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It's all about U: Dolfans understand the process

My column in Today's Miami Herald (yes, we still print an edition you Internet freeloaders should purchase every once in a while) discusses a topic you should be familiar with:


The fans.

Frankly, as Yoda would say, "impressed with you I am," because many of you don't want to jump off the bandwagon or bench the offense of fire everybody any time the team loses.

The fact is many of you understand what is happening -- slowly but surely -- with the rebuilding of the franchise and to date you are being patient with the process.

That wasn't always the case. Miami Dolfans have had their moments of anger and impatience and near-revolution.

So you tell me on this feedback Tuesday: Is it fair for me to conclude you have found a group of franchise caretakers you have faith in? What areas of the team are you optimistic about? What are you skeptical about?

And how long does the current understanding and bliss extend? Asked another way, when does the honeymoon end and you, the fans, start to expect championships at all costs?

(Not to suggest everyone is thrilled with the Dolphins these days, if you're unhappy with the direction of the team, please say so.)  


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I think we have a lot of young talent on our team. They have played very well so far. I believe they will get better with the right coaching. I am very excited for the next few years. I live in Indianapolis and I would love to see the Dolphins in the Superbowl in 2011, hosted here in my town. I am also looking forward to coming down for the final regular season game!! Go Fins!!!

Yes, I think it's fair to say that I'm happy with the direction the team is taking with Sparano, Parcells and Ireland. I just pray they stay with it for awhile, at least until we win something significant, like maybe an AFC championship.

I have two areas of concern. First, I am worried that Henne is not the future -- like it appears everyone else thinks. At Michigan, he could not win the big games. And, it appears he has the same problems with the Dolphins. After having a year of studying under a QB that was maybe the best in efficiency and taking care of the ball (Pennington), Henne has not learned those two important aspects of QBing. I am worried that the Trifecta will bet the farm on Henne. If it does not work out, then we are set back years finding the next one.

Second, I am worried about the LBing corps -- both inside and outside. I don't believe Crowder is the answer on the inside -- I wished we would have taken Lauranitis in the draft. His year has just been average, at best. The Trifecta will likely take an outside rusher -- given Parcell's liking of OLBers. I hope they don't forget about the inside -- our current ILBs suck.

I expect playoffs next year without question, and a real super bowl push the next.

I absolutely have faith in the guys controlling this team. We will be elite again!

I like the fight in the team, like the O-line, like how Henne is developing, love the Ronnie/Ricky combo. The good thing is that these days they are always in a game. The bad thing is that these days they are always in a game -- see: Indy, NO.

It looks and feels like slow and steady progress to me, and I look forward to what next year brings. This progress is precisely the opposite of that of the Jets, who always seem to flash early in the season prior to an annual catastrophic meltdown. A joy to behold, but something I couldn't bear as a fan!

Continue to show that they are a staff that practices what they preach (accountability) and cut Gibril Wilson as soon as the season is over. While his play has improved, he still gets burned wayyyy too much and this team can't afford to have a safety that terrible in pass coverage with two young rookie corners...not to mention he is way overpaid.

Oh and a #1 receiver as well as a nose tackle would be nice.

I think that most are patient because we see progress with young talent and we see a future at QB for the first time since Marino retired. If you just look at stats Fiedler was a good QB but you just knew he was never going to be elite and take us to the Manning/Brady level and now with Henne that is possible. Plus the trifecta seems to make mostly the right call on players (Wilford and Wilson excluded). Their drafts have been very productive and the have built from the lines out and historically that is the way to build a long term winner. So yes I think most fans understand we might be building towards something special.

Best group the mighty air breathers have had since Don(GOD)Shula last pattrolled the sidelines......

To me the offensive line, defensive lines are OK, the rookies CB needs a pause, they need to digest all the heavy food.


