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Dolphins lead Jags 14-7 going in 3rd quarter

JACKSONVILLE -- The Dolphins owned the first quarter. And the second quarter.

But Jacksonville seemed to find a sense of urgency when Chad Henne scored from 1 yard out on a QB keeper to give Miami a 14-0 lead.

The Jaguars answered with a six-minute drive that culminated with a Maurice Jones-Drew 1 yard run to make it 14-7.

Henne is having a great day so far. He has completed 14 of 16 passes for 146 yards.

Join me in the comments section as the live blog continues.


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Sean Smith's highlight for the year interception in preseason!!!
otherwise he is doing a great job of imitating burnt toast patterson (former giant)

We need a pick

wilson is so useless

Need to hold them to a FG here!

Third and thirteen and we allow that? Good god.

D lets us all down again...more importantly, they are letting down their teammates...

sean smith tweeting his legs are tired last week. if he would stay home and rest it would be great too instead of heading out all the time. he doesnt know what it takes to get through a pro . his bye week he spent walking around universal.

I *heart* Sean Smith

Stand up defense-Joey, Jason, kin-do it!

Sean bit hard on that play, but was he supposed to? It looked like he was supposed to have help from Wilson, but once again, someone got 10 yrds behind him!

thats coach paul and his prevent defense which doesn't work since our safeties (wilson) suck

How the F*ck is it possible that EVERY game someone gets THAT open deep???? EVERY GAME!!

Simple stuff really...football...play the fundamental you're taught beginning in peewee football...poor defense...poor defense...

What's going on here?

The safety cannot let the play go above him.

the new kid,,,

yea that is one of the many reasons why miami is 6-6 this year!!

Whatever guys, the games not over, I'm still watching, football is tough, these guys want to win, it just ain't easy.

sean smith and gabril wilson were on holt


two useless players...on a good receiver...

Got a bad feeling here! Need to step up D!!!!!

Alright guys what's done is done, let's get a stop here put the ball in henne's hands And go up 11 ! Go phins!!

I remember when we used to have damn good defense ... where's Baumhower, Duhe, Scott, the Blackwood brothers, Betters, and on and on and on ... jeez ... is this the first time in Dolphins history that our defense REALLY sucked????

Good Stop!

bess leads the team in rec and yds and 2nd in the league in 3rd down catches, those are fact. He ain't going anywhere and THAT"S a Fact ! now go back to crying me river and posting only negative plays.

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN

Gee. Still don't have it in you to post how many fumbles he's had this year or even how many momentum-killing fumbles he's had right before halftime. That's sad.
Now go back to looking at your fantasy stats and slobbering over Bess. That's a fact too!!

You have to blame Gerbal on that one.

Lucky, guy was open

sean will be good. i think he will be great. he is still learning. his season ended several weeks ago when he hit the rookie wall.

zaphod, most of the Marino years our Defense was pretty poor

Seriously, this is getting old. This team does the same crap over and over again. They dominate the 1st half but let the opponent hang around. Then they give up long pass plays and collapse in the 2nd half.

How is it possible for our secondary to continually get torched for long pass plays. Our safeties continue to let WRs beging them. Pathetic.

No way this game should be 14-10. P1sses me off.

GIVE IT TO HOT HAND HENNE! with a little ricky.

NE? US? Last week?

Wilson blew that. not smith

ok cool now no cute s hit, just let henne tear them apart. He's on fire right now, feed the stud damn it

where is cam wake on 3rd down pass plays....

he is money...

good job you useless coaching staff

why isn't wake in there on pass downs...

Armando, what are the ramifications of cutting gerbil Wilson?

The Dolphins lack of killer instinct is attributed to Sparano.

He is a terrible gameday coach and has killed this team this year.

Today is no different.

Oh,so that's how you kick a FG.....take notes Carpenter.


An 8-minute drive for a touchdown to put us up 21-10 would go a long way toward winning this game.

What a surprise--a video session to show Gerbil was at fault for Holt catch

That's funny!!! Gerbil is giving the DBS a tongue thrashing!!!! look in the mirror dumb ass!!

Armando-When is the last time the Dolphins blocked a kick of any kind?
i don't remember ever-but it must of happened.

First Downs 19 7
Total Yards 284 147
Passing Yards 177 93
Rushing Yards 107 54
Penalties (Yds) 4(27) 2(10)
Turnovers 1 0

Punts (AVG) 1(35) 4(46)
Time of Pos. 24:59 15:06

he missed the sideline

wilson yelling at sean smith....*lmao* who was it that was playing the run again on the 3rd and 13...

at what point is the long play given up on D going to be addressed...answer...in the future...we are what we are...still, you'd think we might scheme a little differently to avoid these problems.

Out of bounds Ginn looking for the sideline again...

Stick to our game plan! No need to get cute here!!!

Run on first down...do we ever look at our own tendencies?

Bess needs to step up!

Throw downfield

Lou time!!!

lets go hennnnnnneeeee

The fact yo think bess won't be on the taem shows your football I.Q. now go back to being a complete IDIOT !

Camarillo is having a day

why was gabril wilson yelling...

he f'ed royally by biting on the fake

Phinswin you are DEAD wrong and your opinion lacks any conceivable esemblance of intelligence. Bess will be here for a while unless someone offers up a mid round second round pick and there's someone there the phins want badly.

wooohooo hennne!!!! 17 in a row ties record w Penne

Chad Henne ties the record for most consecutive completions at 17.

Waiting for a BS Holding call.

Finally, we get a call

tied pennington for 17 consecutive passes

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