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Dolphins lead Jags 14-7 going in 3rd quarter

JACKSONVILLE -- The Dolphins owned the first quarter. And the second quarter.

But Jacksonville seemed to find a sense of urgency when Chad Henne scored from 1 yard out on a QB keeper to give Miami a 14-0 lead.

The Jaguars answered with a six-minute drive that culminated with a Maurice Jones-Drew 1 yard run to make it 14-7.

Henne is having a great day so far. He has completed 14 of 16 passes for 146 yards.

Join me in the comments section as the live blog continues.


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atlanta just tied up new orleans!!!!

Beautiful pass- nice to se Camarillo having a big day

Here we go again, we're in FG position and we're getting cute. Damn

You can add a new TE needed as well

I still dont get the play calling...I guess Im just missing something

mntmanfinfan LMAO!

Mando, second week that the iPhone app can't follow conned feed. Need update please! I already un and reinstalled it, and no dice. Please fix. Thanx and hope u get this!

damn ricky!

you have to be kidding me.


Funbolano and ricky need to hold on to the dam ball! WTF!!!

the Rumblin' fumbler does it again!


holy crap

Get Garner out of the game.

Phins win , how about getting rid of ricky williams ?

Ricky, Ricky, Ricky!!!!!!!!

Phins win , arguin g with you is like a srguing with a wall or a 5 year old. only difference is they know more about football than you. Now go to bed , it's past your bedtime MENACE !

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN

Do you enjoy being highlighted as a fool?? Your boy Bess had a chance to change the game and DIDN'T EVEN EXTEND HIS ARMS TO CATCH THE BALL!! What a giddy dolt!!

omg--Ricky. NOOOOO!

3 Ricky Williams fumbles-everybody else fumbling-what the hell is going on out ther?

What the hell is wrong with Ricky dude???? Henne must be so damn frustrated!

ricky has to be doing something bad...nfl will test him after this game. 3 fumbles inside the 30

Get him the freak out of the game, this is unbelievable man. I'm disgusted by this team. How else can we give them the game? F u ricky!!!!

from now on i want the ball thrown 100% in the 4th Quarter

This is starting to look like a loss.

Its not in the Best interest of the NFL/Bunchun for the Pats to lose 3 in a row

How u feeling now Po?

Turnovers are the equalizer

We just can't put teams away

I kind of miss Randy McMichael and the days Ricky Williams held onto the ball, well at least he is not tripping over himself

We are gonna lose if we don't tighten it up.

Can they just throw the ball?

Wow , phins win , the more you talk . the more you show what a complete idiot you are LMFAO ! I think many would agree about assessement about bess LMFAO !

comeon guys please tell me how its the coaches fault these guys are fumbling.

Really bad!

this is absolutely is atrocious, this game should 24-10 at least right now and miami just keeps fumbling it away...hey spadraino, how bout some ball handling in practice this week!!!


Oh Ricky!!!!!! Looks like the Phins just don't feel like putting this game away. We are getting so many opportunities to bury the Jags, and we just continue to give them hope. Again, we need to have some swager.

We just don't want to win, I guess. This game is so lopsided but we're only up by 4. Oh, and going to the 4th quarter. Was last week an aberration or the start of something for our D. We'll see.

If we lose it's tp fumbles y the he'll are we running the ball when we are passing all over them WTF ugh

I still have a man crush on ricky....he mite be H gh


Sparano_Use the TV timeout to tell the boys it's now or never!


just throw the ball every play

Phins win , we dhould cut ricky williams too RIGHT? LOL !

I hate NFL Game Center. They lag and get the calls messed up.

I completely agree this game is REALLY starting to look like a loss! It would be the same old case of a very good dolphins team that makes stupid mistake to give the game to a FAR INFERIOR team. DAMN IT

Wow , phins win , the more you talk . the more you show what a complete idiot you are LMFAO ! I think many would agree about assessement about bess LMFAO !

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN

I could care less, imbecile.


Just let henne throw every single down


Holy moly this game is flying by 3:15 at the start of the 4th

As much as I want them to win, we just DONT have the killer instinct...IF we were lucky enough to make playoffs...we would be one and out..

It's MJD time. Hes going to kill the time and get the lead. Watch. And then what.. henne will rescue us again?!?! You can't ask him for so much!!!

Playin to the lvl of the compatition

OMG Defence!!!!

Damn it! It should be 56 to 7 right now!

New post retards

How can we not build on our success from these big leads, NO, Indy and now jax? Pull Ricky, he obviously is not ready to play today

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