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It's all about U: Dolfans understand the process

My column in Today's Miami Herald (yes, we still print an edition you Internet freeloaders should purchase every once in a while) discusses a topic you should be familiar with:


The fans.

Frankly, as Yoda would say, "impressed with you I am," because many of you don't want to jump off the bandwagon or bench the offense of fire everybody any time the team loses.

The fact is many of you understand what is happening -- slowly but surely -- with the rebuilding of the franchise and to date you are being patient with the process.

That wasn't always the case. Miami Dolfans have had their moments of anger and impatience and near-revolution.

So you tell me on this feedback Tuesday: Is it fair for me to conclude you have found a group of franchise caretakers you have faith in? What areas of the team are you optimistic about? What are you skeptical about?

And how long does the current understanding and bliss extend? Asked another way, when does the honeymoon end and you, the fans, start to expect championships at all costs?

(Not to suggest everyone is thrilled with the Dolphins these days, if you're unhappy with the direction of the team, please say so.)  


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One other thing bobby12, I've seen cheerleaders like you come and go for 30 years. People like you who never played the game, have no concept of the game and think everything is going to be alright next year.

If you want to be a cheerleader, try out for the squad. They have tryouts during the offseason. Please leave football discusions to those of us who know what we're talking about.

Give it a few more years. Is rather build a solid foundation and win consistently, then go for it all in one year. I trust Bill and Coach and have faith that in three years we will be competing annually for a title

I agree with HeHateBills.com
Just look how the Saints were last year. I believe next years Saints will be the Dolphins.

Sorry Cuban, but I hate talk about "next year" and progress. I know that a lot of what is being said may be true but Dolphans never talked about "next year" as much as they do now. I hate that BS.

They shouldn't have lost on Sunday. Bottom line. No excuse for how they played the first 2 1/2 quarters. No excuse for the games they gave away this year either. This is regardless of their injuries, talent, or what year in the rebuilding process they are in.

They still have a shot and the talk should be about Houston and Pitt. Period. No BS about next year. Remember all the "next year" talk after Saban's first year. Fu** next year. Get it done on Sunday.


True Yellow, True........

The Fins are showing signs of becoming a very good football team. Give them a true No. 1 receiver and the offense will be fierce.

The defense still needs some tinkering. Gabril Wilson must be replaced ASAP. Joey Porter is showing his age and should either be released or made into a role player. We need another nose tackle to groom, and the linebacking corps could be improved.

All in all, this Fins team is heading only upward. The future is bright.

Bottom line this team has been built from the inside out. It is a few additions away from being elite. It's nice to finally watch espn and nfl network and hear them say that Miami is tough haven't hear that about my fins in years. I am very excited for the next decade because this team is very secure and very young.

As for Henne it doesn't matter that he didn't win the big game in Michigan because what it comes down to is how you perform in the NFL his coaches are some of the best in the league David Lee and Dan Henning are great offensive minds. Sparano as well not to mention his preparation. That is the reason guys like Quinn and Leinart can't make it in this league it's preparation, film study and time in the gym. Pennington passed on these tools to Henne he is still young but I think of Henne much like Pennington but with a rocket of an arm. The game hasn't completely slowed down for him just yet but when it does oh boy you better buckle your seatbelts this kid is going to be good when it's all said and done. Everyone in the media says it and you can just see his intesity I have faith. GO PHINS!!!!!

I'll start talking / thinking about next year once the Pitt game is over.

Until then I want to see progress and improvement THIS YEAR. Lets go 2-0 and see how things shake out.

Lets see Henne play mistake free ball the next two games. Why wait until next year? Lets see 34 hold onto the ball. Why wait until next year? Lets see 19 on the bench. Why wait until next year. Lets see Vonte finish his coverage when he is in great position. Lets see JT and JP generate consistent pressure with a HEALTHY doese of Cam Wake. Lets see Wilson make a few plays and at least make a case for being on an NFL roster somewhere next year. Lets see Crowder make a few game changing plays. I mean the list is endless really.

Merry Christmas or whatever holiday you are celebrating to all DOLPHANS.

We r headed in the right direction.I'm 27 years old n I want to atleast see my team in the superbowl.I feel the men in charge care.they,in my mind have 1 1/2 seasons to get the job done.2011-12 n no domination?heads need to roll.and we(the fans)better get a diva reciever,that is important,I don't mind a ochcocinco,a place like this,they funna behave.PEACE!

