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Jake Grove out vs. Patriots, possibly longer

Center Jake Grove will miss Sunday's game between the Dolphins and Patriots, barring a sudden and unexpected recovery from a high ankle sprain and tibia injury, a club source said Thursday.

It is also possible Grove, who already missed a start against Buffalo last week after suffering the injury against Carolina the week before, will miss time beyond Sunday. Although the Dolphins have opted not to place Grove on the injured reserve list, the worst-case scenario is he could be out through the end of the season.

The club is hopeful it will not come to that. But a high ankle sprain typically takes four to six weeks to heal depending on its severity. Grove has already been out two weeks because the injury happened during a Thursday night game on Nov. 18.  

Some players are able to get back on the field quicker due, in part, to their tolerance for pain and the positions they play. A center is more likely to be able to play with the injury than a player who has to perform in space. So that is a plus.

The tibia injury, however, complicates matters in weighing recovery time.  

With Grove out, the Dolphins are expected to continue starting Joe Berger at center. Berger started in Grove's place against the Bills.

“I thought Joe Berger played very well yesterday, I really did," coach Tony Sparano said Monday when asked to assess Berger's performance. "Really pleased with what he did."

Grove did not practice at all last week and did not practice Wednesday when the Dolphins began preparations for the Patriots. Sparano was asked about the center's condition and responded, “Did not practice today, getting a little bit better."

Not having Grove hurts the Dolphins because he was signed as an unrestricted free agent, in part, because he played well last season for the Oakland Raiders against AFC East nose tackles. The Dolphins were said to be particularly impressed with his performance against Kris Jenkins of the New York Jets.

New England nose tackle Vince Wilfork is one of the most versatile players on the Patriots front line and is perhaps the team's best run-stopper.

Grove's injury is a setback and a disappointment because he came to the Dolphins to upgrade the running game. The Dolphins signed Grove to a five-year, $29.5 million contract that includes $14.5 million in guaranteed money.

But Grove also came to Miami with a reputation for being injured. He missed six games because of injuries in 2005. He missed nine games in 2007. He missed four games in 2008. The only season in which Grove did not miss any games came in 2006 when he started all 16 for Oakland.


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Damn it sucks not having Grove.

maybe center is a position they might add to look for during the draft also ..but not before WIDE RECIEVER,INLB,OLB,NT,CENTER....in that order I would say ....thats even if miami drops money on a fa reciever and I am guessing they should try and get brandon marshall he might be the best guy available without trading for one and losing draft picks

Look, this team went 11-5 with Samason Satele @ Center. Berger is better than Satele at line calls, power/push and pass protection. He holds less than Grove and may not be quite as nasty but this not a big issue or regression in talent.

Ronnie Brown on IR was a big issue; the fact that Ginn STILL plays WR ever - a big issue; the fact that Channing Crowder and Gibril Wilson are paid so much to suck: INCOMPREHENSIBLE. Don't even get me started on Henne...because the maroons come out of the woodwork.

The Dolphins really need help at wide receiver and nose tackle. After that, depth at the linebacker positions and interior line would be nice. Help at safety would be nice too. Gibril Wilson has been a complete bust. If Pennington decides to make a comeback attempt, perhaps Parcells & Co. would be amenable to having him back up Henne.

look we've had a ton of key injuries this season, it's a curse not a trend...it'll get better in 2010

i like terrance cody and brandon lafell

Yep, sometimes everything goes against you. Injuries, first round bust, key plays of the game. So far we've played pretty well despite the adversity. If we don't take a top notch receiver in the first round next year then I believe the Tuna has lost his magic.

What other team has lost their quarterback, their running back, their nose tackle, their best corner, several others, and done squat? .

Fin up!ha ha lol!

We should get a PROVEN free agent receiver to have an imediate impact. If they want to draft one as well thats ok too. Defense should be looked at after that. NT, LB, and safety. Who knows what Henne will develope into but he's pretty serviceable at least. remember he is still learning and gaining game experience every week.

