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Memories of 62-7 resurface during Jags week

Editor's Note: The following post contains material not suited for Dolphins fans with weak stomachs, fragile dispositions, or outstanding memories.

Do you remember the day the last great Dolphins Age passed away?

Where were you on Jan. 15, 2000? What were you doing on the day of 62-7?

For the uninitiated, 62-7 forever lives in Dolphins infamy as the score of the divisional playoff game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Miami Dolphins in January of 2000. And as the Dolphins are in Jacksonville today, only weeks from the 10-year anniversary of that not-long-enough-ago game, I decided to recall what that day meant then and still means today.

"It's been 10 years? I guess so," said Jason Taylor, the lone member of today's Dolphins to play in that game. "We've had so many moments since then you kind of forget it. Thank God.

"It was just a long day, really. That was one of those days that won't go down in infamy, but pretty darn close. Nothing worked. I think they scored their first play or first three plays, I don't know. They were running plays that should go for two yards and they were running for touchdowns instead."

The game, as Taylor recalls, was indeed a disaster for Miami. Coming off a stirring 20-17 victory over Seattle in an AFC first-round playoff game, the Dolphins traveled to Jacksonville hopeful they could put a year's stress and strife behind them.

That 1999 season, you may recall, was known as the year Dan Marino and Jimmy Johnson spent feuding. Johnson wanted to bench Marino, threatened to bench Marino, but in the end knew Marino gave him his best chance to win. Marino cursed Johnson, wanted to throw more often than Johnson would allow, but in the end recognized he was diminished and could no longer consistently carry the team on his back.

So this flawed team full of fight (inwardly as well as outwardly) went to Jacksonville hoping, believing, that they had a "shot to be special," as Johnson said of them.

Didn't turn out that way. The Jaguars were supremely talented. And ready to play.

Jacksonville scored a touchdown on their first possession. On Miami's first play from scrimmage, Aaron Beasley intercepted Marino's first pass and Jacksonville took over at the Miami 41 yard line. The Jags kicked a field goal. Then the Jags scored again the next time they had the ball when Fred Taylor ran 90 yards for a score. And on the very next play, Marino was stripped of the ball while in the pocket and Tony Brackens scooped the ball up and ran 16 yards for another score.

It was 24-0. And it was only the first quarter.

The Jaguars didn't let up. They led 41-7 by halftime, with Miami's only score coming on a 20-yard pass from Marino to Oronde Gadsden.

Jacksonville would score 21 more points in the second half, with two of those touchdowns coming on a 70-yard and then a 38-yard touchdown pass by Jay Fiedler. Yes, that Jay Fiedler.

The Dolphins fumbled six times that day, losing five. Marino was intercepted twice. The Jaguars tallied 520 total yards, including 257 on the ground.

"It was just a mess. Just a mess," Taylor recalls. "And at the end of the game, as disappointed as you were because you got your butt kicked, it was almost to the point where you were glad because it was over and they couldn't score any more."

But aside from the demolition the Dolphins suffered, the game is known as much for what happened next as what happened during.

"It was Danny's last game, Jimmy's last game," Taylor said.

Johnson had decided to quit coaching for good at least a month before that season ended, probably longer. He had tried to quit after the 1998 season but had been convinced to return by owner Wayne Huizenga. There woud be no bringing him back after 1999.

The morning after the fiasco in Jacksonville, Johnson called a selected handful of reporters individually to his office and told them his intentions to depart. He also told them of his endorsement of Dave Wannstedt as his successor. (Amazing aside of how far we've come: Even though Johnson told the newspaper reporters first, no news leaked because most newspapers didn't have websites up and running at the time that could break the news. So the news broke on radio and TV.)

Within a couple of hours, Johnson held a news conference announcing his departure. Just as it had been immediately following the Jacksonville loss, Johnson took no questions. He made a statement and headed out the back door of the Dolphins' main meeting room.

And in the same press conference the Dolphins then announced the hiring of Wannstedt. Such a thing should not have happened then as Huizenga gave a failed coach the priviledge of naming his successor -- something Huizenga didn't allow Don Shula to do.