Miami should've NEVER let rob ninkovich go . DAMN !! that was a mistake. that will be the down fall of this franchise. :)

cocoajoe you have to remember that this team is the youngest in the league that play is because of that. Also if you notice they were having trouble in the 4th qtr now over the past few weeks that has been their best qtr offensively and defensively. The coaching will get it fixed like they said on sports center they are well coached. Fewest penalized team in the league that's pretty awesome considering how young this team is.

Yeah CocoaJoe the dirt farmer from central florida know way more about the fuseball than you, he is Bobby Bouche.

He is also the best donkey farmer and moonshine drinker in rockledge

cocoajoe you have to remember that this team is the youngest in the league that play is because of that. Also if you notice they were having trouble in the 4th qtr now over the past few weeks that has been their best qtr offensively and defensively. The coaching will get it fixed like they said on sports center they are well coached. Fewest penalized team in the league that's pretty awesome considering how young this team is.

Posted by: AZPhinatic | December 22, 2009 at 04:25 PM

AZ, hope you're right about getting it fixed. Because if we're playing like this next year, statements like, youngest team or wait until next year may not be enough.

There's no doubt thet WR is our #1 priority but to be fair, the trifecta has tried to improve it (not very succesfully), they bring Wilford as free agent and Bess as an undrafted free agent, this year they use a 3rd (Turner) and 4th (Hartline) rounder plus a couple of undrafted free agents, and Ireland has admited we need a #1 WR, so I expect that we get a WR from free agency (probably not a #1 available) and draft another in the 2nd rounder (I prefer on the 1st round but I don't think they'll do it).

trading for a WR isn't a good option, specially when you consider a guy like roy williams cost a 1st and 3rd rounder, any good WR will cost more that a 1st rounder without being a star, Johnson adn Fitzgerald type of guys are of the trading market.

Yeah CocoaJoe the dirt farmer from central florida know way more about the fuseball than you, he is Bobby Bouche.

He is also the best donkey farmer and moonshine drinker in rockledge

Posted by: Franklin | December 22, 2009 at 04:46 PM

Sorry to say, no groves left anymore. Did he change occupations? There's a truckstop near 95.

Even with the disappointments I have really enjoyed the process the last two years. The coaching staff in my eyes has been fairly strong-not scared and overly appologetic-wandstatt and Cameron. I like our group and am increasingly more proud to be a dolfan. As long as we keep getting tangibly better I will be happy-obnoxiously cheering the boys on every friekin Sunday!

Fire Dan Henning in the offseason please Tuna!

The guy can't keep a job for longer than a few years because he is OLD and OUT of touch with what works and what doesn't work.

As ATL head coach he went 22-41-1

As San Diego's head coach he went 16-32.

As Boston College Eagles head coach he went 16-19-1.

What makes you people FANTASIZE about next year when this guys is clearly a loser? 23 years ago doesn't count. Heck, if his superbowl rings were worth a darned then why not bring Shula out of retirement?

He's been FIRED from every job he's had in football I believe.

There's only one Question and THE MENACE MEANS ONE QUESTION,To ask one's self, Who would you rather have coaching Tony S. or Rex(TWO TON)Ryan???????

#1 Dolphin fan in Montreal....THESE PEOPLE DON'T KNOW WHAT CHANGE IS. They stick to what worked 23 years ago or last week. They actually game plan for the team they just played instead of the team they are going to play. I blame Dan Henning for that. They fix last weeks leaks and ignore today's HUGE leak.

Dan Henning is a HUGE leak in our chances of ever winning a superbowl.

Yea Cocoa blow, ur the most successful GM in the fantasy football league, u should be proud of all ur accomplishments!!! After 30 years u figure u would know SOMETHING about football, but sadly u don't...All u know how to do is complain about REAL fans who stick with the team..U turn on your TV and watch the game and think u are a know it all...Carlito is more of a fan then some half baked hack such as urself will ever be...Since I know for a FACT you've NEVER built a NFL team, u have never been a GM in the NFL I will put my trust in Bill Parcells who has actually been a winner in the NFL, unlike some Space Coast redneck...buy a vowel F'CK YO'

And how long does the current understanding and bliss extend?"Mando"

2 Years of steady improvement.

Then playoff regulars.

I charge a royalty fee for truckstop and trucker put downs on this blog.

And this darned management needs to grow a set of ballz. Constantly constantly and constantly making excuses for bad plays, missed tackles, poor play calling, poor blocking and you name it. The elite head coaches call their players out when they mess up. Not us! We praise them...

I've seen coaches call players out even when they win.

