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Live blog chat right here at 1 p.m.

After spending some time with the blog regulars during the 35-31 Colts victory over Jacksonville Thursday night, I got this grand idea that perhaps a live blog chat was in order.

So I dialed room service and ordered it up for today.

There will be a live chat on this blog at 1 p.m. and we'll go as long as you guys keep it interesting.

We can discuss Sunday's game. We can discuss the playoff picture. We can discuss anything and everything Miami Dolphins.

By the way, the Jacksonville loss Thursday night means the Baltimore Ravens (7-6) are now the No. 6 seed for the playoffs. The Dolphins (7-6) trail them, but obviously have the opportunity to make up that ground over the season's final three games.

Meet back here at 1 p.m. And if you can't be here then, leave whatever questions or comments you have now and I'll respond when the action begins.


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Mando , check out last nights blog.

Hi Mando,

Greetings from Germany...Long time reader first time poster...How do you feel about this week's matchup against the Titans? I'm pretty sure Young will start this game. The Dolphins will commit to stop the run and that worries me because our secondary has consistenly been giving up big plays.


You were called every name in the book including stuff about your sexuality by dying breed . He also said you know nothing about football and insulted every poster who participated in last nights live blog. It was mentioned that we the posters were kissing your rear. He'll participate in today's .

above post was for mando.



I know much has been made of Joey Porter, and his lack of production. I have witnessed much in locker room celebrations, see him every week on "Porter's House" and I believe people underestimate his value to the team as a leader. Obviously, mouthing off to NE is not a good example, but I believe he is one of the guys the team rallies around. I would like to see him back.
I get the feeling most feel his being gone is almost a foregone conclsuion. What do you make of him being back on this team next year? Do you see him maybe restructuring his contract? Is that something you get the feeling he would be interested in?

Who ride? We ride!!!

Thanks Mando

I just want to go on record and SAY that I believe the HEART of this dolphin team has been and remains Greg Camarillo!!!!

Why do the so called "experts" give Miami almost a zero chance this week? I think just about the only thing all these so called experts see is wins and losses. I really don't think they pay any attention to how those wins and losses come about. Sure Tennessee has won 6 out of the last 7 games, but 5 of those wins have come against Jax,Hou,Buf,Stl, and SF. Not very impressive if you ask me. Vince Young? Crappy quarterback, always has been, with slighty above average numbers again...against crappy teams. Johnson? The man is a beast plain and simple and the main reason why the Titans even won those games. One would think that these guys that cover the NFL would have some sort of clue about all the teams, but I really do believe they only look at 1)What a team has done in the pass...(EX: Most of them pick the Pats to win 12 or 13 games this year just because Tommy was back...WRONG! I thought back in the summer there was no way in hell they would win that many, there were way too many questions about that team.) and 2)Wins and Losses (EX: No credit is given what so ever that the Phins have played both the Colts and Saints tougher then most teams have all year. Sure they lost and they deserve the record they own but that still doesn't defeat the fact that though they may have lost those games, those close losses are a hell of a lot more impressive to me then some team beating crappy teams.

Its like they think Miami is just going to lie down and take it up the... Last time I checked Miami didn't get 59 points shoved down their throats this year, but you don't hear anything about that now that the mighty Titans are on a roll. Its a joke, and I find almost as much enjoyment in laughing as these clowns every week, at their blinded predictions as I do when the Phins win and prove them to be nothing more then overpaid glorified sport fortune tellers. I kinda want them to play the respect card, but it's great when the Phins prove the doubters wrong, even me included at points this year. I just hope they keep it going!

...Wow sorry this turned into more of a rant then a question. The question is at the beginning:)

Hey Armando,

It's obvious we need help at WR, assuming we get one via free agency what are the best options? otherwise what options will be available during the draft

Also, what have you heard as far as how our defense plans to contain chris johnson???

Do the guys at ESPN hate Miami because we're in the same division as the pats...you dont see any former dolphins as analysts on ESPN but they hire Teddy Bruschi and MATT MILLEN!!

This dolphin fan sees Camarillo as the go to player when it is all on the line

Mando. R we playing porter and Taylor correctly??

Are the dolphins a good team or a bad team? I mean as I fan I want to believe that the reason are games are always so close is because we play to the level of our opponet. What if it's because there playing to our level??

What are the salary cap implications if we cut Gerbil Wilson and Channing Crowder? I feel these two are the weak links in Miami's D. We should easily replace Wilson with Clemons, faster, younger, stronger, so as to prepare for 2010. Crowder always seems to be the reason that opposing teams are able to run inside on us. He always over commits and is out of position. We coulda woulda shoulda drafted Maualuga but we have Pat White to show for it!! So what happens Mando if we cut these two underperformers??

I just looked up the play off standings and it shows Miami as seed 6. Jags seed 7 ravens seed 8. There must be a mistake somewhere

I just looked up the playoff standings and it showed broncos seed 5. Miami seed 6. Jags seed 7. Ravens seed 8. ???