In reading your article last night, I found myself agreeing with your assessment. I am 26 years old, and remember the last 2 or 3 years of Marino. The entire time I have been a fan, it's always been "Well if we had this guy, or that guy" and fir the first time, it seems we have people in place who are good at evaluating talent. Good teams build from the inside out, and even if Parcells is opposed to 'diva' receivers, behind closed doors you can't convince me Jeff and Tony won't push hard to aquire one. They know they have a QB, so they can go and get one. They know NT is a priority, and they still need MLB and S help. I have faith they will continue building. The other element I think Dolfans are used to, is the team always folding late, and choking games. What made the Buffalo loss so tough was it was the first time we lost to an inferior opponent with this regime. We've never had a team with the resiliency like we have now. 0-3, no problem. Starting QB, RB, NT, CB, revolving door at G, no problem. 14-0 to the Patriots, no problem. 24-6 to TEN, no problem. My biggest thing the last 2 weeks is going to be to see if this team fights to the finish, especially if we were lose a heartbreaker to HOU, and have nothing to play for. If these guys had PHI talent, I think they'd have won a Super Bowl already. And if Andy Reid were coaching our talent, he'd have been fired long ago. Same with Norv Turner, or Wade Phillips. This isn't blind faith, as Dolfans we see that the seed has been planted, and understand it won't grow overnight.

We have made some progress as a team for sure. Tuna and his helpers bring a level of proven leadership that commands respect from the players, opposing teams and fans in general. We are on the right track.

We had huge hits on the injury front this year. We had one of the toughest schedules this year. We are playing many rookies. We are 7-7 and still have a shot at the playoffs. Can't complain about that.

Excited about:
1) Henne - he has some interceptions that he and we know were bad decisions. But he brings poise, leadership, a strong arm, and a never surrender attitude that puts us in a position to win - consistently over time.
2) Offense and Defense of Line - We all know that a new nose gaurd is needed, Ferguson is not going to be our solution for much longer. But Starks, Langford, Merling, Long, Carey, Smiley, Grove, & Thomas are all proving to be consistent, tough and hard working. Even the O line subs have been stable when called up. Our FOUNDATION is set on both sides of the ball.
3) Young additions - Hartline, Bess, Carpenter, Wake, Smith, McKenzie, and Davis are adding value while they are lining on the job. They make plenty of mistakes but that is to expected. They will take it to the next level in 2010.

Concerned About:
1) Need a big play receiver - Badly! Ginn is not the one.
2) Need consistent pass cover from our Safties - Wilson is the worst! Has to go!
3) Need to bring more consistent preasure from the OLB's - Porter and Taylor have their moments but their age is limiting their impact.
4) Ronnie and Rickie are getting older - can they hold up for 2010 or do we need another back in the draft? Not sure about paying Ronnie when his contract is up?
5) Our TE's don't scare anyone - we need a high caliber play maker - Gonzalez, Watson, Heap type player to make plays over the middle.

What, we aren't world champions yet?

This is a good, young team. They're even too much 'mature' for their age

I think that the Big Three have the ship pointed in the right direction. They came in to a situation in which the previous regimes had all but turned a proud franchise into a complete disaster. It will take at least 3 years to start to see the fruits of their labor.

I believe that we finally have QB that can lead us for the next 10+ years. Our O-line, while injured, continues to play well. We have two rookie CBs that have shown flashes of what they can do, they just need to work on a few things. Our run defense seems to be pretty good. Our run game is good, but needs to be addressed at some point in the near future. Ronnie can't stay healthy and Rickie can't hold on to the ball.

Now for the other half. Our safeties are down right pathetic. We need an upgrade this offseason. YB may be a good tackler, but you got to cover as well. Gerbil boy across from him, he just sucks, plain and simple. Our LBs are getting old and Channing, well, he just is not a playmaker. And then the two biggest needs this offseason are WR and NT. Our WRs are servicable but no explosion. You need that big play guy for Henne to continue to blossom. Our NT situation is not bad but not good either. Fergie is old and hurt, Big Paul doesn't play very big.

I hope that the Big Three continue to rebuild this team and in, maybe 2011, we will be a Super Bowl contender.

Yes, it is fair to conclude we have faith in the franchise caretakers. I am optimistic about the solid foundation on the 0-Line and D-Line and the fact they are building the team from inside out. Also, I am optimistic about the QB position not to mention the great coaching staff that squeezes every drop out of the current roster. A little concerned and skeptical that we don't make a major move in the free agency for a stud WR or draft a WR in the first two rounds. We need a real solid WR (at least one) badly.

As for how long does the current understanding and bliss extend, 2-3 years. I expect championship in 3-4 years. I love what the current takecares are doing... I have a great deal of respect for their vision and abilities.

Go Phins


Mando, i think loyal fans will always support the team...even with a 1-15 season, this time the Trifecta has done a very well job, we are a competitive team right now, and for the future a lot of hope!!!

All I can ask for right now is for our team to be competitive while rebuilding. We have certainly done that and making the playoffs last year really made it exciting again to be a fan.