Henne should have got his butt cheeks nailed together for making that last throw for the INT that sealed out fate. He then claims, "there were excuses". Not that there are no excuses but there WAS an excuse.

Well, what was it? His comment is a product of coaches with no ballz. I would like for Henne to tell us what the excuse was. Because he was going down with no way of even seeing the WR. He threw it like he was the Bride throwing the bouquet at a wedding. BUT THERE WAS AN EXCUSE?

Some sports blogger (mando) needs to ask him what the excuse was. I'm willing to bet he will say the play was doomed to fail from the get go. And I and HE blames Dan Henning.

``The turnovers, that's what hurt us,'' Henne understated. ``I take ownership of that. There's excuses. I'm not going to make them. I'll just say I missed the pass. Davone [Bess] was open. I missed him. It's going to stick with me a little bit. Because we know what was at stake.''

There's excuses huh Chad? He basically is calling Devone out. Saying there was excuses but he's not going to make them. He'll just say he missed Devon. Can he man up and say he threw a bad pass? Who does this guy think he is...Tom Brady or Brett Favre?

Someone needs to get into his butt before he becomes the next Ryan Leaf.


When we win out, my bet is that we become 6 seed and play the pats in NE which will be a fun game to watch....I can say that we are growing the puppies more quickly than anticipated..i.e. henne getting in 13 games this year...ahead of schedule so next year as a THIRD YEAR guy, he will be much more ahead of the curve than he would have been if noodle arm didnt hurt the noodle again...from where we came from two years ago and before to now, if anyone here disagrees with where we are, they DONT KNOW the game, or life....good things sometimes take time....i expected that of the last four games we would split the road games and sweep the home games which is exactly what happened...and we just missed on sweeping the road games with a comeback that we were so used to not seeing in so many years...all pro teams aim to go 500 on the road and 800 at home...we are getting the PERFECT COMBO of seasoning of our young talent, while palying in meaningful playoff type contests...there is NO DOUBT the puppy corners and WR's with a year under their belts will be much more prepared next year...also CAM WAKE LANGFORD MERLING SOLIAI LONG all are first and second year talent and they make up the bulk of our interior line future...Starks has been a stud and even McDaniel has been solid...

COMPARE Henne to ANY stud qb in the game past or present...Phil Simms took seven years to get ripe, Favre in his second year???? gimmeee a break...Manning, Eli or Payton? Even DANTE MARINO....this guy has got the goods....his INTS have been bad but mostly because of inexperience in one or two years he will be making quicker decisions, whether to attempt the throw, throw it away, or take the sack....this aptitude cannot be taught but needs to be learned through experience....he will be pro bowl material in 3 years....no one has made much of his 17 straight completions last week on the road against the jags...

I am very optimistic about our playoff chances this year and our future...need a WR and couple of LB's...Gerbil will have a bounce back year next year...and CUT GINN AND HIS BACKWARD KICKOF RETURNS..

i wonder who's going to be THE AFC CHAMPS THIS YEAR ?

Colts or Chargers.

Bet on Indy po, Payton manning is playing at a different level, Its like a man playing againts young kids.....

Dont bet on the chargers, they have a loser for a coach, Norv turner sucks.......

Make no mistake: The Dolphins know they need a front-line receiver and are expected to address it, whether it's using a high draft pick on Oklahoma State's Dez Bryant, if he miraculously falls to them, or perhaps Notre Dame's Golden Tate or Cincinnati's Mardy Gilyard -- or adding a top veteran. (The Dolphins last spring spoke to Arizona about Anquan Boldin, who reportedly will be dangled again this spring, but do not want to pay a huge signing bonus or trade a first-round pick.) Nobody would be surprised if Ted Ginn Jr. is traded, though that won't be decided until the offseason.

Miami Herald

Right CM.

At 50, I've rode the dolphin train for a long time so I've seen alot of different looks to the teams over the years. Since Marino left, this organization was drifting, trying to find a steady hand to guide the ship. Huizinga for all is business savvy could never seem to put the organization in a position to win until he finally went out at landed Parcells. So I'm hopeful now and here's why;
1) The losing culture that infected the locker room is gone. Team leadership is not coming completely from players. Sparano has firm control. Players seem to respect him and have bought into his tough-guy style and it shows on the field. In the past, I saw many o' dolphins teams mail in losses in games like we saw in Tennessee last week. To overcome their mistakes and battle back was something i haven't seen from a dolphin team in years. It was very refreshing.
2) The coaches are teaching well and are willing to let the young players cut there teeth during this rebuilding process. They know mistakes will be made and games lost as a result, but its a process that must happen in order to advance their skills.
3) To date they have not relied upon big free agent signings -- they seem to be able to find talent around the league by "turning over rocks" and developing these guys.
Finally, I love the way this team acquires draft picks working the draft to get hard-hat type guys to fit the system. This team is developing a reputation as hard-hitting and relentless. It can only mean good things as the they move into their third year. I love what I see coming down the road.