But the Wannstedt hiring could not have instantly happened in today's NFL, either. Today, the Dolphins would have had to undergo a search process that involved the interviewing of minority candidates. I'm not saying the Rooney Rule would have saved the Dolphins from Wannstedt, but, well, if you close your eyes, you can dream that perhaps clearer heads might have prevailed.

So Wannstedt ascended to the head coaching job that very day. He had spent the past year dipping heavy hands into the defensive game plan and that plan had just yielded 62 points and now he was going to make decisions over both offense and defense.

That is amazing for it's lack of clarity.

Wannstedt's first decision?

He wanted a new quarterback. He wanted Marino gone. Johnson had benched Marino in the second half of the Jacksonville game in favor of Damon Huard. Within weeks the Dolphins began the process of divesting themselves from Marino as a player.

On Feb. 10, the Dolphins asked Marino to void the final two years of his contract. It was an elegant way to basically cut Dan Marino, making him a free agent. Marino weighed offers from Minnesota, Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh to continue playing but ultimately his ego and competitive spirit didn't override his intelligence. Marino could no longer move in the pocket to avoid hits. He had thus become injury-prone.

The golden arm that made Marino famous never betrayed him. His legs did.

So on March 13, 2000 Marino announced his retirement from football.

"Boy, I really struggled with this," Marino said at his retirement press conference. "This has been the toughest month of my life as far as dealing with playing football or retiring. After the season, I pretty much thought that I was not going to play anymore and I felt that way for a while and I think it was because of the physical aspects of the game. It kept coming back to how my lefs felt during last season, going through the neck injury, not knowing whether I was going to be able to throw the football, and family reasons also. But Claire and the kids were great. They wanted me to play, to be honest with you. Really, it was my decision, a family decision and a health decision."

When the unrestricted free agency period opened that year the Dolphins replaced Marino with Fiedler. Wannstedt would later admit he had been impressed by what he saw from Fiedler the day the Jaguars beat Miami 62-7.

That was 10 years ago this season. The Dolphins play the Jaguars on Sunday.

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Mark it was 1992 we picked troy Vincent #7 and Marco Coleman #12, both 1st rounders.

You're right, noticed that mistake. Webb was picked 2 years earlier when we also got keith sims at guard

Yep, I have the Fins draft history pulled up too. LOL

not sure if anyone wrote this or not, but i was listening to that game on the radio and i remember don criqui saying something to the effect that " dolophin parents are coming out of the stands to get their sons of the field before they get hurt!"

Mark I also noticed under Shula even though we consistently drafted far back, we consistently drafted well in rounds 1-5.

BLAME WAYNE!!!!!!!!!!!

Under Shula rounds 1-5 there were very few complte busts. Thats amazing considering those spots we consistently drafted in.

Your right Cuban, Waynes man-love for JJ caused him to run Shula out of town. There began our demise into mediocrity!

I'm certainly glad I ended up working that day .
It was an end to an era , a sad one indeed .
I have optimism as to the direction of this team that I haven't had for a long time .


Although this blog by Armando is well written I still think its untimely because thats something Im still trying to forget and hate being reminded of it. It seems like something the "trolls" would come in here to do.

Armando, youre not an undercover troll are you?

Mark , miami also picked ( 1st round ) sammie smith 9th overall and Louis Oliver 25th in the 1989 Draft.

Some of you who said "good article" would you have said the same thing if a jetty or patsy troll had come in and mentioned the same thing?

OF COURSE NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Shula was good but 2008 will surely go down as one of the great drafts in the club's history.

Long, Merling, Henne, Langford, D. Thomas, Lex Hilliard. WoW!

2009 was great too with Davis, Smith, and Hartline. Turner, Clemons, White, and Gardner still have a chance too.

These are the types of drafts that build championships.

If you get 3 to 4 players that are starters/1st of the bench each year, you compete for super bowls fast.

I'm sorry, but as a man who grew up watching Marino sling the ball, I refuse to Twitter. It sounds like an activity reserved for the clinically insane and young girls. I would consider chatter or even rambling. But twittering seems not far enough away from blathering or giggling or even a combination of the 2.

