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Dolphins Pro Bowl player? Jake Long

Only three weeks remain in the fans voting for the Pro Bowl and while Indianapolis quarterback Peyton Manning leads all vote-getters with 853,565, there is one Dolphins player leading all other players at his position with the most votes.

Jake Long is the AFC's leading vote-getter at tackle. He has 169,801 votes as of this writing.

Long, in his second season as Miami's left tackle, is the only Dolphins player leading in votes at his position. Frankly, the only other Miami player I can fathom having any chance to make the Pro Bowl might be Ricky Williams if he continues the three-game, 100-yard-per-game string he's currently on until season's end.

Fans can vote for their Pro Bowl choices at NFL.com and can do so for another three weeks. The NFL combines the votes from fans, coaches and players to determine their Pro Bowl teams. The Pro Bowl this year will be played in my town on Jan. 31, 2010.

The voting, of course, says nothing about whether Long truly deserves a Pro Bowl berth or not. The voting is subjective. The fact is Long has played well of late if one discounts the fact he is the second-most penalized player on the Dolphins offensive line this season.

So, yes, it would be nice if the hometown team could manage at least one representative to the game.


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I was more than happy to "stuff the ballot box" for Hanley Ramirez, but these Fins? Meh. Not so much.

Wish it were the opposite, but none are deserving, except perhaps Ricky W as a second or backup alt selection.

LOOOOOOOOOUSAKA Polite and Randy Starks already got my vote .

Armando , I don't know where you get Jake Long is the most Penalized member od the OL. That's flat out wrong ! Jake Grove Leads the OL with 6 penalties to Long's 3 .

Lousaka Polite is clearly worthy of recognition. Long????? While Miami's O Line has been good, where was Jake in the Miami LOSSES to start the season? When Abraham ate his breakfast, lunch, dinner & midnight snack.

Ted Ginn, Channing Crowder, Anthony Fasano and Will Allen to the Pro Bowl. Oh, and Sparano to coach the AFC.

Mando . sorry you said the 2nd most but long is tied with donald thomas with 3 while garner and carey have 2. You made it sound like he way ahead of everybody .

Ted Ginn, Channing Crowder, Anthony Fasano and Will Allen to the Pro Bowl. Oh, and Sparano to coach the AFC!

VOTE DODDSWORTH/MENACE to the pro bowl..

Emofinfan why so emo? Is your lawn emo too? If so your pretty lucky, most lawns don't cut themselves.

Just kidding, no offense intended.

Vote DODDSWORTH/MENACE to the TOILET BOWL ! But Don't worry if it's gets clogged with more of their BS , cuban menace is a expert in plumbing . On that note , i'm OUT !

how many votes gason taylor got ? or pat white ?

Lousaka Polite should be in the pro bowl


You right Grove is most penalized on the team

can any one tell me what mr POLITE did so far this year beside eating ?

nj is uncivilized person,no class ,no nothing.

Polite is a very good suggestion....I shall vote for him gladly & freely & often......thanks fellas!

Just as long as vote NJ..

Just as long as you vote

Polite is the most efficient X and 1 yard back, getting first downs almost every time. He also pounds people with jaw jarring blocks up the middle.

He may not have running or receiving stats, but as a full back, he is damn sexy.

Lousaka Polite !

can any one tell me what mr POLITE did so far this year beside eating ?

Posted by: CUbano | December 01, 2009 at 07:14 PM

I agree he is always getting 1st downs every time. Blocks very well and likes to punish the Dfense by pounding the rock. Afterall, that @zz wipe Mike Alstott in Tampa used to make the Pro Bowls all the time. Lousaka is just as good.

Long doesn't deserve it. He whiffs on blocks and doesn't dominate. Either the LT crop is so bad he makes it, or a lot of Wolverine homers are out there. I'll take Richmond Webb in his worst yr with Miami over Long right now.

I still believe.

Go Dolphins

Run Ricky Run

IF a lineman makes it once, he'll make it 10 times. That's basically Longs case. Overall he's had a good year but nothing worth leading votes in.

Ricky is a longshot with all the good RB's in the AFC. Polite is very deserving for his first downs and "eff-you" quality blocks. Grove has been pretty solid this year too. Porter might sneak in if he keeps padding his stats.