Miami is seed 6

Go fins

I can post again

C wake will be a factor in this game plan..stack the line to stop the run..and unleash Cwake on Young....he's not good when he's pressured...lights out defense and no turnovers on offense

I know it does not matter, but in the first NE game, in the 1st half (I think) they try for the field goal and the refs say its good. We have watched our taped version and from the angle you can see the ball on the other side of the upright -- no good? Has anyone else noticed this?

Please tell me Mondo that we are going after a real #1 WR in free agency. Drafting one is also good, but they take a while to develope. I hope they pony up the dough. What free agent WR's are available this year? and do you think they will go after one?

Everyone that's going to the Titans game like myself let's make sure that we show up early and be extremely loud. Go fins!!!!

Armando, please shed some light onthe fact that all this talk about Johnson and his rushing yards have been against a mediocre schedule consisting of wins against the Rams, 49ers, Bills, Texans and a weakened Arizona team. Their biggest challenge was the colts and a declining Pats and steelers which they lost to all three. Call me a home teer, but I don't think the dolphins are getting enough credit and the titans are glorified for one guy's accomplishments.

Angry fan mauluga was already drafted before the pat white pick.

greetings and salutations armando,como estas senor?
freezing here in montreal -23c.
how is solai doing so far?could he be our next stating nt.
always a pleasure and merry xmas to all.


Jason Allen is playing more..why? Is it due to injuries or due to *gasp* improvement in his play as a Cornerback?

right now baltimore is listed as the 6 seed because they have a better conference record (6-4) vs. MIA's 5-4 record. if they both win out, they both will be 8-4 in conference. next tie breaker is record among common opponents.

this typepad thing is so annoying...
keep trying to log in to no avail;

Armando, assuming a new CBA is reached so all of these players become FA's, who do you think we could get that would be a good fit and who do you think the trifecta would pursue? I know some of these teams will do their best to resign some of these guys, so take that into consideration as well as age and cost. Also, maybe some guys we could trade for or the trifecta might try and trade for?

Brandon Marshall, Denver Broncos (26)
Vincent Jackson, San Diego Chargers (27)
Miles Austin, Dallas Cowboys (26)
Braylon Edwards, New York Jets(27)
Terrell Owens, Buffalo Bills (36)
Antonio Bryant, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (29)
Derrick Mason, Baltimore Ravens (36)
Steve Breaston, Arizona Cardinals (27) – Restricted FA
Malcom Floyd, San Chargers (28)
Kevin Walter, Houston Texans (29)
Jason Avant, Philadelphia Eagles (27)
Davone Bess, Miami Dolphins (24) – Exclusive Rights FA
Mark Bradley, Kansas City Chiefs (28)
Isaac Bruce, San Francisco 49ers (37)
Chris Chambers, Kansas City Chiefs (32)
Mark Clayton, Baltimore Ravens (28)
David Clowney, New York Jets (25)
Ronald Curry, St. Louis Rams (31)
Domenik Hixon, New York Diego Giants (25)
Lance Moore, New Orleans Saints (27)
Muhsin Muhammad, Carolina Panthers (37)
Josh Reed, Buffalo Bills (30)
Brad Smith, New York Jets (26)
Bobby Wade, Kansas City Chiefs (29)
Kelley Washington, Baltimore Ravens (31)
Demetrius Williams, Baltimore Ravens (27)
Troy Williamson, Jacksonville Jaguars (27)
Jerheme Urban, Arizona Cardinals (29)

balt & mia have 4 common opponents. SD, NE, Indy, & pitt that make up 5 games (mia played ne twice balt played pitt twice) if we both win out balt would be 3-2 in those games and mia would be 2-3 in those games. bottom line, we need balt to lose 1 game.

Why does everyone pile on crowder here? Crowder makes plays against offensive lineman that ZT physically could only dream of. We are one of the most stout teams against the run bc of Crowder IMO. If anything the other two middle linebackers need to step it up.

I voted for polite starks carpenter fields and long for probowl. Real fin fans go over to NFL.com and support your team.

Jags lost last night, but nothing has really changed for this week. It's great that we currently don't need that head to head tie breaker at the moment, but what we really want is a Miami win, and a NE loss. Or a Miami win and a Baltimore loss. Go Dolphins! Our chances of post season play are very promising if we win out. If we get ahead in the playoff race this weekend, I hope the players and fans can keep a mentality as if we weren't. The key to winning for the Dolphins seems to be being backed into a corner. I hope if we get ahead, it doesn't kill us mentally.

Question for mando.

I noticed falcons got jobbed by the refs on a chunk yardage pass interference play that was the difference in the Saints game. I am starting to see a trend with the refs givin all the breaks to the Saints. So is there a conspiracy here?

Come on guys, at least be informed. Damn. Mauluga was the 38th pick in the draft. Being that pat white was the 44th pick, makes it very hard to have drafted Mauluga. The laziest, least intelligent line if thinking is to just bring up a draft, find a good player picked after your teams pick, and complain. And that is even mre infuriating when you say the team should have picked abguy who WASNT EVEN ON THE FREAKIN BOARD.