The problem with winning while rebuilding is it doesn't allow our team to get great draft picks. Every time we lose I tell myself it's ok, we might have just improved our draft status. Then at other times I feel we are good enough now to not need draft picks.

I honestly feel with this team we can win a superbowl..."why not us?"

We have been competitive in every game we have played, including the two against arguably the two best teams in the league. We just haven't played to our ability the entire game. Our defense plays great one quarter and lousy the next. Our offense is pretty questionable at times but that's typically more to do with the playcalling.

I honestly don't think we need a true #1 WR to make this team great. All I think this team needs is Troy Polamalu.

Think about it...how many of those plays last Sunday would have happened if Troy was back there? How many big plays would we have given up if he was back there all season? If we get a Free Safety with the ability of a Polamalu, we can do great things.

Our offense scores points, that's not been a problem this season. Our defense has given up too many points and the main reason has been safety issues. We score as many points as our offense has scored but give up 7 points less each game, we would have a pretty darn good record right now.

Everyone else thinks Henne is not the future? Where did you get that. He's had some rough points, but he's the best quarterback we have had in years. Not that writers or analyst are everthung, buy the gets praised as the one from Dan Marino (and everyone else in inside the NFL) to Peter King and Don Banks. ESPN writers seem to favor him. So I'm just wondering who "everone else" us. I really like him. Take him over Sanchez any day if the week. He's even starting to look good compared to Flacco and Ryan.

Mando, trying to figure out if this blog is sarcsm or real.. I see such negativity on game days from fins fans it drives me nutz!!! It's as if everyone's forgotten we were 1-15 a few years back!!

Massuntt what ever your name is you say he had a year to learn from Chad P but hello penington could not throw the ball more then 15 yards how the he'll do you want him to learn to make deep passes! Give the kid another year b4 you Jump all over him he's started 11 games amd belive he's 7-4 as a starter he'll that's good in my book Payton was like 3-13 his rookie year so give the kid time to learn. He has an amazing arm and he has learnd from penington how to stay in pocket and how to make good throws takes more then a year to develop a elite qb they just don't become elite once there in the NFL lol

Good comment JPAO....I only add a kick returner who isn't afraid of getting hit. This has cost us all year.

I LOVE this regime!! What they've accomplished this season, overcoming such adversity is admirable!! One more offseason and draft and we will overtake our division!! GUARANTEED!!


We have faith we were treated to a rare and fluke division championship last year after a disasterous year before that (1-15) but we are building the team from the ground up with young studs and I wouldn't be surprised if we become the team to beat in the AFC east from next year on.. The Patsies are getting old and the Jets are misguided... I won't even mention the bills cuz let's face it they are always irrelavent. I have faith in Sparano and Co. I am confident enough in him that the big Tuna could retire after next year and I would still feel like we are in good hands


Well to be honest, if there are people still on the wagon, its because they were there thru the bad and now have hope for good. Those folks that bash Henne, need to give the boy a chance to rid the bicycle with out the training wheels. P. Manning threw 17 int. his first year... i dont hear everyone jumping off his bandwagon... so give the kid a chance, its going to be worse before it gets better, and if this is the worst, you should be excited. As far as the bright spots, for once there are many. we have a potential pro bowler in starks, with a talent behind him and langford in Merling. We need a nose tackle, but solai has come a long way, and the O-line, is a top 5 oline, and if we can just keep smiley healthy for a year, that would be nice, but if not, we seem to have a couple of youngsters, that are a quick study who have come in and held it down. We have solidified the 2ndary.... i mean wilson is suspect, but he is still the 2nd highest tackler we got, and the issues he is suffering can be corrected. not to mention culver and clemons are the future back there... with bell and wilson to hold it down for now, so that looks really promising there. If we re sign ronnie for a nominal fee, and get another back in the back end of the draft, we will have a "very deep" stable back there. The only sore spot is some versitile talent for special teams, and just one WR that is a game changer. We have a lot of role players that can produce in bess and camarillo and hartline, we just need one, who can make the other 3 better. I expect a strong play off push next year, with a solid opportunity for the SB, and the following year its sb or bust.

When I look at my team, there are many areas of concern that I see.

