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It's all about U: Dolfans understand the process

My column in Today's Miami Herald (yes, we still print an edition you Internet freeloaders should purchase every once in a while) discusses a topic you should be familiar with:


The fans.

Frankly, as Yoda would say, "impressed with you I am," because many of you don't want to jump off the bandwagon or bench the offense of fire everybody any time the team loses.

The fact is many of you understand what is happening -- slowly but surely -- with the rebuilding of the franchise and to date you are being patient with the process.

That wasn't always the case. Miami Dolfans have had their moments of anger and impatience and near-revolution.

So you tell me on this feedback Tuesday: Is it fair for me to conclude you have found a group of franchise caretakers you have faith in? What areas of the team are you optimistic about? What are you skeptical about?

And how long does the current understanding and bliss extend? Asked another way, when does the honeymoon end and you, the fans, start to expect championships at all costs?

(Not to suggest everyone is thrilled with the Dolphins these days, if you're unhappy with the direction of the team, please say so.)  


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The team is young, and I think it is the right group of guys for the job. Everyone has shown that with more playing time they will be contenders. Chad Henne, yes he made mistakes Sunday but so has every other great qb. He will learn. Cameron Wake is emerging. Brian Hartline never stops on a play. Vontae Davis, still learning, has already shown he will be a shutdown corner. The pieces of the puzzle are there, just to put it all together in the offseason and then maybe, just maybe, the Dolphins will get some respect.

Alice ( to cuban ) ; do you still crazy about me ) ? my little bobo .

All I want for Christmas is Channing Crowder 15% more quick and never out of position.

I only get mad at the Dolphins when they lose and I'm drunk.The next day I try to find the positives out of the defeat and go from there.There are a lot of good things about this team.Henne struggles at times during games,but he also shows flashes of a really good QB.Like someone already said,P Manning didn't exactly come out firing on all cylinders his first season either.I know we need to get some big time receivers for Chad,but let's not sell the farm to get them.We are on the right track,just be a little bit more patient....next year we'll be in place to overthrow the Patsies.

Dear Mr. Salguero

"(yes, we still print an edition you Internet freeloaders should purchase every once in a while)"

As true as this is....these are tuff economic times.
I choose necesessity(internet adult entertainment) over luxury (Having the Herald mailed to my home)

If and when Pope Tuna retires/leaves I believe that guy running around picking up acorns will follow in Parcells foot steps by playing Golf daily and betting on the Pony's.(Parcells coaching tree)

I expect the Dolphins to make the playoffs next season by winning the division but don't think they will go all the way....but the following year will end many years of frustration.

I myself love the direction of this Dolphins team at this time....the future's so bright I gotta wear shades.

Soiled :)

Thanks Mando, but don't forget that we still want to get rid of Ted ginn and a couple more, and probably change Henning for Weis, but this changes are based on a season and not a single game

Yes Soiled, I do believe Ted (No Jock strap Required)Ginn thinks the football is kryptonite and he believes He's superman....

I just want some more balance to our offensive attack and a DAMN COVERAGE SAFTEY!! get #28 out of town! I'd also like to see some guts from the personell staff and not be afraid to sacrifice a couple draft picks for a sure thing player *cough* ANQUAN BOLDIN *cough*

Those GMs who wanted to win right away (Saban and the Cameron regime) made things worse. Think about the free agents they brought in: Kevin Carter, Vonnie Holliday, Joey Porter were all a couple of years past their primes and the team quickly crumbled to 1-15. This regime is doing things the right way and building the team through the draft and young free agents. Thats how you build sustained success. Thats where this team is headed.

I can give all of the coaching staff another yr bc of injuries and talent concerns :P

I am ecstatic that these guys are running the show and will give them how ever much time they need to build a champion

I have been telling people all year - we are 2 players away -- a lock down safety (Clemons?)

And an actual real deep threat at wide receiver.

