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Emptying the notebook for big doings Thursday

Clearing out Wednesday's notebook:

A couple of weeks ago the Cleveland Plain Dealer "reported" Bill Parcells was on the Browns' radar and that a source believed he might be swayed into being interested in the job as Browns football czar.

Um, that report doesn't resonate so well right now as Cleveland has offered the job to Mike Holmgren.

The truth of the matter is Parcells has been spending the past few weeks meeting with Miami's scouts and studying tape as if there was a soon coming exam. The tape he studies is of Miami practices, Miami games, Miami opponents, and college players he will be interested in draft next April.

And if he is drafting next April, it will be for the Dolphins. I cannot report this as fact. But call it a prediction that I'm fairly confident about.

The truth is Parcells has it pretty good in Miami. Worries that new owner Stephen Ross would become a pain for him have not materialized. Ross, very active on the business side, has not asked Parcells for the keys to the franchise that Wayne Huizenga tossed the future Hall of Famer in December 2007.

Parcells would also be hard pressed to quickly reproduce elsewhere the results he has brought in Miami because he basically hit the ground running here. He had "his guys" that are familiar with his system and he hired them here.

Those men have contracts with the Dolphins. It would be difficult for Parcells to then take those guys to say, Cleveland, and have his golfing and dining partner (Dan Henning) as an offensive coordinator, his apprentice (Jeff Ireland) as a general manager, his former assistant (Paul Pasqualoni) as the defensive coordinator, and his former offensive coordinator and offensive line coach (Tony Sparano) as the head coach.

Simply, it would be hard for Parcells to reproduce the quick turn-around he did here because he would have to start from scratch with a lot of people and he didn't have to do that here.

Another issue is that Parcells' job isn't truly done here. Have you noticed? The Dolphins haven't won a Super Bowl. Haven't won a conference title. Haven't won a playoff game. They are better than they where they were when Parcells arrived. But they are by no means elite. And Parcells was hired and is being paid to make them elite.

So if he leaves, he leaves the job unfinished and I don't believe he wants to do that. Not this time. Finally, where else is Parcells going to go that would offer him the lifestyle that South Florida offers? He can play golf in December. Hialeah is re-opening. Spring Training is around the corner.

You don't get that anywhere else.

Nope, Parcells isn't leaving the Dolphins for another NFL job. If he ever leaves, it might be for television. But another team? Hard to imagine.


The motto that other Dolphins teams have used -- without much success, I must add -- made its 2009 appearance around the Dolphins facility on Wednesday.

Why not us!

It was plastered throughout the locker room. Just like that. The phrase is actually a question, but it was punctuated by an exclamation point. And what purpose does the phrase serve?

"How can I put this," cornerback Sean Smith told me, "no offense, you guys the media, the evil media, everybody's talking about the playoffs and whatnot, but nobody's mentioned the Dolphins from what we've seen. Even though that doesn't really matter to us, I think it's a message to ourselves that even though a lot of people aren't talking about us, why can't it be us?"

Although the Dolphins admittedly have little room for error if they want to get in the playoffs -- needing to win out and also needing other teams to lose -- they like their chances. They like their chances even if they've perceived that the media (mostly national) pretty much ignores them.

"We're doing positive things so why can't we finish it off by getting the playoffs?" Smith asked rhetorically. "It's a reminder to us not to worry about what everybody else is talking about. Let's play our game and worry about what we do in these walls."

It's classic bunker mentality. But hey, if it works, whatever gets you through the night.


I had a handful of followers on my twitter asking me Wednesday if receiver Patrick Turner would be getting playing time before this season is over. This is what coach Tony Sparano said about Turner on Wednesday:

"Patrick's done a nice job, he really has," Sparano said. "He's a work in progress right now. Obviously, you wish you could take every player to the game and we can't do that. We've carried four receivers on a lot of occasions. He's been active a couple of times and played sparingly on special teams. But the guy works very hard in practice. I see great improvement out of him and he's a guy sooner or later here that is going to get an opportunity and I'm sure make the most of it."