1. Receiver- our team will never become elite if we don't have a TRUE #1 WR. With the exception of Ted ginn, our guys are pretty good, however they are all at best either a 2nd or 3rd reciever. This coming offseason I pray that we sign a big time reciever. I'm not sure that parcells and company would wanna spend that much money on an anquan boldin maybe? If we do get him, then it will help significantly in the maturity and growth of Henne. Also, you will see davone Bess become dramatically better because boldin will always be getting double maybe triple covered. If we sign him, we will continue to beat up on the bills and jets and challenge the patriots for the division.

2. Running back- ok I can explain, ricky Williams is good, but in the past couple of weeks he has shown signs of wear and tear with all the fumbling. Ronnie brown has already had tons of injuries and if he does again, I just can't see us keeping him.

If we get a number one reciever, and we have a healthy one two punch of Ronnie and Ricky, and our defense plays better, I expect a divisional title, and maybe even more than that.

Ralph: I have - I've got an explanation. A perfect one. I'm a dope. Not a run-of-the-mill dope, the world's champ. For years I've been takeing for granted the most wonderful thing that's ever happened to me - The Miami Dolphins.
I've never shown them the appreciation they deserve, Alice. You could walk outta that door right now and I wouldn't blame you. You deserve something better than me. There are a million guys who'd give you anything if they could have a girl like you.

Alice: Ralph, I don't want a million. There's just one team I want: The Miami Dolphins.

Ralph: Baby, you're the greatest.

The direction is great....and they definitely have to make the playoffs next year and win at least one playoff game...AFC Championship would be great. Super Bowl is possible with the expected growth of the young team and some good key gains in the draft and FA. If they don't make the playoffs next year....then it is make or break in 2011.

I have been very happy with the team this year and last year, but I do feel that by next year we need to be making deep into the playoffs and in 2 years superbowl game, 4 season for the trifecta should be plenty of time. Go Dolphins

Que bolaita, Armando.
Muchas felicidades a usted y para su familia.
The process is understood but it is still disappointing and heartbreaking to see how many chances they have squandered this season. They should be sitting preatty leading the division, instead they are hoping to sneak into the dance. I just want them to finish strong and get these 2 last "W". Whatever happens after that happens and that's what they deserve for allowing others to control their destiny. Anyways, all I want for Christmas is C.J. Spiller in a Dolphins uniform. Let them worry about other needs later on in the draft.

Ralph: If any of the Dolphins ever get sick, it'll be my responsibility to go and visit them.

Alice: Oh, that is a very important responsibility, Ralph. You better start now and find out what the visiting hours are at Bellevue.

Ralph: That did it, Alice - that did it. You have just broken the camel's back with that straw. You have ridiculed my brother Dolphins. You have just made fun of something very big that's close to my heart.

Alice: The only thing big that's close to your heart is your stomach.

Ralph: One of these days Dolphins, One of these days... POW! Right in the kisser!

Firstly Armando, not sure what your feelings on this but Greg Cote needs taking off sports reporting for his last article where he publically laid the blame on the playoff dream fading on Chad Henne, I was fuming when I read it as I'm sure many others where. Right now thats said I'm impressed you reported on the fans not jumping ship, it is good to see fans staying loyal and seeing a bright future instead of doom and gloom.
Hopefully the trifecta will acquire a No 1 receiver this offseason as their No 1 priority, with that guy in place I expect Henne to thrive next year and we will be Division Champions again. I have seen flashes this year of potential greatness from the Dolphins but they have been so inconsistant, if they can iron out this the future is bright, only thing possibly now is a new OC and the WILDPAT gone!!!!
Thanks again, Merry Christmas to all (except Cote)

Very happy with the direction of the team. Glad the leaders don't mortgage the future trading for "diva" talent and bad contracts that hurt growth in the next few years.

And like the way they are targeting critical positions first (OL, pass rush, CB). Overjoyed with the mental toughness and never give up attitude.

Lets get a big time WR, a MLB who makes big tackles, a S who makes plays, and a speed back. Then we're in contention for the big game!

Year 3 (next year) I expect at least a playoff win. Then the honeymoon is over, and the chase is on!

I believe we're headed in the right direction. I think we got spoiled when Tuna came in with his crew and we went from 1-15 to 11-5 and win the division. We have a good solid shot at becoming a top tier team. We need a couple of big play makers on each side of the ball and we're there. Past seasons you could tell we weren't going any where with the state of the team. They have one more year as a sort of grace period to get some people on our team to get to where we need to be.