Mando, I'll try to get on for the 1pm chat, but this comment is only to see if the comments are even working on the iPhone app. They have not been for the last 2weeks. One thing, I think we need a NE loss right now and a Jets loss at Indy to set us up for the division. Baltimore loss wud be awesome, but second to a NE loss. My only issue here is I'd like the Jets to nix the Colts perfect season, and I think their defense can slow down Peyton enough to do it. If they control the clock with the run and don't give up the big play, they have a chance. Only it keeps them on our heels, and honestly if anyone deserves a perfect season it's these Colts and Peyton Manning, who has been one of the most consistent QBs ever. I guess my takeaway is that the PHins HAVE to win out, regardless. That shud be our one true focus, and that will be accomplished game to game. Right now our defense shud be Sleeping in the tape room and dreaming of Chris Johnson and how they plan to stop that guy!

Mando, comments still are not working on iPhone!!!!!! Please get ab update out before the game. Very frustrating. The blog makes the game experience better and it's been messed up for the last two weeks. Thanks!

The comments have been messed up since they moved to typepad, and then added page limits on the comments. Makes it really annoying, especially with mobile devices. You also cannot subscribe to specific blogs anymore.

The app update on the i-phone/i-pod hasn't worked at all......it's very frustrating because I just can't get enough of my fellow finfans and their antics.


you must read last night's blog.

you have to see all the brilliant things I said and learn from the wisdom of my observations.

i don't know how you can keep posting without being fully up to speed on my wonderfullness.

No one should be allowed to comment today unless they prove they've read all my comments and agree with each and every one of them. If not, they are Jets fans and should be banned from this and all other blogs.

I guess my only
Comments are to please have the tech people fix the iPhone app. It broke during the last update.

But about football I don't like our chances for the playoffs. It's too tough to ask NE or Bal to lose a game right now. Bal is playing well and NE has soft opponents




Ic22smooth - Miami is not a 6 seed. The Ravens are currently. They are ahead of us by a half a game on conference record...

I have never been a fan of Jay Cutler, but this weekend I AM...beat the Ravens and don't throw so many interceptions like you ALWAYS do Jay...

I don't think Miami is going to get past Titans. Matchup problems if Young plays. Our def has problems w/mobile QBs and fast explosive backs. Reason......slow LBs. Of course i did not think they would beat the Jags

iPhone App users..

The bug with the comments not refreshing was fixed with the latest update that was released on Tuesday night 12/15.

The current app version is 1.3. You can check the version of your app in the "About" tab (all the way at the bottom).

If you still have the old version, simply go to the App Store on your iPhone and click on the "Update" tab. The app should show up that it has an update.

If you are still having issues, please contact us at miamifeedback@miamiherald.com.


Why do you kick our butts so much?

Mando . I'm DYING " Buffoon " BREED . I couldn't care less what you have to say. You know nothing about football. I now it all because i'm DYING " BUFFOON : BREED and i say so. I missed last night live blog, WAAAAAAAAH !WAAAAAAAAAH ! I wanted to show off of how little i know about the dolphins and Football. WAAAAAH !

hmm. too bad you don't know how to spell Buffoon. You "now" it all? Sounds like you're actually an idiot.

i'd also like to add that anybody who comes on this live blog is simply kissing armando's butt. I'm dying Buffoon and i know it all. I should be the one with the live blog.

Mando, Merry Christmas to you, brother.

Once again, thanks for another great year of information and columns and stuff.

Do you think the Anquan Boldin story you have been banging the drums for over and over and over is dead?

Will the Dolphins chase him in the offseason?

I like that you corrected you spelling Buffoon, nice work. Did you google it? Also, you claim that "anyone comes on this live blog is simply kissing armando's butt." Cool dude! Wait a sec...aren't you on this blog???

I'd rather see the Pats lose a game and us win out, taking it that way.....I think it's probably more likely that the Pats will lose a game before the the Ravens.....Overall, not just because I'm a fan....but I think the Fins are playing the best ball out of all the Wildcard hopefulls....and doing so with out the gimmicks and slight of hand plays....doing it with talent!

dolphins stink like dead fish

Alright folks, I'm here a couple of minutes early, but that's fine.

Let me start by saying, thank you for your support of this blog. I appreciate you guys. I don't ask you to agree with my opinions. I don't agree with some of yours, either.

But I hope this blog incites ideas and informs you of what's happening around the Dolphins.

Also, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah and happy holidays to everyone.

How many draft picks do we have for this upcoming draft, and what rounds are they in?

Mando, any thoughts on the colts win over the jags? I thought our D played them better than the colts. Though we scored early our defense really kept us in the game. I mean Manning is the man as far as qb's go this year. Assuming that we make it through to the playoffs, the colts stand in our way. That would mean having to beat some elite teams. Do you really think that the Dolphins can repeat as divisional champs this year?

the mammals will be out of milk come sunday. get milk you bums!

Good Afternoon Mando,,

I was wondering which of the two rookie corners do you like better?

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