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Live blog chat right here at 1 p.m.

After spending some time with the blog regulars during the 35-31 Colts victory over Jacksonville Thursday night, I got this grand idea that perhaps a live blog chat was in order.

So I dialed room service and ordered it up for today.

There will be a live chat on this blog at 1 p.m. and we'll go as long as you guys keep it interesting.

We can discuss Sunday's game. We can discuss the playoff picture. We can discuss anything and everything Miami Dolphins.

By the way, the Jacksonville loss Thursday night means the Baltimore Ravens (7-6) are now the No. 6 seed for the playoffs. The Dolphins (7-6) trail them, but obviously have the opportunity to make up that ground over the season's final three games.

Meet back here at 1 p.m. And if you can't be here then, leave whatever questions or comments you have now and I'll respond when the action begins.


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I'd rather see the Pats lose a game and us win out, taking it that way.....I think it's probably more likely that the Pats will lose a game before the the Ravens.....Overall, not just because I'm a fan....but I think the Fins are playing the best ball out of all the Wildcard hopefulls....and doing so with out the gimmicks and slight of hand plays....doing it with talent! Thoughts?

Mando. Are you in Nashtrash yet? It's as rainy here as in South FL. You gonna let us buy you a drink tonight? (No we're not Titans fans we grew up in WPB!)

Tomcat: Welcome.

If you look at Miami's final three game -- at Tennessee, Houston and Pittsburgh at home -- you have to say the next game should be the toughest.

The Titans are solid, they are hot, they are relatively healthy, they are home and they are well-coached.

You can't say all that about Pittsburgh or Houston.

This one will be the toughest game left on the Miami schedule in my opinion.

I never corrected it, you can't go back and correct it buffoon. LOL!

Happy holidays Mando and bloggers

Everyone is prefiding the dolphins to get destroid by tennessee on Sunday... What are your thoughts on the day???

NJPHINFAN, I appreciate you coming here and sharing your opinion, which I've told you, I respect.

I saw what DyingBreed did and the "conversation" he had with other posters. I am not going to ban him, but I've been troubled by what goes on in this blog late at night.

Still considering solutions.

Mando is the team aware of the comments made by Nate Washington. He basically killed Teddy saying he basically sucks. Here is the video: http://tiny.cc/Qes0q

Predicting* stupid iPhone

I don't know that I take phons against the titans. I saw them beating Jacksonville but not this team, let's see if they can dig deep

Mando I know you see this. We're gonna have to come find you if you don't answer! I mean there are only so many choices...Loews Vanderbilt..Renaissance downtown...time to get the honky tonk on tonight downtown.

Hey Mando. Thanks for the blog all year, been great to follow.

I wanted to know how you think our linebackers match up against Chris Johnson. Conventional wisdom seems to say that our relatively subpar inside backers against a dynamic scatback like him who can hit the edge so fast/disappear then squirt up the middle is a huge disadvantage for us, but we bottled up MJD pretty effectively last week.

Two things that I wanted to point out are, 1) I think we should absolutely stay away from run blitzes this week (and maybe take it easy on the blitzing in general) and 2) if we let Johnson get open short on 3rd and long situations our defensive coaches should be shot. He will make those plays happen.

What veteran receivers, if any, do you think are on the Dolphins radar for next season.

Bootang25, Joey Porter's future has not been sealed one way or the other, in my opinion.

He has become a liability in the run defense. He is not able to practice many weeks. He acted up in practice and didn't act professionally the week before he got suspended.

But, like you say, players seem to gravitate to him. That can be good when he's playing well. But he is declining and the Dolphins know that.

If next year is a capped year, he goes. He's no longer worth the $$$$. If next year is not capped, it's open whether he stays or goes.

ritalin after 11pm
thats one solution

Hey Mando,

This game against the Titans is scary for one major reason and it's not C. Johnson. It's Vince Young, our defense is terrible at defending a mobile QB, except for last week with Starks getting to Garard the Dolphins have had trouble with QB draws and runs (see Buffalo and Fitzpatrick). Do you think Porter will be disciplined enough to set the edge and has JT lost a step? He just looks slow out there.


other than the question of which rookie corner do you like best, Have you followed at all Stephan Tolluch? he is a Miami Native who is making it as an undersized linebacker..