Ed Norton: What are you doing there, Ralphie Boy?
Ralph: I'm making a list of all the Phins weak points.
Ed Norton: Oh. Is that all the paper you're going to use?
Ralph: Har har, hardee har har!
Ralph: Bang, zoom!

the fins are on the right track for sure. biggest thing was shoring up the OL and finding a franchise qb - yes - henne is that guy! he's poised, confident and accountable. this is the guy we've been waiting for. it's only his 11th start and he's won SEVEN...brought us back in three to win (almost four). be happy fin fans - next year is deep playoffs...believe it

I think our offensive line has played very well. But the areas of concern for me are. Obviously receiver. Nose tackle. Linerbacker and Running back. I don't believe Ronnie is the answer for our offense. He's just a power back thst usually gets 2 yards a carry. But with Ricky back there they become a good 1 2 punch. But I think he need a speed back like a chris Johnson or a guy we have called Kory Sheets! That can make big plays. If we don't at least when the division next year i will start to worry if parcells is doing a good enough job!

I like the current regime. I tihnk they are trying their best with what we have available and doing a good job of it. I think the Pat White experiment was a poor choice for an early round pick. We have a tough core, but now we need some finess guys. #1 WR first. We need to get another NT through the draft and improve our LB's. Oh, and don't forget an upgrade at safety would be nice as well. We still have mant pieces to fill, but it's not impossible to do. The real question now is what's going to be available come next season with a new collective barganing agreement in the works?

If you don't think we are heaeded in the right direction, then you have not followed the team the last 10 years.

I'm hopeful because they are building the team from the inside out, starting at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. I'm skeptical because Parcells has shown he can take a team from bad to good, but usually not to great. He has shown a blindness to the need for genuine playmakers on offense (a star receiver, not an average tight end). I am hopeful but by no means convinced that the rookie corner backs are legit, with Davis being burned regularly and Sean Smith yet to come up with a pick after nearly an entire season as a starter. Same goes for Henne, who certainly has the tools but needs to improve his touch, accuracy, and what he does under pressure, but obviously has also flashed a lot of ability.

First if you want to vent about the officials, especially Scott Green and his crew from this pasts weeks game go here:


Secondly I am very happy with the direction, From coaching to QB'ing to young OL, CB, DE's. I believe that Bill et al will get his OLB and NT in this draft. We will also acquire a WR, ILB and TE via free agency. Look for a RB and safety to be drafted as well.

Lastly, the thing I am most impressed about is the resiliency of this team and that comes from the top. Love the fight, but we need to acquire more talent to not just compete but roll over these inferior teams. Think about it this way, we are very competitive by bringing a knife to a gun fight! Wait till we load up over the next off-season!!

The honeymoon ends at the start of next season. I don't think we necessarily have to win the SB next season, but we need to make the playoffs and get one or two wins, in those playoffs. Another division title would be nice. As long as we continue to see improvement, all is well. One could say we have regressed this year, but to say that would be plain WRONG. We lost our starting QB,CB,NT,and RB. Yet we are still competing. If we can get a stud WR and some FS and ILB help next year will be a good one for all Dolphans.

Ralph: Don't start that again, Alice. No wife of mine is gonna work. I got my pride. You know, no Kramden woman has ever supported her husband. The Kramden men are the workers in the family.

Alice: Wait a minute, Ralph. What about your Dolphins Offense? For a long time there, they didn't work at all.

Ralph: But neither did my Defense. At least they kept their pride.

Alice. They went on Injured reserve.

all posts today are just nice to read and learn some thing from many people for a change .

It's so hot and dark down here.

Alice: What am I supposed to tell my mother when you're not here?

Ralph: I don't care. Tell her I joined the Dolphins.

Alice: What as, a safety?

Ralph: Oh, you're a riot, Alice, a regular riot. I'll bet you got the whole building laughing. Ha, ha, ho, ho! You know, you're the one ought to join the Dolphins. You ought to be on the coaching staff. You'd be funnier than that Pasqualoni, the clown they got there. Much funnier. In fact, you look a little bit like him. All except for one thing: the orange nose.
[cocks his fist at Alice]
And you might get that before this is over.

Los Pats son chernas, gansos de playa...asi que paren de comer gofio!!!!

tHIS JUST IN: rEX (TWO TON)Ryan will be competing in this years 4th of july Nathens hot dog eating contest , Asked why he'll be competing, Two ton Said,"Iam hoping to bring a trophy to New York, and the ONLY WAY will be for me to eat 105 dogs in 15 minutes. seeing how bringing a football trophy probably wont happen in my life-time I figured this will be the only way"......

