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Dolphins Pro Bowl player? Jake Long

Only three weeks remain in the fans voting for the Pro Bowl and while Indianapolis quarterback Peyton Manning leads all vote-getters with 853,565, there is one Dolphins player leading all other players at his position with the most votes.

Jake Long is the AFC's leading vote-getter at tackle. He has 169,801 votes as of this writing.

Long, in his second season as Miami's left tackle, is the only Dolphins player leading in votes at his position. Frankly, the only other Miami player I can fathom having any chance to make the Pro Bowl might be Ricky Williams if he continues the three-game, 100-yard-per-game string he's currently on until season's end.

Fans can vote for their Pro Bowl choices at NFL.com and can do so for another three weeks. The NFL combines the votes from fans, coaches and players to determine their Pro Bowl teams. The Pro Bowl this year will be played in my town on Jan. 31, 2010.

The voting, of course, says nothing about whether Long truly deserves a Pro Bowl berth or not. The voting is subjective. The fact is Long has played well of late if one discounts the fact he is the second-most penalized player on the Dolphins offensive line this season.

So, yes, it would be nice if the hometown team could manage at least one representative to the game.


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Without question Jake deserves it. He's givcin up a total of 3 sacks this season. They came in the first couple games and stand out so some uninformed fans still have those couple plays stuck in their minds. He's only been flagged what 2 times all season.

Vernon Grades out just a little better than Jake this season. I would love to see him get in and Jake groves stats have been outstanding (before he was hurt) and deserves to make it as well.

If you don't believe me look for yourselves.


I'll vote for Dan Henning, so he can get a better offer next season and leave Miami...


As far as Polite goes the guy is an absolute beast. I can't think of a fullback in the league I would rather have blocking for my backs and picking up blitzes. Oh ya he's also not to shabby running with the ball. His hit on Bart Scott in the first game is still on my highlight reel for this season.

Jake has played great since the first two games of the season. He was shaky at the start, but has been brilliant since then. Penalties are a pretty poor measure of an offensive lineman's play. Look at the holes Jake opens in the running game. Look at the great job he's done at protecting the QB (since Abraham).

That guy Clady in Denver gets a lot of accolades, but I've only seen him once this season. I can't think of any other left tackles better than Jake in the AFC.

I miss the days when Oronde Gadsen was pulling down one handed passes in the middle of the field. Award for most spectacular hands goes to Devone Bess for making some ridiculous catches this year. Too bad hes not taller and alittle faster or wed have a legit starting WR.

Worst touchdown celebration is Joey Porter eating a bowl of (insert noun here) after any big play. Embarrasing. What is that anyway?

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I don't care about whether Long deserves a Pro Bowl berth or not. Boring!!!!!!! Ricky Williams is the best player on this team, period. Has been ever since he joined in 2002. Look at our record with Ricky since he has been a Dolphin as opposed to when he either went AWOL or was suspended.

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Heres an interesting article that ESPN wrote about the dolphins ya'll. Enjoy

In the Any Given Sunday series, Football Outsiders looks at a key upset from each week of NFL action and what it means to the future of both teams. This week's edition focuses on the Buffalo Bills knocking off the Miami Dolphins -- and where both squads can go from here.

A playoff contender died last Sunday. Despite season-ending injuries to Chad Pennington and Ronnie Brown, the Miami Dolphins had been one of the better teams in the AFC -- and a win over the Buffalo Bills would have tied them for the conference's final wild card spot. Instead, the Bills scored 17 points in the game's final four minutes to turn a tie game into a 31-14 blowout; the Dolphins are essentially left to think about next year. And when they do, here's where they should start: the team has an obvious glaring hole on offense (no, not at quarterback), and another in the center of their defense.

Inserted into the lineup when Pennington suffered a career-threatening shoulder injury in Week 3, Chad Henne has actually outplayed his predecessor. Even after his three-interception game against the Bills, Henne is 18th among all quarterbacks in DVOA (Defense-adjusted Value Over Average, Football Outsiders' exclusive statistic that evaluates every play of the NFL season and adjusts for down, distance, score, opponent, and many other factors). Why is Henne so high in our stats, when he ranks just 25th in the NFL's quarterback rating? The biggest reason is that DVOA and DYAR account for Henne's difficult schedule in a division where pass defenses have greatly improved this season. He has played against the Jets and Bills twice each, as well as the Saints. That's five of his nine games against teams in the top five in pass defense DVOA. Without opponent adjustments, Henne drops three spots in FO's rankings.