Mando , what are the coaching staff's impressions on Langford and Merling. We know the DE in the 3-4 aren't supposed to be putting up big numbers 34 but starks is Dispelling the theory a little bit. Do they like what they see ?

aquaandorange: I don't know if Camarillo is the heart, but he's up there as far as brains.

Very smart, very intelligent. Knows what to do and how to do it. I would want him on my team.

Fine don't answer. We still love you. CJohnson is scary as all hell and this is gonna be a hell of a matchup. If Davone's ankle is better and we spread it around I like our chances.

You know yesterday Henning said he had a group of Rodney Danfields for WR, I disagree. The whole team should be called Rodney Dangerfield. Nobody respects us. Nate Washington in interview said Ginn played scared & could not catch. He said who the hell was Ted Ginn. Said he saw film on him and the only thing Ted did was run to the sidelines. Cj made Ted look like crap cause of the whole race thing. Armando how motivated should Ted Ginn be for this game.

How does the team really feel about Henne? Do they respect him and do they think he's the real deal?

Where is pat turner

Ask IT to put an ignore feature on the blog Mando. Best for everyone.

How many draft picks do we have for this upcoming draft, and what rounds are they in?

I hate to do this but I want to talk 2010 Draft--please predict who (what positions) the Phins will target with their 1st rd pick and also are there any potential stud FA WRs that might be interested in coming to Miami. Also, do you think Vince Young starts this week? Thanks!!

Armando the Fins have defended guys like Sproles and Leon Washington this year. We saw what they did against MJD. Do you think Miami can stop Chris Johnson.

Guys the Draft is 4 months away! We have a decent team in playoff contention right NOW. There will be a time for all the draft talk in the near future. We are playing pretty balanced on both sides of the football. Let's focus on the now and try to retain our division title!

Robert: On Ted Ginn, I'd like to tell you the kid is going to come out snorting fire.

But that simply isn't who he is. He's a kid. He doesn't seem to have that "stomp on you," mentality.

He is a good kid from a nice neighborhood and nice family. And he plays in a league where some of the best players are survivors of broken families and tough streets and gangs and shooting and all that.

That affects the mentality of people. It can make them losers or make them survivors. Ginn, meanwhile, wasn't toughened up that way.

So I'm sure Ginn wants to play well. But I don't think he's losing sleep and tearing the heads off Chris Johnson action figures at home every night, itching to get to Sunday.


Do you agree Teddy G is gone after this season unless he has a kick off return for a TD every game for the rest of the year??? Its sad this guy only knows two WR spots and UNDRAFTED players already have learned three and another is working on all four!

what's going to happen this Sunday boys

Thanks mando. Nyfinfan has a good idea with the ignore feature.

mando, is it too early to say the trifecta we right on in taking Long/Henne vs. Flacco or Ryan and whoever. i like Henne just as much as Flacco

So - what do you think Mando? The fish get in? Ravens lose at Steelers, Miami wins out... they're in.

I think the Titans will be the big game of the season - IF they win - I feel they'll win out and sneak into the 6th seed. They are playing great ball right now....

Else - time to pack it up... play the young kids (Turner, etc) and work towards next year. It was an exciting year regardless, even after the 0-3 start they're still alive! I thought about this last year too and they won out... I can see it happening twice

and if NOTHING ELSE - I hope they win out to squash that silly segment on NFL Total access last night when they popped Miami and the Giants balloons... silly Prime - there's 3 games left - its far from over


P.S Sorry this is brief Mando - trying not to get fired - contrary to your twitter post ;) lol

Robert, my BIGGEST worry with Chris Johnson is when they PASS him the ball.

I like Miami's chances of containing him on run plays. It will be a good match.

But put Chris Johnson in a pass pattern against a OLB or ILB or S and that is a terrible mismatch for Miami. That really worries me.

i like our chances to stop the Titans in their tracks... we are way too physical and Sparano knows how to get the best football out of them on Decembers..


The defense has come up big in the 2nd half lately. What's been the opinion of the coaches, players, etc. on why this has happened? Law of averages? It seems like there have been slight improvements in coaching adjustments, secondary, limiting the big play(somewhat), pass rush, ILB's in coverage, and more Wake and Starks. Any thoughts?


Great blog, forget about the haters (they are always there). My question is about the O-Line. I noticed Smiley's been taken out at times, so has Thomas, and of course Grove was hurt. Is this just for rotation purposes, and to rest guys, or are assignments being missed or other guys stepping up and playing better than the starters? By the way, how much snow are they predicting down there, and what do you think that means (and have the Dolphins watched the 59-0 drubbing NE gave the Titans last time they played in a snow game)?

