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Ferguson: 2010 a go if recovery goes well

Jason Ferguson has already begun his rehabilitation following surgery to repair a right quadricep injury. He's been doing his rehab every morning at Dolphins camp. And that's pretty important because the veteran nose tackle says he wants to return to the Dolphins next year if that recovery goes well.

"That's what I'd love to do," Ferguson said Friday. "If the recovery is good, I'll be good."

There was uncertainty whether Ferguson would ever play again.

He is 35 years old and had talked about perhaps retiring after this season. He is also unsigned for next season. Ferguson is making $4 million in 2009 in the final year of contract.

But while the contract situation would have to be settled between him and the Dolphins -- with the team needing to decide on making a commitment to Ferguson or not -- the issue of whether Ferguson wants to keep playing is apparently not an issue.

Regardless of Ferguson's desire to return, the Dolphins are likely to address the nose tackle position in other ways this offseason. The team is expected to try to add a younger player to groom for the future.

In other news:

A source tells me C Jake Grove will be listed as doubtful on the injury report that will come out in a couple of hours.

The source also said the Dolphins expect OLB Joey Porter to play against the Jaguars despite the fact he didn't practice on Wednesday or Thursday. Porter did practice Friday and is telling folks he's going to play barring some unforeseen setback. The source did not know how the Dolphins will list Porter, although he's likely to be listed as probable from the sound of things.  

[Update: My report on Grove is correct and the Dolphins are listing Grove as doubtful. Jason Taylor (shoulder) and Joey Porter (knee) are probable. Nathan Jones (hamstring) is questionable. For the Jaguars, Mike Sims-Walker (calf), DT John Henderson (shoulder), and Rashean Mathis (groin) are doubtful. That's huge as Sims-Walker is the team's best receiver, Henderson is its best defensive lineman and Mathis the best cover cornerback.]

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I hope ferguson does not return next season. Nose tackle is such a punishing position for an old body. He should retire and quit while he's ahead. I hate hearing the stories of older football players and all their pains from years in the NFL. Almost makes me feel guilt for liking football

Noticed that Casey Hampton is a free agent. He's been one of the premier NT in the NFL for a while. Problem is that he is 30+ as well and will get a huge contract. I really like Jason too - huge heart, but can he stay healthy. At least the backup position will have to be improved. Soliai is not consistent enough.

i see porter practiced today. kinda funny he takes every week off only to practice on fridays so he can play sunday. sparano wont let anyone else pull that. how about playing the guys that practiced all week? no favorites!

Ferguson is a beast, he is missed, I don't think Tuna & co. will hesitate to welcome him back.


Hey Armando, We will be supporting the Dolphins at the game in jax this weekend. Stop by for some Tailgating with us if you'd like. Go Phins

This will be a Dolphins home game on sunday

Well, isn't that special?

I 'm # 8-n! I'm # 8-n! Depending on who else posts a comment between the me typing this and posting it.

i am out guys,i have to go to the gym .

I say go after he SUh Nebraska guy, next year make Ferg take league min, then have him finsih gromming solia, and start grooming Suh, then we will be STACKED!!!! at NT.

Josh, Suh will be long gone before Miami picks. He will be top 5 if not #1 overall.


I just went to order the Dolphins Headband ($13.99) for my fiance to wear during after game celebrations and they are sold out. There was one available on Tues and I added it to my cart but never checked out and now it has been sold to someone else.

Suh is #1 pick for sure.

NJ, this is not a hockey blog! Screw your Bruins!

I say go after he SUh Nebraska guy, next year make Ferg take league min, then have him finsih gromming solia, and start grooming Suh, then we will be STACKED!!!! at NT.

Posted by: josh | December 11, 2009 at 01:26 PM

Josh the real problem is that Suh would not translate to the 3-4 NT position. He is much better suited as a DT in the 4-3,or DE in 3-4. Carlito is right that there is no way he lasts to where the phins pick

LMAO @ mark , we just beat you back to back and kessel did NOTHING. TUUUUUUUUUUKKA !

For sure. No way Suh gets by Tampa Bay AND St. Louis. 1 or 2 at the worst. He would be an awesome 3-4 DE though.

It's cause Kessel is American. You guys can't play hockey


The Pats have the Raiders 1st round pick this coming draft. They are going to trade up from where they will be in the Raiders spot to get Suh....stupid Pats, I hate them!!

