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Dolphins WR Davone Bess in his own words

Most of the time I use my own words in this space. Today, thanks to the diligent work of the Dolphins media relations department, I'm going to simply tell you what Davone Bess had to say on Monday following the best game of his career.

Bess caught 10 passes for 117 yards and one touchdown. He leads the team with 59 catches for 548 yards and is the team's only wide receiver to already surpass his receptions total from a year ago. All this despite the fact Bess has not started any games this season.

So, folks, I present to you Davone Bess in his own words:

(On the rare opportunity to play many of the teams in front of them in the playoff race) – “We all find that kind of weird, but at the same time, it’s ‘any given Sunday.’ We can’t really get too caught into that, and try to make sure we go out and, pretty much, win. That’s our main objective right now. Obviously, they’re in the hunt too, so they’re going to be just as eager to win, just like us, so it’s going to be a real tough stretch.”

(On scoreboard watching leading up to the playoffs) – “That comes with it, but you really don’t want to get too caught into that because that starts taking you off of what you have to do and our main priority is what we want to get done. We want to win, and we have to grind out during the week and show up on Sundays.”

(On the Patriots making adjustments to defend him during yesterday’s game) – “A few times, they actually did the same thing yesterday. I think the coaches did a great job of making good calls just for that. We had routes put in specifically just in case they wanted to double me inside, or double whoever it was. If they doubled me, obviously, someone else was open. Chad [Henne] did a great job going through his read and getting it done.”

(On if the past game was the most he has had to deal with double coverage) – “It’s kind of been up and down throughout the season. A lot of times they double team me, really on third down. Obviously, they see that I convert on third down a lot, or that Henne comes my way. For the most part, the coaches do a great job of putting us in those type of situations. I think we do a good job at rising up to the occasion and making a play.”

(On going from undrafted last year to being double covered) – “I’m a true believer in ‘hard work pays off.’ I’m trying to go out and be the best I can be. In my eyes, the sky’s always the limit. Like you said, it was devastating not getting drafted, but a year later now, I’m actually not surprised how much success has come my way because I’ve worked hard my whole career to make it to this point. This is only the beginning of it. I still have a long way to go. I still have to learn and get better and better each week.”

(On the work he has put in regarding route depth) – “That’s something that I’ve definitely been having to work on since I’ve been in the NFL. When I was in college, our coaches out there always stressed sense of urgency on your route, and always being aware, versus actually getting your depth. That’s one of the things I’ve been drilling myself, the coaches have been drilling me to do, and it’s been getting better and better each week. I just have to continue to stay focused and understand I can do this.”

(On how he prepares for the depth of a route prior to the play, and if he will literally count out the yardage) – “Sometimes, especially depending on if it’s third down or not. If it’s third down, I want to always look to where the yard marker is, whether it’s deeper than my normal depth, obviously I have to go deeper in my route to get the first down. For the most part, yeah, you go out and you see what yard line you are on, you look at what route you have, and then you go from there. It all happens real fast. It’s not really a thinking matter, it’s just the progressions you go through, and then you go out and do it.”

(On what the game yesterday was like with more emphasis on the passing game) – “It was exciting. It was something that the whole receiving corps was looking forward to, and the coaches definitely had the trust and the confidence in us to get the job done. The offensive line did a great job at blocking and giving Henne time to sit back and pretty much pick apart the defense. Our coach told us that this week, if we’re going to win this game, we, the receiving corps, is going to have to step up and make plays.”

(On what point in the game he felt that he was on the same page with Chad Henne) – “Since the first quarter. He connected with me in some key first downs and that pretty much set the tempo of the day. Like I said, everybody did their part in executing. I would not have gotten open if Greg [Camarillo] or Brian [Hartline] did not get their depth on their routes. All of us work together and that is why it is a team game.”

