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Memories of 62-7 resurface during Jags week

Editor's Note: The following post contains material not suited for Dolphins fans with weak stomachs, fragile dispositions, or outstanding memories.

Do you remember the day the last great Dolphins Age passed away?

Where were you on Jan. 15, 2000? What were you doing on the day of 62-7?

For the uninitiated, 62-7 forever lives in Dolphins infamy as the score of the divisional playoff game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Miami Dolphins in January of 2000. And as the Dolphins are in Jacksonville today, only weeks from the 10-year anniversary of that not-long-enough-ago game, I decided to recall what that day meant then and still means today.

"It's been 10 years? I guess so," said Jason Taylor, the lone member of today's Dolphins to play in that game. "We've had so many moments since then you kind of forget it. Thank God.

"It was just a long day, really. That was one of those days that won't go down in infamy, but pretty darn close. Nothing worked. I think they scored their first play or first three plays, I don't know. They were running plays that should go for two yards and they were running for touchdowns instead."

The game, as Taylor recalls, was indeed a disaster for Miami. Coming off a stirring 20-17 victory over Seattle in an AFC first-round playoff game, the Dolphins traveled to Jacksonville hopeful they could put a year's stress and strife behind them.

That 1999 season, you may recall, was known as the year Dan Marino and Jimmy Johnson spent feuding. Johnson wanted to bench Marino, threatened to bench Marino, but in the end knew Marino gave him his best chance to win. Marino cursed Johnson, wanted to throw more often than Johnson would allow, but in the end recognized he was diminished and could no longer consistently carry the team on his back.

So this flawed team full of fight (inwardly as well as outwardly) went to Jacksonville hoping, believing, that they had a "shot to be special," as Johnson said of them.

Didn't turn out that way. The Jaguars were supremely talented. And ready to play.

Jacksonville scored a touchdown on their first possession. On Miami's first play from scrimmage, Aaron Beasley intercepted Marino's first pass and Jacksonville took over at the Miami 41 yard line. The Jags kicked a field goal. Then the Jags scored again the next time they had the ball when Fred Taylor ran 90 yards for a score. And on the very next play, Marino was stripped of the ball while in the pocket and Tony Brackens scooped the ball up and ran 16 yards for another score.

It was 24-0. And it was only the first quarter.

The Jaguars didn't let up. They led 41-7 by halftime, with Miami's only score coming on a 20-yard pass from Marino to Oronde Gadsden.

Jacksonville would score 21 more points in the second half, with two of those touchdowns coming on a 70-yard and then a 38-yard touchdown pass by Jay Fiedler. Yes, that Jay Fiedler.

The Dolphins fumbled six times that day, losing five. Marino was intercepted twice. The Jaguars tallied 520 total yards, including 257 on the ground.

"It was just a mess. Just a mess," Taylor recalls. "And at the end of the game, as disappointed as you were because you got your butt kicked, it was almost to the point where you were glad because it was over and they couldn't score any more."

But aside from the demolition the Dolphins suffered, the game is known as much for what happened next as what happened during.

"It was Danny's last game, Jimmy's last game," Taylor said.

Johnson had decided to quit coaching for good at least a month before that season ended, probably longer. He had tried to quit after the 1998 season but had been convinced to return by owner Wayne Huizenga. There woud be no bringing him back after 1999.

The morning after the fiasco in Jacksonville, Johnson called a selected handful of reporters individually to his office and told them his intentions to depart. He also told them of his endorsement of Dave Wannstedt as his successor. (Amazing aside of how far we've come: Even though Johnson told the newspaper reporters first, no news leaked because most newspapers didn't have websites up and running at the time that could break the news. So the news broke on radio and TV.)

Within a couple of hours, Johnson held a news conference announcing his departure. Just as it had been immediately following the Jacksonville loss, Johnson took no questions. He made a statement and headed out the back door of the Dolphins' main meeting room.

And in the same press conference the Dolphins then announced the hiring of Wannstedt. Such a thing should not have happened then as Huizenga gave a failed coach the priviledge of naming his successor -- something Huizenga didn't allow Don Shula to do.

But the Wannstedt hiring could not have instantly happened in today's NFL, either. Today, the Dolphins would have had to undergo a search process that involved the interviewing of minority candidates. I'm not saying the Rooney Rule would have saved the Dolphins from Wannstedt, but, well, if you close your eyes, you can dream that perhaps clearer heads might have prevailed.

