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Dolphins holding on 14-10 going to 4th quarter

JACKSONVILLE -- This one seemed well under control. The Dolphins were leading 14-7. They were deep in Jaguars territory.

And then Vernon Carey gave up a second-down sack. Then offensive coordinator Dan Henning called a sweep on third-and-18 which didn't get within an area code of a first. And then Dan Carpenter missed a chip-shot field goal.

Not to be outdone by bad tidings, the defense then got in the act. Torry Holt caught 63 yard pass from David Garrad. And the Jags kicked a field goal.

It is 14-10.

Ricky Williams, by the way, has fumbled three times today, having just lost the first one for him.

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I think Mando was referring to the fact Henning ran the ball

We need to convert here!!!!

I'm telling you, Williams looks slow today

Just follow Ricky when he runs, I can't handle another fumble

That's right Miami, Run it down their throats!

marc, we're in a nail biter and you're worried about the jets score ?

another clot heading for the brain

I hate the fourth quarter.

Why didn't they move the pocket?


just great...

we are losing this game.

i see a red door and want to paint it black

the biggest difference between the 2008 and 2009 Dolphins is last yr. Pennington would drive the team the final five minutes and Jax would never have seen the ball again.

coaching not to lose...plain and simple...coaching not to lose


come on defense. unleash the beast!!!

Did you see the hole on Williams' second down run? That should've gained 6-8 yards.

OFFENSE STALLS YET AGAIN....good thing were not playing the colts or the saints right now.

We need someone on D to make a play!!!!

ALWAYS down to wire for MIAMI(minus the Buff games)..I cant take these guys anymore

Is there a stat for deflected passes? Henne has to lead the league.

Way to handcuff your young qb Dan you fing moron!

We need a TURNOVER!!!!!

Commets never updated all game:::

time for some pass rush. Come on d.

3rd and 2, Henning calls a pass play. Simply amazing.

Despite having shot ourselfs in the football several times Fumbles/Int

On the road

Playoff implecations

We are still winning

Like the guy from Golfito
I believe

lost the feed...It's what on TV, since somehow, even though 2 of 3 Florida teams are playing the game isn't televised

AW! Don't tell me this is gonna be another nail biter finish? Me heart can't take it!

This sucks ... I have to bring in more wood ... it's cold up here in northern New York ... I can't handle another Dolphins cardio workout!!!!!!!

at least its always exciting...JAGS will go on fourth down every time now...they have the advantage...lets see what we do...

vontae interception!!!!

Can someone fing tackle him, Christ!!!!

We miss Pennington-What is it with Henne's throwing motion under pressure? Why does he take so long to develop a play?

so each week the fins have to give us a heart attack and unnecessary stress

Channing actually stuck that!!!

how huge is that missed fg now?

Time for an interception Miami.

Sad sad sad. Great 1st quarter and then....terrible offensive. Inconsitent this year. Totally inconsistent. It's heartbreaking.

This game is more frustrating than the loss to Buffalo. AHHHHH!

Watch the middle of the field. Thats all I'm gonna say.

OK. Explain. They have to drive the entire field and score a TD to win...we give up 16 yards on first play?

Relax, guys. The defense will not let them get a TD. It's in the bag.

Need new underwear.

Sean Smith about to make a play.

Thank you for calling a pass play out of a run play set but not use any kind of play action Dan. GREAT JOB. Man coordinator of the year right there. Henne never had a chance after the safeties saw no play action. I will puke if Henning is still here next year.

In the name of Bill Arnsbarger, please defense save the Fins again!

Damn this App! I'm frustrated! What's up Mando?

Wait, I think I see a pattern. 3rd & 18, we run. 3rd & 2, we pass. Think I got it now.

We need a play here, let's go D!!!!

Win or lose, i have to drink a bottle of whiskey to come down from this game.

putrid execution by the offense since Bess fumble. not playoff worthy. frustrating to watch right now, seeing this is resting on the D.

what happened to the fins team from the first quarter??

where's the poster who predicted a miami blow out ?

If we escape with a win, I will feel very fortunate. We let them hang around just like NE did for us last week. We lose we are done for the year.

It's Christmas time in Hollis, Queens.

Defense answering the call so far. Jacksonville's play-calling is almost as bad as Henning's.

Game down, right here...



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