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Dolphins lead Jags 7-0 going to 2nd quarter

JACKSONVILLE -- The Dolphins are dominating so far.

Aside from two Ricky Williams fumbles (and even those were not lost) Miami has had everything go its way.

The defense has limited Jacksonville to consecutive three-and-outs. The offense scored on a Williams 1 yard score on its second possession.

Dolphins looking good. Check in the comments section for the continuation of the live blog.


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Polite For Probowl!

That was like a Marino throw by Henne to Hartline. Into tight space, right on the money. Henne keeps getting better.

Mando: tried the shutdown and restart. Any other suggestions?

Wow!!! What a game for Henne. This is a joy to watch. Wow!


LOL, isn't that what Porter said Mando?

Ya, we threw on 1st down on the first play of the game..

wow fins! this is amazing so far! jags look like they are playing dec 28 game

i told you miami score here and jack throws in the towel

Hey, how about a Ricky Williams pass?

Just kidding.

Seven different receivers


mando's blog votes give it to polite to score

First and goal...run it in...run it in...

Give it to Polite!

For the record tie breakers are head to head, div then conf. Since we split with the pats head to head obviously does not apply.


Lmao Henne!!!!!

Henne on the QB bootleg

Woot Henne!

IT'S OVER !!!!!!


Nice call again...play book seems to be different today...

We were always on the bad side of that!

Not Today!

YEA BABY!!!! another awesome looking drive.

Go get some good sunglasses cause our future looks BRIGHT!!!!!

We need to blitz EVERY down, JT, Porter, Wake

Let me tell you something, if we lose this game today...I will personally have a meeting with Sparano. LOL.

Davone Bess has an ankle injury.

Any coincidence the less Miami fools around with the stupid Wildcat the more fluid the offense looks!

another 13 play drive!! Henne looks confident after last week, cool in the pocket. Finally afer all the feidlers, huards, culpeppers', we have a QB!

Their defense is suckin wind!

Keep em on the field!

Don't jinx us NJ.. I bet u Pats fans thought game over last week when they had us by 14....

Imagine how much better Henne will be with a full offseason of work as the No. 1?

My personal favorite...Ray Lucas

Is he gone to the locker or are they taping him up?

Playbook seems different because they have some confidence in henne!

Henne is the man ! Why the hell doesnt the fins shop online site sell his jerseys ?!?!?!?

I seem to recall a lot of requests calling for Henning's head on a platter... I think he must have been listening because today I think he is doing a "phintastic" job!!!

OK defense. Can you please hold onto a lead and not let this come down to a last drive again!!!!

75 yards rushing...101 passing (11-13)...on 33 plays. Jags...6 plays, 14 yards...can we keep this up...It would be nice to have a blow out, easy game for a change...

I hope Bess isnt too bad. This whole team needs new ankles and a some shoulders

We have ourselves a QB BABY !

Another 3 and out Plz!!

This is a NFL game...remember New Orleans.

Still a ton of game left.

Not even close.

I hope I don't jinx us but....Pat White

Well, PERHAPS Teddy can step it up...

Imagine how much Henne will be with an upgraded receiver corps, Jay-Mo.

This is - historically - where the Dolphin defense has taken the foot off the gas and given up a quick TD. A three-and-out here would be VERY encouraging.

It's a shame this NFL draft isn't loaded with receiver talent as this past year's was. Luckily Miami got Patrick Turner ...

Blazzinace , Miami is NOT the pats.

bess return is questionable

Man, Sanchez looks horrible

Don't need White.

Lets not get Cute!


the Jags just doubled their yardage total on one completion to the TE.

First play we give up a big pass 14 Yds

Come on D! Get us a turnover

i just woke up. jax made a play

So much for a 3rd consecutive 3-and-out for the defense.

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