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Jason Taylor on SI's all-decade team

We're getting ready to close out another decade in a few weeks and Sports Illustrated is celebrating the passing of 10 years with its latest all-decade team.

Aside from giving copious attention to the New England Patriots for their great quarterback play (Tom Brady), great personnel work (Scott Pioli), great coaching (Bill Belichick), great success (three Super Bowl wins) and great cheating scandal (Spygate), SI does make time for one quick wink to Miami's Dolphins.

Jason Taylor.

Taylor earns the right defensive end spot on the all-decade team.

Taylor missed only five games in the decade and averaged 11 sacks a year during the past 10 seasons from 2000-2009. And that is good stuff for anyone wondering whether Taylor eventually will be in the conversation for Hall of Fame status when he hangs them up.

But ... yeah, there's always a but, the occasion of celebrating Taylor on this dream team causes me to wonder what's happening with Taylor on a real-life team: The 2009 Miami Dolphins.

This season was seemingly going great for Taylor from the time he signed this offseason through the preseason and the regular season. Then something strange happened the past few weeks.

JT kinda disappeared.

Taylor, signed to primarily rush the passer, has been spending a lot of his time the past couple of weeks watching from the bench when the Dolphins are in obvious pass-rushing situations. Orginally, the plan was to let Taylor watch on run downs and then unleash him -- fresh, motivated, and maybe a little angry -- on passing downs.

Great idea because, well, the dude can rush the passer.

But now he's a run-stopper. A run-stopper?

Taylor plays primarily on run downs and then cedes his pass-rushing duties to Cameron Wake or Charlie Anderson or Joey Porter. The guy with more sacks this decade than anyone else is on the sideline for Miami in passing downs.

I'm not sure how the Dolphins reached this point in their outside linebacker rotation. Taylor did not figure in a sack for a month from Oct. 25 to Nov. 29. But I cannot tell you whether his removal on passing down is because he slowed down during that month or because he wasn't given enough at-bats to get to the QB.

I can tell you the coaching staff is intent on giving Cameron Wake more opportunities to rush the passer. The team also seems reluctant to remove Porter from his pass-rush duties. He has been getting more chances than Taylor.

But the idea of using Taylor, Porter and Wake together on rush situation seems to have been tossed somehwere along the way. And for now, more often than not, that makes Taylor the odd man out in pass-rush situations.

Maybe Dolphins coaches should read Sports Illustrated. 


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I agree Wake should get more time. WHy not

Our OLB are outdated. Looking forward to next year's draft. Props to Jason Taylor for making it this far, though. Good memories.

What do you expect. Look at our defensive cordinator, he doesnt know how to use what we got, and it shows week in, and week out. Wont change untill he is gone.

I´d rather have JT on Porter`s side , anytime. don`t you agree ?

Jason Taylor is inhuman. Watching that video was amazing.

Gian: I bet we resign Taylor. I am pretty positive the coaches dont like Joey Porter and he costs too much. I am 90% hes done. JT on the other hand is one of Sporanos guys and he is such a big team leader. Without JT (and presumably Ferg) Channing is the most veteran leader and thats not a great thought.

I just hope he somehow gets 4 more sacks this year to add to his HoF credentials.

"Maybe Dolphins coaches should read Sports Illustrated. "

Yeah , that would be great! Then they could make decisions based on the past and not the present!

Mando we should bench Channing on passing downs. This way we could have JT, J-PEEZ, and Wake out there. If We let him stay on the field. He will make plays.
JT and J-PEEZ on ONe side on the other Wake and Anderson. We would be a sack machine.

JT is a dolphins legend, but it may be time to step aside a bit. that said, JT is still an asset to this 09 team.

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I know Armando was probably thinking this but didn't want to say it....Coach Sparano...is afraid of Porter. Porter can sit one game and be pissed if he wants to but JT is still playing better than Porter hands down (or up). Since the time Porter waved off a player in last year's 49ers game I noticed Sparano was reluctant to even acknowledge it. Yea yea I "heard" he let Porter have it with a slap on the wrist and a fine but Porter would do it again this year and nothing would happen again but JT is more passive than Porter. JT has more sacks and a better chance to go to the HOF than Porter and JT doesn't show any signs of slowing down...yet.I do agree that Wake definitely should be playing more way more but not while slowing down our pass rush with Porter more like heating up our pass rush with the future HOF.

Yeah, I wish he somehow would shake the years off, but that's a little too much to ask. He's been a beast, but I don't see that drive anymore, even if he looks stronger, he's not moving many bodies.

Joey doesn't have it anymore. Opposite teams always run through his side. The middle is also looking very flaky with incumbent Crowder.

Even if most people ask for a 1st round WR for next year draft, I don't think is going to happen. We'll probably pick a NT, OLB,or MLB first, then WRs.