1 year from now if we have those 2 players we are in first place and looking down on the division

Here's how I judge it: the current crop of "caretakers" seem to really get the best out of this team. I ask myself, "How would former staff perform with the same exact personnel on the team?" and I think that, perhaps short of Shula, nobody else would match it. Our starting QB and RB are out for the year, the players we prepared our season plan with in the offseason, and yet we sit at 7-7 and a chance to finish with a winning record. To me, considering from whence we've come, is good. Not great, but better than good enough. So yeah, I'm not jumping off the bandwagon. I'd say this is as good a time as ever to believe in the spirit and potential of the Miami Dophins!

Dear Mr. Menace

" Yes Soiled, I do believe Ted (No Jock strap Required)Ginn thinks the football is kryptonite and he believes He's superman"

I've put some thought into this Ted Ginn problem.

If there was only a way to remove Brian Hartline's heart and transplant it into Ted Ginns body we would be good to go.

Yes there would be some drawbacks....Can't jump as high as he used to and would now look awckward on a dance floor.
But the tradeoff would be worth it.

Soiled :)

Cough , glad you're not the gm , cough.

I been in the military 15 years now and have lived around the world cheering my dolfins... You get alot of smack from ppl especially when you are the lone dolfan... But a faithful dolfan I still am, and will forever be. Currently the military has me assigned in New Orleans were I have endured the endless bashing from saints fans.. The loss agaisnt the saints destroyed me, but the lose agaisnt the titans stabbed me like a dagger to the heart.
Our team has come along way, but when I have seen the changes that the saints made last off season and the dividends it has paid that organization it frustrate me to think that could of been us. We went after Wilson instead of Sharper, we resign Crowder (a guy I love) is but is no Zach Thomas much less a Vilma ( from The U) we cud of had Brees but we got Culpepper. We cud of, shud of, (yeah ok) that's was the past and we cant change it but hears the future we need to fire our defense coordinator ASAP. We need to go after a young running back??? And if you say I'm an idiot we got Ronnie and Ricky.. Well I love those guys too , my house has two huge fat heads of them on the my walls to prove it. But Ronnie can not finish seasons and Ricky's is playing on borrowed time. Henne has alot of potential but with out a running game we could bring Brandon Marshal, and Boldwin and still not make the playoff. Henne needs that running game as bad as he needs big play recievers. Ohhh yeah almost forgot, and Henne needs to do 50 pushups on the sideline for each pick he throws. GO DOLPHINS!!!

This is the most solid dolphin team I've been watching since I became a fan around 81'. Unlike the 80' and 90's teams led by number 13, this team is formidable and improving on both sides of the ball. Dolphins are finally going to be real contenders once again. As a fan I'm very satisfied with the direction.


I agree with a lot of the posts on this page.

I have a feeling we move on from Ronnie Brown. I just feel like the Dolphins have built an Offensive line that mirrors the 90's Broncos and any RB can be productive. Ronnie is better than any average RB and can do more, I just don't know if he is a "Parcells Guy".

I'm starting to like the Wr's, I had thought that LB was a need area from the start of the season and I can't argue with TE and NT. I agree we need a receiver that can make seperation.

Before we close the door on Patrick Turner don't forget it was Parcells that brough Miles Austin into town. He didn't play much his first few years. So it is possible we already have that guy.

The thing I love about this new regime is, we have young talent growing behind young talent. The coaching staff won't alter development just to please the common fan (like me).

Give Parcells and company a raise and lock them in for the next 10 years please!

You gotta be excited. There's lots of young talent. Henne needs a couple of nice weapons and a bit more experience to win games easily. Some of those who say Henne is not the future, need to understand that this is only his first year and I assure you he'll be a better QB next year. Which is a great thought.

We all know that there are some pieces that need to be replaced. And it will happen. when Ronnie comes back we need to be a conventional running team with 2 good backs. No more wildcat.

This season has been a bit of a mixed bag. On one hand, they have been a resilient bunch that are tough gritty warriors, but they lack that killer instinct. They also have regressed in some areas like turnovers and coaching -- Yes coaching. While Sparano has done a good job at motivating the troops, sometimes a bit over the top, he has made some questionable calls. I still can't seem to let go of the time out just before the half of the Saints game! I know the guy is just as inexperienced as Henne & co. but he needs to improve otherwise this team will never take it to the next level. Having said that, he has done a terrific job of changing the culture as this team has been in every game all year and adjustments have been made in the 4th quarter where they actually are starting to finish games, just wish they could maintain focus in all 4 quarters of the game! I think the upcoming draft should be defense, defense, and some more defense. Go after WR/TE in free agency...