Translation: Unless something significant changes in the final three weeks of the season, such as an injury to one of the other wide receivers or unless Miami's playoff hopes are dashed by a loss or two, Turner isn't going to be playing at all on Sundays.

He's just the fifth horse in a five-horse race and that doesn't qualify him to be active on game day.

The fact Miami has had two receivers -- Davone Bess and Greg Camarillo -- go over 100 yards in receiving the past two games also means the coaching staff isn't going to sit anyone just to play Turner.

So Turner's time may just have to wait until 2010.


The last word on the Ted Ginn Jr. versus Chris Johnson match race that never was: Ginn didnt want to step up and take Johnson on, either by words or deeds. And one would expect most of Ginn's teammates to step to the receiver's corner.

But not all of them.

Asked if Ginn or Johnson is faster, linebacker Channing Crowder picked Johnson.

“I’ll put him and a cheetah up," Crowder said. "The cheetah might have a step on him, but he is ridiculously fast, explosive and just a great back.

Asked if he believes Johnson could give Usain Bolt a run for his money, Crowder has no doubts.

“He probably can," Crowder said. "He might run with Bolt in the damn 100. Y’all don’t know how fast that boy is. I know y’all look at numbers. He is fast – fast, fast; flat out period fast. There’s game speed and this explosion and good cut, good feet, no. He’s fast. He’s fast, period. Capital letters. Write it down in your report. I know I’m going to give y’all what you need to write down. He’s fast. Y’all know how to spell it, with a capital damn ‘T’ at the end."


Thursday is a big day at Dolphins camp. The coordinators talk. The locker room is open We'll see if Reggie Torber (hamstring) practices after missing Wednesday. I'll have an update on Vince Young's status. And I'm sure a couple of surprises are bound to crop up. So ya'll come back often, ya'hear? (Getting my Tennessee talk all polished).


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I'm sorry I couldn't hear you through your Klan mask.


Wasn't talking to you or mando

Crowder finally saying something worth listening to and I think he is trying to cover already the fact he will miss alot of tackles on this kid. Now I hope the rest of the D puts this gold tooth non english speaking jerk on his narrow little arse. Crowder won't be able to stay with him on those screens they love to throw .

Crowder was smart to side with Johnson. It takes away any opportunity for the Titans to try to turn his comment into motivational material.

And it motivates Ginn to want to prove him wrong... hopefully it motivates Ginn.

I believe, even though our playoff chances are at about 22% right now..

A Bills and Dolphins win this weekend would sure up our chances considerably!

I smell criminal investigation in the Chris Henry matter. A report stated paramedics found an unidentified man lying in the street. Where was she?

This is how I see it all playing out. Henry caught her with her lover in the truck, went to approach them. They tried to make an escape, then Henry's wr speed allowed him to close in fast enough to hop the back of the truck.

Then she and her lover began swerving the truck back and forth while maybe he was trying to reach in and grab the steering wheel. He finally loses balance as result of swerving then fall off and hit head on pavement at a very hard impact rate.

Then she and her lover drives off leaving him lying in the road to die. She may have returned to scene later after paramedics had arrived. However I find no accounts she was at the scene at all.

If it was truly an accident how could she have not none he had fallen off the back. Or had been the first to call 911. Or had been on the scene when paramedics first arrived?

The comment about the paramedics arriving to find an unidentified male lying in the road disturbs me. Why would this comment have been made if she was there when they first arrived?

This leads one to believe either she wasnt there when they arrived or it was just sloppy journalism reporting of the facts. If she wasnt there its apparent criminal investigation is due.

So when Crowder has a good game are you guys going to rip him like you are now? I think it is great how some of you so called fans give crap to this player or that player and when that player has a above average game ya'll (or y'all) want to kiss their butt

And also to add is Bill Parcells age..who in their right mind wants to go to Clevland or anywhere else to live in miserable conditions...this is Bill Parcells last hurrah in the NFL and he's doing it with the Phins!!

