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Miami Dolphins waive David Martin off IR

Tight end David Martin, who was placed on the injured reserve list before the season began, is no longer a Miami Dolphin.

Martin, 30, was waived off the injured reserve list on Monday. He can be claimed off waivers and is free to sign with any team except the Dolphins for the final four games of the season. A source said Martin is ready to play after rehabilitating a right knee surgery he underwent in September.

It is still possible Martin, who becomes a free agent after the season, could re-sign with the Dolphins if they offer him a contract in 2010. That issue obviously will be addressed in the offseason.

The Dolphins missed Martin this year.

Martin contributed 31 catches for 450 yards and an impressive 14.5 yards per catch average in 2008. He also scored three touchdowns.

Tight ends Joey Haynos and Anthony Fasano this year have combined for 34 catches for 358 yards and three touchdowns. Haynos, who replaced Martin, has 10 catches for 104 yards and is averaging 10.4 yards per catch.

[Practice update: C Jake Grove was working at least on a limited basis today. OLB Jason Taylor (shoulder), Joey Porter (knee) and Nathan Jones (undetermined) did not practice.]

[Blog update: Big doings this afternoon so check back in a little while for all the day's news.]


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This was Martin's last day in a dolphin uniform EVER. He's not coming Back. FAAAAASSSANOOO ! JOISEY Baby !

what is the advantage of waiving Martin off the IR? To save a couple of $$ & he might sign with the Pats?


i think this move was more of a favor to martin...he can play now with any team but us, if he can play who are the miami dolphins to tell him he cant

Hey Armando, just a thought here. Any chance the Dolphins are keeping the Tight End in more often this year to protect the young quarterback? I know the numbers are down this year, but neither Fasano nor Haynos are being utilized like the TE was last year. Just saying sometimes statistics give you an ill informed opinion. Haynos and Fasano whiff on a whole lot less blocks than Martin. Cheers

kindofa interesting development

Why would they get rid of Marting? What was the reasoning? Fasano is coming around but Martin was our best tight end. Haynos is heinous and pretty much a waste of space. Our tight end play has been spotty at best this year. Martin would be an upgrade for sure and huge help and additional target for Henne. I have been wishing we had Martin on the field all year, I believe his presence would have made a big impact. I'm open to hearing where i'm wrong here but would love some reason as to WHY they would cut him????

I hope he gets signed on somewhere. He did a nice job while he was here.

Hello Again Armando. I notice you didn't comment on whether or not Moss had a few more words of encouragement for Vontae Davis like he did after their earlier meeting this season. I'd say he's a fast learner. What a refreshing change of pace it was to see Miami open up the passing lanes and have a defense that actually shut down a potent offense like New England in the fourth quarter. I hope this performance inspires the Dolphins to continue to battle on all the way to the playoffs. They beat the Patriots without the Wildcat using their unconventional, conventional set. I don't think there is anyone in their remaining four games that could compare to New England's offensive capabilities. Perhaps the Steelers defensively are a little better than the Patriots. But, at this point, Miami can hang with any of the teams they face in the remaning schedule when it comes to scoring points. Running or passing for that matter, after the way Henne and company lit up the Pat's secondary. Go Dolphins!

we're drafting a TE for sure. These current scrubs can exit stage left.

Go Fins..Nic,I agree, it sure was nice to see Henne airing out for a change...he has an arm, that's for sure! Also nice to see our guys starting to catch a few too! Nice to see our Defense actually play better in the second half, rather than going downhill. All these rookies playing well (young team) Next year should be a coming out year for the Fins. A beginning of a new era. I'm still hoping for the playoffs this year! I'll be wearing my Fins hat and T-shirt proudly at Jacksonville Stadium this Sunday! Cheering on the Fins from section 133!

Lakecityfan have a great time at the game thanks for being such a good fan, you sound like me before the fins panthers game! Go Fins

Sorry to see Martin go, but it is in keeping with the Trifecta mantra of going younger, Martin is 30 after all.

