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Dolphins holding on 14-10 going to 4th quarter

JACKSONVILLE -- This one seemed well under control. The Dolphins were leading 14-7. They were deep in Jaguars territory.

And then Vernon Carey gave up a second-down sack. Then offensive coordinator Dan Henning called a sweep on third-and-18 which didn't get within an area code of a first. And then Dan Carpenter missed a chip-shot field goal.

Not to be outdone by bad tidings, the defense then got in the act. Torry Holt caught 63 yard pass from David Garrad. And the Jags kicked a field goal.

It is 14-10.

Ricky Williams, by the way, has fumbled three times today, having just lost the first one for him.

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Wake is being held on almost every play!

Comments r not updating::/::


Bell saves the game!

Yeramiah-godd play-touchdown-Pay Raise + Playoffs.

Now can we score a touchdown and end this, Please?!?

Wake is being held alot...when do that call that stuff?

If not for the dumb fumbles and ridiculous play calling in the 4th Dolphins are crushing this team at this point

Keep attacking offensively

does paul our DC realize that blitzing works?

Those fourth down calls show the Jags are desperate. Or they have a lot of confidence in their defense.

Now can we get a drive for a touchdown? Preferably one that takes 4-5 minutes, but I'd take a TD on the first play from scrimmage.

we are playing to the level of jags. SCARY???

Bell shouldn't be back next year, he should've caught it . LMFAO !

Back to feelen Okay.

Henning will F*ck that up I'm sure.

Tom Olividoti would be proud!


Now Miami, Now!

maybe someone is spiking hennings drink in the third

If he catches the damn ball it's a freaking TD!!! What is wrong with this defense???? All that money for these safties and they can't catch or defend

It's time for a touchdown by the mighty Dolphins.

Of course Wake is being held...jt and JP have been held their entire careers...He's gotta figure out a way to beat them regardless..

Need clock eating drive plus points here!

About playing down to the competition lets not forget the jags have a better record and were favored to win this game at home.

Look IMO Sparano is alright. The defensive coordinator is obviously good, just look at our D, it's solid minus the secondary which is acceptable (we're injured and young). But the obvious weak part of this team is Henning. He needs to gtfo

Game ball so far is going to the DEFENSE and Chad Henne



3 turnovers to none.

yay henne

damn. henne getting nervous in there like i said. it shouldnt be all on him. he needs help

Good job Henne..

Forget it. I can't take this.

Well not Henne anymore...come on DOLPHINS WTF??



We don't deserve to win.

growing pains suck

WTF! looks like fumbolano ran his route too deep...

Henne shoudn't be back next year either.

What the hell is wrong with us? I just don't get it. It's messed up. It's just very sad. Sad. Sad.

Hey guys, I told you that this game will be decided by our D. The offense can-t do crap today. Another turnover...

We can't stop MJD any more. The D has given the offense enough. They are not super heros out there

Here's where the defense collapses completely.

great job Akin

WHY ... why are we giving this game away???? Jeezuz Crimney!!!!!!!!!!!

lets go d. win this for us!

Crowder catches Jones Drew from behind. Good play by him. that is his one good play per game.

Yeah we should lose this game. We don't deserve it.

The D is getting tired....

hello darkness my old friend


Crowder finally makes a play...

Final Score: 16-14 Jacksonville wins. Watch.


Way to give him the entire outside of the field

We need a touch down here to put the game out of reach. Go Henne!

good get fb out til next week

Every set of downs is 4-down territory for the Jags now.

Bell shouldn't be back next year, he should've caught it . LMFAO !

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN

Doesn't take much to keep you in your state of euphoria, does it?
Enough with the lame "LMFAO" already!!

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