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Dolphins WR Davone Bess in his own words

Most of the time I use my own words in this space. Today, thanks to the diligent work of the Dolphins media relations department, I'm going to simply tell you what Davone Bess had to say on Monday following the best game of his career.

Bess caught 10 passes for 117 yards and one touchdown. He leads the team with 59 catches for 548 yards and is the team's only wide receiver to already surpass his receptions total from a year ago. All this despite the fact Bess has not started any games this season.

So, folks, I present to you Davone Bess in his own words:

(On the rare opportunity to play many of the teams in front of them in the playoff race) – “We all find that kind of weird, but at the same time, it’s ‘any given Sunday.’ We can’t really get too caught into that, and try to make sure we go out and, pretty much, win. That’s our main objective right now. Obviously, they’re in the hunt too, so they’re going to be just as eager to win, just like us, so it’s going to be a real tough stretch.”

(On scoreboard watching leading up to the playoffs) – “That comes with it, but you really don’t want to get too caught into that because that starts taking you off of what you have to do and our main priority is what we want to get done. We want to win, and we have to grind out during the week and show up on Sundays.”

(On the Patriots making adjustments to defend him during yesterday’s game) – “A few times, they actually did the same thing yesterday. I think the coaches did a great job of making good calls just for that. We had routes put in specifically just in case they wanted to double me inside, or double whoever it was. If they doubled me, obviously, someone else was open. Chad [Henne] did a great job going through his read and getting it done.”

(On if the past game was the most he has had to deal with double coverage) – “It’s kind of been up and down throughout the season. A lot of times they double team me, really on third down. Obviously, they see that I convert on third down a lot, or that Henne comes my way. For the most part, the coaches do a great job of putting us in those type of situations. I think we do a good job at rising up to the occasion and making a play.”

(On going from undrafted last year to being double covered) – “I’m a true believer in ‘hard work pays off.’ I’m trying to go out and be the best I can be. In my eyes, the sky’s always the limit. Like you said, it was devastating not getting drafted, but a year later now, I’m actually not surprised how much success has come my way because I’ve worked hard my whole career to make it to this point. This is only the beginning of it. I still have a long way to go. I still have to learn and get better and better each week.”

(On the work he has put in regarding route depth) – “That’s something that I’ve definitely been having to work on since I’ve been in the NFL. When I was in college, our coaches out there always stressed sense of urgency on your route, and always being aware, versus actually getting your depth. That’s one of the things I’ve been drilling myself, the coaches have been drilling me to do, and it’s been getting better and better each week. I just have to continue to stay focused and understand I can do this.”

(On how he prepares for the depth of a route prior to the play, and if he will literally count out the yardage) – “Sometimes, especially depending on if it’s third down or not. If it’s third down, I want to always look to where the yard marker is, whether it’s deeper than my normal depth, obviously I have to go deeper in my route to get the first down. For the most part, yeah, you go out and you see what yard line you are on, you look at what route you have, and then you go from there. It all happens real fast. It’s not really a thinking matter, it’s just the progressions you go through, and then you go out and do it.”

(On what the game yesterday was like with more emphasis on the passing game) – “It was exciting. It was something that the whole receiving corps was looking forward to, and the coaches definitely had the trust and the confidence in us to get the job done. The offensive line did a great job at blocking and giving Henne time to sit back and pretty much pick apart the defense. Our coach told us that this week, if we’re going to win this game, we, the receiving corps, is going to have to step up and make plays.”

(On what point in the game he felt that he was on the same page with Chad Henne) – “Since the first quarter. He connected with me in some key first downs and that pretty much set the tempo of the day. Like I said, everybody did their part in executing. I would not have gotten open if Greg [Camarillo] or Brian [Hartline] did not get their depth on their routes. All of us work together and that is why it is a team game.”

(On how much pride he takes in being a successful possession receiver, being toward the top of the league on converting third downs) – “I take pride in that tremendously. Any time my number is called, I am willing to rise to the occasion. I am out there every day competing and ready. That all goes back to [the whole offense]. The line giving Chad [Henne] time and giving me time to get ready in my route. If he is getting pressure and rushing out of the pocket, there is no way I am going to be able to separate or any other receiver separate and get open to get the first down too.”

(On if he watches a player like Wes Welker when he is on the sidelines) – “Every time I am on the sidelines I am watching Welker. Even when we were in Carolina, I was watching Steve Smith. I am watching everybody. I want to take my game to the next level, see what I can learn from these players and put it to my game and see where it go.”

(On Wes Welker still having more receiving yards than he did yesterday) – “I saw that. That is OK, he worked hard for it. Good player.”

(On what it takes to earn a quarterback’s trust) – “It starts in practice. There is no way you can go into a game not knowing who you can rely on in certain situations in the game. It all started back last year. I thought it was a little weird, but when we were at the combine, [Chad] Henne was actually throwing me passes during the drills. We talked about that the other day. It all goes back to working hard during practice, continuing to do it week in and week out and building that trust and chemistry.”

(On if the combine was the first time he and Chad Henne had met) – “We met a little bit before that. When I was training in Arizona, he had a quarterback challenge in Arizona. My quarterback [at University of Hawaii] Colt Brennan was up there and they were good friends. We linked up that way.”

(On what wide receivers coach Karl Dorrell has meant to him) – “Everything. He is a great great mentor. He has been one of the main guys stressing me to get my depth on my routes and it has been helping. He adds another dimension to my game, especially from a mental standpoint. Whether it is knowing your splits, trusting a certain technique on a route, just everything.”

(On if he anticipated the amount of film work and preparation that went on to play an NFL game) – “Definitely, because when I was in college I played for Coach June Jones and he was an NFL coach. This system was kind of the same; the way we meet, the way we practice, it was on an NFL level so I was real familiar with everything when I got here.”