When my wife gave me a signed Jason Taylor Pro Bowl jersey, I could not have loved her any more than I do. When he "almost" went to the Pats I wanted to vomit, especially since I live in the area. But, now that he's back where he should be, and receiving accolades that he deserves, I can't be any happier for him as an NFL Player. His framed signed Pro Bowl jersey hangs proudly in my home office! Long live #99 and all that he represents! His pep talk to Sean Smith after the long TD last week shows what a true team player he is.

I'm sure LB will be addressed during the next draft along with WR, and NT.

We need LBs both inside and out. I'm sure BP will take one with one of the first 2 picks this year

I think he is getting less snaps because they want to save him for the second half of games and for end of season. Sparano is very careful with how many snaps players get.

Look JT will be back next year. Joey won't so there letting him play to make his trade value go up. They just don't want to cut him and get nothing for good player.
We could get like a 4th right now but if he get 10 sacks may a 2nd or 3rd

Jason Taylor is playing hurt. Heard reports that he is playing with one shoulder, amazing but true....So perhaps his productivity is associated with that.

And if you don't believe me on the shoulder, why do you think he came off the field last game. He tweaked it a little.

The guy is amazing, rushing the passer or not. So please don't jump on him not producing....btw, as we all know, sacks are ommensely overrated. Its all the other crap that wins games.

Taylor, signed to primarily rush the passer, has been spending a lot of his time the past couple of weeks watching from the bench when the Dolphins are in obvious pass-rushing situations. Orginally, the plan was to let Taylor watch on run downs and then unleash him -- fresh, motivated, and maybe a little angry -- on passing downs.

Great idea because, well, the dude can rush the passer.

But now he's a run-stopper?


Give me a break. The biggest knocks on Porter and Wake is their lack of run support.
Pick one OLB on the roster that plays the run better than JT.
This is just an example of the coaching staff doing what they have to do to make us competitive. Having JT on the field in our base/run D is a necessity.
I would like to see JT with 20 sacks. Just the same I'll stick with Sporano's motto: Whatever it takes to win!

btw, as we all know, sacks are ommensely overrated. Its all the other crap that wins games

Really? A sack is a negative play for the other team, that means its a positive for you rteam. That's like saying a tackle for a loss really doesn't mean much.

I love JT and there is no one more intense on the field. I like to see him out there, never know what's going to happen. He is better than JP without the mouth - ya gotta love it when he rips the cowboys flag down. whoa - who's going to argue with him? GO JT AND FINS. The offensive line needs a lot of praise - where would the 09 Fins be without them playing so great?

We're screwed. The pass rusher is playing the run so the bum (Joey Porter) can rush the passer. Great.

The fact of the matter is the Dolphins have to use Taylor at what he does second best because neither Porter nor Cam Wake can stop the run.

The problem is not JT's pass-rushing. The problem is Porter and Wake's run defense.


Shut up finheavenblows!

Jimmy jam is also finheaven blows, he sounds like the same lame @hole

Just for the record, Henning was LOST AGAIN Sunday.
Sporano's "suggestions" and Henne's shotgun pulled his arse out of the fire.

Hennings the Barney Fife of OC's

Mando, I love your blog. You have the best insights. But I suggest, plead you block comments like the turd just above -- klldfyry.

People like that that come on here with stupid, mundane or inane comments about people's identities serve no purpose on this blog.

Everyone knows ACE and klldryry and The cuban a ss assi n are the same person. It's obvious in their troubled writing. Blow them outta here, bud!

Wow, watching the JT Tribute video gave me a good idea how far his skills have diminshed. I had forgoted the quickness that he once had, and just how dominant he was during those seasons. Let us not forget that he is such a classy pro too...unless you are a Cowboys fan sitting in the front row.

Odinseye, '

Where have you been bro?

Doing great Ace. Having a lot of fun with your sister and mother and girlfriend all at the same time you tool.

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"Pick one OLB on the roster that plays the run better than JT".... um.. Matt Roth. oops.

What are some of you watching...this year or living in the past? JT is a shell of himslef and as for being this "great team leader"... pfft. It's ALL about him. Forget last year so soon?

thanks for the video. i got goose bumps.

I NOTICED the SI magazine picked the most loved people in every city and formed a team of the decade . SELLING PLOY .TIME FOR MY MEATBALL SUB .

Ace , doing great

I am in a boring lecture thinking about if we can beat Jacksonville

Dear Mr. Salguero

Now if you would just put together a "Zack Thomas" highlight reel and put it in Channing Crowders locker we should be good to go.