There is no next year in the NFL. I've learned that in the long years since the glory days of the 70s. Joe Thiesman batting down a would be interception in the SB that coulda, woulda shoulda ... Dan Marino. David Overstreet. Larry Gordon. Jimmy the saviour. Maybe next year its Ronnie's knee. Or Chad's achilles. Or Parcells packs it in. Sparano steps off a curb and ... No. I don't buy that you ever ever ever play for next year, or resign yourself to losing being acceptable. No... I don't buy that crap at all. Life is short - "Hello, you play to win the game"

Winning is about talent, but its a mindset that starts now. Parcells has preached that -its time the players started responding. Getting in the playoffs is the thing - anything can happen and usually does. There is no substitute for winning and especially the experience of playoffs. You can see the difference between players who have been there and those who havent - the latter are like deer in the headlights when the big game comes and suddenly you are behind 24-0 at halftime. That is a sick feeling to have by 1 or 2 o'clock on a Saturday afternoon.
Good teams have different expectations and goals than we do. Do you really want to watch the Eagles Giants Steelers Cowboys Pats Chargers every year in the playoffs and accept that for the rest of your lives? It starts at the top with ownership , down through the players and yes it includes the fans. Demand more. Be brutally honest about your team and wear your emotion on your sleeve. Be proud be loud and be heard.

Come strong or don't come at all.

The only concern I have with the front office of this team is that I'm worried that we won't address the WR position this offseason.

I don't think Parcells & Co. give the WR very much priority, and may be in denial that we just aren't talented enough in that area and it's holding this offense (and its young quarterback) back.

They say they don't want to mortgage their future for a big name free agent, but unless they take a WR in round 1(which the consensus says they won't), we will be grasping at straws again, hoping, praying, that we will find a Marques Colston magically come available in the later rounds.

Considering all our injuries, such as losing our starting quarterback and running back, we aren't doing too bad this year.


I am thrilled at the direction the franchise appears to be headed. Henne- while he has much to improve on- appears to have the tools neccassary to be a big-time QB. The young corners have done a great job give their experience and the circumstances this season.

I think most of us have realized what it takes to build a championship-level team in the salray cap era- through the draft. You must be patient, becuase it's a process. We've been there, done that with trading picks for quick fixes. It NEVER works unless you're one player away. I would like to think most of Dolphin Nation grasps that now, after so many failed regimes previously.

Realistically, I expect a Super Bowl caliber team by 2011 (and with our luck, there probably won't be a season in 2011 with all this labor crap looming). I think next year we take the step to being a team that can actually do damage in the playoffs, and perhaps reach an AFC Championship game. But if this team isn't in position to win a championship in 2 years, that's when the honeymoon would end for this regime. It takes time. I'm willing to give them that time, because the foundation has been layed and the future looks bright. Let's hope for the best in the next 2 seasons and see what happens. GO FINS!!!!!

Chad Henne 7-4 without his best RB, and a receiving Corp that is developing nicely minus Ginn. Not bad. If we don't address the WR issue right away in the off season then the honeymoon is over for mr. Having said that, you really don't think the trifecta does not address this? I think they will in a big way. Think about it. Ronnie and Ricky got their dream offensive line, now Chad needs the big play receiver or two. There are some other holes to fill but receiver is clearly their biggest need. I really like what they are doing, Sporano is a great coach who will hopefully be here a long time.


Why am I positive?

