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Kubiak: Touch passes come with experience

Gary Kubiak played QB in the NFL. He coached QBs in the NFL. So he knows something about QBs in the NFL.

And today on his conference call with the Dolphins media, Kubiak explained that those touch passes some quarterbacks -- Chad Henne for one -- have to master come with work and experienced.

"I think you just have to play," Kubiak said. "Quarterbacks develop when they play a lot of ball. It’s like the young man we have here [Matt Schaub], he’s played his best football for us this year. He’s still, I want to say he’s at 37, 38 starts in this league. That’s not a lot of starts.

"You don’t develop all the tools and everything until you get those starts under your belt and you start playing every week of every season. It’s repetition, and anybody who’s in this league has talent, but repetition is what’s going to make you better, and make you as good as you can be in the long haul."

I think we forget that Henne has only 11 starts under his belt. Most QBs don't hit their stride until their 25-35th start. By then you know if you have a star on your hands. By then the issues -- interceptions, touch passing, etc. -- have to be resolved. By then there are no excuses.

Henne's at least one year away from that point.

By the way, if you recall, offensive coordinator Dan Henning said last year and repeated this year that Henne would be just as good as either Baltimore's Joe Flacco or Atlanta's Matt Ryan -- two quarterbacks picked in the same class with Henne.

I always thought the comparison was unfair because the Dolphins haven't surrounded Henne with the type of talent that surrounds the other two. Nonethelss, the comparison endures.

And so looking at all three so far this season, Flacco has thrown for 3,345 yards and 19 TDs this year. Ryan has thrown for 2,443 and 17 TDs. Henne has thrown for 2,416 yards and 10 TDs. Henne, who has thrown 12 interceptions, is the only one of the three youngsters that has thrown more INTs than TDs.

[Update: The Dolphins have added rookie punter Britton Colquitt to the practice squad. And Jason Taylor, nursing a shoulder injury, sat out the portion of practice open to the media, suggesting he's not practicing today.]

Come back in a while. More stuff coming. 


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7-4... most important stat

the only concerning thing with Henne is the lack of accuracy.

He will get better on his touch. Afterall he is 7-4, Henne will improve and will see a much better Henne in 2010. Go Phins

touch pass

i would really like to see the dolphins play all-out 100% for the full 60 minutes and see what happens. you will need to get fresh guys in there as the game progresses; guys like eric walden, ryan baker, chris clemons, cam wake etc. older guys who run out of gas or don't practice (j.porter) need to come out. our young guys need to get battle tested. other teams are playing their rookies. lets see what patrick turner,ryan baker or pat white can do. i would also like to see thigpen (as i believe he is our #2 QB) for a series or two. we would get alot more out of our bench if they felt they might get in a game.

Armando, good stuff on this article.

look at the bright side.... we're not the laughingstock of the league lowly jests!

40 years and they STILL don't get it. A wasted franchise.

Henne is a loser. He was a loser at Michigan and he'll be a loser with the Dolphins.


I think Henne will be fine too, we need a Playmaker at WR to help him!

Very good point! Henne has all the intangibles to become a great QB. He has a laser arm, but at times throws to hard for a situation. I watched the game with one of my friends (Colts fan) and he noticed the same thing. "He has a great arm, but needs to know when it is needed to throw that bullet or just throw the beautiful touch pass."

It will come my Dolphin friends, it will come...


I think we all know by now that Henne, if not already the franchise QB, certainly has not done anything to derail hope that he might become special in the future.

On the other hand, what have you seen of Pat White's development as the season has progressed. In what is ADMITTEDLY very little action that I have seen him in, I see no progress or increase in his comfort level. I'm not saying the light won't come on, but I'm curious as to what you have seen, particularly against a comparison, to say, Tyler Thigpen.

Any feedback appreciated as always,

Thanks, and Merry Christmas!


Dishpan - He was a loser at Michigan huh? Did you even watch him in college?

In 4 years there he threw for 9,740 yards and 87 touchdowns.

His QB rating for the 4 years: 132.56, 130.15, 143.37 and 130.54.

His win-loss record: 36-14


Random Thoughts:

1) Dogs are made in the image of man. Man is made in the image of God. Therefore, dogs have a spark of the divine in them. Cats, on the other hand, are made in the image of Satan.

2) Cuban Menace and I do not see eye-to-eye on all policies, but I can think of no better running mate to have in 2016.

3) Check out Bing Crosby singing "Temptation" on YouTube.com. It's a masterpiece of melody, orchestration, and of course the wonderous voice of America's favorite crooner.

4) I will repeat what I've said before. Sean Smith and Vontae Davis show alot of promise and confidence. But at this very moment to suggest that they are anything but below average cornerbacks is a travesty.