Louis Oliver was a good player. Sammie Smith? Oooof! He joins, Jamar Fletcher, Jason Allen, Yatil Green, Eric Kumerow, John Bosa, Jackie Shipp, and Danny Knight in the list of forgettable 1st round picks in my time.

Randall Hill and Ted Ginn barely escaped that club. Even though I've given up on Ginn, I still remember how he's played against the jets in his career and gets a D instead of an F.

1967-1970 are the Dolphins 4 greatest back to back drafts ever.

#1 Bob Griese #7 Larry Sieple(fake punt saved us against Steelers in '72 afc championship game.

#1 Larry Czonka #1 Doug Crusan(T) #3 Dick Anderson #5 Jim KiicK

#1 Bill Standfill #2 Bob heintz(NT) #3 Mercury Morris #16 Loyd Mumford(KR)

#2 Jim Mandich #3 Tim Foley #4 Curtiss Johnson #7 Jake Scott #9 Hubert Ginn(RB) #12 Mike Kolen(LB)

The most startling fact is only the 1970 draft was done under Shula. LOL

I have heart burn

Shula did bring in the rest of the key pieces to finish the product which would become the 17-0 World Champion Miami Dolphins. That Was And Still Is The Greatest Team In NFL History!

Gonna repeat this one, cause I'm still laughing.

"New England Patriots Mascot Arrested for Prostitution

A man who acts as a mascot for the New England Patriots is among 14 people who have been arrested for prostitution-related crimes in Rhode Island...

State police say Robert Sormanti was among those arrested in an undercover sting at a hotel...

The Patriots said...that the 'individual in question' has been suspended."


Not mentioned is whether Pat Patriot had also been late for meetings.

Full at: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/othersports/article-1235269/New-England-Patriots-mascot-arrested-prostitution.html#ixzz0ZVaPPqMc

Even if the Rooney Rule saved us from "Wanaseeapiano" nothing could have saved us from Satan...with a "b".

Great article Armando - it truly was a sad day for Dolphins Fans. I was, and still am, a fanatical Marino fan. I too hate Jimmy Johnson and Dave Wanstedt.

Thanks for writing....I love the historical pieces.

Well done. It was a sad time to be a Fin. Oh well..... Now we got Henne!!!! At last we are for real again. Long live Marino-best ever!

Just spent an hour looking at past drafts. wow...no wonder the 2000's have been miserable. If anyone think the past two drafts have been bad consider if you pick 6-8 times a year. Can pull 1-2 starters, 2-3 quality backups and have only 2-3 guys that don't pan out then you're doing well.

Starters - Davis, Smith
Quality - Hartline, Clemons
Too Early to Tell - Turner, Gardner
Misses - White, Nalbone, Folsom

Starters - Long, Henne, Thomas
Quality - Merling, Langford, Hilliard
Too Early to Tell - Dotson
Misses - Murphy, Parmele

As opposed to 2007
Starters - Fields
Quality - Ginn, Satele, Soliai
Too Early to Tell - We know enough by now.
Misses - Beck, Booker, Mauia, Mormino, Smith, Wright

I know Ginn sucks but he is still a decent backup.

I see some historical revisionism going on here.

First, Shula's worst season wasn't 7-9. The Dolphins were 6-8 in 1976 and 6-10 in 1988.

As great as Shula was - and the man deserves to be a legend - in all the years he was at the helm, he was never able to draft players and create a truly stifling, dominating defense. (The championship Dolphins had a great defense, but they weren't "dominating." And football historians will debate how much credit should go to Shula for that defense and how much credit should go to Bill Arnsparger and the people who drafted those players, most of whom came before Shula took over.)

Finally, Dave Wannstedt was a horrible personnel man. But he was certainly an effective coach - at least judged by wins and losses. In Shula's final 3 years as coach, and Johnson's 4 years as coach, the Dolphins never had more than 10 wins. But Wannstedt's Dolphins won 11 games in each of his first two years, then 9 games, and then 10 games. So, he did keep the team very competitive. And my recollection is that in those years the Dolphins' had their best defense since the Super Bowl years. It was a dominating defense - albeit one that tended to crumble at inopportune times.

