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Don Shula congratulates Colts on losing; A look at Miami's playoff scenarios

On the bright side, the Dolphins today secured their continued place in NFL history by remaining the only franchise to have a team go undefeated.

That is because the Colts lost 29-15 to the New York Jets today.

The Colts entered the game with a 14-0 record.

"While the Jets win today ended Indianapolis' streak and showed onced again how difficult it is to go undefeated, I want to congratulate the Colts on a great run," coach Don Shula said. "Peyton Manning proved once against this season why he is one of the best quarterback in the history of the NFL and it was certainly no surprise to see him lead the Colts to an NFL record 23 straight victories.

I have the utmost respect for Peyton and his teammates, Bill Polian, and the entire Colts organization, who have once again put together an outstanding season."

Outstanding yes. But perfect?


Only the 1972-73 Dolphins have done that.

As for the 2009-10 Dolphins, this is whatmust happen for Miami to get in the playoffs:

Dolphins beat Pittsburgh.

Oakland beats Baltimore.

Cincinnati beats the Jets.

New England beats Houston.

Cleveland beats Jacksonville.

That is it. That is the only way Miami gets in the playoffs.


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As a Fins fan, if I read or hear about some of our fans celebrating that the Colts lost today and "Miami still being the only undefeated"...blah blah blah, I'm going to put my fist through a wall. I'm still in shock at how flat we were in the 1st half against Houston and then to realize that the motherfing Jets control a wildcard spot if they win next week is nauseating. Who gives a damn about the 1972 team.

Some idiots on here get so upset about these trifling football games.

New Flash:

Its the same backyard football everyone played as kids.

Only now ther are the authentic matching uniforms and helmets. You have all the has been so called players and minds managing the game.

Last but not least, they make phenominal amounts of money because real idiots are willing to fork it over and cry like b'tchs when their favorite backyard teams lose.

Yep, a lot of idiots the most of you are.


Keep paying for those huge mortgages and expensive car. While crying like biatches when your back yard teams lose you idiots!

When the hell are you little boys going to grow up!

That's why your on here the most dyingbreed.

just trying to lighten the mood with the browns talk. like i said earlier it could be worse boys. people are actually excited here. 3 wins and holmgren, their talking superbowl, lol! were way ahead of the game, and thats reality.

Yet you're on a dolphins blog talking about them. i guess that's what you get living in mommy's basement. You have no Mortgages or cars to worry about.

If you took all of the NFL players took away the pads, helmets, and uniforms. Then replaced them with soccer shorts and polo pull over shirts. The game would die as we know it now.

Its the illusion of the game youre in love with idiots.

Our just have them play in regular street garms as its played on the sandlots. Then also you would see the game exposed for the sham it really is. You over emotional guys are real idiots!

You people disgust me! Playoff type game at home and you only fill half the stadium!? WHATS WRONG WITH YOU! How can you sit there and call yourself fans? Get off your a$$es and cheer on your team win or lose! I would kill to have the opportunity to live in Miami and have season tickets to see the only team I cheer for. Gut check people, no playoffs this year, but maybe this team deserves better home fans. Give up your team?! Go ahead, send me your tickets and I'll find a way to every game next year. BELIEVE IN YOUR TEAM PEOPLE! WE'RE YOUNG, WE'RE IMPROVING! IN A SEASON WHERE ALMOST AND IF ONLY WERE THE NORM FOR MOST GAMES, THE PHINS HUNG THERE WITH THE BEST OF THE BEST AND GAVE EVERY ONE OF THEM A LEGITIMITE RUN! Get it together South Florida fanbase.

I dont pay to watch the games and its not close to the end of my world if they lose.

Plus, mainly I come here because its the only place I know to go and get my small does disfunctional fix without ever having to leave the house.

Thats my God's honest answer.

I agree with the First poster (dj rob?)....I no longer have, and no longer CAN have, any faith in this regime......Fins are once again a doomed franchise. Henne is not the answer....he's the question. We have no heart. The cycle of history again turns against us.

And the Jets, who were derided here, now control their own destiny---NOt the Fins.

This is a bitter pill......\\\

Where are NJ & his stooges to explain away the debacle, and to bully those who dare question the Regime???

Have they run & hid?


Add severe liar to your long list of inadequacies. You claim you live in Miami, I told you I live in Daytona. Yet you make reference to living in a basement.

You aint even from Florida liar. Im life long floridian and I nor any other floridian I know ever makes reference to living in a basement for any purposes. Thats only heard amongst transplanted or visiting northerners here.

