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Dolphins holding on 14-10 going to 4th quarter

JACKSONVILLE -- This one seemed well under control. The Dolphins were leading 14-7. They were deep in Jaguars territory.

And then Vernon Carey gave up a second-down sack. Then offensive coordinator Dan Henning called a sweep on third-and-18 which didn't get within an area code of a first. And then Dan Carpenter missed a chip-shot field goal.

Not to be outdone by bad tidings, the defense then got in the act. Torry Holt caught 63 yard pass from David Garrad. And the Jags kicked a field goal.

It is 14-10.

Ricky Williams, by the way, has fumbled three times today, having just lost the first one for him.

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They were waiting for that.........nice read.


Who's the poster that predicted a 21-14 win?

Designed draw. And Randy Starks eats it up.

atlanta just blew the game in N orleans. unbelievable. 4 and 2 and they threw it half yard short
defense rocks dolphins!!! starks is amazing this year



Just getting home, I need a stream. STAT



Ok henning don't F this up!!!!


Offense better buy a BIG dinner for this defense today!!!

Love how Vontae Davis plays the run, jusyt like Allen plays special teams. That's first round talent!

H U G E.... finally a QB stop off a designed qb draw

Please get Henning out of the game. Please stop calling plays Henning, please!!!

Dolphins trying to have a Piscarcek moment here. Did I spell it right?

JUST punt it already, i cant take another TO!!!

Well it won't be 21-14 that for sure,

alright that's it. all my blood clots are lodged in my brain. good bye world. the dolphins have killed me. another fumble?

dolphins are doing everything they can to lose this game....it is unbelievable with these turnovers and almost turnovers

Our Defense keeps playing great, but our Offense cannot even handle a handoff!!!

Thatsa nice Miami, now run the clock out!

Thank goodness. Mando can you ask Parcells for an early christmas present for us? We want a new O coordinator for next season. Preferably someone young who understands the new style theat is being played in the NFL. Thank you.

yeah! hard to get real excited about mediocre win vs mediocre opponent. We need to be much better than this. So I say yeah, with little expression...

they're still gonna get a chance. 3 to's

and, of course, playing not to lose yet again...I dont get it?


Well, if they got 2 safeties and we scored a TD, but, not likely, lol

I have no confidence in this O right now!! Just run

It's not over, fools!

another cute stupid play that could kill henne

Who calls that.. on that messed up turf???? WHOOOOOO??? Were you holding your breath hoping he didn't slip????????

of course, JAGS will get ball back, with time left to win...do we gack?

Armando-It's simple we need play makers-no can block a kick, throw under pressure, call a game, not fumble, catch a ball + run after catch...

If this were columbia henning would be shot tomorrow

lol @ Marc

Again. Relax. The defense will NOT give up a TD.
As long as the kick coverage is solid, this game is OVER!!


mntnmanfin fan the thing is,,,,,,our team is also mediocre.

Kick return, coming up!

Watch the big play guys. What the long pass play for the TD.

Why don't we kick it out of bounds???? C'mon

OMG I'm gonna need a manicure after this game!

an ugly win is better than a loss

ill take it

fu you henning and morono for the bad play calls

Does anybody know when that Christmas movie with John Denver is going to be on? I like that one.


Wake from behind!

WAKE WINS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cameron Wake MVP.

did anyone mention we love wake



WAKE this guy must play more


Wakay Wakey hands off snakey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cam wake wins the game two weeks in a row!!!!

Score 14 points and go into cruise control...coaches play calling is killing this team.

WAKE QUAKE!!!!!!!!!

0 points allowed in forth Quarter

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