CUbano...dont know what to tell you. Maybe: watch the games. learn football.
he's emerged as one of the better fullback's in the league doing what their #1 job is....bludgeoning defenders. he's automatic on 3rd/4th and short. he catches what's thrown to him. he's as key to the dolphins run game as anyone, really.

Go Miami lets take those pats down!!!!! It's time!

The hour is late but we can do it Miami!!

Maybe Long is the leading O-Line penalty collector because he's been there all year, UNLIKE the rest of 'em?

Not that I know... just sayin' ...

Once again:



Yes, I am with you on that one. Go Dolphins!!! Beat the Patsies!!!

I still believe!!!!

Ronnie Brown shoulda been there too if he wasn't injured

webb mos def as a pass blocker but long as a run blocker..lets hope long continues to develop & by year 3 or 4(he's only in year 2)will dominate the opposing DE's...


Read again Armando did say 2nd most penalized, unless he corrected the blog before I entered.

Here it is again:

The voting, of course, says nothing about whether Long truly deserves a Pro Bowl berth or not. The voting is subjective. The fact is Long has played well of late if one discounts the fact he is the second-most penalized player on the Dolphins offensive line this season.

Also everyone its the All Pro team and Not the Pro Bowl team which counts most. I've seen guys make 10 Pro Bowls and only 1 All Pro Team.

Mando, what about Lousaka Polite? He's arguably one of the best fullbacks in the AFC, if not the entire league. He won't receive the votes, of course, but he deserves them.

kissy kissy dying breed,to nj

Hey cdf,

How about cd nuts!

Good for Long. The Phins right now are playing mediocre football. Can't see anyone else making the pro bowl.

Turner can make the Pro Bowl as an inactive player. He has done a very consistent job filling that role.


Randy Starks should be mentioned.

They should have a Pro Bowl for the rehab staff. If so, not only would we make both the Pro Bowl and All Pro squad, we would have every rehab staff member make first team.

i have voted for jake long and lousaka polite to both go to the pro bowl ...both are deserving ....yeah jake had a bad start against the falcons big deal he has been fine since i also voted for clady and thomas at left takle ...... i would take long 1st pick over all again even after knowing that matt ryan is right where people thought he would be .... but that is my opinion... profootballfocus.com has long rated better than clady..and we all know people are all over his family jewels

Long deserves the votes. Most penalized? Count again, Mando. And it's still only 3 all season! Both Ricky and Ronnie have had consistsnt success running behind Long. Let's give credit where it's due and support the outstanding effort by Long and the rest of the banged up O line.

Excuse me Dying breed but read my post 7:00 pm . I already corrected myself . Beat you to it. Mext time try reading all my posts. :)

Next time. And read post at 7:00 pm

Yeah I did miss that one.

I havent wathched tape of all the other fullbacks in the AFC, but no question that Lou Polite has been destroying linebackers all year. I really hope he gets that recognition and a nice contract extension (not sure how many years he is signed for).

All the patsy trolls in the dolphins forum have totally disappeared. I think theyre all on suicide watch.

Nice comment litos

Polite won't be the pro bowl FB. That will be McLain from Baltimore.

Good for Jake, the offensive line was been good all year and some people bash him unnessarily for being picked first overall. Just like the other poster said, I would still take him over Ryan. After all the Falcons aren't going to make the playoffs either in the weaker conference.

Ryan has the Falcons 17th overall in pass offense despite having weapons all over the place and a good line and an underwhelming schedule.

If only the sideline was the goal line tedd ginn would be on his way to the hall of fame.

we cant vote for ted ginn as a returner

Is it too early for end of year team awards? Best rookie is tie between Vontae Davis and mr versatility Nate Garner.

Good one! If the side line was the goal line we'd be undefeated.

Worst hairdoo goes to Channing Crowders rats nest dreads. Second worst hair goes to his spotty in grown beard.

Fake GM . polite already signed a 3 year extension earlier this year.

what a nip

Why would you want to vote for Ted Ginn for Pro Bowl. If this guy gets to the Pro Bowl the NFL's credibility drops at least 63%.

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