1. Bill Parcells has chosen Sparano and all other coaches have Parcells connections. He picked the person who he thought was most like him at least in good qualities!
2. They are building a model of what has brought success in the past and are sticking to the plan with every decision they make.
3. And in terms of actual talent, our o-line will have a year together under their belts. We've got a heck of a line and they will only get better the longer they play together (see Indy, New England)
4. We've got a strong defensive line too and decent linebackers. Let's face it's not easy to run all over us. We're young at defensive line so we are only going to bigger, better while being well coached. Strong formula for success!
5. Chade Henne is dedicated to his craft and wants to win badly. He's smart,and big and has shown that he has potential to be great. I think his work ethic is going to bring us championships
6. I actually think our secondary will be stronger next year, with Will Allen playing the nickel. I think we have the safety's on the team to make it work in Culver and Clemons and probably not Wilson.
7. We need a tight end. I'm fine with our receivers outside of Ginn. The guy's catch everything pretty much. I've watched too many Miami teams since Duper Clayton where they get a case of the dropsies. So give us a guy who has Ted Ginn speed and can assert himself (can Ted Ginn be Ted Ginn?. If we do those things Henne should be able to take us deep in the playoffs.
8. I think our first draft priority list goes like this:

1. Outside linebacker
2. Inside linebacker
3. Tight end
4. Wide Receiver

I think outside linebacker is a need and the others should be chosen based on who they like at each position and who is available.

Merry Christmas and all the best to you and yours! Go Dolphins!!!!

I am very happy with the trifecta and expect a division championship next year.

nj ,stay away when the real football posters are talking ,wait for tonight to talk to your friend tortured .

I'm happy with the progress the Dolphins have made since 1-15. They are scrappy and fun to watch...easy to root for even if you're not a lifelong diehard fan.

I like the way the O-line is starting to dominate at times, even with the shuffling of players due to injury. I like our two rookie CB's, and I like most of our no-name receiving corps. We are stocked with depth at RB amd I think Henne is going through normal growing pains of a young NFL QB. I'd love to see Pennington sign on as a 2-year back-up / mentor to continue Henne's development, ala Strock / Marino.

It's frustrating to watch some of the mistakes, but Miami played the toughest schedule of all, and except for the Atlanta game, and the 4th qtr against Buffalo, we've seen good, consistent effort from these Dolphins. They have earned our support and respect more that any team since Shula left...I anticipate bigger and better things next year!

I'd like to see one playmaker at receiver, one at safety (sorry Gibril), and one at LB (bye Joey). If Ferguson doesn't come back, I doubt if Soliai is the long-term answer in the middle. Otherwise, I like our personnel...including our coaches...

Here is a real interesting nugget of information from Sun Sentinel blog I thought was very nice.

If New England beats Jacksonville this Sunday, Pittsburgh beats Baltimore, Tennessee loses to San Diego, and the Dolphins beat Houston at home....drum-roll please....it appears the Dolphins and Steelers would be playing for the final AFC playoff spot at Land Shark Stadium on January 3rd

I have to say, all these things that would have to happen this weekend for the Dolphins and Steelers to be playing for the final playoff spot are entirely possible...

I do have faith in Sparano because I see his will to win. I've said it before and will say it again. We have a very bright future my fellow Dolfans

I am just tired of the "we don't want divas" crap. Get some guys that make difference making plays.

Henne reminds me a lot of Phillip Rivers when he first began starting. Good running game, great O-line, no WR talent. The biggest advantage he had over Chad is Antonio Gates.

I am happy with this team's progress, but I expect big things in 2010.

I expect the trifecta to be very aggressive in the offseason and to make a run deep into the playoffs

You guys crack me up.

Been saying it since Parcells took over this team...We are well on the way to a consistent winner...Mando needs to read the blogs a little better tough, there are plenty of bandwagon, fake, unknowledgable fans who think they should be the GM's...Marc, Cocoa Blow, Fire Marsmellow are just three of so called fans who jump on and off week to week, quarter to quarter, play to play...even if this team doesn't make the playoffs this year, they are a better team then last year because of Henne, Smith, David and the growth of this team make me excited about being a fan and our future!!!!

That is interesting Carlito.

We r not out of da playoffs yet we might have 2 have stuff happen but we still in it.n yes I have faith n sparano and our coach staff so go DOLPHINS!!!!!!

you guys like to be call "internet freeloader?"

Carlito , the plane !! , he plane !!, Welcome to fantasy island.