Henne is throwing to a nondescript group of wide receivers. Davone Bess is an acceptable possession receiver, ranking 38th out of 87 wide receivers in DVOA. The Dolphins also have decent depth at the position; if they had enough targets to qualify, Greg Camarillo would be fourth among all wideouts in DVOA, and Brian Hartline would be 12th.

The problem is Ted Ginn Jr., who ranks 77th in DVOA. Ginn is horrible at catching the ball, ranking 75th in catch rate; he is even worse with the ball in his hands, ranking last among all wide receivers with just 0.8 yards after catch per reception. This failure is nothing new for Ginn -- in three years, he has yet to break the top 60 wide receivers in DVOA in any season. It's time to admit that he's a kick returner only and find his replacement.

The Dolphins could also use a tight end. Anthony Fasano and Joey Haynos currently rank 42nd and 44th among all tight ends in receiving DVOA, ahead of only two other players.

There is good news and bad news on the defensive side of the ball for Miami. The good news is that the safeties make a ton of plays; the bad news is that nobody else does. Yeremiah Bell has made 17 percent of the Dolphins' defensive plays (tackles, sacks, fumbles forced and recovered, and passes defensed and intercepted). That's the highest share for any safety in the league; teammate Gibril Wilson is seventh. (In 2008, Bell was second in this category, and Wilson, then with the Raiders, was third.) Only three other teams -- New England, New Orleans and Arizona -- have two safeties in the top 30, and Miami is the only team whose top playmakers are both safeties.

The problem is that nobody else seems to make plays: only one other member of the Dolphins ranks in the top 30 at their position in Percentage of Team Plays: Randy Starks, who ranks 12th among defensive ends. That's particularly troubling because Miami runs a 3-4 defense, which is designed for the linemen to occupy blockers while the linebackers make plays. Akin Ayodele is just 42nd among inside linebackers, however, and Channing Crowder is 45th. If the Dolphins want to make the playoffs in 2010, they'll need to upgrade here.

The best summary of the Miami defense is this: By FO's stats, they are last in the league in defending short-yardage runs, but second in preventing yardage gained on 10-yard runs. Runners will get past the line and linebackers, but they're not getting by Bell and Wilson.

Good article Chase. Despite the analysis. As things stand, I still see a Free Safety or and pass rushing linebacker as their #1 pick. Just because of the matchup of need vs available talent when the Dolphins pick.

Right now, I'm paying particular attention to:

Earl Thomas, FS, Texas
Taylor Mays, S, USC
Jason-Pierre Paul, OLB/DE, USF
Greg Hardy, OLB/DE, Miss

If Long has had a pro bowl season it doesn't say much about the position in the AFC. I feel he has been underperforming as far as pass protecting for a majority of the season for his draft status. Starks and Polite the only true pro bowl candidates maybe Carpenter if he doesn't miss anything the rest of the season. Kickoffs probably keep him from elite status though.

IlB's Rolando McClain . ala and Brandon Spikes, Florida , S Earl Thomas and OLB/DE Derrick morgan , Georgia tech . should also be payed attention too.

You got to be F'n kidding me miami herald ?

Love the article and agree our ILB's just plain suck this year Crowder and Ayodele have made me say put Torbor in the game often this year. You see ILB making all the tackles on other teams around the league. I think they are good enough athletes but they don't have good enough football IQ. I'll take Laurinidus from the Rams over those two all day.

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The O-Line is a big reason we stunk it up in Buffalo on Sunday. Yes, Chad played bad after the initial 3rd quarter drive, but the O-line certainly didn't help much. The INTs came after pressure reached the QB and the ball path was tipped or altered when he threw it.

Ronnie would have been nominated. Lusaka gets all the first downs on carries, but SORRY, he misses ALOT, yes ALOT of blocks, re watch the games gents,

Teddy Ginn should go to the ProBowl with Wlison

lol that is good K.D

polite should be ahead of mcclain. they run lots of 1 back stuff.

he's emerged as one of the better fullback's in the league doing what their #1 job is....bludgeoning defenders. he's automatic on 3rd/4th and short. he catches what's thrown to him. he's as key to the dolphins run game as anyone, really

I agree that he is one of the really good FBs but he can't catch a cold. He drops more passes than he catches but then again that is common amongst most FBs. Polite has my vote but it is due to his blocking and short yardage work. That is what FBs get paid for any way.

Jake is my favorite Dolphin and I proudly wear my number 77 jersey on Sundays but I do not think he is having a Pro Bowl season.

You all need to show some love for Lou.... I cant believe he's not a leading candidate

Polite should be pro bowl bound. My son and I watch him on every running play. What about carpenter and fields.

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