Good post

Real good post

You couldnt get anything for Ted(No Testicular fortitude)Ginn, Though we might get something for his clip board holding daddy, And might get something for his cousin Rufus(The human blocking dummie)Ginn, Mando, check out what we can get for the Ginn family???????

If cocoajoe doesn't think football fans should talk about football, he must have been a pro, a Miami Dolphin, right? right?


Mike Ditka said it - This team is well coached. The coaching staff is creative and will do whatever it takes to win. I love this staff - top to bottom!

As for Henne, some people on this page have been critical of him. I see great promise, let me tell you why by comparing to three other pretty good QB's.

Peyton Manning - Started in his first year (1998) and lead team to a 3-13 record. 56.7 completion % and 71.2 passer rating

Drew Brees - Started in his second year 2002. In that year 60.8 completion % 76.9 passer rating

Edward Tom Brady - Started in his second year 2001 and had a completion % of 63.9 and passer rating of 86.5

Chad Henne - Started in his second year with a completion % of 59.3 and passer rating of 73.9 - so far. Will end up with a starter record of 9-4. Henne is right there. The question is, can the organization help him mature like these other guys have. Can they put top flight receivers around him and keep a solid O-line in front of him. I think they can!

Go Phins!

Henne is the least of our problems.

FS And LB In&Out, Starting to worry about RB, Brown is always hurt, Ricky @ 32.

Free agent WR is comming next year.

NC Phin fan, Never AND THE CUBAN MEANS never mention Tom(Mrs.Bunchen)Bradys name on this blog again or you'll be banned and your computer will suffer a STD.....

tuna brought to the dolphins;

good head coach
football future

but the only problem is the media in florida isn't in the same level of knowing football as the tuna regime .

also i believe HENNE is much better than DAN MARINO who was an interception machine himself .

Tell me none of you would give a 2nd & 6th for Anquan Boldin.

po, the wau pat white turned out ,i would give any thing for Anquan

Go, the Marino comment is Sacrilege, I watched that man carry this team year in and out for over a decade. If Henne is ¾ Dan, we are in Bidness!

I was totaly against the White Pick, Thought we should of traded up for Rey Maualuga.

Unless you are speaking of Pat Turner.

I do trust the powers that be over the Dolphins nowadays. It takes time to build a strong foundation which is what I believe they are doing.

Unlike some other fans I also believe in Henne. I do not believe that you can judge a quarterbacks future on what he was or wasn't in college. Look at how many big-name college QB's stink in the NFL and vice-versa.

I wish the coaches and players could trash fans on an internet website and tell journalists what they really think of them without having to worry about being disciplined.

Go Dolphins!

Notice you never see Ted Ginn and Pat White at the same time???? Hummmmm I think there the same person.......


Tom Brady is very over rate. He is the product of a system first and now of his great receivers. You saw how good Cassel did with them last year and now looks how bad he is with a different team.

also a product of the espn hype machine

Two words for ya Tom Olivadotti!

He and 10 yrs of sh*tty RBS doomed The Phins(and Dan).

Dan was a QB God Good as any that ever walked the face of the earth.

Saw it with my own two eyes. Not hearin any thing else.

I'll take Dan Over Tom any day!

i see the future where pat white turns to be a steal and great QB then we come back to this blog to see each farmer saying ( i knew he was great ) .....classic band wagon .

the cuban mence now is on the HENNE'S WAGON.I DON'T SEE ( FAT NECK ) COMMENT NO MORE .

Also, doesnt hurt that he plays for the NFLs flagship team, It just gets me how much the NFL loves a cheating coach.. Kraft must have something on Goodall is all i can figure....



Also ask the receivers of Dans day, They got mugged every down. You can’t even touch those lil Bit*hs nowadays.

Give Dan Toms Rules he wouldn't be anywhere in the same universe as Dan.

PS Brady rule? aka Pink panty rule.

I can't believe miami let go rob ninkovich. This was the mistake of ages. it will go down as the worst move in NFL history, it also set miami back 10 years. :)


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