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Dolphins lead Jags 7-0 going to 2nd quarter

JACKSONVILLE -- The Dolphins are dominating so far.

Aside from two Ricky Williams fumbles (and even those were not lost) Miami has had everything go its way.

The defense has limited Jacksonville to consecutive three-and-outs. The offense scored on a Williams 1 yard score on its second possession.

Dolphins looking good. Check in the comments section for the continuation of the live blog.


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Plus i gotta give Henning a hand, i guess he got the message. If something works don't get cute!!

What's the score ?

Yea we actually have a defence I still not the kinda guy to count my chickens i will say we got us a QB!!

good hustle by langford!!!!

langford "tackles" twice

Vontae not having a great day so far. Holding for a first down.

Oh my god crowder sucks he tackles soali. take him out.

day just got worse for Vontae


fairly typical...d lets down almost immediately

Miami ahead 14-0

JAX driving.

You have got to be kidding me to let me him run like that!!! This is ridiculous.

They have to put a spy on him!

Seems like the Jags just woke up.

every game dolphins let up right after a big lead. very next drive. hello defense. knock it off already. we need a play

Defence needs to put them back to sleep....

Sanchez looks horrible ? Clemmons is in for sanchez today.

3rd and 1, MJD gets 9!

Wow, MJD was just about stuffed when he broke through and almost broke it. Good job by Y Bell to stop him

Crowder always strolling up to the play after its 5 yards by him. I know i sound like a broken record but he sucks.

LOL, Oh yeah, well, Clemons looks horrible...

he we go...defense backing up...

Henne better stay hot because the Fins defense simply blows!

Why are the dolphins the only team that cant contain a QB..

IS WAKE IN THE GAME!!!!! where the pass rush???

Spy, maybe?

And true to form, the Dolphin defense is wetting the bed.

Ok, We need to slow this down.. I don't like the momentum shift that is going on.

Come On D, come up big. NOW

LOL @ marc

We need some sacks!!'!!

The interesting thing is this drive is ALL Garrard.

NOBODY has been open downfield so far.

LMFAO.... dolphins d.. WHY???

some one explain to me how this happens all of the sudden?

Our LBs Suck!

Pasqualoni is done...

i cant believe how the defense can never hold a lead. this is so ridiculous. Sparano needs to replace some of our so called stars and put in people who want to play. we always think we have a game when we get an early lead and then let them right back in. how many games are they going to let this happen

God please don't let wilford score. ;-)

Keep them to three

guess neither D-Line can get any pressure!
come boys hold to a field goal!!

Crowder a mistackling machine

Come on Sack!!!

We cannot handle success....we have some deep-seated need to make every game a nail biter

Hold them to FG

mistackling machine, LOL...It's not just Crowder...That sums up our D

it's only one drive, but if it continues, then you would need to spy on Garrard

Telling you now, watch garrard gash us up the middle, the rest of the game, he can run, and crowder can't.

Frustrating...a lead never seems to be safe...hope we get some LBs in the next year

We cannot handle success...right on.

Only a FG!

Please GOD!

Dolphins need to hold them to a field goal and then score before the half.

Come on, defense! Someone make a play on this 3rd down!

OK, well, if in one drive the QB runs passed the LOS 3 times...I think you put a spy on him

Don't give up on d guys threre making adjustments so should we

jax have 75 total yards and here we are in a close game


Akin ayodel always goes high and misses the easiest tackles. He and crowder will be gone next year

Gibril Wilson with the third down pass intereference.

what a bs call!!!

Wilson sucks.

Pass rush blows!!!! Thanks to Buffalo we are high up in the ranks.

Here comes a naked bootleg.

Why let the TE inside??? Basic stuff for an experienced defensive player...

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