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Emptying the notebook for big doings Thursday

Clearing out Wednesday's notebook:

A couple of weeks ago the Cleveland Plain Dealer "reported" Bill Parcells was on the Browns' radar and that a source believed he might be swayed into being interested in the job as Browns football czar.

Um, that report doesn't resonate so well right now as Cleveland has offered the job to Mike Holmgren.

The truth of the matter is Parcells has been spending the past few weeks meeting with Miami's scouts and studying tape as if there was a soon coming exam. The tape he studies is of Miami practices, Miami games, Miami opponents, and college players he will be interested in draft next April.

And if he is drafting next April, it will be for the Dolphins. I cannot report this as fact. But call it a prediction that I'm fairly confident about.

The truth is Parcells has it pretty good in Miami. Worries that new owner Stephen Ross would become a pain for him have not materialized. Ross, very active on the business side, has not asked Parcells for the keys to the franchise that Wayne Huizenga tossed the future Hall of Famer in December 2007.

Parcells would also be hard pressed to quickly reproduce elsewhere the results he has brought in Miami because he basically hit the ground running here. He had "his guys" that are familiar with his system and he hired them here.

Those men have contracts with the Dolphins. It would be difficult for Parcells to then take those guys to say, Cleveland, and have his golfing and dining partner (Dan Henning) as an offensive coordinator, his apprentice (Jeff Ireland) as a general manager, his former assistant (Paul Pasqualoni) as the defensive coordinator, and his former offensive coordinator and offensive line coach (Tony Sparano) as the head coach.

Simply, it would be hard for Parcells to reproduce the quick turn-around he did here because he would have to start from scratch with a lot of people and he didn't have to do that here.

Another issue is that Parcells' job isn't truly done here. Have you noticed? The Dolphins haven't won a Super Bowl. Haven't won a conference title. Haven't won a playoff game. They are better than they where they were when Parcells arrived. But they are by no means elite. And Parcells was hired and is being paid to make them elite.

So if he leaves, he leaves the job unfinished and I don't believe he wants to do that. Not this time. Finally, where else is Parcells going to go that would offer him the lifestyle that South Florida offers? He can play golf in December. Hialeah is re-opening. Spring Training is around the corner.

You don't get that anywhere else.

Nope, Parcells isn't leaving the Dolphins for another NFL job. If he ever leaves, it might be for television. But another team? Hard to imagine.


The motto that other Dolphins teams have used -- without much success, I must add -- made its 2009 appearance around the Dolphins facility on Wednesday.

Why not us!

It was plastered throughout the locker room. Just like that. The phrase is actually a question, but it was punctuated by an exclamation point. And what purpose does the phrase serve?

"How can I put this," cornerback Sean Smith told me, "no offense, you guys the media, the evil media, everybody's talking about the playoffs and whatnot, but nobody's mentioned the Dolphins from what we've seen. Even though that doesn't really matter to us, I think it's a message to ourselves that even though a lot of people aren't talking about us, why can't it be us?"

Although the Dolphins admittedly have little room for error if they want to get in the playoffs -- needing to win out and also needing other teams to lose -- they like their chances. They like their chances even if they've perceived that the media (mostly national) pretty much ignores them.

"We're doing positive things so why can't we finish it off by getting the playoffs?" Smith asked rhetorically. "It's a reminder to us not to worry about what everybody else is talking about. Let's play our game and worry about what we do in these walls."

It's classic bunker mentality. But hey, if it works, whatever gets you through the night.


I had a handful of followers on my twitter asking me Wednesday if receiver Patrick Turner would be getting playing time before this season is over. This is what coach Tony Sparano said about Turner on Wednesday:

"Patrick's done a nice job, he really has," Sparano said. "He's a work in progress right now. Obviously, you wish you could take every player to the game and we can't do that. We've carried four receivers on a lot of occasions. He's been active a couple of times and played sparingly on special teams. But the guy works very hard in practice. I see great improvement out of him and he's a guy sooner or later here that is going to get an opportunity and I'm sure make the most of it."

Translation: Unless something significant changes in the final three weeks of the season, such as an injury to one of the other wide receivers or unless Miami's playoff hopes are dashed by a loss or two, Turner isn't going to be playing at all on Sundays.

He's just the fifth horse in a five-horse race and that doesn't qualify him to be active on game day.