So Wannstedt ascended to the head coaching job that very day. He had spent the past year dipping heavy hands into the defensive game plan and that plan had just yielded 62 points and now he was going to make decisions over both offense and defense.

That is amazing for it's lack of clarity.

Wannstedt's first decision?

He wanted a new quarterback. He wanted Marino gone. Johnson had benched Marino in the second half of the Jacksonville game in favor of Damon Huard. Within weeks the Dolphins began the process of divesting themselves from Marino as a player.

On Feb. 10, the Dolphins asked Marino to void the final two years of his contract. It was an elegant way to basically cut Dan Marino, making him a free agent. Marino weighed offers from Minnesota, Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh to continue playing but ultimately his ego and competitive spirit didn't override his intelligence. Marino could no longer move in the pocket to avoid hits. He had thus become injury-prone.

The golden arm that made Marino famous never betrayed him. His legs did.

So on March 13, 2000 Marino announced his retirement from football.

"Boy, I really struggled with this," Marino said at his retirement press conference. "This has been the toughest month of my life as far as dealing with playing football or retiring. After the season, I pretty much thought that I was not going to play anymore and I felt that way for a while and I think it was because of the physical aspects of the game. It kept coming back to how my lefs felt during last season, going through the neck injury, not knowing whether I was going to be able to throw the football, and family reasons also. But Claire and the kids were great. They wanted me to play, to be honest with you. Really, it was my decision, a family decision and a health decision."

When the unrestricted free agency period opened that year the Dolphins replaced Marino with Fiedler. Wannstedt would later admit he had been impressed by what he saw from Fiedler the day the Jaguars beat Miami 62-7.

That was 10 years ago this season. The Dolphins play the Jaguars on Sunday.

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Dolphins 24
Jaguars 13

It is bad luck to even bring that game up. Go wash your hands and say 100 hail Marys and maybe you will wash the dirt out from under your nails. That game was the worst I have ever seen us play and I quit watching after the 1st Q and never came back to watch the rest. I was shocked to see the end result, that score was unbelievable.

Webb was drafted along with Sims who was a pretty good Guard for a while.

Solai the Sumo needs to have a big game to stuff MJD... Tony McDaniel and Randy Starks too

I was a Dolphins Season Ticket holder going on my 5th year. I paid $200 a ticket to sit 4 rows from god at the top of All-Tel stadium. Drove to Jax from Hollywood with my brother in law. We both had on our Marino jerseys. Let me tell you something. Never in my life of 40 yrs and having been to WS, SB's, NBA Finals have I been around FANS so AMAZING. Can I tell you that when the Jags scored fans went nuts and when Marino get killed some fans were crying. We have was benched and we realized it was over forever cant tell you how many Jags fans were upset some crying everyone was bumming. When we walked out I wore my Marino jersey with pride and hundreds of fans came up to me to say WE LOVE DAN.

I didn't know Mark Ingram the Heisman Trophy winner was son of former Dolphin Mark Ingram.

Anybody notice how when aloco , Willy cherino , and all the posters that are impersonated leave , carlito shows up . They're all one person Carlito.

Fake Ace,

Stop it. This is my first time on this blog since this morning. I am not these people and you know it. I don't care that you sign in under many names just don't blame other people for it.

I am excited for this huge game tomorrow. The Dolphins have a chance to make big statement and push for the playoffs... there will be lots of fins fans in the stands, it will be a good day...

Go Dolphins

Henne the Hero

Run Ricky Run


You are right about the fake Ace. I will never insult carlito because he never insulted me. He and I are true fans. Go Phins.

We are going to win this one carlito. Ricky will have a very good day.

Yeah Right ! carlito and your many other names.

EStimado Armando:

Excelente nota, aunque debemos reconocer que triste a la vez, gracias por refrescarnos la memoria a los fans y espero que a diez años de esa maldita tarde, mañana llegue la revancha contra esos jaguares que se atrevieron a darle esa despedida al mas grande.

Saludos. Go Phins

They are reporting that Adalius Thomas will be inactive for pats tomorrow... you think Bellichek is losing his grip on the team?

