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Dolphins lead Jags 14-7 going in 3rd quarter

JACKSONVILLE -- The Dolphins owned the first quarter. And the second quarter.

But Jacksonville seemed to find a sense of urgency when Chad Henne scored from 1 yard out on a QB keeper to give Miami a 14-0 lead.

The Jaguars answered with a six-minute drive that culminated with a Maurice Jones-Drew 1 yard run to make it 14-7.

Henne is having a great day so far. He has completed 14 of 16 passes for 146 yards.

Join me in the comments section as the live blog continues.


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Henne with a team record 17 straight completions...OOPs the streak is over

lets run on first down...

So, he ties the completion record and then coughs it up

oh no easiest pass of the day for the record. darn

Lay out

Henne now has two consecutive incompletions.

damn welker makes that play!!

Woops , exactly. the guy is a complete fool.

We r screwed now!!!

why wasn't ted ginn on that route...

bess is hurt and has no speed

Bess--stick your BLEEPING hands out!

Damn Bess!

Bull shitititititititi!!!!!!!!

Tie's team record...as first year starting

Why throw that particular pass at that point...if you fail, third and 10. Go intermediate there.

How about laying out, Davon?

Run faster Bess!

Three consecutive incompletions.

The 17 consecutive completions is the most in a single game in Miami Dolphins history.

The fact yo think bess won't be on the taem shows your football I.Q. now go back to being a complete IDIOT !

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN

Let go of your death-grip on Bess' sack and you'll realize that he won't be here next year. No go take your nap, stat boy!! Or should I say stat DONKEY??!

Akin Ayodele was grabbing his knee on that punt. Coming off the field.

I guess that's why we run on first down every time...

What the heck are they doing going deep to Bess? We are going to lose this game. I hate to say it but I have a very bad feeling right now about the coaching.

Armando-Doesn't Henne take a long time to set up his throws on occassion?

Good game

Ayodele is back.

Outstanding, Akin is bad...I was worried

Well the bucs laid an egg against the jets, and NE is STILL tied with Carolina at 7..

Ugh, bad bad feeling here! Our D is pathetic. Put wake in, Taylor is invisible as is peezy


Miami is lucky Garrad not an accurate QB ...


A Phillip Merling sighting!

Another missed interception-don't they do catchin drills during the week-can they start Tomorrow?

LOL, you're funny Marc.

so wake comes in and pressures the QB

why the hell isn't he playing more

play wake more you dumb morono

Great Defence!!

The D has definitely tightened up!!!!

Great Bounce!!!!

that is the best kick i have ever seen

God, I hate how the NFL GAME CENTER gets their lays screwed up. Like what happened?

Why don't they play Wake?

Nice job, defense.

Lousy punt.

Now... take 5 minutes and stick the ball in the end zone!

jags special teams is ultra bad.. lol. The FG kicker is the worse in the league and check out that punt..

TD patsies

NE scored

Phins win , arguin g with you is like a srguing with a wall or a 5 year old. only difference is they know more about football than you. Now go to bed , it's past your bedtime MENACE !

Ricky Williams looks slow today?

run the ball forward

henning is so bad

Opps I mean PLAYS not Lays

We need to take advantage of the great field position. Killer instinct needed!

NEVER grill steaks while trying to follow a Fins game in the computer after you link goes down...it makes for burnt steaks...

Let's go O!!!!


The reasoning behind not playing Wake confuses me too...As I recall JT was criticized for not playing the run well the first half of his career...Would you sit him?

Again, Camarillo impresses...

Henne is on fire!

Nice thro-show me many more like a TD

100+ yards for Camarillo on the day!

stupid cheaters scored...saints are tied

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