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Dolphins lead Jags 7-0 going to 2nd quarter

JACKSONVILLE -- The Dolphins are dominating so far.

Aside from two Ricky Williams fumbles (and even those were not lost) Miami has had everything go its way.

The defense has limited Jacksonville to consecutive three-and-outs. The offense scored on a Williams 1 yard score on its second possession.

Dolphins looking good. Check in the comments section for the continuation of the live blog.


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13 yard pickup to Ted (I am at home on the sideline) Ginn.

He didn't make the catch and, well, you got to make that catch.

No matter how much Ricky fumbles he is still a beast n gets the job done. Everyone on here disses everyone who f**ks up then they do good you praise them. U people need respect. But run Ricky run. Shut these people up!

NYJ-16 TB-0


BTW, who is the guy on the sideline trying to jar the ball loose?

Why isn't that a penalty?

Jets killing TB, Carolina driving against pats! Indy destroying Denver and texans are looking good

Once again. Who gives a SHYT !

I change my mind that does look like a good catch


nice catch!!! good hands

idiot panthers just missed field goal by a yard to go up 10-0 versus cheatriots

First Down!

nice job ted ginn

... ginn caught the ball. And OJ Simpson was not guilty.

Armando... Foot in mouth

Ouch...You should have known better Mandy...You made the sideline comment last week


BTW, who is the guy on the sideline trying to jar the ball loose?

Why isn't that a penalty?

Posted by: Wayne Fontes | December 13, 2009 at 02:14 PM


Man Henne is killing em!!!!

omg nice 'touch' pass for a 23 yrd gain!

Very nice Camarillo from Henne!

Henne is the SH*T!

What????? Wohoooo!!!!! Henne's a star!


Henne looking good! Gotta stay hot

bess back in

guess they're pushing the ball downfield Mando, seems camarillo is the #1 wr now

You gotta be fing kidding me..


Third fumble of the day for Dolphins. And they lose this one.

Why would they call a reverse to Bess who has no speed?



f you henning and morono

go to hell

what was that garbage call

henne was throwing it amazing

Are you F'n kidding me ?

why Bess...he doesn't have the speed for an end around.

another FFFFFFFFFF'n cute play!!!!

WHY are you giving the ball to a gimpy WR on a reverse?

The defender didn't have the ball.

Horrible PLAY CALL

That Sucks!!!

who was the guy who asked if we remembered the NO game.....f'in bess...

unbelievable! We dont seem to have the killers instinct...

That's a terrible play call.

Why try to get Bess the ball going wide there in the first place? Bess isn't going to make a big play. Stupid play call.

Good question Armando. Because Henning continues to try being cute all the fing time..

This is the same crap that happened during the NO's game. Bess caused the whole momentum to change during that game right before the half. This is crazy! I can't understand why they have to get funny with their play calling. F you Henning!!!!!!

f u henning and morono

henne is throwing it well
wr's are catching...

bess bess bess. he should be able to hold onto the ball when he is a darn return guy.

Yeah that's a good fumble recovery

I think you're gonna go 0-2 Mandy...It was recovered

Mando, what game are watching?

You have 2 reviews brutally wrong.

5 fumbles by bess this yr!!! Wes welker doesn't do that

I think i saw the ball sliding after his head hit the sideline..

Jags will get the ball.

On second thought, I change my mind. That's a fumble recovery by Jax.

Not enough evidence to change the ruling.

Henne is like 100% this drive shreding the defence and u wanna get cute!!!!

Not a fumble!

thats drive killer henning

and morono allows the play call

he never had it but we are gonna get hosed.

Why are running that play.

Why Why?

Throw the ball or give the ball to the stupid RB

He was out of bounds....

Does this seem familiar to anybody????? Dolphins doing amazing. Ripping their opponent apart. Then Bess fumbles right before halftime giving up all the momentum????

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