All the AFC teams, including the Colts are flawed teams. No reason to believe the Dolphins shouldn't be thinking playoffs. It's up to them. If they take care of business, then they will be there. No reason to be having an inferiority complex towards a team Qb'd by Kyle Orton or Jax (who we just beat in their own barn), or Baltimore (who aren't as daunting as they were last year on defense).

FLPD, that was brutal. Bang your sister/mother today?

While we don't yet control our own destiny, a 3-0 ending to the season will be pretty close to a playoff position lock.

I hope the Dolphins are worried about winning while the Titans are worried about who is faster

Agreed Carlito. While Ginn is a bit of a pansy, am glad he is focusing on the game. I hope the entire team is focusing on this game and on how to stop the run.

We need to go 1-0 this weekend..that is the ABSOLUTE most important stat.

LMFAO @ FLPD RE: carlito

Our D-Line is better than their O-Line. Its gonna be up to JT and JP this week to contain and not get fooled on those screens... SCREEENNNNN!!!

Mark your calenders. Fins will win remaining 3 games and Steelers will upset Ravens to get us in as a wildcard. Not sold on Jags beating either Colts or Pats.

Why not us? The Dolphins are a better team now than the one that lost the first 3 games (to quality opponents). The O-line is earning every dollar of their $157 mil salary. The D-line is coming together week by week. The QB play is maturing rapidly. Ricky's running with power. Nobodies picking on our rookie DBs because neither one of them are playing like rookies. Even our receivers are starting to find open spots on the field.

FLPD, it's easy to attack uneducated guy as Carlito but it's not cool at all .
try to attack DyingBreed and see what happens .

Lips, I know we don't control our own destiny but I know all those other teams ahead of us (except New England) will lose a game.

When you 'attack' someone over a computer ALoco, is it even more scary and brutal than an attack in real life?

joe banana

Tonight's game is huge, if you believe in motivational factors leading up to gameday. If the Jags win, then the pressure for the teams following to win in order to keep up is increased. If the Jags lose, then the mindset for those chasing is probably centered more around confidence in taking advantage of a huge golden opportunity to take control.

Psychological aspects leading up to games are huge this time of year, IMO.

Jags aren't beating anybody - except the Jets. And everybody does that. Jags stink!

Why not us? Because the Colts are going to lay down tonight vs. Jax, and next week vs. the Jerks. NE will win beat Buff, then lose to both Jax and HOU, but it will be too late to help us. The Jerks will end up winning the division beating a weakened ATL, IND sitting its stars, and CIN also sitting its stars. Sorry gang. The Jets are going to have the last laugh this year getting in by winning the division at 10-6. Mia by the way, will be M.I.A. this week, then get beat again by HOU. We'll beat PIT in the last game, but 8-8 won't cut it. That's why...book it.

Book it? Do you watch football, who believes the Jests finish strong, even if it is against weak teams, which it is not.

realist or pessimist?

LMFAO @ FLPD. Re : carlito

Hey realist. Er, should I say Gopats or Arawak. Nice try. Now make like a sheppard and get the F....ck outta here. Go to a Jets or Pats sight to hang out with the other unemployed welfare recipient losers. Your real team stinks. Miami owns this division.

What do you mean, you can golf in California in December, spring training, NO, but baseball is WMBS (World's Most Boaring Sport).

Realist or delusional Jets fan? The Jets aren't winning anything... haven't you heard, Sanchito is coming back. 3 games = 15 int, 6 fumbles, 0 wins