I agree that we is a big issue. What about making moves to get Boldin here. He's better than a rookie and has been a good leader. Heck. Let moss end his career in sunny miami

First things first....we need to STOP PLAYING TO THE LEVEL OF OUR COMPETITION. When we play a great team, we play great..sometimes good enough to win. When we play mediocre teams, we play mediocre, sometimes we still get the victory, but more often than not, we don't.

These are areas of concern:

RB - Ronnie Brown is awesome, but he's not durable. Ricky says next year is his last year. Hilliard isn't the answer. We need to develop or acquire some talent here.

WR - We need a play maker...period. Hartline has been a tremendous surprise, but we need a Brandon Marshall or Anquan Boldin STAT.

Safety - Gibril Wilson sucks...we need to know if the rookie from Clemson is the answer.

LBs - We need an upgrade here.

Things that are promising.

QB - Henne is the real deal. He needs weapons he can rely on. He's basically a rookie QB and he's playing great. In Marino's waning years, I saw him throw multiple picks returned for TDs....only one so far by Henne this year.

CB - Davis & Smith are the second coming of Surtain & Madison. They are rookies folks, but they have showed enough promise to show me that they have the skills to be tremendous at the CB position. I think that if Davis doesn't trip on that second TD by Gage, that ball is picked.

To still be competing with this team is amazing. The Steelers are basically fielding their SuperBowl team and are 7-7. We've been bitten hard by the injury bug this year. I think we're in a good position to make a solid playoff run next year.

Honeymoon's been over...They need to get their head out of their 5th point of contact and acquire some talent...

I like the direction the Dolphins are going but their are concerns. This staff has made some really bad free agent decisions, a few bad draft decisions, and some very questionable game/play decisions.

Bad moves:
Eric Green
Earnest Wilford
Pat White
Gibril Wilson
Releasing Matt Roth
Not re-signing Andre Goodman and Renaldo Hill

Since what Roth has done since leaving Miami:(21 tackles, 3 tackles for loss, 2.5 sacks, 4 QB hits).

Remember Rob Ninkovich? Well, he has been playing with NE and as a reserve has 18 tackles and 1 sack. From what I have read, the NE staff feel he could be their new Vrabel.

For some reason we keep hearing how Parcells wants to go young but if you look at his past stops, he always brought veterans with him and mixed them in with the young. Why is it different in Miami?

Could Miami not have used Brian Dawkins and his 100 tackles and 2 interceptions?

Could Miami not have used a veteran WR such as Torry Holt to help the young WR's grow?

What about signing Houshmandzadeh (794 yards with no QB)?

Again, I like what they are doing but I do have concerns.

We need some game changing LB's............

Let me tell you this. If they don't get some players in this offseason to help with this passing attack I don't know if I shell out the bucks to buy the Sunday Ticket package next year to see the games. We have good receivers but no one great. End the Ginn experiment. He plays scared and I am tired of watching him play turtle out there. They are done this season - there is no way they make the playoffs. If they did get in they are out in the 1st game anyway. This regime has done a good job in building this team back. Good things have happened this year. Henne is a keeper - get him more weapons and he will really shine. The two young corners are special, the offensive line is good and the defensive line is really solid. Now is the time to make some bold moves. This is a passing league. All the rules favor the pass. I hate it but it is what it is. Get a stud receiver and an impact tight end. The Dolphins are very close to being very good. The offseason is when you take the next step.

On December 19th 2007 Bill Parcells agreed to be the new Executive Vice President of Football Operations of the Miami Dolphins.
His first act was to fire coach Cam Cameron, GM Randy Mueller, along with a few assistant coaches, after a 1–15 finish in the 2007 season.
The Trifecta:
Parcells brought in Jeff Ireland to be the general manager and signed Tony Sparano as head coach.
Since then:
Following the 1-15 death of a football team, Parcells resurrected the Dolphins to a 11-5 season and thus begun the quest for the Lombardi Trophy
The bumpy road is paved by blood sweat and tears, this year expectations are fed from last years unexpected results. However the road wasn't quite as challenging last year as opposed to this year. So to the average fan they might feel like they are teased by the trifecta and feel as if we are taking a step back.
Au Contraire, Mon Frère-the Dolphins regime is not only pushing us forward but soon will have us in position to make the ever so coveted chase for Lombardi's trophy. Given Parcells' history for winning and the hiring of what I call the perfect storm: Parcells, Ireland and Sparano-the drafting and implementation of new players in the mold of this regime. We are not lead by blind faith but by the very mold that made Parcells a champion, and the first ever coach to be dunked on by Gatorade which is the tradition he started way back in the mid eighties. Sparano and the dolphins will one day be bathing in Gatorade as all champions do when they win the ever so elusive Lombardi trophy-our time will come and sooner rather than later.