Armando, what's the deal? You keep thanking all of us for showing up and extolling the number of participant and now I know why.....ads! The new update came with ads...why does an app that we pay foe have ads? How many more wll be added? Wl we have to watch a commercial before we can read a new entry?

I noticed that the addition af ads was not mentioned in the update notes, I wouldn't have updated.

Thus is very dissapointing.

we wasted some draft picks; we could have signed goodie and taken clay mathews or malaluga instead of vontae. we wasted 2nd round pick on a 6th round player when we needed WR help. our 3rd round pick cant run a route to get on the field. why didn't we know this after we worked him out? we passed on alot of receivers who are playing(k.britt, knox, l.murphy and several tight ends). we ot nothing for murphy or roth who sparano said were coming along nicely! nalbone was released early on.

hey mando

i drove 8 hours ya count them 8 hours from fall river ma to buffalo and 8 back. money is tight so i didnt get a hotel slept on the side of the road at a mcd's just to watch that awful game. i read how people where blaming tony saying he should bench himself, dont blame tony its not his fault that joey and channing are awful. they really are worse in person then on tv. Some of these fans dont realise that this team is still rebuilding. playoffs last year was a nice thing but "come on man" did they really think we where that good. Tony is stuck with two line backers who are to worried about there stomachs and dancing pregame then making plays in the game. i know porter had two sacks but he is awful. so PLAESE tell me they upgrade over channing next year. HE is the TED GINN of the DEFENSE. hey you think Gibril seen that hit mariweather put on shockey maybe if he could have done that we could have beat the saints. GO FNS and leave tony alone.

Whomever is in charge of Free Agent evaluations and decisions is not very good at their job from Crowder being toasted in coverage to injury prone Grove signing and Smiley signing, someone is screwing the pooch consistently.

Miami is basically paying Free Agent Welfare to constantly injured and disappointing players.

From day one I told you all Grove was a mistake.........all you had to do was check the oakland stats & blogs & papers to see that he was always injured......

add another need to the draft list, making rebuilding harder yet

franchise is cursed

Eddie, I know about those long drives ending in disappointment. I don't blame Tony either. We need to clean up the house again this season and really, I mean really, evaluate our personnel descisions. When are we going to stop making these bad choices? It sounds bad but since we're basically starting the bench now maybe we lose out for draft picks. God I hate saying that every year.

they took a shot with grove everyone knew he had injury prone seasons we missed!! some of us called it but hey we needed the upgrade !! obviously history shows hes not reliable for a full season so we need to take center into consideration in the draft or in free agency
im not sure releasing would be the best idea cuz our back ups arent great.

ps we overpayed for grove

Who freakin cares anymore! Another season down the drain..... I will wait until Feb to watch the combine and watch all the talent that works out and than I will watch it all go to NE, NO, Indy even freakin Norv Turner has his team playing well with all of those jokers on D. This is so embarassing again!

blah blah blah


I got sand in my v@g!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaahhhh

Thats what all you fairweather fans sounds like.


that is very unlike you!

I've stuck with this team for 30++ years........but the truth is becoming apparent, once again, that we're far from Shula-levels of consistent winning.

My phones all wet from all u crybabys on this blog...Carlito is right wahhhhhhhhh when we beat the Pats on Sunday please don't come on here and say u were behind this team all the way...

Why Emo??? Because we went 11-5 last year and u expected a Superbowl??? Henne, Long , Smith , Davis just a few of the names that makes this not only a mote talented team then last year, but closer to a consistent winner then ever before...we started with the toughest schedule in the NFL this year, and hung in every game with the Colts, NO, San Diego and coulda and shoulda won a couple of those...lessons learned, character built, this team is a draft and some solid free agent picks away from becoming one hell of a team...if u don't believe me, look at Parcells record throughout his career, year 3 u see a huge jump in wins and consistency

I think Soliai will fill in nicely next year, however, NT needs depth and I hope we look to the free agency to fill that hole as I am not sure Terrence Cody is worthy of a 1st rd pick and don't think he will make to the 2nd rd for us

FA's to watch:

Gabe Watson and Alan Branch from AZ

Johnny Jolly and Ryan Pickett from GB

We reported yesterday we think Grove will play Sunday. Kicked our butts again. We suck.