Soiled :)

I think LB gets addressed through FA. There will be plenty to choose from such as Barrett Rudd, Shawn Merrimen, Carlos Dansby, and Demeco Ryans. The Chargers will most likely franchise Vincent Jackson, thus leaving Merrimen unprotected. Arizona can't franchise Dansby again, Tampa seems alergic to spending money and Houston is up against the cap as it is. Also, there's no cap next year. So you would think Miami might take that opportunity to cut underachievers like Crowder and Porter. I think WR, DT and TE get addresses first in the draft.

JT has been great this year. I don't know where this "he can't stop the run" theory came from though. I always thought in his prime he was just as good against the run as the pass. he had some years with 70+ tackles. You don't compile those numbers if you don't play the run.

And enough with this Matt Roth business. He was a bust, he's gone. Never heard so much whining over someone who never got more than 6 sacks despite playing a position where you get to rush the passer a lot. Screw him.

Odinseye did you like my sister? Are you done with he

who's zack ? names that i never heard of and soiled of zack as he's talking about JOE MONTANA .....come on soiled ,don't soil our brains w/ your crap.

And another thing, the 'Phins won't be picking a WR in rd 1 because there is no value in doing so. There is only one WR with a rd 1 grade and that Bryant and he'll be gone by the time we draft. Lots of value in rounds 2,3 of the draft.

LB or S in rd one for sure. McClain, Spikes, Pierre-Paul, Earl Thomas, Taylor Mays, G. hardy, D. Morgan. One of them WILL be a Dolphin.

Wildcard is Carlos Dunlap who may fall but that DUI and how he left his team high and dry might sway the trifecta. But can't ignore the physical talent.

Parcells is great at finding NTs late. We won't draft Cody unless he slips into rd 2. Jay Ratliff and Jason Ferguson were both Parcells late round draft picks under the radar that blossomed.

Dear Mr. Monkey

Those who fling poo should not talk about other peoples crap

Soiled :)

I hate that Nick Saban made an appearance in that video. I BOO'd loud in the movie theatre when he made his appearance in The Blind Side (awesome movie by the way - Sandra Bullock's best performance).

My fiance elbowed me in the ribs, but I didn't care. FAWK SABAN! Go Texas!


PLEASE start writing more creative posts . read Mark in toronto and try to write football not about monkey crap .

I also hate Dave Wannstedt for wasting the career of Jason Taylor, Zach Thomas, Pat Surtain, Tim Bowens, and Daryl Gardner. At least Sam Madison got a ring with the Giants.

How you can't build a decent offense when given that defense is beyond me. Not like he had to spend many top picks on defense (but he did anyway) :(

Still interesting to not that you will hear Zach say that he loved Wannstache. Interesting.

Dear Mr. Mark in Toronto

"I hate that Nick Saban made an appearance in that video."

Agreed....thought I was having an acid flashback.

Soiled :)

P.S. I think Monkey has a crush on you


Hahha, Monkey (Aloco) will take shots at anybody. He was calling me sneaky bastardo the other day. It all depends on the day and who he wants to target.

I resent the coaching staff getting any credit for Sunday's win. I mean we were down early by 14 points. How hard of a decision was it too FINALLY let Henne throw the ball around? What choice did we have.

Go team, the players pulled this one out.

It's so ridiculous that media outlets completely ignore the cheating by the Patriots. Belichick is an average coach with a HOF QB who cheated his way to titles. They wouldn't have won 3 SBs if they didn't cheat, so don't give them credit for them. It's the same thing with Barry Bonds....he's NOT the greatest HR hitter of all time. He cheated his way to that title, so stop recognizing him.

Mark ,

i did call you bastardo but in good fun and if you don't think so i am very sorry .the same way i am playing w/soiled who never write any football on the blog .I LOVE YOU ALL .

Mark , fiance elbowed you in the ribs ? He should've elbowed you in the balz .

Dear Mr. Monkey

" and soiled of zack as he's talking about JOE MONTANA "

When I think of Zach Thomas I don't think of Joe Montana.

I think of Joe Mantegna....one of the most underated actors of our time.

Soiled :)



soiled, did you see 91/2 weeks ?


Posted by: Monkey | December 08, 2009 at 05:48 PM

Very good point back at you. Except I wasn't downing 14 pints. It was litre's. Dark Rum of course. I went a little overboard celebrating this one!!!!

Dear Mr. Aloco

I have not seen House Games.

But there was no better acting then his potrayal of a villian in the movie "Babys Day out"

And there has never been a better Star/Musical guest on "Saturday Night Live" then the Joe Mantegna/Vanilla Ice show from 1991.

Time for my Medication

Soiled :)

odinseye, i trust any thing you say unlike nj phin who predicted the dolphins defeat by 18 points .

agree w/snl 1991 .if you see ( house games ) you will love him even more .he plays the pest part of his life in it .

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