Maybe the Dolphins should trade up to get Suh?

have to go to Jax for an early meeting monday morning so i get to fly in early sunday (from Ohio)and will be going to the game. Can't wait. From what I hear from people i work with you can buy the cheapest seat they have and move down to the lower bowl pretty easily because of all the empty seats. come on fin fans, if you are in the area get out to the game! lets make it like a home game!

pats have the raiders #1 pick in 2011, not 2010. they aren't getting suh either. he's a lock for the bucs, get over it

Don't get your panties in a bunch Mark...it was just an idea.

What makes your prediction of Miami not getting Suh better or more valid than anyone who predicts we will get him?

Do the Bucs have the #1 pick? If not how do you know he does not get drafted #1? You do not even know what draft position the Bucs will end up with...

There's no way Suh is available where the Dolphins will be picking. I tend to agree with those saying he will more likely be a 3-4 end than NT. How about Golden Tate if he's there? I've seen him play all year living in the Chicago area and the kid is spectacular. I know Parcells hates first round receivers but this kid can flat out play. I'd love to see him as a Fin. I will admit I don't follow college all that closely. It's just my humble opinion.

Indiana , what makes it better is that suh is a top 3 pick and miami WON'T be picking in the top 3. Also to trade up to get him would require miami to give alot of picks , which miami will NEVER do. Case closed !

So let's hhear any early opinion on what position (not individual player) everyone thinks Miami will go after with 1st round pick?

Suh will not be a nose tackle. he will defiantely be a DE or DT depending on the scheme the teams who picks him runs...

NJ PHIN FAN - I don't disagree it would take a lot to move up in draft and somethign Miami won't do, but it doesn't hurt to think of the possibility :)

Anyone have tickets for sale for the Titans/Dolphins game?

... but getting back to Tom Brady's stats last week vs. Chad Henne's. It defies logic to think that Henne's stats were better.

It took Brady only 29 pass attempts to throw for something like 350 yards. Meanwhile it took Henne 52 tries to throw for something like 330 yards. Brady actually threw for more yardage while attempting TWENTY-THREE FEWER passes. That's astounding.

The only thing in Henne's favor was he threw one fewer interception. But, if you were going into that game, and you didn't know the outcome, and you had to choose to have either Brady's or Henne's statistics, only a fool would choose to have Henne's.

Now, who should be happier? Of course, Henne should. He WON! In that sense, he had the "better" game. But, statistically, Brady was better.

That's my only point.

Thank you for following my irrefutable logic.

Question guys i just read on ESPN that the J-Ville/Dolphins game is a blackout...so dose that mean if i live in Miami (Kendall area) I won't be able to see the game on CBS like usal? Just asking now because it's the first i heard about it. Anyways! Go Phins! Skin them Jag's the destiny is in your hands!!

Sure, Cesar....someone will bite on that blackout-in-Kendall b.s.

Roth had a good game last nite, but he's no Quentin Moses or James Harrison! Remember?

It's only a blackout for Jacksonville's local area. If you live there then you will have to find it on the internet.

Ferguson will be welcomed back. That being said he will have to compete for his job and most likely against a rookie and/or free agent signing.

Thank's Eddie was just making sure!

Stop dreaming with Suh. Dolphins' brass is not going to trade for such a high pick. Then again waiting for an un-drafted pick as Ellis this year was a mistake. There are some very good NT in next year's draft, and the Dolphins must be aggressive this time. No young guys to develop as Armando says. Cut the bull, and pick proven college players. Soliai is good but we can not rely on him or on Ferg's rehab. We need a solid plan, specially with a our 3-4.

If the draft was today, my guess is that the position will be LB - could just as easily be inside as outside depending on who the administration prefers. There is also a chance the first pick is a true FS.

OLB - The Dolphins would love to get Derrik Morgan of Georgia Tech but he'll most likely be gone. Sergio Kindle of Texas, Jason Pierre-Paul of USF are more likely candidates.

ILB - Rolando McClain of Alabama is the best but I think Buffalo or Washington might snag him before Miami can. Therefore Brandon Spikes of Florida might be the pick.

S - Earl Thomas of Texas or Taylor Mays of USC are the options.