Hey, Eddie from New England, do you know my cousin Tony Dias from Fall River? My family goes way back - almost 40 years in that town!

Did someone on here write that Vontae was a bust????

Because Grove missed 2 games he's a bust all of a sudden? In case you guys didn't figure it out, that's the reason Berger was signed. Maybe you guys would be happier with Satele being pushed up into Henne's grill all year.

Mark In Toronto,

Can you imagine Satele in there getting push around this year?

Dolfan 1966-present. Coach Sparano was 5 years old at the time. I got a right to vent when I want as do the rest of you, as long as we're telling it like it is. Get mad if you like and spill your guts here in the blog. Most of your comments are right on.

The guys bashing you for crying are happy with the status quo.....a mediocre product. They probably worked at a General Motors plant all their lives.

Carlito, some people here have serious short memories.

TheSargeantMajor, I have respect for people's opinions, especially those that have been fans longer than I've been alive. However, don't you think it's more positive to point to signs of improvement and discuss the ways the current administration can improve those deficiencies? I mean, these guys aren't blind and have a good track record.

It took them 3 years to fix the Cowboys but when they did, they left them a super bowl contender even though they have the 2nd worst GM in the league.

They know what they do.


Maybe you prefer Dolphins to back at 1-15, but not me. They have made solid progress in the last 2 years. Can you tell me one team that ever went from 1-15 to Super Bowl in 2 years?

Mark, Yea, but some of the team players aren't pulling their weight and the guys here are mostly pointing out those players. Nothing wrong w/ that. Players that are pulling their weight should be identified as well, i.e., Carpenter, Fields, Ricky, Bess, and many more. I personally think Taylor is playing very good (some disagree) and he always plays 60 minutes, but you have to admit that the lion's share of the defense quit after Buffalo got that initial lead in the 4th qtr. That's unacceptable.

Mark, Carlito got it 100% right when he called out the "Fairweather Fans" down here in Miami!!! Redskins stadium has a 30 year waiting list for season tickets, Giants 20 plus, Denver 8 years, Green Bay forget it, the Dolphins, get em tommorrow...EIGHT games and we can't fill the Stadium, we are not talking baseball with 80 games, and by the way the Marlins have as many rings as the Red Sox have in 80 years and have 200 fans some days, another Miami embarrassment, it's not hockey with 40 home games, it's 8 stinkin home games...the only thing MEDIOCRE down here is some of these fans, not the team that Parcells is putting together... Unless they have instant wins they can't enjoy going out to these games and watching a good team being built...I don't care how long they have been fans, they are not GOOD fans...again, if they want instant gratificaion they need to go home and play with themselves..This team has suffered thru years of poor decisions and these people expect it to be fixed overnight...we have the greatest football mind and winner EVER in Bill Parcells that other teams would die to have, but the genius GM's on here know better....again, they need to find another team

Personally, I think the biggest sin the defense committed on Sunday was not all the points at the end but allowing Buffalo to go all the way down the field on them after the offense had an almost 10 minute touchdown drive to start the 2nd half. If the defense gets off the field in a 3 and out or max 1 first down, the phins come right back on that beaten defense and put the game away.

But make no mistake, the coaching staff and administration see who's mucking around and quickly replaced them. They hardly ever put up with prolonged periods of ineffectiveness.

Also, we need to see more Lex Hilliard. Both because he's earned it and 2nd because you don't want to use up Ricky too quickly. We do need him next year!


Agree with ya. Yankess have alot of rings. That is so nice. LOL. Red Sox are lucky to have two. We need patience with our fins. They are not the Yankees where you come to expect World Series appearances every year. Playoffs are a given. Let us wait and see after the next draft, we should be fine as long we address our needs.