The player I find interesting is Kory Sperry, this kid played in what, one game, and had three passes thrown to him, all caught for good gains when we needed them. Sperry is one player I would like to see a bit more of on the field.

Martin was a good pass catching tight end, but he couldn't block to save his life, or that of the current QB. Fasano has come around after having a poor first half of the season. Haynos is a work in progress at this point and Kory Sperry is an unknown.

We need our own version of a Dallas Clark and it is unlikely he is on our current roster...

Martin was a good player for the fins, but I think they let him go more as favor to him after put him on IR when they did not need to... now he has freedom to sign with whoever... except Jets and Pats ;)

Dorin Dickerson, Pitt. 6'2 230, runs a sub 4.4. Probably can't block worth a lick but is a WR/TE tweener who would cause serious match up problems.

I'd rather see them draft Nate Byham from Pitt. An overwhelming blocker and underutilized receiver.

if we draft a TE is onlt because we're not resigning fasano. If fasano play good the last 4 games then he'll be signed. We have other more important players to draft

Nate Byham is a nice story but his skills can't compare. Fasano is a nice blocker. We need a TE that can stretch the field down the middle. The Dolphins will definitely be adding a receiving threat to their TE corps.

There is no need to re-sign D. Martin. Let K.Sperry have a chance and select a "fast" TE in the 3rd-5th round.

I think it was a classy move to let him play this year. He may have asked for this. David played well when healthy. I only hope he doesn't go to a team that we play the rest of the year LOL.

Martin is injury prone, I say we cut Haynos and let Sperry have a chance. HAYNOS IS AWEFUL! No separation, maybe decent blocking. We need a TE that can stretch the field! Also we need a big fast WR. And of course some fast agile LBs that are strong and durable- ala Patrick Willis type, if there are any out there.

"The other team's quarterback must go down, and he must go down hard."

Al Davis, circa 1988

David Gerrard must be harrassed; MJ-D must be punished. If Wilfork beats us, we shall be pi**ed-off!

Joe, bang on with haynos - he doesn't block well either. They gave the kid a chance but he isn't NFL caliber as a reciever or blocker. And when the Dolphins add a TE, it will be someone who will stretch the field.

And if you are looking for a patrick willis type lb, check out Rolando McClain of Alabama.

Martin wont clear waivers and will be claimed by one of the bottom tier teams.

Good point DyingBreed, could this be another gift from Miami to his son-in-law Pioli in KC? I guess he would have to get by the Browns first who could use anyone they can get.

Mark Im not sure about that but worst case scenario Im pretty sure he wont get by Cam Cameron. Like Beck, thats one of his boys. LOL

Cam would have the Ravens claim him if he lasted that long. He would be a perfect fit this late in the season because he's already familiar with Cams offense.

The offseason is going to be really exciting. Folks we're only an offseason away from having a really good recieving corps.

Imagine, adding one of the top free agent wr to Bess, Hartline and Camarillo. Ginn may still be with the team but in a special teams capacity and may be including in a few spaecialty plays on offense. With that much fire power it may not be necessary to seek out a top flight TE.

So in the TE dept. we maybe fine with what we already have. Like what was mention, resigning Fasano may come on the cheap considering the very slow start to the season.

Fasano will be back. They definitely need to add depth to the TE corps. That's why they drafted one last year and scoured the waiver wire twice this year. Gresham would've been a natural with the #1 pick if he didn't sustain that injury.

This scenario also gives us like crazy ammo to load up on the defensive side of the ball on defense in the draft. Add that to the equation of the right acorn or two from the waiver wire and a possible undrafted free agent gem showing up. The sky could be the limit in 2010!

Mark we dont have the luxury of going after Gresham in the 1st rd. We have a far greater issues to address on the D side of the ball.

IMO, a stud free agent wr signing should open things up for our entire recieving corps, that includes present tight ends.

