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Dolphins lead Jags 7-0 going to 2nd quarter

JACKSONVILLE -- The Dolphins are dominating so far.

Aside from two Ricky Williams fumbles (and even those were not lost) Miami has had everything go its way.

The defense has limited Jacksonville to consecutive three-and-outs. The offense scored on a Williams 1 yard score on its second possession.

Dolphins looking good. Check in the comments section for the continuation of the live blog.


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Good stop...Watch the QB draw

You can't play d anymore in this league

Nice stop by vontae/Soliai

Anyone have a link to the game?

nice d!!! last two plays are awesome

Goal line stand!!!

Where is the RUSSSSSHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!??????????!!!

You are right Mando...I was thinking QB draw.

Wilford is in the game.

Bs call, easy 7 for jax!

Meanwhile, I see Bess trying to run out the ankle injury on the sideline.

So now we've got ourselves a game.

Miami's defense is so predictable.

i never would have thought they would give it to their running back? go figure. fooled us

It will be important to try to score before halftime.

See what happens when you get overconfident Jersey?!

Thats Okay!

Henne will take us down for the score.

Screw these refs, they just cost us a TD. This is bull sh**t! I'm livid right now.

BS call free TD, we got 2min to get or done b4 the half!




They make no big plays.
Make ZERO adjustments
Are slow

I want Coach P out...and all the old defenders to hit the brinks.

Can't stand it.

d let the o down on that drive...plain and simple...cant permit that to happen like it did...missed tackles, poor pressure, penalties, what is happening?

Defense still played tough, forcing the Jags to earn it. Looking on the bright side ...

Ginn is a clown.

Way to go GINN!

Damn Ginn!!

Ok, that would have been a nice stand.. but I think we can come out and continue to move the ball, it gives our D the chance to take back control without the pressure of losing the posession of the lead.

I can't find a link to the game.....thank goodness I have a link to beer.

WTF? how about longer cleats?

thought he saw the goal line

Man our Kick return blocking is horrific..

Right at tony mcdaniel and solai, we need so much on defense. Inside LBs safetys, D tackles. F'ing ginn strikes again

Even on a good weather day, funny how often Ricky Williams and Ted Ginn sliup and trip so often?

That call doesn't exactly take back the momentum, does it?

yay bess is back

Can't be conservative lets keep in on them.

When I post something it never shows up

Marc . i should know better with this d.

Do you guys even realize the kicking unit is reaching ginn consisently at the 15 yard line... or You guys too blind by hatred for ginn? Our Kick return blocking just plain stinks...

Doesn't the defense understand that if they buck up and get a stop, that they can actually put their foot on the opposition's throat?

They are so damn soft.

No excuses.

Now I'm Worried.

if we go three and out and they get the ball first in the second half? umm yes it would take back momentum.

we need a td here before the half. These jaguars stink soooo bad. We should be blowing them out. We need to get players with a killer instinct. especially on defense

Let Henne Throw it!

anyone remember the cardiac kids...we have our own version...they make coaches and fans old fast...

Jet's up 9-0

I agree Chase, but that stupid rule about only a two man wedge doesn't do ginn any favorites.

Nice catch by Camarillo on that 8 yrd out

This could get ugly if we don't get some 1st downs

Feelin Better Now!

we needed that...we needed that...

5 for 5 on 3 and 1.

First down, Miami on the move.

Can't coach a QB to have an arm like that!

That was a big first down. Now they can try to move the ball.

What are the Dolphins trying to accomplish here?

It's like they're in third gear. Not trying to run out the clock, not trying to push downfield either.

We dominte time of poss we get 14-0 lead and this D lets them come right down the field because Porter can't set the edge and Wilson can't cover a below avg TE. Hope the O can keep up the Domination because you know are D isn't going to hold up thier end of it.

Henne Henne he is our man If he can't do it No one can!

man it would be nice to be in first place at the end of today. Somebody better remind us of that at halftime. If wqam doesn't stop saying how perfect chad is today, they are gonna jinx us.

It's nice to see positive yds via a conventional Offense...Thanks Penny for going on IR

Not a catch. no way gonna be challenged..

Let's go fins

Ginn bobbled that pass.

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