Bobby, I agree with you. I've been a season ticket holder and was thoroughly disappointed to hear the J.E.T.S. chant in (back then) Pro Player Stadium. There are some serious Dolphin fans out there but for some reason, few of them are actually located in Miami.

See ... Eddie from New England sleeping in his car in 50 degree Buffalo

Me from Toronto taking 4 hour flights to see the games or driving hours to Buffalo or Cleveland or Detroit to watch games.

It seems there is little passion in the fan base, makes me angry to see all the orange seats when a game is on tv. Both for the phins and the canes.

I still believe people

WE need an infusion of passion into our fan base. Every single one us of that posts or reads here is a fan, except for Gopats. I guess there are different degrees of passion for our team per individual.

I love the fins. However, we sold our soul to the devil when the team sent Shula packing in such a stupid manner. He could have had one more year then retire with grace.

We dumped on Fiedler to early. The man was tough.

Then, we sold out again for Nick Satan and fooled by Cam Cameron. Both men too involved in what people think about them.

Now, we have the closest thing to a real football program in place; and so many folks think this is a Super Bowl team. Really?

Ask Nick Satan this? How does Drew Brees look now?


gopats mysteriously missing after monday night

JC agree with you that Fiedler was tough. He is not the QB we are looking for. He did the best he could with the abilities he had. He was better than Feeley.

Well, maybe if they were more concerned with building a winning team and not acquiring C-list celebs for the "game day experience" fans might actually want to show up. Personally, there's nothing more miserable then sitting in the stadium, with a crappy view and watching the team get molested. I can do that from the comfort of my couch...

Booby, you can claim you're a bigger, better fan because you show up...That just makes you a fool

I ALSO agree that the Free Agents have been atrocious...Mandy called for Fanaca, we got Smiley...Pop quiz. How many games has Fanaca EVER missed due to injury?

Mark in Toronto: yeah you're very right. I went to the Estadio Azteca here in Mexico when the Dolphins came here in a preseason game vs Denver. So why not save money from today to the next season to see my beloved Dolphins play in Miami?. Good times or bad times I am a fan.

bobbyd12, I can remember when we only put 20-something thousand fans in the OB for a Dolphins game during the early lean years. I agree, fans are not the best in the NFL. The Dolphins though have always had a pretty decent national following although that has waned some since Marino retired. I had season tickets during the 1971 and then 72 seasons. Velda Farms Huddle Club. It was like 10 bucks for 3 pre-season and 8 home games. Endzone tickets of course. Miami beat the Steelers 24-21 in 1971 after falling 21-0 early in the game. That's the kind team I want now. You can tell yourself that we're rebuilding until the cows come home, accept average standards of play for now, and call the rest of us "fair-weather fans if you like. But I could tell you stories about my loyalty to this team that would literally make your head spin. I'm not blowing any smoke either. Never, never, be satisfied until they make it to and win the Super Bowl.

Marc, first off, Mr. Ross left Bill Parcells in charge of football operations so he can concentrate on improving the experience, so as usual u have no clue what your talking about and continue to show ur ignorance....and second, what kind of dress u wearing to the Arts and Crafts Festival Sunday? The one u wore to work or something pretty and pink??? U are the biggest idiot on this blog, I thought it was TorruredDolphin but at least he isn't a Fairweather loser such as urself

I want to see our young Safety play more.

Put Grove on IR and not risk further injury for him.

I don't understand whey he keep giving long term contracts to guys that are injury prone. Grove and Smiley have a history of being injured, what made the GM think they wouldn't get hurt here. This puts our rebuilding process back another year ( we are stuck with these guys) and it looks like two years before we seriously contend again. Anyway, I'll wait and root for the Dolphins. At least we beat the Jets twice, the team with the fat coach that proclaimed superbowl but is now stuck rebuilding ( worse then us) with no draft picks.