The fact Miami has had two receivers -- Davone Bess and Greg Camarillo -- go over 100 yards in receiving the past two games also means the coaching staff isn't going to sit anyone just to play Turner.

So Turner's time may just have to wait until 2010.


The last word on the Ted Ginn Jr. versus Chris Johnson match race that never was: Ginn didnt want to step up and take Johnson on, either by words or deeds. And one would expect most of Ginn's teammates to step to the receiver's corner.

But not all of them.

Asked if Ginn or Johnson is faster, linebacker Channing Crowder picked Johnson.

“I’ll put him and a cheetah up," Crowder said. "The cheetah might have a step on him, but he is ridiculously fast, explosive and just a great back.

Asked if he believes Johnson could give Usain Bolt a run for his money, Crowder has no doubts.

“He probably can," Crowder said. "He might run with Bolt in the damn 100. Y’all don’t know how fast that boy is. I know y’all look at numbers. He is fast – fast, fast; flat out period fast. There’s game speed and this explosion and good cut, good feet, no. He’s fast. He’s fast, period. Capital letters. Write it down in your report. I know I’m going to give y’all what you need to write down. He’s fast. Y’all know how to spell it, with a capital damn ‘T’ at the end."


Thursday is a big day at Dolphins camp. The coordinators talk. The locker room is open We'll see if Reggie Torber (hamstring) practices after missing Wednesday. I'll have an update on Vince Young's status. And I'm sure a couple of surprises are bound to crop up. So ya'll come back often, ya'hear? (Getting my Tennessee talk all polished).


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Ask Pasquloney how he plans on containig Chris Johnson.

While your at it, ask him why we never use any type of "jailbreak" blitzes.

chris johnson you damn sure are fast well good for you now take all that speed along with the 57 yards your gonna get sunday and shut your mouth. teddy ginn is your daddy because he plays for the miami dolphins and you dont and thats the bottom line cause you know who said so

I don't care how fast he is! Knock him on his butt and he'll start hesitating. I hope the coaches are listening and throw a few passes down field to Ginn like the did in the Jet game. Get the kid involved early and build his confidence, give him something to brag about and shut Johnson's mouth.

I like ur articles mando

we dont use jailbreak blitzes because our secondary cant handle the coverage...yet

Chris Johnson is an idiot and im tired of hearing that he is fast or he can compete with Usain Bolt bunch of bs... The only reason the Titans are playoff contenders right now is 2 words: Vince Young. I do hope Ted Ginn has a career day which he has the potential of putting great numbers. But better that we win the ball game by a huge margin.... Plzzz win by 4 or 5 touchdowns my poor heart cant take another close game again.

Thanks Crowder for getting rid of that bs hype. Let Johnson be fast. I doesn't matter, the Phins have to stop him and will. Getting Ted off his game isn't going to work if the focus is on beating the opponent.

Golden Tate would fit perfect in Miami...He has great hands and even though he's 5'11 he makes up for it with a great vertical.Tate makes plays period....he breaks tackles for huge yards after the catch.If you think he's scared to go over the middle...your crazy and need to watch Tate play.Tate will never run out of bounds like Ginn.
He works for every yard he gets.Tate can also run some WILDCAT...and is no Diva WR.I hope we get him because we need someone to step up and make plays...Tate is our Man.Sorry this is a little off topic Phin fans ha

I would love to see Turner at some point.Sounds like our Dolphins are ready to play so Leta hope they show us with a win.

Maybe turner needs a tutor like they had at F.S.U .U.S.C I don't think is any different and no I'm not saying he's special needs just saying college to pro and a tutor like J.rice could help if they really think he has IT.


chris johnson will be running towards porters side because joey doesn't hold the edge against the run. even fitzpatrick qb of the bills got to the edge several times and won the game.

"Patrick's done a nice job, he really has," Sparano said.
Sparano says, "He really has" about everyone. If Tony didn't follow "****'s done a nice job for us" with the phrase "he really has", it must mean the guy's about to get cut.

Ginn's showed a little heart lately, maybe he and Johnson should settle it in the parking lot before the game...

I don't know who kris johnson is and after Sunday he will still be unknown to me. I will know him only as the mud puddle the Dolphins made in the middle of the field. Jeff fisher better have his colts jersey ready.