This is the first management staff in a long time to understand that football is won and lost in the trenches. A flashy QB is nothing if he is flat on his back, and a defense that cannot stop the run (see mid-80's Dolphins) might as well not even line up.

The failure of (s)cameron was thinking that all he needed was a "playmaker" to return kicks and his team would be over the top. That kind of thinking gets you a Ted Ginn, not a Lombardi trophy. In football, for every glamour guy you have, you need about 5 "lunchpail" guys to protect their back.

We've seen the lunchpail guys start to come in (Long, et al), and though we still need a few more of those guys, we can finally start to think about getting a couple of glamour guys to put the icing on the cake.

Sorry Armando, I live in the armpit of the north east, so I can't buy the printed edition. I do when I visit though, and when I finally get the cajones to move, I'm sure I will subscribe. I will be a Dolphin loving transplant for a change.

As far as the team goes, I'm pretty happy with our overall direction. I'm somewhat just satisfied with every game we play being meaningful, and so far that has been the case. Next year though, I think my expectations will be higher.

Hi Armando...

I've been wanting to ask you this for a while... How many teams use the same type of press, man to man coverage the dolphins use in their secondary? My follow up question to that is: Isn't it time to change it? I'm not a NFL coach by any stretch of the imagination but it looks to me that this specific type of scheme just doesn't work in today's NFL. You look at the Dolphins season thus far, I didn't check this but they have to rank dead last in pass defense. I mean game after game they allow huge passing plays. Playing against Brady, Rivers, Manning, Brees, etc... I can understand these guys are the top passing QBs in the league, so big plays will happen. But when Ryan Fitzpatrick, Mark Sanchez, Vince Young an Josh friggin Freeman torches your secondary, that's a problem. Now I know we're playing 2 rookie corners, but I think the help over the top is always a step late. Gibril Wilson is clearly NOT a free safety, I think he's better suited for strong safety. I think it's time to give more playing time to Culver and Clemons. What do you think? Thanks Armando, Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Norton: In the words of the immortal bard, Shakespeare, "There are four times in a man's life when he wants to be alone: one, when he's communing with his thoughts; two, when he's being tender with his wife; three, when he's in the isolation booth on The $64,000 Question and four, after the phins win the toss, henne throws high, bess falls down, and some shmuck named Bironas kicks us between the bal-s."

Too bad cam cameron is not the head coach in Baltimore...he would have given us whatever we wanted in a trade for teddy ginn and his GD'ed family....


I think that the fact that the Dolphins have a proven winner at the top is "change we can believe in". And it is actual change we can believe in instead of that nonsense change that made that phrase popular.

That being said, if they are not competitive by the 2011 season I think changes will probably be in order. I truly believe a great WR would take this team to the next level. We will see though.

Alice (To Ralph): Only myself to blame, for lovin a Dolphins fan. My mother warned me.

Ralph: Ahhhh, shaddap!

"VOTE DODSWORTH/MENACE IN 2016" Change you can go to the bank with.......

I've said this before. But I'm optimistic about the following for the FUTURE:
Running back(If R. Brown re-signs, we're set there)
Offensive Line
Defensive Line
Linebackers (The younger backups)
Strong Saftey (Y. Bell)
The young recievers(They'll be great #2 and #3's)

I'm skeptical about the following:
1)The front office's under-estimation of how important a #1 reciever is.
2)Our current FS situation

So, I think this team is 2 key players away from being dominant. The one thing that has plauged this team this year is the young secondary(which will improve, and the FS situation needs replacing), and the inability to score from anywhere on the field (Brian Hartline has helped a little). So the secondary will improve if we get a FS, and our offense will be complete if we have a #1 reciever and are able to score in bunches.

I for one, am disappointed in this years team. And I'm NOT talking about W/L record. I don't think many knowledgeable fans (before the season started) expected much more than a 9-7 or 10-6 year with the teams we had to play.

But it's the way we played these games. Inconsistent? Yes. Erratic? Yes. Not prepared? Yes. Poorly coached? Yes. Stupid mistakes? Yes.

This team has a lot of work to be a playoff team. And I don't mean one and done either.

Ralph: We got any lard laying around here?

Alice: Yeah, about 300 pounds. Ones named Ginn and ones named Wilson

Ralph: Oh, you're gonna get yours!

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