Jason Pierre-Paul of USF!!!!!

The one player who is villified time and time again on this blog is Channing Crowder. I don't really understand it. When Channing is out, you really see the interior run defense take a step back. If anything, he doesn't get enough support from his fellow linebackers, especially Ayodele. Channing is not a problem.

Mando.... While I agree that Ginn is not that type of guy ... O disagree with the fact that it comes from upbringing... Look at Peyton manning, the most competitive guy in the NFL and had the most growing up!

Armando why does NJ PhinFan disrespects other posters and soon as he gets a dose of his own medicine he comes whinning to you like a little girl. Many posters would agree.

As for saying other posters were attacked last night is untrue. NJ poses as multiple posters yet he accuses everyone else of doing it. Enough said. NJ is the biggest crybaby in the entire blogosphere! LOL

Folks, these are things I know about the coming offseason of drafting and such:

The Dolphins want, need, a young OLB to make plays. Porter and JT are getting up there and neither is guaranteed of coming back. Wake is coming on, but he's still a project.

So look for OLBs, which Parcells loves.

They need NT help. And the need a WR that can make big plays.

Those are the priorities this offseason. I don't know what order they get signed or drafted. But they get addressed.

I agree with Mark Toronto. Channing Crowder is stout against the run. When hes not there the flood gates open.

Andrew H don't be delusional, the Phins aren't going to the Superbowl this year and draft talk is always relevant & interesting.

One more question for you Mando.

Any idea who the Dolphins will target in next year's FA class? I think Vincent Jackson is a FA but Im sure he'll be franchised.... Im not sure who else is available

Mando. I know everyone has moved on fom spygate, but i think what has happened since then can be telling. how about doing a piece analyzing how much the patriots scoer in the 2 nd half of games and how many piints they give up in the 2nd half post spy gate. funny they won 3 super bowls before and none now.

Dey be a hellified snow storm brewin for the east coast ya'll. It be a mad house and those shoppers be runnin around like my boy Donovan wit his do-rag on fire and DaMarcus Ware chasing him. I got all stocked up on some surplus Campbells' Fully Loaded Beef & Bean Chili. All you boyz is invited to Mama's house and hunker down and watch TV - come sit on Mama's lap and eat some chili with her.

So what is your other option then Mando? I mean if you play an extra DB to stop him from going into pass patterns then you are inviting the run. One way is to blitz more and force him to stay in and block? But I am sure you've noticed our secondary isn't exactly lighting it up and if Yeremiah's hamstring is acting up it could be a long day!

I disagree that it comes from his upbringing... Look at p manning

Victor, Tulloch has gotten better every year. He's solid. But if you're asking if he'll ever be coming home to play for the Dolphins, the answer is no.

Not a 3-4 guy. But he's doing a fine job representing the 305.

I really have a feeling that this team will win out the last few games and make the playoffs!

No questions to post, just want to say thanks for all the inside info on the dolphins. Merry christmas mando, happy holidays everyone.


I don't agree with the up bringing deal....not an issue.......

What's up with this blog

" why does njphinfan DISRESPECTS other posters " LMFAO ! Disrespects ? Cuban you also forgot to sign in blue . LMAO ! nice try cuban.

speaking of haters. doesn't that make you want to meet your most loyal readers in nashville who check their herald iphone app every 10 minutes for a blog update?

Mando why is jeff darlingtons blog buried on the iphone app. I think its funny u have like a thousand comments and he has two. Give the bro a break. Lol.

Armando, Right now the dolphins need a loss by one of 3 teams. Do you think they'll get the loss they need?

Also, I think the dolphins are 3(maybe 4) players away from being elite. A #1 reciever, a good FS, a younger OLB, and a playmaking ILB. Which of those needs do you see the dolphins addressing in the draft/free agency?

I know you addressed the draft, but how far-fetched is it that we trade our first round pick to Cards for Boldin? Henne needs a legit #1 in order to develop better.

LakeCity, Henne is 7-3 as a starter.

They friggan love him!

He is the future. Period.

He has to improve. He needs more tools around him. He has to get faster at making his reads. he needs to improve his touch passes.

That said, no one on the roster is going to surpass him any time soon. He will be Miami's starter next year.

The Dolphins will sink or swim with Henne.

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