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Dolphins lead Jags 14-7 going in 3rd quarter

JACKSONVILLE -- The Dolphins owned the first quarter. And the second quarter.

But Jacksonville seemed to find a sense of urgency when Chad Henne scored from 1 yard out on a QB keeper to give Miami a 14-0 lead.

The Jaguars answered with a six-minute drive that culminated with a Maurice Jones-Drew 1 yard run to make it 14-7.

Henne is having a great day so far. He has completed 14 of 16 passes for 146 yards.

Join me in the comments section as the live blog continues.


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Hartline and Camarillo are our best receivers, plain and simpe. Hartline has the best hands!

nice catch hartline! The receivers have really stepped up catching passes the past two weeks. Don't know what kool aid they were drinking but keep it up!

Phins win? First troll in here today!


Love seeing this 10+ yard throws!

i hope henning and morono dont call a drive killer trick play....

Okay I think I got a hard on about now....

it is soooo exciting to see a great qb again. I am realizing how much I have missed the passing game. I hope he continues to improve all year long.

Bess has 5 fumbles this year. I would call that consistant. ROTFL!!!

Chad Henne has completed 14 consecutive passes.

Time Out? WTF?

If we call another gimmick play I'm hanging myself! Don't fuke it up Henning!!!


we had a waste a time out

henning call the damn play sooner...

you old useless windbag

Hey guys, taking the wheel off of Henne makes us look like a completely different team.. man we look good with Henne killing people

Called a time out so we could run a dumdass trick play.

Why the TO? All this time in the 2nd half and we are already at a disadvantage

go Henne! mando do you know his qb rating so far?

Mando--does all this rhythm passing have to do with the absence of Wildcat?

Pat White


Phins win , you back to the jets blog. Now that's being consistant ! LMFAO !

Greg has 5 REC for 87 yards 17.4 Avg.



This better be something. Good here

i bet henning was calling a trick play and henne called timeout to not allow it be called

75? Garner?

Armando-I like what I see in the game plan.
But i have a question-why so many passes where recievers fall into the ground and short of first downs?

Back to your ridiculous stats. Now that's where you belong. I'm a Dolphins fan who sees the good and bad of Bess and there's more bad than good with him. He's outta here next year.

No way will the NFL/Goodel/Buchum allow the Pats to loose 3 in a row

Henne has completed 15 consecutive passes in this game. The record is 17 by Chad Pennington.

Pennington did it over the span of two games.


Polite is a little hurt, damn it!

BS call on garner!!! Just keep the balance on the play calling.

Mancrush on Henne!

PhinsWin...Bess will be back..Take it to the bank...However, I think Camarillo has better hands, Bess is younger...Has more "upside"

patsies driving...

David, don't see where a WR falling down is in the gameplan.

nice blocking you dumb right tackle...


Derrick Harvey beat Veron Carey for a sack. First of the day.

Maybe fat Cary should lose weight!

Thanks Vernon-get into the game + loose some weight!

Carolina looks like there putting up a fight and just might win who has the tie breaker for the dolphins pats

good job by chad protecting the ball

Pats fumble Carolina recovers

3rd and 18...Run play...Brilliant!

Crap call on third down.

PhinsWin...Bess will be back..Take it to the bank...However, I think Camarillo has better hands, Bess is younger...Has more "upside"

Posted by: Marc

Camarillo has better hands and he doesn't put the ball on the ground.

This is trouble.

ohhh that hurts

go back to football 101 school where you belong. Bess isn't going anywhere !!! Bank on it.

they showed the stat

and i go: "he is gonna miss this kick"


you suck cbs

Needed tha FG Bad.

wow, way to jinx him dick head announcer.


Holy smokes, we really hate ourselves huh? Can we just give the ball to henne and say, dude, do whatever YOU WANT!


Anyone else starting to think this feels like the Bills game?


This will haunt us ....

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