Sgt Major, all teams have to rebuild at some point and do it properly, that's what Parcells is doing...did u expect a Superbowl team immediatley after all these years of stupid decision making, wasted draft picks and poor personel choices of Saban, Cameron, Wandstat etc? Who else do u want as GM? U have the brightest football mind EVER attempting to turn this around, do u think there is someone better??? Do u want a good football team who will be competitive yearly or one year wonders??? Sorry u don't have the patience for what Parcells is trying to accomplish but many of us do, except Marc who dresses in womens clothing. That's ur loss not mine...I will continue to support this team and will never be accused of being a bandwagon jumper, like so many so called fans

We have tried the quick fix. God bless his sole, even Shula tried it one year with Marino in town.. when we led the league in first round draft picks.. full of playmakers.. but we didn't win it all - why? Our foundation was jittery.

Like it or leave it, the intent of this administration is bang on. Consistency at the lines first. Solid depth. Add some play makers.

We have some line consistency, and considering we are being demolished by injuries yet still playing at about the same level, our depth is fantastic. Their is little drop off when switching to back-ups.

All we need now is for our potential stars (Henne, Vontae, Sean) to gain more experience and for us to add a few game changing play-makers at the WR and Linebacker position. That plus a NT..

The playmakers will shake things up and elevate the play of our above average but not great players..

As for being a fan - I tell my wife each time we buy a lotto ticket.. that the first thing I would do if we won millions would be the buy season tickets and then get tickets for all road games.. I would attend EVERY Game EVERY year.

If I was in Miami, I would certainly park my butt in one of those empty seats each week. This is my team, for better or for worse, and I will support them until the end of my time!

I Believe!

(some Superbowl love would be nice, though, guys!)

grr type:


Lips, 100% correct, quick fixes don't work...thank you


The last thing people want to hear is a man in a dress talk about football. Maybe if you spent less time prowling the side streets and alleys near OBT and got yourself to a game, you might know what you are talking about

since playoffs appear a slim to none shot, maybe we should see more of the wildpat experiment.

see what turner's got too.

I know exactly what I'm talkin about. You guys have no RATIONAL thought; blind leading the blind. "Greatest football mind ever" Are you serious? (Now retort with all his successes, that's an OPINION, and an outrageous one) I'll agree with one thing the Tuna said. "You are what your record says you are". Booby, I wore a dress on a bet AGAINST the Cowboys, FOR the Dolphins. THAT is how passionate I am about this team. But, that DOES NOT mean that I have to sit here and claim every move they make a great move. They've made blunders, in every aspect imaginable. From the top down. Just because I don't agree with your narrow viewpoint makes me no more on an idiot than it makes you a prick, although, you consistently prove that is the case. I'm NOT a bandwagon fan just because I don't predict a win every week. I've been a fan my entire life, I wear my gear to work every Fri, win or lose. I have a Dolphins tag on my car, I come to this freakin' blog to follow the team, however, I'm NOT a SHEEP! Bahhhh!

this year is lost, because we have no recievers, thats the fact!! all the other crap you guys talk about comes second, remember that, Gin sucks, Camarilo is a joke, Bess is a number 3 guy, Hartline shows me something but will never be more than a number 3 guy. We dont have a legitamate 1 or a 2. So stop complaing about this or that and take your lumps another year. Parcells knows his stuff and we are on the right track, takes time building a real football team, J Johnson put us on that track but left 1 year too early!


Anthony name one Draftee that has made the impact that Zach or JT did? Don't you dare say Long. Yes, he made the Pro Bowl his rookie season, but, for those with bad memories, allow me to remind you that he was an alternate until the actual starter didn't make it. He's not BAD either, but, we haven't drafted anyone that's make an immediate impact, as JJ did. I sound like a broken record

Marc enjoyed wearing a dress and continues on a daily basis...u know less about the Dolphins then anyone else here...

And I'm pretty sure Parcells has built a couple more NFL winners then u..go supersize someones order and let men that know about football and don't wear dresses talk on this blog,..

The arguements between some of you guys are sad...obviously were not going to agree on everything but why do people have to take personal shots at one another? Exchange AIM names and bash one another on your own time

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