So, let's not sugar coat the distant past, and let's not defame the more immediate past.

Thank you.

I was at the game. That game is the reason why I hate the city of Jacksonville and everyone in it.

Biggest bunch of white trash I have ever seen. Every Jax fan had a vile comment for me. One women even asked me to give her my Zach Thomas jersey so she could take it in the bathroom and use it to wipe.

I have never stepped foot in that city since and from the look of it, no one has stepped into the stadium since either.

still checking out the drafts...onto the pats...banta cain 2003 7th rounder. 2005 Mankins, Kaczur, Cassel, (Hobbs, Sanders)...on just 7 picks...

Looked at Pats and Steelers and realized that they didnt have consistent killer drafts but did well with their first pick even drafting way down. Something we havent done well for sometime.


This has been one of your best post ever.
That awful day was also when i arrived to town in order to enter my actual job. It was crazy to setup my old small B&W TV in order to saw that massacre.
Also I remember getting sick when I knew of Marino retirement. That was like losing a close friend.
All these memories are hard to believe how far in time are. Ten years!!! This has been a insane situation to deal with those years of cruel jokes about being a Miami Dolphins' fan.
In Sparano & crew i trust and I'll watch them getting an end to Curse of Marino.

nick Satan!!! jimmy Johnson!!! Oh wait...... they both were horrible. Was 20 yrs old then. almost forgot about it. I miss Danny. If only we could have had a running back......

I flew up for that game. Spent the second half in the club section drinking heavily. Was a sad day after that great end to Seattle including a unstoppable trace Armstrong.

My Memory of the day the Dolphins Quit...I had to work and rushed home in time to see the game...as i get out of the car...My Brother says Our Grandmother has passed away....It was the only game I ever stopped watching...when the Dolphins quit...so did I....so now when ever the 62-7 game comes up I think of the day my Grandmother was gone along with My Dream for a Ring for Marino....

Who can forget that game, as hard as we might try? It was a terrible last game for a great QB. I wanted him to play another year to redeem himself. All the great years with Danny-boy, rarely did they have a decent defense which was a shame. Johnson I don't miss. I like the guy, but don't miss him. Wanne, I don't miss either. Come to think of it....Shula is missed, and until we got Sparano, we haven't had a coach to rally behind. IMHO

jimmy Johnson is a botched abortion!

Hey... Dying breed... Shula had a 6-10 season in 1988. They were weak in 1976 too...

I love Shula as much as the next guy... but his drafting of players was, well, the reason the Dolphins never won after 1973.

In fact, on the great Dolphin teams of the 1970s, which players did Shula draft:

- Larry Csonka
- Jim Kiick
- Bob Griese
- Manny Fernandez
- Dick Anderson
- Bill Stanfill
- Larry Little

None. He molded the team, yes.

I don't have the info at my finger tips... but after the 1983 draft, did Shula draft a hall of famer?

Multiple pro bowl player?

I love the man... but see the truth...

Lots of Kumerows, Shipps and Eddie Blakes... in those drafts.

My all-time Shula moment was watching him on the sideline of the 1981 Dolphin-Eagle MNF... he railed at Red Cashion... anyone remember that too?

Good post Dodsworth... like the props for Arnsparger.

Congratulations to you all for continuing to discuss Mando's excellent article, and that stunning game & its aftermath, rather than be hijacked by NJ and his self-centered crew.

Did you see the way NJ attacked Alex, who was much more moderate and fair in his criticism of NJ's timing than I could ever be. But you see, with NJ, any criticism, no matter how fair or balanced, means you are subject to his attacks. He and only he must control the agenda & the contents of the comments. Sad.