It would force teams to stop putting 7-8-9 in the box, creating more room for the TE's to operate in a 10-15yd zone too. While having a dangerous wideout added to the current wr corps, will also loosen up the middle of the field for both the wr's and TE's.

I think the Tuna will try to uncover a lesser known TE in late rounds of Draft. Nalbone hasn't worked out so far, but that doesn't mean he wont try again... In the first couple rounds I could see the fins going NT and LB

Also when other teams stop loading the box to focus on defending the pass game we'll run the ball down thier throats with the devastating run game. It will be pick your poison. LOL


I agree Carlito. Upgrading the recieving corps and taking the D to another level should be our first footing in the elite status of nfl teams next season. We'll at least be bottom rung of elite next season.

Armando: I can see why the Dolphins released David Martin at this time. It is because he will be picked up by one of the bottom feeders with their priority. Wish David good health.

As for Anthony Fasano, he has been doing well since Henne has been the QB starter in the first Buffalo game. His blocking has been excellent and his receiving has been close to the Team's average all year, exception the N.O. game (no catches). The last two games he has been above the Team's average and is currently above 10 yds/catch. I don't see us not resigning Fasano this year. He will get a big contract if he continues to make catches these last 4 games.

I currently like what we have at TE right now. IMO, its just a matter of being able to add that dynamic wr piece to open the field up for everyone. LOL

Samdolphin I dont see Fasano getting a "big" contract based on his inconsistence this year. Other teams notice too. I see Miami making a decent bid based on his '09 performance but it wont be exhorbent, unless back loaded with performance and playing time incentives.

So, he wont make the big bucks unless he's:

A. On the field and not injured.
B. Constantly making plays.

Another Roth move?!?!

Haynos is not a starter, Fasano has not proven anything. Let's see what Sperry can do!!

I hardly see Miami offering Fasano a new contract with more than 5-7 million guaranteed. It maybe around 10-13 million with playing time and performance bonuses included. Could be a little higher depending on how many years they try and lock him up for.

Too masny blacks on defense.Cant tackle, cover,lineup right...


a legit #1 wr is going to do wonders for the entire recieving corps. Part of the present problem is with teams loading the box against the run game it doesnt leave much room for the TE's to operate. PLus you need to keep them in to block more than catch passes or your qb spends most of the day on the ground.

Dont know M Vick, but Im sure they could do a great job of lining up to cover, tackle, and sack your mother in the bedroom playing field. The name of that game could be called "Your Mother Goes Black!" LOL

Assuming Fins decide to really open up the passing offense, we might already have the receivers we need (they just weren't getting the reps to fine tune their game).

For instance, Davone Bess 40 yard time at the combine was about 4.70. I didn't know Jerry Rice was just as slow (4.71) per this excerpt from article in (nfl-prospects.blogspot.com).

"One of the more obvious ways to impress scouts is to excel in the most notorious event at the Combine, the forty yard dash. A player can go from a mere afterthought to a top prospect with a blazing forty time. Most athletes train vigorously for this event, understanding that a nice forty usually translates into a nice payday. But is too much stock put into the forty yard dash? Some analysts say the forty is not a good indicator of football speed, and they may have a case. Many athletes over the years have had poor forty times only to go on to have very successful careers. A 4.7 second forty yard dash would be considered average at best for a wide receiver in this year's Combine.

Try telling that to Jerry Rice. a 4.7for twenty seasons in the NFL, and collected almost every receiving record along the way.Emmitt Smith was reported to have run a 4.71 during his pre-draft workouts, but that didn't stop him from becoming the NFL's all-time leading rusher."

I believe all other Fin receivers are running under 4.70 40 yard dashes. Maybe one of them can become the #1 (with more reps).

I believe Fasano will be back and better in 2010 let's hope. Maybe a free agent WR pick up would be nice to compliment what we have. It was really good to see Henne airing it out.