Hey, Tennessee Boy {and by "Tennessee Boy" I mean you, Armando}...

...it's spelled y'all.

Y'oure welcome.

I think it's funny Johnson is picking on Ginn like it matters if he's off his game..... He's a non factor anyway. He should be picking on Ricky or the defense.

Dear Mr. Salguero

"Another issue is that Parcells' job isn't truly done here. Have you noticed?"

Dirty dishe's still in the sink.
Garbage still not taken to the curb.
The kids bedroom isn't gonna paint itself.
How's that "I promise" to cut the grass this weekend comming along ?

And yet every night you and your boys go out for the early bluebird special then hit the Bingo parlor for all night gambling.

Soiled :)

Johnson will F ALL against the Dolphins up the middle. As Greg said, Porter's edge will be the key. If he lines up too wide to get to the passer, they will just run it inside of him. Jax did it last week and it was pretty comical.

Im wondering when u guys are going to give up on the old tired bash ted jr act. Get over it. Hes a miami dolphins. You guys are mostly punks in here blabbib about a guy who did something posistive with his life while yall aint done sqat.

Also Mando if Kimbo Slice challenged u to a fist fight on Sound Beach would you write on here that YOU GOT PUNKED or that Kimbo was a douche. Lets be real. Im sure (if u dont end up alseep in the ER) you sure as hell wont be writing on here that you got punked.... Youll prob never mention it ever ever. Just sayin...

Bigwillystyle. I once challenged the late pro wrestler Crash Holly to a fight in a bar. He's dead now. The two events are unrelated.

Wow BigWilly - who peed in your cornflakes this morning?

Great news Armando!! It will be a very tough game this weekend. I think it will come down to our front 7 and how well Henne plays. CJ is going to get his yards and plays, but if we atay away from the "BIG ONE" from him I believe we win. Let him have his 125 and a TD, but don't let them come in BIG CHUNCKS. The bad thing is I have CJ on 2 of my fantasy teams for the fantasy playoffs and it is killing me to start him against my boys!! I still feel we can win, but obviously it will be another close one.

Miami - 27 Titans - 16

If Crowder says how fast Johnson is there is a built-in excuse if Crowder can't get him on Sunday. I don't believe that will be the case though.

How bout a story on a fired up Defense angry that all the analysts think they suck and disrespected that Chris Johnson was in our backyard talkin smack last summer and is still at it? This week smells like the same intensity we had before the humiliating Buffalo game. Talkin bout garbage instead of football.

Excellent post Mando!

I like the "bunker menatlity." Why Not!?! (us!)

Out of xanax. Lol.

Why not us! Have you considered the 2007 Super Champ NY Giants?

The 2007 Giants finished the regular season 10-6. Made the playoffs as a 5th seeded wildcard, then proceeded to beat Tampa Bay, Dallas, and Green Bay to advanced and face the 18-0 invincible Patriots. So most thought anyway.

Final outcome Giants 17 Pats 14. Giants finish 13-6 Pats finish an infamous 18-1.

It isnat the team with the most talent that wins in the playoffs and championship series. Its the team that can go on the best 3-4 game roll. So if we can make the playoffs, "why not us!"

Even though we are still a work in progress the foundation for playoff success has been laid. We have an upper-echalon run game. With the emergence of Henne I believe we have just enough in the pass game. We are decent against the run and if we can began to get consistent pass pressure on opposing qb's should we make the playoffs.

Then Armando, "Why not us!"

Not only are we the only team in NFL history to complete an entire season undefeated untied(1972-73). Possibility exist to make NFL history again becoming the only team to defeat 2 regular season unbeaten untied teams on the way to super bowl victory. (As the lowest seeded wildcard, 6th)

Again Armando, "Why not us!"

Y. Bell will catch Chris Johnson all day! Bell gotta be one of the fastest DB on the team. That's the match up you should be talkin about.

Pray for Chris Henry friends and family... What a sad story...

Nothing beats that Vince Young pic when he was all shirtless with his "boys" at some party.

If it was a track race out of the blocks, Teddy wins hands down!

Bad news for a guy that was turning it around.

Two things: first, Dolphins never receive respect from the media. Nothing new. There's a guy on NFL network, Charles Davis, who actually watches football and has picked them to make the playoffs. Other than him, there's the occassional Keyshawn and Marino vote of confidence.