No mas , Moderate and fair ? Really ? Telling me that " nobody gives a crap about your prediction " is moderate and fair ? Go make make yourself a meatball sub and get lost. How's that for moderate and fair ? LMFAO ! Thanks for stopping by though. :)

Dwight stevenson, John Offehdal, louis Oliver, pete Stoyanovich, Keith Simms, Richmond web, Brian Cox, Troy Vincent, Tim Bowens, Zach Thomas, sam madison, Jason Taylor,

Some not bad picks

NJ, some news from LIl Earl on other blog.



what a horrible time. Losing Marino is something I will never get over. He was the most amazing quaterback I ever saw. I was fortunate to watch every play he ever had, preseason, regular and even at the Super Bowl. I had season tickets right behind the bench and it was the highlight of that time in my life. Jimmy Johnson was a fool and handcuffed Marino to where he would never win the Super Bowl. If only we had kept Shula I think he would have turned it around and Marino would have his ring. Shula could change philosophies on a dime based on who was on the team. He deserved more credit at that time before all the idiots started jumping on the Jimmy Johnson bandwagon. That was the downfall of a great team for a very long time!

Yes, that was the "sprinkler game". The phins are getting spanked, they're in thier huddle and someone fires up the sprinklers full throttle only on the dolphins side of the field... Humiliating to say the least. I'll never forget Marino's look when they did that. The dolphins actually got revenge and did that back to them during a phins home game a few years ago.

remember Mando was on the radio then. Some little crappy station called 1700 or 1400 or something.

And he predicted the Jagoffs would not just beat the Dolphins but blow them out and I was one of the angry callers who thought he was crazy.

He wasn't crazy. 'Memba that Mando?

Posted by: Finheavenblows! | December 12, 2009 at 01:38 PM

And now you LOVE Mando to this day. LOL



........a Bully AND a crybaby.

Boo-hoo, me no likee Jags playoff game, me wanna talk my prediction.........waaahhhh.

How dare you speak of that game Armando!!! Sad Sad day. Please take a moment to reflect....... K Hopefully you didnt just jynx the dolphins season....

I dont think any fin fan can ever forget that game. But who wants to open up old wounds as carlito said earlier. I put that game out of my mind and into the toilet. The fins just need to take care of business against the Jags so we can remain in the playoff picture. That is what is really important.

A thought (esoteric as it is) about John Boza.

I would put him with Yatil Green... that is, not a bust per se... but injured.

Does anyone remember that he was really starting to bring it on before injuring his knee?

He would have been a decent player.

Kumerow, Shipp, Graf... they were busts.

I don't put Bosa in that group.

No Mas NJ,

NJ is entitled to his opinion on this blog as everyone else. This guy takes a ton of abuse daily from every direction. He is a good fan and returns to the blog because he is a fan. We all are except for a couple of guys here.

You said the follwoing:

Congratulations to you all for continuing to discuss Mando's excellent article, and that stunning game & its aftermath, rather than be hijacked by NJ and his self-centered crew.

You get after NJ because he does not agree with you about the "excellent article" or "stunning game". I guess you want every one of us to believe like you do.

Here come the attacks....I'm ready

Oh by the way Fins 27 Jags 21



Jimmy's biggest mistake was not trading Marino when he got here in 96. We probably could have gotten a #1 and a #2. Jimmy tried to play Danny ball instead of putting in his system that won him 2 superbowls. At the end it wasn't Marino's arm....his decision making was terrible.

Finfan23 agree with everything you said. I too was fortunate to catch many of Marino's games during the late 80s. Those were good times.
But that was then and now we got to take it to the Jags to stay alive.

Ace , thanks . You da man . Also No MAS NJ and NJ WATB is either cuban menace or Dying " MISTY ' breed. It's actually sad , embarrassing and pathetic of how jealous they are and how they hide behind names thinking i don't know who they are. It also very funny and Flattering. LMFAO !

LMAO @ MENACE or whoever you are! You can do better

My prediction was Miami 27 - 20. Now go to bed.


I L ove you nj .

Ok NJ, I think NO MAS NJ maybe dare I say it.....Willi Chirino. LOL

everyone stalks me, hates me, and is jealous of me. you can all just kiss my plummerfied ass! i just love me some me! the only thing i love better than me is some more me!

I L ove you nj .

Posted by: Ace | December 12, 2009 at 10:29 PM

Ok Now I can say this. It is a good thing I came onto this blog tonight. I caught someone impersonating me as Ace. Wahhhhh Wahhhhh, I just e-mailed Armando and he told me he will have you erased. Wahhh Wahhhh.

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