the wildcat, wildpat, patcat, and reverse b shi t. BUT LET HENNE SCORE

Can we hire the personnel dept of the Indianpolis Colts to help us next year?

And now we understand why Donald Thomas is splitting snaps and has lost his starting job.

Shotgun Maybe?

mommentum has swung in this game!!!

come on o-line...

So now according to phins win not only will bess not be on the team next year , then wiiliams also should be cut becauseof his fumbles.

Let's hope that our defense doesn't return to their old ways in the 4th quarter. Let's hope that they play like they did in the NE game.

Guys, this game is going to come down to the last standing defense. It will be a defensive struggle in the last quarter.

Wow , phins win , the more you talk . the more you show what a complete idiot you are LMFAO ! I think many would agree about assessement about bess LMFAO !

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN

NJ PHIN FAN will get mad at you for saying that.

Think that fumble woke ricky up that last run was the most inspired i had seen all day.

Lex Hilliard? Really? On third down?

TWO HANDS ON THE BALL RICKY!!! And get butter fingers fumbolano out of the game!

Tony sucks

stupid stupid play call

hillard on third down? really

wow henning

a draw play to useless hilliard


henne is passing GREAT

you old useless geezer

That's an absolutely insane, game-losing play call on 3rd down. You have got to be kidding me!

You know who should be cut ? HENNING

play calling? How do you guys like that? WHat does it feel like? Getting a nice conservative call when we needed henne. How do you like the fell of getting screwed by your coordinators?

henne is playing great..to bad BESS and Ricky are screwing it up for everybody.

So now according to phins win not only will bess not be on the team next year , then wiiliams also should be cut becauseof his fumbles.

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN

You have no morals. I never said Williams should be cut. NEVER.


Does anybody know where I can listen to the game on the radio in south Florida?

NJ Right.

and THIS is why I play Madden folks

Why not let Henne throw a quick slant for the first down? He has been pretty reliable thus far. A running play, really?

why does morono allow henning to call garbage...

roll henne out, he is on a roll with those plays

It all boils down to " play calling"

Can we all agree that the play-calling this half has been strange to bad?

Henne is playing lights out, but Henning always finds a way to take it out of his hands in critical situations.

Another stupid call on 3rd and 3. We needed the ball in the hands of Henne.

We need our D to continue playing well in the 4th. Our offense is moving the ball, but do not reward said efforts with points.

TODAY, it's not about the offense or special teams. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE D. Please let Cameron Wake run wild!!!

I must be posting my comments under the wrong quarters. Come on Miami, hold them here!

play calling is maddening--playing not to lose...usually that results in a loss

Yes Mandy...I think that can be said safely

More bad than strange, Armando.

NJ Wrong

We need a pick 6 on D!

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