(On how much pride he takes in being a successful possession receiver, being toward the top of the league on converting third downs) – “I take pride in that tremendously. Any time my number is called, I am willing to rise to the occasion. I am out there every day competing and ready. That all goes back to [the whole offense]. The line giving Chad [Henne] time and giving me time to get ready in my route. If he is getting pressure and rushing out of the pocket, there is no way I am going to be able to separate or any other receiver separate and get open to get the first down too.”

(On if he watches a player like Wes Welker when he is on the sidelines) – “Every time I am on the sidelines I am watching Welker. Even when we were in Carolina, I was watching Steve Smith. I am watching everybody. I want to take my game to the next level, see what I can learn from these players and put it to my game and see where it go.”

(On Wes Welker still having more receiving yards than he did yesterday) – “I saw that. That is OK, he worked hard for it. Good player.”

(On what it takes to earn a quarterback’s trust) – “It starts in practice. There is no way you can go into a game not knowing who you can rely on in certain situations in the game. It all started back last year. I thought it was a little weird, but when we were at the combine, [Chad] Henne was actually throwing me passes during the drills. We talked about that the other day. It all goes back to working hard during practice, continuing to do it week in and week out and building that trust and chemistry.”

(On if the combine was the first time he and Chad Henne had met) – “We met a little bit before that. When I was training in Arizona, he had a quarterback challenge in Arizona. My quarterback [at University of Hawaii] Colt Brennan was up there and they were good friends. We linked up that way.”

(On what wide receivers coach Karl Dorrell has meant to him) – “Everything. He is a great great mentor. He has been one of the main guys stressing me to get my depth on my routes and it has been helping. He adds another dimension to my game, especially from a mental standpoint. Whether it is knowing your splits, trusting a certain technique on a route, just everything.”

(On if he anticipated the amount of film work and preparation that went on to play an NFL game) – “Definitely, because when I was in college I played for Coach June Jones and he was an NFL coach. This system was kind of the same; the way we meet, the way we practice, it was on an NFL level so I was real familiar with everything when I got here.”


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Way to go Bess!


Besstiality all over Brady

Ha good one NJ...once we get a stud number 1 WR it will really open up things for Bess to become a star at his position.

wtf dishpan???

He`s calling Bess animal Zach

Bess seems like a really down to earth guy. He really has his head on straight. I expect big things from him in the future and from what it sounds it is only gonna get better. I'm just pissed I got a ginn jersey last year and not bess.

Ravens lost...Hell Yeah!
Things just got even more interesting.
Let hope that the win over the Patsies is the springboard to us peaking in Dec.

Much kudos for Bess, great kid, who is coming along very nicely, and a steal as an undrafted free agent.

However, he is not looking like he will ever be a true punt returner. Some one else will fill that role next year, I'm sure.

The bad news is that Miami is 2-4 on the road and the Jags are 5-1 at home. At least it is a short road trip against an instate rival for the Phins.

The good news is that the Jags D is dead last in the league in sacking the opposing QB.
They have also surrendered 20 TD's thru the air, as they give up an avg of 22.6 completions a game at a rate of 65.5%, and have only 12 INT's on the year.

So it could be another good day for Bess and Co., which will really open our run game up.

GetterDone Phins! 23-16

i will take any kind of a win rite na as long as we winn i dnt care who drops a ball or what i jus wana win the score can be 2 the 0 i dnt care and can sumbody tell me what did bell run in the 40 becuz he hawked welker in wit ease and he raned pass nate jones and wilson who was in front of him but wilson dosent count becuz i knw he slow lol but every since last year when bell had caught that running bak named charles from kansas city from behind i was shocked becuz he runs a good 4.2-4.3 speed

I like the sound of this kid. Seems to have his head on straight. It just shows that there is talent to be picked up even outside the draft. I bet he isn't on a huge salary but he's putting the work in. Well done bess

I am a fan of Davone Bess. He has always played huge for us and has replaced Welker. I was also a fan of Welker. As Henne and Bess get to work more we are going to see these Number one receivers more and more.
It also makes Ginn better. Hartline looked great and we have a rookie on the bench that has the ability also.
Thanks for the great game Davone and have another one of Sunday.