Mark, I'm thinkin' the correct term is "whiner", not "pessimist". (Whinin' about the future.) Oh, and "That guy", it'd be nice if Crowder was our second best ILB, but know when yer being clowned by his drivel; he does. And whoever it was... KIMBO SLICE??? He would be a scary example if he had any hand-eye coordination. Watch the comical amount of times his flurries miss. Brock "sports entertainment" Lesner would dominate him in a boxing match... and Chris Johnson would have a better shot at outracing Bolt than Kimbo would have at beating a talented boxer. Also, Ginn whiners... ask yourself this: If you cannot even acknowledge that though Ginn did make a woefully bad play to give the Saints a turnover, he did make up for that boo-boo by knocking the ball out at the one yard line, (in front of an official with a scandalously clear view of what should have been a touchback), then you are a whiner not a realist. Also, it should be acknowledged that he made up for not outfighting that "nobody" Darrel Reevis for a ball that would have won the first Jets game last year, by outplaying him in the next three. And jeez, HE didn't pick himself ninth. Even our other first round "bust", Jason Allen, didn't mess up as a starter last week, and for all Gibril Wilson's reputation against the run, from what I've seen, Jason may be a better run tackler, and LESS of a headless chicken in coverage... and might should be used as a cover safety (hey, he at least knows which way the end zone he's defending is).

FLPD punks carlito from douche-ito

I had a hard time understanding what Crowder meant. Is he saying Johnson is fast?

LOL!!! Nuff said, you say someone is fast 4 times in one sentence then the guy must be pretty fast fast fast and fast.

Ginn wears aqua & orange. Until he doesn't. I'll defend him. Let's have some honor fans.

Posted by: Jessie Z! | December 17, 2009 at 10:47 AM

So hypothetically speaking of course.

If your significant other cheated on you then sticking with them is the right thing to do because you're still married or seeing each other?

Ginn is cheating on this team. He has cheated us out of at least TWO games we should have won.

Mark, absolutely. I think if we win out, we have over 90% chance of making it because someone that needs to lose most likely will..

I think we need one game at a time... just need 3 weekends of 1 - 0 football. Lame and cliche, but that is what it will take..

maybe I'm wrong but, is Chris Clemmons the fastest guy in our defense?, I don't say that we better put he as a spy to beat Chris Johnson, I think is better play a very disipline defense. But who is the fastest in out defense

YOu are definitely right in that Clemmons ran the fastest 40 time on the defense. That doesnt always translate into game speed- 30yr old Bell is not even in the same sentence w/a rookie who ran 4.4. Both rookie corners ran around the same like 4.48 and 4.52. Oh yeah, I think Omar is a punk

Thanks Crowder for not inciting the enemy - please keep your mouth shut the rest of the week please.

Where is Golfito anyways?

realist = Jets fan = Pathetic, because they are faced with another offseason of nothing achieved, and their lives have no meaning anyway, so they cling to desperate hopes of Jets winning the division, so they can have something ,anything, to cling to. Already wrong as Colts won last night anyway....

As for Parcells, I know for a fact that his close personal friends say he is very happy in Florida and has everything he wants in Miami. They say he gets sick to his stomach every time the Dolphins lose, because he cares so much, so Bill is not going anywhere. The national media (i.e. ESPN, NBC,) have been trying to get Parcells out of Miami because they are going to take over control of the division from the Patriots and Jets, and they don't want that because they have personal interests in having the Patriots or Jets be THE team. Example Peter King lives in Boston, and is part of the Bob Kraft propaganda machine, we know about Chris Berman, Mike Greenberg is a Jets fan who has egg on his face from laughing at the Dolphins last year when people said they could win the Division and he snidely said "yeah right", Chris McHendry( whatever her name is, because she's awful) making fun of the Dolphins while doing their Jags highlights this past Monday afternoon, and on and on. Parcells has the Dolphins set up for a long run, so they keep planting rumors every year about him "leaving" because they hate the Dolphins and deplore what he is doing to their Patsies and Jetsies.

He is not going anywhere. Please boycott all things ESPN too, until their hatred of the Dolphins stops for good. That won't happen but I'd love to hurt their financial bottom line in South Florida.

Crowder already started giving excuses for not being able to catch Johnson. Actually he can't catch anybody.

We won play turner because we are a team that will only improve with draft picks and not trades but we rarely switch out players. Look at ginn, it took injuries and he still doesn't return kicks. Patrick turner deserves a chance at least! For the dolphins, with his heighth and speed, it's ridiculous that u won't give players chances until you see them on the field but u won't put them on the field.

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