5) Jesus' admonition to the mob that only those without sin were entitled to stone Mary Magdalene is too often used as an excuse for sin. Let's not forget what Jesus said afterwards to Mary: "Now go and sin no more."

Most fans are smart enough to recognize that Henne is essentially a rookie QB. It seems to me that you sports writers _ Mando and Omar, in particular, are the ones who aren't giving him the benefit of doubt.

dishpan is a dishrag- glad we aren't like him in his little hateful warped world. Henne will be very good and shanchez will be out of the league in 5 years or less. Too small and a major bust-

Cats RULE and Dogs drool..... and jets suck

Henne will win more super bowls that all the young QB'S drafted in the past 3 seasons combined.
If you have ever played the game , you will notice the game is not faster then him. He looks
natural, and he is going to be a great QB if the owners get him Boldin or Marshall next season, enough project receivers already

it funny how henne never beat ohio state but everyone is already saying he's ready to lead, its also funny how white was a natural winner at WV but now ppl seem to think he cant play. i think we have two good but not great(yet) QBs,and once we grab a true veteran #1wr then we can say whethr either one is any good. MORE than anything we need 3 staring LBs outside of channing crowder and thats the problem with the team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mando any news on the NT we picked up after the draft LOUIS ELLIS!!! is he still part of the team or just a guy who came in and didnt show much?????

Having trouble enjoying the Holidays due to Buffalo & Tennessee losses.

Henne , also didn't play in the first 3 Games.


A: Henne didn't get any experience last year except the AZ game for 1 drive.

B: Henne started 3 fewer games this year.

Birth 73 , henne sure looked good beating florida in the bowl game throwing for 350 yds and 3 or 4 td's didn't he ? Luis ellis was cut Months ago.

If you have trouble enjoying the Holiday's because of dolphin losses than you need to take a look at the more unfortunate families who have next to nothing and get a bettet percpective of life !!

"Sean Smith and Vontae Davis show alot of promise and confidence. But at this very moment to suggest that they are anything but below average cornerbacks is a travesty."

Maybe in your world. Both are better than "below average" and Vontae is 2nd in the NFL regarding picks. Maybe you need to rethink that thought... as I've said before

jets sucks,

fins sucks

Henne's problem is less touch passes than inexperience. Absent the picks, Henne has proven himself to be a formidable QB over the past few games, putting together large piles of yards with a very young set of #2 WRs. However, the fact that Henne is a fearless gunslinger being allowed to take chances by the coaching staff is amplifying the mistakes of his inexperience.

If Henne can learn from his mistakes and is given a #1 WR, this offense could be scary good rather quickly.

The man is a fearless gunslinger and that gets him in trouble with picks when he does not see all the defenders. Remove the picks and Henne has turned into a formd

Henne is one year behind Flacco and Ryan when we consider the games played. The touch on his passes is going to come. He gets anxious, which is to be expected. His deep pass will likely improve also.

Henne is playing very well for the position he was put in. It's hard to come in part way into the season after not practicing with the starters very much and perform the way he has. Give him a couple good tools to work with and a full training camp with the starters and he will improve.

Funny we went from Pennington, one of the great touch passers ever, who couldn't throw a bullet if he had to, to Henne, Mr Bullet Pass who continues to struggle to feather the ball. Hopefully we will get it together in time for the Trifecta's "3 year plan" to be fully realized. Meantime, we continue to win...and lose...the hard way

Payton Manning could never beat Florida back in college so he was an obvious bust. Ryan Leaf did wonders with Washington and his game was more NFL ready......get the point?

You just don't know until they play at this level. Deal with it. So far, Henne has looked good for a first year starter.

I think henne has what it takes to be great. on his ints you can say some were b/c of bad decisions, few were b/c wr slips or dont fight for the ball and 1 was just a horrible throw(tenn). the one major step i think he might have made and i hope it continues was he actually took off and ran when there was nothing there. everything else will come and if DAN MARINO is give him praise that has to say something not to mention he has a veteran in PENNINGTON to acually learn from maybe not long but he recieved valueable insight(aaron rodgers same thing)

Take this scenario, if Miami and Pittsburg win this weekend and Denver loses.

Miami, Baltimore, Pittsburg and Denver would all be 8-7. If Tennessee beats San Diego, Jacksonville beates the Patriots(a.k.a. the cheaters), and/or the Jets beat the Colts, they also would be 8-7. SO, it would be 7 teams at 8-7...

If it more than 3 teams, only 1 team from each division would advance past the first tie breaker: Miami, Baltimore, Denver and Jacksonville

jacksonville would be the #5 seed based on better conference record than the other 3 teams, so that would leave Miami, Baltimore and Denver for 1 spot. All 3 would have same conference record, so it would come down to best win % in common games between the 3 teams or strength of victory...