You only comfirm your complete idiosy everytime you open your mouth. LOL

Did you count that LOL Hennething?

I still believe in the plan the administration has in place. 18 wins in 2 years after a 1 win season is pretty good. When you consider 2 years ago the team could not stand on the field with anyone, this is a pretty good progression.

Noticed that one of my free agent targets jason avant scored a TD today.

Also Bobbyb12,

It just came to mind I may have to appologize for being so rough on a kid. Because no grown men I know go by the name "bobby." Its either Rob, Bob, or Robert.

If Im right and you are a kid, I appologize and blame your parents for not having enough parental supervision.

If you are indeed a grown man and you go by bobby. Then roast in hell you over aged immature freak!

i wish all the bonehead fin "fans" who want Sparano, Parcells, and Irelend out, would find another team to root for, howabout Alabama, Pittsburgh Panthers, or better the jets. That would be perfect!

Dying Breed is right about one thing...Just because you invite someone down to Miami, to fight in a public forum does not make you a badda$$, it's an empty threat. Your dating site says you come to Orlando...Let me know when you're here old man...

Posted by: Marc | December 27, 2009 at 08:17 PM
I love this Marc!

Tell em tru! For once in my life they are building a team the right way here and they want these guys out, unbelievable!

DB, do you love Marc cause he wears dresses?

Also can the so-called fans who want the Trifecta out, please take the boneheads who say this team has no heart out the backdoor with them to the meadowlands. A team that started with a brutal 0-3 record, lost their starting QB, their starting RB, and starting NT never gave up in any games this season, and performed better than most thought they would. All they have is heart!


You and I usually have civil conversations. Are you ready to stop being a butthole now?

" I love this marc ". dying breed . That's what dying breed says when poking marc in the rear while they're dressed in women's outfits.

We were not good enough at the end.


why do you guys have so many problems with Marc? I dont understand, he's never given me any problems.

Whats the real deal on that?

Hi "little bobby"

We? What do you mean we? Flipper013 what number jersey were you wearing out on the field today?

Mark and little bobby,

You accuse Marc of wearing dresses? Wow I find that amazing when the two of you act like real little girls by not answering a direct posted question back.

Thats how girls treat guys to let them have know chance of getting laid. Are you two sure youre the right authoritarians to insinuate any guys are being femine?

Sounds to me like its the both of you who are out of tough with thier own feminality! Rotflmao!

how come the braintrust in miami always say we dont want to spend money on big time free agents but yet waste a ton of it on garbage like smiley grove wilson etc this 150 million dollar offensive line stinks and it stunk before the injuries too. the fins need a competent player personnel guy because these overrated talent evaluators suck


I officially nominate you the check writer and signer of all free agent talent.

Unreal! Rotflmao!!!

Ut realistically doesn't seem to unrealistic to get in the playoffs. Granted we will lose round one I f we get in. But I still love my dolphins. Even if we show how bad we are every other game.

DB, I don't ACCUSE Marc of doing anything. he came on this blog and told everyone that he wore a dress to work. he didn't mention if it was casual Fridays or regular uniform. he also didn'e mention if it was an evening dress or a business attire.

And you are the one who made jokes about my country and threatened violence, I have no reason to be nice to you, douchebag!


Us getting into the playoffs I equating to the ugliest girl at the club getting laid.

Would you to be one of those last 10 guys waiting until the club closes to lay the ugly chick? LOL

All i have to say is that one day if sombody else goes all the way to me it wont matter to me because the dolphins were better because they did it with a back up quarterback and when the playoffs came around they had to play them on the road. Today they would get to play them all other than the super bowl at home we had to play the afc championship game in pittsburgh thats really hard to do i dont think the colts could have gone into the chargers stadium and beat them to move on so it was way more difficult back then.


Youre so cute when youre angry. You little cross dressing biatch you. LOL


If you wouldnt have been sticking your nose where it didnt belong nothing would have started to begin with. So go blame yourself idiot!

Rarely do I start anything on this blog but a lot of jealous idiots do come after me. So now Im developing a new policy of throwing the first punch.

Oh yeah, George Bush called that a pre-emptive strike. If its good enough for George who am I to complain. Ive learned you have to play rough with a lot of you idiots here. Rotflmao!


I love your post! Right on brother!

You're so stupid. Figures you would follow GWB's lead. After all, look at the great job he did leading your country.

And I didn't say anything to you to start and I don't really care. Whether you want to spew shite on a blog or not, I don't care. You're still a loser.