Bess is awesome! I'm so glad he's a Dolphin. He's probably their most dependable, consistent player. He seems like a good guy, too.

Thanks Devon!You were the BESS player out there on sunday!And you're hard work is showing why!!Great fortune and bess of luck to you always!We needed that win sooooo bad!Thanks again!!!!!

You notice he talked about Greg C. and Brian H. getting their depths but no Teddy...sounds like the light has come on for the rest of the team, too.

This guy has a great story... wrongfully arrested, goes to jail, joins the prison team, gets noticed by Univ. of Hawaii, undrafeted to NFL, and now the best damn receiver in Miami!!!

WOW, nothing holds this guy down. Keep rising Bess, you shining star for all those Patsies to see.


Hey dolphin desciple.... Are you sure you aren't mistaking that story from a Leslie Nielsen movie......

Thanks Mando... Great read... This kid can play... Check out his percentage of catches per being targeted... He consistently moves the chains... Just shows you what hard work can do for you... Are you ereading this Teddy?! When the Fins get that #1 receiver, look out for Bess in the slot... Not a ton of speed but quick, elusive, and a great route runner... His YAC will rise dramatically when the opposition has to devote a safety to a #1 WR... Very similiar player to Welker. Welker is in a class by himself but for being undrafted, what he is doing in just his second year is pretty amazing...


Que pasa Meng? Ponte a usar el spell check


If we pick up a true #1 WR next year (which we will no doubt), then Bess BECOMES our Wes Welker. He can be every bit the player Welker is if he continues to learn and grow. He's dropped a few too many for my liking this year, but I think by next year he'll be a major threat on this team. Davone Bess was a great addition from the PERSONNEL department Mando!

Bess wasn't drafted because of his speed buy check this Feb/2008 article from USA Today.

"Appalachian State's Dexter Jackson and Hawaii's Davone Bess were every bit as dynamic as DeSean Jackson during wide receiver drills. Dexter Jackson turned in among the elite 40s of the year (4.37) to go along with spectacular quickness and sure hands during drills. His ascension from a small school prospect to East-West Shrine Game standout to Senior Bowl late addition to combine star is one of the more intriguing stories (that no one seems to be talking about) of the 2008 draft. Bess is nearly the complete opposite — at least in terms of his 40. Scouts were disappointed to see Bess time in the 4.7s — a number so high even the most ardent of supporters is concerned, but his burst out of his breaks and super-soft hands made him one of the more impressive receivers of the day in drills. During the "gauntlet" drills in which receivers are asked to run horizontally across the field at full speed while six quarterbacks (three on either side) pepper them with passes, Bess was one of the few receivers to easily contort his body and snare each pass. In drills where others struggled, Bess consistently made the difficult appear easy."

Here's an interesting comparison:

Bess's 40 yard dash time at the combine was 4.69. Height 5'10", 190 lb.

Mark Clayton (Fin Great), 5'9", 163 lb., 4.63 40 yard dash time (wasn't too fast either).

Could Bess become the next Clayton?

DC Fanatic,

Bess could become the next Mark Clayton.

Donde esta NJ la boca grande del Norte?

Bess and Hartline have certainly proved to be players at Wide Receiver going forward. The other 3 spots for the position are certainly wide open and would invite the most competition next year.

By the way, I found out that Dexter Jackson (with 4.37 speed) is on Panthers practice squad since 10/2009. He had been cut by the BUCS.

Steve Young was terrible when he was with the BUCS then he became a 49er (and the rest is history). Grabowski started at QB with BUCS as a rookie, was cut and bounced around and now he has beaten Cincinnati and Steelers in the two of the three games he's played (we'll see if he continues to perform).

The point I'm trying to make is that the BUCS (and many other teams) sometimes don't properly evaluate a player's talent and give up on them too soon.

Dexter Jackson could be a good practice squad pick up if he's available (let Fins develop him to be a speed guy).

