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Live blog chat right here at 1 p.m.

After spending some time with the blog regulars during the 35-31 Colts victory over Jacksonville Thursday night, I got this grand idea that perhaps a live blog chat was in order.

So I dialed room service and ordered it up for today.

There will be a live chat on this blog at 1 p.m. and we'll go as long as you guys keep it interesting.

We can discuss Sunday's game. We can discuss the playoff picture. We can discuss anything and everything Miami Dolphins.

By the way, the Jacksonville loss Thursday night means the Baltimore Ravens (7-6) are now the No. 6 seed for the playoffs. The Dolphins (7-6) trail them, but obviously have the opportunity to make up that ground over the season's final three games.

Meet back here at 1 p.m. And if you can't be here then, leave whatever questions or comments you have now and I'll respond when the action begins.


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I will argue with this guy...as soon as we stop stinking...sigh

really wish we'd shelve the Pat White experiment and let Henne keep doing stuff like that, instead.

at least for the rest of the season

what happened to putting the ball in the hands or your best players??


I guess Stephen Ross must a deal with whatever pharma company is selling heart medication these days. It's never easy with this team :-)

"must have a deal"

this coaching staff sucks.When henne is on point,they bring the freak1ng pat white to stall the offense.Way to go suckers

At what point do the coaches realize the Pat White plays are not working and they are killing Henne's rhythm??

we need to throw throw throw

Relax. We're gonna win the game.

holy shnikes!


Merry Christmas Dolphin fans

Chad Henne

Unsportsmanlike my axe. The ref that called that must have had some Christmas shopping scheduled this afternoon and wanted to get to the malls before they closed. The Titan went down on his own. Camerillo was the first Dolphin to touch him. There is no "QB slide Rule" for intercepting DBs and he wasn't even speared. Good comeback, bad throw, worse call. Go Fins.

Plus, I personally have no problem fixing that crick in Va Den Bosch's neck. Stephan Seagal style.

He's dirty.

Henne's 3 interceptions and Ricky's continued fumbles really killed our play-off hopes.

But that personal foul after the overrtime interception was bull! Put the Titans into immediate field goal range and drove the Fins out of the play-offs this year.

Gibril Wilson is the absolute worst cover safet I have seen in a long time. He needs to GO!!!!!

The first field goal was a stupid decision that cost us the game. As a coach, I would kick myself in the arse. JPAO is right Wilson sucks and needs to go. Now we are playing for a good draft pick.

I thought that the Dolphins were a few pieces away from being a playoff contender until I say them play against Tennessee. You would think that in the two years that Parcels has been here, we would at least have one playmaker at receiver via the draft. Devon Bess wasn't even drafted and is way ahead of Patrick Turner. Which makes me wonder about Parcels ability to access talent on the offensive side of the football.

Once again, another season of looking forward to the draft and the regular season isn't even over yet. GET MORE PLAYMAKERS ON THE OFFENCE SIDE OF THE BALL PARCELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dolphan you are an idiot.
it's "davone" not devon
it's "parcells" not parcels
it's "offense" not offence
its "assess" not access
when you are rebuilding a 1-15 team, you have to make yourself competitive first, then add playmakers. when you consider that they won the division last year and remanined alive well into december this year, i would say things are going alright. henne made some rookie mistakes today but you have to like his upside for the future. contrary to your opinion, we have had two excellent drafts in a row. dont worry about pat turner and pat white. be excited about henne, long, vontae, sean smith, hartline, merling, langford etc.

where is armando? im getting worried

1st off I love this team. The trifecta has paid great dividends. This team is tough, resistant. The other team knows it the next day when they play the Dolphins and that’s all great.
However, the field goal at the beginning of the game is just plain lame. The way I see it this season is a tale of conservative play calling. Indy, NO, the pats game on the road, this game, SD too all could have been won by viewing inside the 20 as 4 down territory. The team is set up for a power line and FG’s lose to these better teams we have faced this season.
These good QB’s are going to score on you. The Dolphins have to put up TD’s not FG’s!
It’s inexplicable. It’s a recipe for losing. Besides the D’s strength is rushing the passer yet they rarely play with a lead! Take chances to put points by 7 and 8 at a time on the board. You need 28 points a game minimum to be a playoff team.
Great to battle back after 0-3. I just hope that we see a change in the coaching approach and a more aggressive style come out of this.
Sparano is fooling himself if he thinks that conservative approach is going to beat good teams consistently.
Also, the NT holding blatantly bad and Camarillo’s personal foul was an obvious giveaway to Tenn.
I have seen so many outright bad calls against Miami this season. I don’t understand why. Any ideas?

John, I guess so, but it also seems to me that some of those games would have been won with one great receiver who could go up and make the clutch catch. Ginn dropped on in the endzone that would have beat the Colts. Dropped another over the middle that would have put us in position to win another, etc. I'm not sure the play calling is so terrible. I think we're just a few players from greatness. I'm more optimistic about this team than any in the last six or seven years easy.

Finsup -- you right. Too many haters on this page today.

all i have to say is jason taylor stripped the ball out of johnsons hands before he was down and the refs didnt even review it,and they were in OVERTIME!!!

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