At least we Americans had the stones to stand up to the British. Your typical Canadian, all talk no action.

Go back to your god bless the queen glory hole! Rotflmao!

This loss was really disappointing because of the way they just let them walk all over us for the first quarter and a half.

That said, I think a lot of posters here need to take a chill pill and a step back. This team has real guts, and the good news is that Henne had a very solid performance. His receivers not so much, but that's been true since the start of the season. They make some great catches and drop easy ones. Why anyone is calling for more Pat White next week is beyond me, and suggests complete ignorance. As Mando put it, he was excited about white until he saw him throw. He cannot throw. He will not ever be a starting quarterback anywhere. Henne has played his heart out. He certainly DOES NOT need to be pushed by having the quarterback competition be "open." He needs to have a full training camp with improved receivers where he is THE MAN. He needs a better tight end. He needs ronnie and ricky healthy. The drive to succeed the kid already has, which is why he's forced some of those throws (as Marino admitted he did, too, sometimes). He made some beautiful throws today, and then a few high ones as usual. That, obviously, he needs to work on. The throw to Ginn today was gorgeous but it called back. Not Henne's fault.

Henne haters need to ask themselves. How did Peyton, Eli, Rivers, or Brees do their first year starting? Look at the stats: Sanchez, for my money, is worse this year. Ryan is doing about the same. Flacco no better than Henne. My point is not that all of those young quarterbacks suck. Not at all. I think they may all be the real deal, but it's going to be two or three years before you know for sure. Surely, you do not bench Henne next week for Pat White. Bench him for having a 300 yard game, one touchdown game, a sixty-five yard TD called back? Please. For a guy who hasn't managed to complete a pass and looks terrified everytime he's asked to throw? Really? I don't think so.

Here, as I see it, are the team needs: WR, LBs, Safety.


We can march up to Canada and take it anytime we like without one shot fired. You guys are such wusses! Rotflmao!

The only reason youve never been invaded is because other countries fear we would help. They dont fear you they know youre a country ran by wussses. LOl

Well let's get ready for the draft everyone!!! Who's this years first round pick?


Canada could have revolted the same time we did. But that would mean that presently you wouldnt come from a long historic line of wusses!

We all know that isnt true dont we Markie wuss? LOL

To all of you featherweights,

And you know who you are. You can come out and play now Big Poppa's leaving. I love you all including the idiots.

Its been fun but not real fun. Dont knock it until you get you some. LOL

Oh yeah, and farrah jock itch to all the canadians! LOL

How does a perfect season 37 years ago make it any better to be a Dolphins fan today? I would gladly trade in that perfect season for 2 or 3 more Championships. Who cares about what a team did nearly four decades ago? They did a terrific job in 72 & 73 but c'mon, how does that compare to what the Boys, Niners or the Steelers have done? Thats something to brag on, not one perfect season before the majority of us were even born. Our hated division rivals just got some life sparked into them, we just lost a heartbreaking game, and our season is over and here we sit bragging like we won something today. Get a clue everyone, go try to watch a game in title town, or Dallas for that matter and see how they react to our little perfect season. They'll laugh at us flick us off with 6 different fingers. Love you Shula, and love you Danny boy, but yesterdays dolphins were not that great.

DB, listening to you give your opinions on politics is like listening to Roseanne Barr sing your national anthem.

You want some verifiable fact? The US has tried to invade and take over Canada ONCE. And for that, the US got the White House burned down.


You liar! The Canadians did nothing. We fought the British. You guys didnt have the balls too.

Here are the verifiable facts you wished to twist:

Friday, May 18, 2007
The United States Invades Canada
Most Americans today think of Canada as a "friendly neighbor" to the north. The idea of Canada and the United States at war with each other seems preposterous. And yet, not long after gaining independence following the Revolutionary War, the United States invaded Canada and burned her capital!

Of all the major wars in which the U.S. has fought, the War of 1812 is probably the least known and least understood. In June of 1812, President James Madison declared a state of war with the United Kingdom. The U.S. claimed to be upset with Britain over trade restrictions with Europe, as well as impressment of American sailors, and violations of American waters by British ships. However, some historians believe that the prospect of conquering British-controlled Canada was a major factor in the decision to go to war. Indeed, shortly after war was declared, Thomas Jefferson boasted that America need only march north to easily take Quebec.

Canada, at the time of the war, might better be described as "British North America." There were still seven "independent" British colonies, as they would not come together to form a federation for another fifty years. These included Upper Canada, along the Great Lakes, with its capital, York (present-day Toronto). Early in the war, the U.S. hoped to force a victory by targeting Upper Canada.