LMAO @ Dying breed with your "Your Mother Goes Black!" comment. Sounds like a porno movie. LOL

I think this is a classy move, allowing David Martin the chance to play the rest of the season.. if the Dolphins have no intentions of bringing him back, then this gives him a chance to showcase his skills in a few games to show what he has.

If they would like to resign him, it is a nice gesture and might help in the negotiations. Am sure he was a bit miffed about being dumped on IR, but at this point, he does nothing for us and we can resign him if we want at the end of the year..

Anyhow, Sperry does interest me. We haven't had much of a chance to see him, but he did make the most of his chances when in and the ball was thrown his way. Fasano has made some nice catches lately. He did start off very badly this year, but has picked things up. I think Carlito is right.. Miami will try to find a sleeper in later rounds.. Defense is where I feel they will spend picks. A NT and fast linebackers that can cover and/or put pressure on the QB.

Jedivader , " Fasano has proven nothing : . Really ? How's tying a Dolphin record for Most TD'S by TE with 8 Last year proving Nothing ?. The man has been asked to block more this year to help the Ol and has been injured. Check out the was he's played the last 2 games injury free and not asked to block. He will definitly be back . PLEASE get a clue. FAAAAAASSANO ? JOISEY BABY !

The patriots are melting down Folks . 4 patriots including Moss and adalius thomas should up late for a team meeting this morning and were sent home. More to follow. Can you say Afc east champs for MIAMI !

Nj Phin, welcome back to the bandwagon!!!!!!

"Playoffs, Playoffs????? LMFAO!!!!"

-NJ, just days ago...

Go Dolphins!!!!!

I still believe!!!!

A few quick thoughts....

Anyone notice the absence of Patriots and Jets fans this week after a whole year of trash talk from both fan segments. Those boys can dish it out but they can't take it, and when they are in for some trouble they disappear. I wish they would stay off these Dolphins blogs for good, I mean, kind of pathetic as I would never even think of visting a Jets or Pats blog....

I loved Davone Bess at Hawaii, and I'm glad he is proving himself big time with the Dolphins.

To go back to a previous post on JT, I too have noticed he disappeared this season, and I wish he would start producing more and stop making goo-goo eyes at the Patriots. Zach said he wouldn't play for the Patriots and JT should do the same.

Anyone else notice Tom Jackson and Chris Berman basically crying on air over the Patriots loss to the 'Fins Sunday Night?

Okay, that's my impersonation of Larry King's old USA Today column which I always thought was laughable.

Carlito, if there is one position that the Dolphins WON'T be drafting 1st round is NT. Parcells regards NTs like he does WRs. He found his best 2 NTs in the 7th round. Jason Ferguson and Jay Ratliff. So I think he will roll the dice late with a NT.

It's down to OLB, ILB, or S in round one. Like NJ says, McClain looks like an impact MLB and will certainly make Crowder better. Crowder is nowhere near as bad as most people post here. Then again, D. Morgan, C. Dunlap, J. Pierre-Paul, G. Hardy all look fantastic as edge rushers in a 3-4 def. Maybe Dunlap is a bit too big, don't know. Plus he's very immature right now.

Can anybody tell me how much more would it COST to sign Dez Bryant in the 1st round next year versus signing a PROVEN free agent wide receiver like Vincent Jackson or Brandon Marshall?

My logic tells me that go for the proven receiver if the cost is the same (or close).

Jackson or Marshall would be much more expensive and none of the 3 are coming to Miami. Cause Tennessee or Miami would draft Bryant before us and neither San Diego or Denver are letting those receivers go. I mean, why else do you think San Diego released Chambers?

Sorry Tennessee or NYJ would draft Bryant before us.

Boldin is the best option of possibilities. He is not a free agent, but there were reports a few weeks ago that Arizona would make bigger push to deal Boldin... I think after struggles in passing game this year, the trifecta might think a little longer about that 2cnd round pick pricetag... maybe they could put together a deal with some players...

bigger push to deal Boldin next offseason

Mark in Toronto,


You think they'll draft a receiver or get a free agent receiver?

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