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Kubiak: Touch passes come with experience

Gary Kubiak played QB in the NFL. He coached QBs in the NFL. So he knows something about QBs in the NFL.

And today on his conference call with the Dolphins media, Kubiak explained that those touch passes some quarterbacks -- Chad Henne for one -- have to master come with work and experienced.

"I think you just have to play," Kubiak said. "Quarterbacks develop when they play a lot of ball. It’s like the young man we have here [Matt Schaub], he’s played his best football for us this year. He’s still, I want to say he’s at 37, 38 starts in this league. That’s not a lot of starts.

"You don’t develop all the tools and everything until you get those starts under your belt and you start playing every week of every season. It’s repetition, and anybody who’s in this league has talent, but repetition is what’s going to make you better, and make you as good as you can be in the long haul."

I think we forget that Henne has only 11 starts under his belt. Most QBs don't hit their stride until their 25-35th start. By then you know if you have a star on your hands. By then the issues -- interceptions, touch passing, etc. -- have to be resolved. By then there are no excuses.

Henne's at least one year away from that point.

By the way, if you recall, offensive coordinator Dan Henning said last year and repeated this year that Henne would be just as good as either Baltimore's Joe Flacco or Atlanta's Matt Ryan -- two quarterbacks picked in the same class with Henne.

I always thought the comparison was unfair because the Dolphins haven't surrounded Henne with the type of talent that surrounds the other two. Nonethelss, the comparison endures.

And so looking at all three so far this season, Flacco has thrown for 3,345 yards and 19 TDs this year. Ryan has thrown for 2,443 and 17 TDs. Henne has thrown for 2,416 yards and 10 TDs. Henne, who has thrown 12 interceptions, is the only one of the three youngsters that has thrown more INTs than TDs.

[Update: The Dolphins have added rookie punter Britton Colquitt to the practice squad. And Jason Taylor, nursing a shoulder injury, sat out the portion of practice open to the media, suggesting he's not practicing today.]

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