After a series of defeats, in April of 1813, the United States launched an assault on York, and successfully took the city. However, in their retreat, the British ignited a huge powder magazine, and the blast and flying debris killed famed American General Zebulon Pike and many other soldiers. In retaliation, U.S. soldiers looted the city and burned several buildings, including Parliament.

Although the Battle of York had the effect of restricting supplies to the British on Lake Erie, and contributed to later successes in the American campaign there, the plunder and arson of the city were to have devastating results in the United States.

In August of 1814, the British marched on Washington, D.C., as part of a campaign around the Chesapeake Bay. They easily took the city, as it was mostly abandoned, and American militia troops quickly retreated. Then, the British burned most of the public buildings, including the Capitol buildings (housing the Senate, House of Representatives, and Library of Congress) and the White House. Most historians agree that this was a direct retaliation for the U.S. invasion of York.

The day after Washington fell, the British left for their ships in the Chesapeake, possibly due to a severe storm. Although they had only occupied the capital for just over a day, it took decades to complete reconstruction. It remains one of the most embarrassing U.S. losses in history.

This pattern of attacks followed by reprisals is emblematic of the war as a whole. Largely considered a stalemate by 1814, the Treaty of Ghent, ratified in early 1815, ended the war. Although some American scholars continue to claim victory, the real winner was neither the United States nor Britain, but rather Canada. Successfully resisting U.S. invasion laid the groundwork for its future sovereignty.

Cut and paste is a miracle wroker when comes to disproving liars.


As you can plainly see the Canadians did squat. It was the British we were in war against not you idiot.

It was the british who burned down the Whitehouse, not the Canadians. Evidende is a biatch isnt it!

You obviously can't read very well.

Although some American scholars continue to claim victory, the real winner was neither the United States nor Britain, but rather Canada. Successfully resisting U.S. invasion laid the groundwork for its future sovereignty.

US tried to invade, got likked and that ended that.

Re read my post. Nothing I said in my post is disproved by this article, only proved.

You're so dam stupid.


The British would later give you wusses sovereignty because it was no longer economically feasible for them to rule over you.

If it were left up to you wusses to fight for it you would still be an annexation of the United Kingdom! LOL

DB, there were no Canadians in 1867, you dum fukk. Canada didn't attain independence until 1867.


* sorry should read in 1812


Seems your the one who cant read. The British stopped the invasion. If not you guys would be part of the old USA right now.

Thats why the article says the real winner was Canada because Britain would later give you wusses your own sovereignty. Other than thatwe would have owned you.

Are your comprehension skills that shallow? Im not surprised! LOL

You had colonist there just like we had in America but they were wusses and afraid to revolt against the British idiots. They were over taxing you fools too. LOL

We werent America until we officially revolted fool. Just like you werent canada until the British officially let you wusses go idiot!

Were you just born that stupid or did happen post birth? Rotflmao...........

Colts are a classy organization....that's why THEY ARE WINNERS!

OK, DB, I'm only going to do this one more time. I'm going to break down the tape for you once so you can understand.

1. In 1812, the US fought the British over the land that is now known as Canada. When British forces fought in this war, there were British soldiers - from England and British soldiers - from Canada fighting together. So when the White House was burned down, British soldiers now known as Canadians were there.

2. let's break down this writing:

Although some American scholars continue to claim victory, the real winner was neither the United States nor Britain, but rather Canada. Successfully resisting U.S. invasion laid the groundwork for its future sovereignty.

You see, when the writer states that Canada successfully resists US invasion laying the groundwork for its future sovereignty - he is saying Canada proved itself capable of being an independent state by resisting US invasion. Get it? Canada resisted invasion.

Now fukk off!!!

Anyway Mark,

A country that drive around in broad daylight with thier headlights on has to be a country filled with morons! Rotflmao........

And by the way, my original post read:

"You want some verifiable fact? The US has tried to invade and take over Canada ONCE. And for that, the US got the White House burned down."

That was true and proved by your article. Nowhere did I state it was only Canadians that did it. You dumb fukk!

Ya, daytime driving lights definitely means your stupid. Right, you inbred fukk.

All you Americans should thank Mark far stirring up this fabulous history debate. We Canadians knew thanks to Laura Secord that you Americans were about to invade. She ran thru the nite as a true patriot and forewarned the troops.
You recieved one of the three greatest national anthems for your thrashing ... The Star Spangled Banner. The other two are La Marsailles(France)yhe other being Russias.

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