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Dolphins lead Jags 7-0 going to 2nd quarter

JACKSONVILLE -- The Dolphins are dominating so far.

Aside from two Ricky Williams fumbles (and even those were not lost) Miami has had everything go its way.

The defense has limited Jacksonville to consecutive three-and-outs. The offense scored on a Williams 1 yard score on its second possession.

Dolphins looking good. Check in the comments section for the continuation of the live blog.


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Is Turner active? LOL

Is Hillard going to play?

Pats are losing 7-0. The Panthers followed a Brady int. by a 50yd pass to Steve Smith for a TD. Go Panthers for now!

whats up with bess?

Mando problem with blog fixed I got second qtr instantly.

If you're having issues with stuff updating, simply shut it down and restart. This is especially true of the iPhone app.

Hopefully we just Run it down their throat!

Bess out right now. Thats why you dont have your best WR whos not even that good at punt returning, returning punts...

This place is a morgue only warmer.

wow yay

First down - by inches.

Jet's are still in the hunt regardless, so, what they do is relevant

No problem working well this week.

ya, the stadium is empty!

Funny Mando.

Jags brought a safety blitz and still got zero pressure.


Td Here , jacksonville throws in th towel. Go carolina

LOLOL @ morgue but warmer

whats the new on bess mando? this injury thing is ridiculous . Ginn should be returning punts anyway. If he gets hurt it doesnt matter too much on offense. sorry ginn but true

That's good mando less noise for us!

Of course, Marc, but we are .5 games ahead of them.. I prefer to look for the division lead and looking forward than looking at the wets nibbling at my ankles.

Wow, Pats really are falling apart @ the seams...Good for us

Interesting that the Dolphins checkdown a couple of times today has been to a WR. Like that much better than to a RB.

Jets have to have a better record than us to be relevant Marc...if they have a better record,we're screwed anyway...

Piss on the Pats!

When is the last time patsies lost three in a row?

miami is dominating this game!

before they cheated i am sure

I'm at a bar in Mass sitting next to some meathead in a Flutie Jersey, laughing to myself as he cries in his beer.

Come on Carolina - help us out!!!

ya, Henne is looking like a vet out there.. sure, he was a little off on that bess 3rd down in the first, but man, I love seeing him make the reads and checking down to a WR.. His poise and the lack of a JAX pash rush could make this a big game for Henne.

Armando, let us know as soon as you have info on Bess.

End of a Dynasty!

OK, so, until they (Jets) lose one, or we win out, what they do is important...Geez

Pats and Broncos losing.

The division does go through Miami!

All this offense needs is a big receiver....Boldin?....phins playing well so far

The Fins are only up 7 nothing...relax

Don't want to jinx anything, but...

How have the Jags won 7? Not by playing like this. They look absolutely wretched so far today.

play calling seems better today than usual...shake things up

Right Mando!

Haha Flutie Flakes remember them?

oh no vernon cary hurt too

That run took way to long to develop

Have we thrown on first today??

Chad Henne is getting incredible protection today.

Big Ups to the OL.

wow what a throw and catch!

WOW!! nice catch Hartline!!

had a stroke on that one.
marino must have snuck on the field for that throw

Wow...Nice freakin' pass! Great catch Hartline

Nice pass to Hartline... and great concentration!

Hartline is awesome man he can make great catches

I hear good things about that kid .. good things

Sweet Harline!!!

Moss fumble. Panthers have it!!!

forget the jets , geez. they still have indy and cinn . They are going to lose at LEAST 1 of them.

Jags don't seem to have any urgency.

ahahahhaa patsies about to score and turned it over ahahahahaaa

Holy Schnikes that was a SICK throw!!!!

Henne looking great!

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