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It's all about U: Dolfans understand the process

My column in Today's Miami Herald (yes, we still print an edition you Internet freeloaders should purchase every once in a while) discusses a topic you should be familiar with:


The fans.

Frankly, as Yoda would say, "impressed with you I am," because many of you don't want to jump off the bandwagon or bench the offense of fire everybody any time the team loses.

The fact is many of you understand what is happening -- slowly but surely -- with the rebuilding of the franchise and to date you are being patient with the process.

That wasn't always the case. Miami Dolfans have had their moments of anger and impatience and near-revolution.

So you tell me on this feedback Tuesday: Is it fair for me to conclude you have found a group of franchise caretakers you have faith in? What areas of the team are you optimistic about? What are you skeptical about?

And how long does the current understanding and bliss extend? Asked another way, when does the honeymoon end and you, the fans, start to expect championships at all costs?

(Not to suggest everyone is thrilled with the Dolphins these days, if you're unhappy with the direction of the team, please say so.)