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Dolphins holding on 14-10 going to 4th quarter

JACKSONVILLE -- This one seemed well under control. The Dolphins were leading 14-7. They were deep in Jaguars territory.

And then Vernon Carey gave up a second-down sack. Then offensive coordinator Dan Henning called a sweep on third-and-18 which didn't get within an area code of a first. And then Dan Carpenter missed a chip-shot field goal.

Not to be outdone by bad tidings, the defense then got in the act. Torry Holt caught 63 yard pass from David Garrad. And the Jags kicked a field goal.

It is 14-10.

Ricky Williams, by the way, has fumbled three times today, having just lost the first one for him.

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Man, if Miami could have the Indianapolis and Ndew Orleans fourth quarters back, what a different season!

im glad this one is over

Defense wins this one fellas.

Wow, what an ugly win...That's a wrap folks...Good game Cam Wake, Camarillo, Henne, POLITE for MVP! Peace Out

7-6 WooooHooo

so what will it take for wake to get more playing time

taylor has done nothing
porter made one play

wake made many plays

Once again, wake gets the last sack of the game. How bout that?
This was an ugly game and the offense chocked in the end, but I'll take a W any day.
Sparano's got a lot of work to do this week.

wake to the rescue

Armando-Can you ask the coaches if it's o.k. to play him now!!!!!


Does anyone know if Dan Henning has been taking his Aricept medicine lately?

2 4th quater shutdowns by Miami D in 2 games... Guess they got the MSG!!!!!

how many times do you lose with 5 fumbles!!! Somehow we pulled it out. unbelievable

Some of u make no sense...earlier we run on 3rd &3 and u say how we should be passing but then on 3rd &2 we pass and u cry how we should be running....

I dont care what Sporano says...Wake must be on the field more. Reason -- why can we accept two rookie corners and all the mistakes they make, but not put Wake on the field and accept his mistakes? His upside is huge...and he makes more game changing plays than either corner... Play the kid often...he will learn on the fly just like the corners.

Great win for the Fins. Ugly .... but who cares!

My God! can this team ever just make it easy? Dominated this game in all facets except turnovers and nearly lost the game. Big Win...but C'mon!


when does wake get real playing time...porter and taylor suck

wake puts pressure on the QB every time he is in there

Never easy!

PS - NO points again in the 4th Qtr! Defense was huge today!

Sparano is going to be a busy man this week. That's for sure. Wake is the reason we're 7-6 right now.

On to the next close, nail-biting game...just keep winning...

Armando-What are Taylor + Porter's stats-1 sack for Porter, 1 tackel for Taylor-how many sacks for Wake-2?

Great win for the fins. However, nothing has changed in the playoff hunt ... Pats and Ravs are going to win too.

mntmanfinfan, right.

Ok..Im reformed and this team has made me believe they are pretty good and tough....only optimism and hope for this season from here on out...(but man the buffalo loss hurts more every week)..LETS GO PHINS!

I will take my crystal ball to the nearest bowling alley for a good cleaning.

We won but it gave me predictions from Fins game in an alternate universe.

Excellent game Miami. It was close but the defense played exceptional. This should improve our defensive stats. They held strong again at the end of the game.

I am going to drink heavily now, schwooo!

I am glad I don't watch the game with your bunch of whiners. Just going over the blog. What a bunch of band wagon wimps.
Hold it together and whine when we lose. At least wait for it.

We're finally a winning football team with our fist step past .500 and a step closer to the playoffs!! Go Phins!

vodka is the key to surviving the games

Fins will win division and face Jags again in wildcard game.

Just had the crystal ball buffed.

Man, if Miami could have the Indianapolis and Ndew Orleans fourth quarters back, what a different season!

Posted by: Jay-Mo | December 13, 2009 at 03:57 PM

I'd rather have the Bills game back right now to be honest, becuz right now that game is looming larger and larger that might be the reason miami doesn't go to the postseason which i still believe is not a bad thing!!!

Kindry, i don't think there is anything wrong with fans expressing frustration, especially in a game this poorly played. Doesn't mean they don't love their fish.

We made a game on Jacksonville - who were were chasing for the wildcard spot.. so we did see a change in the playoff picture landscape.

Plus, if we continue to win and take care of our own business, I still see us taking the division. Patriots are not going to run the table.


If we win out we will win the division. New England has a tough time every week and will lose. Two AFC East titles in a row would be awesome! Especially this year with our best players out w injuries. Not too shabby

klndry - Couldn't agree more. Some of these posts are ridiculous. Fire Henning, cut Bess, bench Henne, team sucks, blah blah blah...You whiners SUCK! That other team on the field is trying to win the game too you know. They're making adjustments too. They want a playoff berth too. Dolphins went on the road and won a tough, tough game. Turnovers nearly did them in but coaching adjustment both offensively and defensively kept them in the game. Some of you need to spend a little time looking past what you think you see and understand there's alot going on behind the scenes. GOOD F'ing win Dolphins -- congratulation for rising up and winning a game most teams woulda lost. 7 wins - 6 losses and still alive sounds a lot better then 6-8 and out of the hunt! Be happy dip=s--ts!

pancan, you must agree that Crowder is garbage.

Shaggy - I actually do agree and have said so on many previous posts. He over pursues, misses tackles and disappears for stretches of a game. Look at his stats compared to some of the past Dolphins LB's and he just doesn't measure up. I'm not sure if this is because Crowder is confined by a defensive schemes or if he's just a decent player who lacks big play ability? I really expect the dolphins to be looking to upgrade his position in the draft or free agency.

pancanfinfan, stop complaining and by happy with the win :-))

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