Who gets that final spot?? Anyone know?

Hennig very good coreback.Mami shuld not cut him becaus he play good footbl an no have no receibers.

You left out Kubiak's stats. 14 touchdowns, 16 interceptions and 1,920 yards in 9 seasons as a career backup to horse face Elway. He sounds like a real authority.

i like white as well, i think if we can get him more comfortable, which should happen this off-season, he's without a doubt the new triggerman in the wildcat b/c he can do things BROWN cant do. we are getting alot of college player these days who never played in a smash-mouth offense before so sometimes you have to change with the times and i think PARCELLS sees this thus the reason for WHITE. i would love to see HENNE as the starter and WHITE play 2-3 series(when it works the first time)a game for excitement and the thrill of knowing they cant stop it and we the DOLPHINS can say "we started that". just like the U.

It would not be common games after week 16 because they need at least 4 common games and there is only 3 between Miami, Baltimore and Denver. But, with week 17 against Pitt for Miami that would make 4 and here are the stats of the common games (Indy, San Diego, Patriots, Pittsburg)

If we beat Pittsburg, all 3 teams would have a 2-3 record in common games, so no matter what it comes down to strength of victory. I sure wish it was strength of schedule first, because Miami would be sure to win that. Strength of schedule would be tough to research and decide, because 2 games for all teams are left...

Well put, Ferdinand! You took the words right out of my mouth.

Did anyone else notice that wispy facial hair Mark ("the fruit picker") Sanchez was sporting last week? He looked like the Frito Bandito.


Playoffs ? Playoffs ?

NJ PHIN FAN - It is possible!!! For losing this weekend, I didn't think our chances were as good as they are now!


WHY US ??? Playoffs ? Playoffs ?

Dear Mr. Salguero

Its amazing what one learns comming to your blog.

"1) Dogs are made in the image of man. Man is made in the image of God. Therefore, dogs have a spark of the divine in them. Cats, on the other hand, are made in the image of Satan."

If this statment is true then my yard is a hotbed of satanic attivity.

But there is a beacon of Divine light that rests in my dog Bosco...who drinks holy water and poops fire and brimstone.

I hope I don't get left behind.

Soiled :)


You are so right, Henne never looks uncomfortable. He has the most fierce look in his eyes. He is our QB for the next decade, unless injured. He is a winner: we all know the stats, the receivers, and the injuries. Henne is for real!

Henne has done very well with his limited experience.
He is cool under pressure; recoils well from his own mistakes and has confidence in his ability to lead the team to victory.

His arm strength is as good as anyone’s.

He is a keeper so far, hope he keeps progressing.

Oh yeah,

Jets Suck and so do there P.O.S. Fans especially the trolls that plague this blog.

Thanks for the complement the other night Edgar.

lmao Emo.

Mr. dishsoap or dishpan.. Henne not only had a great college career, both broke all the passing records. Yes that includes Brady and all of the rest of the great QB's from Michigan which has turned out some great ones. Why not take a bath in the suds!!

jet fans are jealous of henne 'he would look great with the jets' but guess what!he plays for the fins and we got the next face of the nfl quaterback.....go fins for life..merry christmas to the jet fan........hell no!

he didn't win in michigan,,who cares.theres a lot of quaterbacks starting in the nfl that did'nt win in college''as for his acurracy in college''he's getting paid now thats a big diffrence....go dsolphins!

go dolphins!for life!

of course pat white won at WV, the big east is a suck football conference (i dont care about pitt and louisville, put them in the acc or big 10 and they rot)...we've all seen that henne can throw...can we get him a top WR and put the WC to sleep...we won't need the WC with a stronger henne,ricky and ronnie and a true #1 WR...eff the wildcat...that was conjured up to make up the for the glarinf weaknesses on this team, those are going away now, let's euthanize the WC and pat white

You know everyone said that Peyton Manning couldn't win the big games because he never beat UF when he was at UT. yeah shows you what everyone knows; nothing, thats why you can't compare how a QB play in college to how he plays in the pro's, theres been a ton of QB's that were really good in college and sucked as a pro,and theres also QB's that were kind of good,you saw flashes but never really broke out,get to the NFL and BOOM, the guy the best thing since slided bread. I guest what i'm trying to say is you can't always judge a player by how he plays in college; scouts can judge if that guys really going to want to become great or if he'll just be happy with what he has and never work to get better,and the one thing i can tell about Henne is he wants to get better,and he is getting better.

henne is our future he looks good. rivers, manning
brady all had up and down yr when they first started... we need to break up wr.. i want to keep hartline, bess,possible ginn, draft wr and pick up f/a let them battle it out. keep the best, trade the one that donot fits. with carmillo we can get 6th rd pick and w ginn 4th rd pick.

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