Second, Rex Ryan called Ronnie Brown the best back in the game. I'll defer to his opinion before I listen to Channing Crowder's non-tackling a ss

R.I.P #15

Better talk about how many times Randy Starks will be chasing down Johnson.


Kimbo Slice challenges Mando to a fight on Ocean Ave. Mando no show because he gets punked or Mando no show because he took the high road??? Hhmmm.

If Ted Ginn actually raced Chris Johnson in the street and rolled an ankle or pulled a hamstring... or skinned his knee, Parcells would have barbecued the kid, that is if he didn't cut him on the spot.

Big worry -The Skins fired Cerrato (or he allegedly 'resigned'. Sports radio here is going gaga happy because he ran the team into the ground. Just pray Snyder is looking at Shanahan (rumour is Holmgren doesnt like Snyder after hi boy Zorn was stripped of play calling duties) and doesn't go after Parcells, because they call Snyder the ATM in DC -people come here to cash in - famous for overpaying for players and or coaches. There is speculation that Snyder may be over his meddling phase and ready to turn it over to a football guy with control. This is the time of year when guys leave teams to evaluate existing talent and prep for the draft /scout bowls etc. Ireland is your boy, but Bill - we love you - please stay the course .

Parcells would never go to Washington, Dan Snyder doesn't let people "buy the groceries." Are you kidding? This guy is up there with Al Davis and Jerry Jones...

I heard Kimbo Slice is waiting for Mando at Wet WIllys. Mando dont do it! Take the high road. LOL.

Leave it to Channing to capitalize words at the end- fast with a capital T? Ranks right up there with not knowing where London is and asking if London Fletcher is from England. Brilliant.

Armando - doesnt matter if Miami never won a playoff game under Bill. Granted, Jerry probably ran him out of Tex-ass, but despite the fascination with them, the Cowboys havent won a playoff game in over 10 years -and he left them.

Good point though... although Parcells has roots everywhere in the league, it must be harder to move laterally from GM to GM than from coach to GM because you are closer to the people on the field day to day as a coach. Coaching staffs usually move together ... they all have their own guys and he is farther removed from the field. But if an upstart young guy got the call from Bill i am sure he'd go in a heartbeat.

We suck.


maybe I'm wrong but, is Chris Clemmons the fastest guy in our defense?, I don't say that we better put he as a spy to beat Chris Johnson, I think is better play a very disipline defense. But who is the fastest in out defense?

Kimbo Slice challenges me to a fight at Wet Wily's?

Mando doesn't show because Mando's wife kicks his butt for going out without her.

... And it can be spelled ya'll.

Y'all is preferable, but don't be challenging my country litterchure, OK?

Ginn wears aqua & orange. Until he doesn't. I'll defend him. Let's have some honor fans.

Very sad story for the Bengals and the family and friends of Chris Henry. RIP!

Armando, I would spell it ya'll also

Stan is an idiot...

You would spell it ya'll because you are from the North.

Not sure who is the fastest on D, but Y. Bell had some pretty nice chase downs this year.

Yeah and your point is? For someone criticizing how Mando spells a slang word is amazing...

I love this team, but why not us?

Because Baltimore, Denver, Jacksonville are ahead of us and because New England has an easy schedule the rest of the way.

Look, it's been an OK season. But playoffs?




Take it easy man, just messing with you, be careful you might get high blood pressure this way

Mando is actually correct: http://www.wsu.edu/~brians/errors/yall.html

He was referring to each and everyone one of us...

Really Carlito from the immigration office?

You're telling Mando how to spell ya'll or y'all or yourass?

Dude, spell passport. Spell green card. Worry about things that are closer to your concerns.

The funniest thing I have heard in a long time is that ANYONE in the NFL can compete against Bolt. Seriously funny. Did anyone see him blow away all his competition, I mean blow away...world class olympians during the Olympics?

Johnson sounds like an egomaniac ready to be taken down a notch. Great player no doubt, but if we don't let him by the line of scrimmage, his speed won't burn us.

New England is crumbling, Jacksonville has an impossible schedule (indy, and Ne), Dolphins own head to head with Jacksonville and Baltimore is not the same defense they used to be.

If Dolphins win out, they have a great chance for playoffs

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