They still need to get a #1 proven receiver.
Wouldn't a #1 draft pick's contract be about the same as a certified proven receiver's contract? How will the collective bargaining agreement affect contracts?

DEvon bess was key to our win last week. The receivers need to step up the rest of season for us to have a chance at playoffs. With ronnie out our passing game needs to pick it up

Next year, we need a true #1 receiver to start next to Hartline, and Bess as the slot or #3. Turner should be used for 3rd downs with Bess and I don't know if Camarillo will still be around.

Very cool fact that Bess and Henne were throwing passes to each other at combine...

I wonder if the Dolphins staff notice this and that what influence them to get him as undrafted free agent, on top of his great college stats

sorry, Henne throwing to Bess

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me think carlito is collecting unemployment because it is very hard for him to find a job. Bad economy you know. wit his english not very good, make him hard to hire. Unless he wash dishes or cook at a Mexican restuarant. He is always on the computer because he looking for a job. Dont feel bad carlito we all understand. Does this answer you, Batido?

tampafin, that was a very interesting article you posted. It's amazing that Bess is taller than Clayton (I thought he was definitely shorter). Now, could Bess be the next Clayton, sure, I don't see why not. The difference might be that CB's are MUCH faster now. I think Bess (at least for now) can best be used as a slot receiver to get him matched up with safeties and LBs, which he'll blow away any day. But I agree with you that his potential is almost limitless right now.

Bess is really good but he won't be another Mark Clayton because Clayton was much faster than the 4.63 quoted above. He would give Duper a run for his money (they used to run against each other for kicks on the track) and Dupe had times in the 4.3s consistently and once ran a 4.28. What Bess has is supreme quickness and great hands (funny how so many people here were ready to throw him off the team after he had two bad games just a few games ago) - this is what makes the guy special (add to that how focused and level headed he is). Add a true number one and this team's WR corps really takes off. Then there's no stopping the Fins.

On another note, a banged up/2nd string O-Line sure did a fine job the last two games. I eat my words at having been critical of the Berger pick up. I sure like to be proved wrong.

Not sure why people don't like Camarillo. He catches everything thrown to him. I really do think he'll be on the team next year.


Donde esta el loco de cabaza Dying Breed ?

Dying Bread, Hijo de poota, yo estoy aqui. Que tu quieres? Tu nombre es NJ?

I agree with tampafin on Dexter Jackson from Appalachian State. He was a second round pick for the Bucs in 2008 (way to early-projected as a 4th or 5th) and he hurt his ankle in the first preseason game this year and has not played since. The money as a second rounder,the injury, and only serviceable KR/PR duties had a lot to do with cutting ties so early.
A real interesting prospect from the same school is Armanti Edwards. He is projected as a 7th round pick as a wildcat quarterback/wide receiver type ala Pat white. Being an App fan and a Fin fan I would of loved to see him playing for the fins.

This is to all u fins fans, is it just me or m I triping, but every time i see Jason Allen out there in the secondary I see that our secondary is MUCH MUCH more stable, in the 4th quaoter of this game against the pats he was in there every play, and they played lights out!!! THEY SHOULD REALLY CONSIDER HIM STARTING ON FS!!! Armando i know u have some insight on the dolphins, so I'm telling u man Jason allen starting over G. wilson we will have a lights out secondary....

THIS ARTICLE IS ABOUT DEVONE BESS!!! BTW, he plays with more heart than any player in Miami since Zack Thomas wore aqua n orange. Keep it up Devone! We're proud to have you in Miami!

Boulderfinfan, I agree Camarillo is another player with talent and a lot of heart. He reminded me of Welker when he was in Miami. If we get a real deep threat, or is Ginn STOPS DROPPING PASSES, Bess and Camarillo will do even better. It's tough to have passing lanes when coverage is only 10 yards from from the line of scrimmage. Spread em out and see what happens.

BESS!!Thanks for your effort!We needed that won bad!!

D. Bess is one reason why you "unrealistic" fans need to be quiet and let things develop.

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