Wow! What a trip down memory lane! I clearly remember the aura surrounding the team at that time. What was once so certain was now gone. It's like someone stole your favorite pair if shoes. You know, the ones that you had for years and fit just right! In one moment sad yet also made you smile for all the memories they gave you.

Wannstadt was a terrible coach with a ridiculous mustache and it made me smile when his Pitt Panthers crapped their pants at the end of the game against Cinci. Not the least bit surprising. I knew it would happen. He is a buffoon and has no business being the leader of anything. Chris Carter (who did drop a touchdown against the Vikings that cost the Fins the playoffs) said it best once when describing Wanny's coaching philosophy. "The house is on fire"

At least Saban is a good football coach even if the guy is a fracking douchebag.

Malcolm "Cam" Cameron was a flat out disaster, and he's lucky Brian Billick had his head up his pooper at the end of that game in 2007 or the Fins would have gone 0-16 for sure, and that infamy would be hanging around his neck for the rest of his life.

Jimmy Johnson is an annoying redneck who also just couldn't figure out how to help this team, and anyone who could give an incompetant like Wannstedt the opportunity he gave him should never have been in charge in the first place.

People can say what they want about Sparano, but he's the first lunch pail, no bool sheet, do your job or get the flock out of here football coach the Dolphins have had since...ever. Or at least since the first third of Shula's coaching tenure.

Go Dolphins! Let's kick the shite out of the Jags...Let's let the past be the past, and let's keep this thing rolling. Still possible to play a Super Bowl at home, and as incredibly unlikely as that is, stranger things must have happened on this planet somewhere, sometime.

If you actually read this entire comment, thanks very much.

This Dolphins regime is building something more solid and balanced than what this team had become by the late 1990's

You can't blame Wayne for hiring Jimmy. That's what everyone wanted, remember?

Blame him for the Wannstedt hire. Blame him more for letting Wannstedt stick around for 4 years.

I was in the military at the time, and remember the day Danny retired. I was in the Admin office submitting some leave papers and just happened to see Dan on TV holding his presser... it was devestating to me, because I missed his last year by joining. I don't have any regrets serving my country, but I certainly regret that. Ah well....Let's do this Phins!!!

Carlito I'm suprised u gave the jags that many points. Mark my words Miami 31 jags 6. And that's if they are lucky to get 2 touch downs. Miami is changing for the better. And I know they are thinking nobody belives they will make it to the super bowl. Remember they had the saints beat if it wasn't for the refs. And the colts beat for the reason everyone knows. I have somuch faith they will make it to the superbowl and win as long as they don't give up. This team is different from 10 years ago or what ever u guys think. They have come a long way. And I'm sick n tierd of u guys putting certain players down. They all will make big plays in the up coming games for sure. If your a real fin fan watch out here we come. The unstoppables.

Nice piece Armando. Although it brings back one of the saddest days watching Danny walk off the field and guys running to shake his hand because they knew it was over.

Someone asked me right after the New Orleans lost, what was the worst game I remember as a Dolphin fan. I quickly refered him to this game. That playoff game will go down for me as one of the most painful games ever, at least for me, and that off season. Marino was no longer gonna play again. Also Mando one of the biggest reason why the J.J. and Marino thing never worked out was because Johnson would NEVER let Dan call those brilliant audibles at the line anymore, what ever play was called, that was going to be the play. He took away one of Marino's best atributes as a QB, hence the INT's. Could you imagine taking that away from Peyton Manning? It was suicide.


I remember that game. I didn't make it after 24 to nothing.
I believe the JJ was trying to develop a running game. I don't think Dan was good at turning around and handing the ball off. Very slow feet, so the running game sucked real bad. JJ did not coach to a plyers strengths.
Comversely who would hire a guy so worried about his hair. Closet queer if you ask me.
In JJ's defense he did give us Zack ahd Jason and both of these guys played their guts out for us.
Wanstead did have some good seasons, he was just not the guy for Miami. I remember the playoof game where J Johnson had just ran for 250 yards or something and in the locker room Wannstedt jumps on Johnsons back. The guy just rand for 250 yards and you jump on his Back? Retard.
We missed Dan but he was just about toast. His legs weren't doing it for him and he would have really started to suffer.
Dan was always a winner in my books.

It was ALL JJ's fault. He wanted to be the "star" of the team when he knew DM was. He abused a legend. When you "quit" a year before, how can you coach???

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