Again, this assumes the draft would be today. A lot can happen between now and April but Suh definitely locked up his status of 1 or 2 unles he gets hurt in Nebraska's bowl game or starts partying with Carlos Dunlap.

Sweet deal Carlito...GO PHINS!!

Let's march into the playoffs! Did anyone see Vic Carruci's playoff predictions? very interesting:


Forget Suh, TERRANCE CODY OF ALABAMA!!!! 6'4 365, He's a BEAST!!!!


Yeah I saw that article, Mark Schlereth was picking Dolphins to make a playoff run on sportscenter last night


Any story angles to JAX receiver Ernest Wilford going against the Miami D??

I know he was a complete non-factor here, but he has a healthy average per catch, as well as 1 TD with the Jags this year. And with their top receiver being reported as doubtful, Wilford *WILL* get more playing time.

My fear is ex-Fins players, no matter how good or how bad they are, always historically step it up against us, eg- Dante Culpepper, Keith Byers, Welker, Izzo, Cam Cameron, etc.

My only concern with Wilford is he's a TE and the Dolphins have been getting killed by them. From what is being said PFT, "Their best cornerback (Rashean Mathis), wide receiver (Mike Sims-Walker), and defensive tackle (John Henderson) were all listed as doubtful on the injury report Friday"

That's good news for Miami.

Willford will rip up the Fins.......bank on it. TE = Dolphin Kryptonite.

Remember James Harrison & Matt Roth?

I thought so.

What I don't like is that Jake Grove and Nate Jones are both listed as questionable. I'm more worried about Jones. I hope Allen can play a good game if needed.

I think Ernest wilford is the KEY to the game. He's one of the best WR/TE in the game. Paul P the DC MUST game plan around Ernest wilford, remember gates , gonzalez , clark , shockey , etc. Please Paul P and the Miami d stop wilford.

Are you guys seriously worried about Ernest Wilford and trying to compare him to Gates, Gonzalez, Clark and Shockey? Wilford couldn't carry there jock straps...


Wilford? The guy that was inactive more games then not last year? I'm MUCH more worried about Pocket Herculese beating us then Wilford. Heck, I'm more worried that the Jags sign George Bush Sr and he scores 3 touchdowns on us then Wilford. He will be a non factor, no more than 2 catches for 20 yards.


u r right, BUT TEs do kill us.....even the Bills very mediocre tight end even got in on the act at Buffalo. Obviously, elite TEs hurt more, but we seem to have trouble with ALL TEs.

I am not disagreeing that TE's have killed us, but the ones that have are Hall of Fame Te's or have a Hall of Fame QB throwing to them. The last time I checked I did not think Garrard or Wilford are close to Hall of Fame status...

Willford will rip up the Fins.......bank on it. TE = Dolphin Kryptonite.

Remember James Harrison & Matt Roth?

I thought so.

Posted by: NJ Fan Club

I guess my question is, why would anyone be a fan of new jersey? I could smell it 30 miles south of the state line. P-U.

Here are my thoughts:

Miami will be the #6 seed traveling to Cincy for the first round to stomp on the Bungals. It will be great only being an hour and a half away, so i will be able to go. Next, they will go to Indianpolis to beat the Colts which is where I live, so I will be going to that game as well. Then, it will be a rematch against the Chargers in San Diego. Finally, a rematch against the Saints in Miami for the SUPER BOWL!!!

That would be a great story, but a division championship over the Pattsies would be just as nice!!

Noway to tell who falls to us in draft--obviously no Suh. But wouldn't tate be a great get? Man, i wish he'd have been a college hoops star so we could have him play by the Bay...

Golden Tate, Warrior.

Dolphins will make the playoffs.

NE will watch from home again

Hal , where are you from ?

If Wilfork signs with Fins Jason Ferguson is history for sure.

Aloco are you from Bolivia?

Dorito , i'm from the state of pennsylvania. can you smell the stink and sewage of the pigs , cows and hoses. How about the stink from the steel mills and coal mills. How about the stink of one the biggest crime cities arouud in philly. How about the great night outs with the amish or tipping cows. AHHH , pennsylvania. what a great state to bragg about. That and deleware.

OK Guys, The Menace has arrived, whats the BUZZ??????Tell me what's happening, What's the Buzz???.


sounds like you're BUZZED


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