Rob Ninkovich ? !! Oh my god !! bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Oh yee of little faith fear not for the Trifecta knows what the do. Now go do some shopping or play with your dogs because not one of you guys following the 1-15 season had any idea we would finish 11-5 the next and now that you are spoiled you think ur the better GM. lol
I guess you can rant and rave all you want but keep in mind what the Dolphins finished two years ago-do you think the Dolphins would even be in contention for a playoff run based on 2007? No the answer is no-and dont even tell me after the 2008 season that we should be in the playoffs or Superbowl. We dont take steps back but only forward and what ever success we had last year can not be "escrowed into next season" (Jeff Fisher)

thats what I said when I read that. lol

henne is the future. plenty here have called for matt ryan or flacco but put either in miami's system with our wr's and both would be turn over machines. miami really needs to draft a rb. ricky has no help other than polite. ricky needs someone to be productive while he is taking a breather.

dolphins4life. Can you believe that. NINKOVICH ? as for the rest of the guys , it's easy to play monday morning qb , saying we could've got this guy or that guy. Holt , TJ. dawkins are all on the wrong side of 30 and miami isn't ready to plug in a expensive veteren's here and there to put them over the top yet.

Been saying it since Parcells took over this team...We are well on the way to a consistent winner...Mando needs to read the blogs a little better tough, there are plenty of bandwagon, fake, unknowledgable fans who think they should be the GM's...Marc, Cocoa Blow, Fire Marsmellow are just three of so called fans who jump on and off week to week, quarter to quarter, play to play...even if this team doesn't make the playoffs this year, they are a better team then last year because of Henne, Smith, David and the growth of this team make me excited about being a fan and our future!!!!

Posted by: bobbyd12 | December 22, 2009 at 02:16 PM

Did any of your mothers children live?

Let's face it the last time we were champs was almost 40 years ago.

We finally have a respectable team on the field in all 3 phases of the game. We're playing meaningful, exciting games in September.

And we're doing it without the backdoor wildcat formation because we have a QB that plays like a man.

Last word: Stephen Ross is a Michigan alumni.

December that is

Yup-and its not good when a Saftey(Dawkins)leads your team in tackles.
Rob Ninkovich lol double lol
I'm out dolphin fans catch you guys tomorrow.

Well most of you weren't even alive the last time these losers won a Super Bowl. Gradually this fan base has come to expect or at leat be ok with losing as well. You are content doing what LOSERS do, talking about "next year", "progress", and all the other loser talk that comes with, well, LOSING. There was a time when this fan base would never have settled for 7-7, but it just shows how far this once proud franchise has fallen.

So go ahead and have your fun talking about next year and "potential". Right now I see a .500 team with massive talent gaps, some terrible coaching (NO = worst coached game this decade) and another former great sucking on the teat of the Miami Dolphins pre-retirement (JJ anyone???).

You all sound like Lions or Browns fans. And that is FU****G pathetic.

I would like to point out that we have the same record as the reigning super bowl champions, who virtually have the same team, and all the same coaching they had 1 yr ago. INTs happen take away a Ricky Williams fumble and we win this last game. Give Henne 1 more yr in the pocket and he won't throw the ball while being dragged down by a lineman. Give me a real free safety (clemons) and we win 2 more games than we have..... Next yr 12-4. Give me a Brandon Marshall type reciever with all the aforementioned items and we r 13-3/14-2. Fins will be muuuuch better next yr from the games we have played this yr.

Yellowginn. how are your jets doing in the last 40 years ? Now that's TRULY PATHETIC !! bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah , bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah !!!!

YELLOW GINN, LOve the name, Hate your post...

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