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Live blog chat right here at 1 p.m.

After spending some time with the blog regulars during the 35-31 Colts victory over Jacksonville Thursday night, I got this grand idea that perhaps a live blog chat was in order.

So I dialed room service and ordered it up for today.

There will be a live chat on this blog at 1 p.m. and we'll go as long as you guys keep it interesting.

We can discuss Sunday's game. We can discuss the playoff picture. We can discuss anything and everything Miami Dolphins.

By the way, the Jacksonville loss Thursday night means the Baltimore Ravens (7-6) are now the No. 6 seed for the playoffs. The Dolphins (7-6) trail them, but obviously have the opportunity to make up that ground over the season's final three games.

Meet back here at 1 p.m. And if you can't be here then, leave whatever questions or comments you have now and I'll respond when the action begins.


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I agree, it doesnt neccessarily come from upbringing. Some guys just are alpha males and some are omega males. Just like someone else I know but wont mention any names. LOL

Dont worry Im not speaking of you. This person knows who they are. LOL

Marty, yours is a tough question because the problem is we don't know what the deal is with the collective bargaining agreement.

If there is no CBA the pool of available veteran UFA receivers is practically nothing. So Anquan Boldin and a possible trade again is the possible answer.

If there is a CBA, there will be talent possibly hitting the market such as Vincent Jackson (I HOPE) if San Diego has salary cap problems and don't pay him.

Armando everyone mentions VY & CJ, but few remember the anchor of their line Mawae. That guy was a Fin killer. The only person I have read mentioning Mawae is Soliai, which is great. How do you think Paul does against Mawae & are Mawae back issue gonna help Paul.

How good was it to see a Jags offense that we held to 10 points roll up 31 against the apparently-already-in-the-Super Bowl Indianapolos Colts? The more I think about it the more I like this matchup for the Dolphins.

I think we'll see good offensive play-calling this week. Although we've had Henne for 10 games, we've really only gotten to work with the "Henne is an above-average NFL QB" playbook for the past two weeks, and I think we're still adjusting to it (some foolish play calls last week.) This could finally be the week where the no-Wildcat no-gimmick Miami offense clicks.


nothing about this regime tells me that they would trade a first round draft pick for a reciever.. they dont even like to draft them that young.

Jim in NYC, I love NYC!!!

Hate the Jets, tho.

Anyway, check out the mismatch answer I gave earlier on Miami LBs vs. Chris Johnson. it's a nightmare even if you factor a safety in that mix. Terrible.

Armando, what is your opinion of the Pat White pick?

Mawae is 38 years old. The bigger, younger Solai should hold his own, no?

Yea I figured that. I wish that for once they went after a bonafide player like Boldin.

Will, you asking where I'm staying in Nashville?

I don't know how this happened but I don't get in until midnight saturday night. Guess that was the only direct flight. But I'm staying out by the airport. Was going to stay at the Renaissance downtown but when I saw my flight sked, I changed.

Armando, if Next year is capped do you see us resigning Ronnie or looking to the draft for a running back?

You're Alpha MALE ? Bwahahahahahahahahahaha !

Mrs. McNabb, I've missed your comments lately!

You and solid and nathanial dodsworth and Omar kooky are some of the funniest on this blog.

Don't be a stranger.

Hey Mando,

if you had to wear a Fins Jersy, of only current players, which would you wear??

Mando is Pat Turner that bad or is this another case of the regime waiting for an injury before they let the better player play ala Wake, Ginn at return man, henne?

Breed ( buffoon ) . i though you couldn't care less what armando has to say. He knows nothing about football RIGHT ? What are you doing here ALPHA MALE . LMFAO !

Armando the Titans have a stout Dline, but their best Dlinemen could miss the game with a knee injury. He has not practiced for two days. If Tony Brown doesn't go do you think Miami will make an emphasis to run the ball more.

Mark, Mawae is 38 and has had back issues. Soliai is playing better of late.

So it should not be a terrible matchup for Miami. But if you're asking me, bottom line, who wins the matchup at the end of the day? Who gets the better of whom?

My money would be on Mawae. He just knows how to school youngsters. Soliai will come out of this game a bettter player, tho.

I can cover CJ out of the back field.

Victor, I don't know about Mando, but I would wear #77!

Oh, I hate the Jets too. My proudest moment is being in the background of the quintessential "Favre fails as a Jet" picture, the one where he's on the ground after that wacky hook and lateral play to end the game. I'm the guy in the Ricky Williams jersey going nuts.

Armando how do you put up with such a loser whiner such as NJ PhinFan. You'ld think he had been weened off of the pacifier by now. What a loser! LOL

LOL @ Canning Chowder

I always hated Mawae, but it was because he was that good. Used to own Zach. Broke my heart.


Mando is JT comin back. Does the regime want him back?

Breed , waaaaaaaaaah ! LOL !

Marvin, pat White was a Parcells pick.

He knew he was going to pick that kid in early March.

I thought it was a good pick, too. And then I saw him throw. Yikes!

I don't think he'll ever be a good NFL quarterback. He might develop into an interesting gimmick guy -- as the Dolphins were trying to do this year -- but an NFL starter?


play me on defense and i will stop chris johnson.

so obvious.

In couple of years you could see Pat White develop into a Slash-type player like Pittsburgh did for a few years?

Mando, You hit Henne's "weaknesses" right on the head. When I have gone back on the DVR to watch some of his games, it does appear that at some points during games he takes a second too long to make a decision (but this hasn't always hurt him). In abstract though, this issue - and the touchpass issue - seems very correctable though (compared to lack of arm strength).

Thats what im talkin bout mark. ZT would get run over by Mawae. I rather have Crowder in the middle against the run.

Armando, does Miami make the playoffs?

Mando anything on Torbor. Wish he was 100 % for this one.


Pat turner is where he's been all year. He's the fifth horse in a five horse race right now. Hartline is smarter than him, so he plays ahead of him. And Turner doesn't do anything that screams GET ME ON THE FIELD.

He doesn't have great speed. He doesn't have great separation. And he doesn't play great on special teams. And he doesn't know a bunch of the positions.

So ... Unless another WR gets hurt, or Miami's playoff chances die, I don't think Turner's status changes any.

Cmon guys you cant hate on Zach.. he is hands down the best mlb the fins have ever had.. that guy was at the bottom of every pile for years!

Yep, Bigwilly, we should start the protect Channing Crowder fan club. I have the feeling Parcells never thought much of Zach and used those head to head games with the Jets to prove his point. My feeling was supported since Zach's release was one of their first moves and done so with no fanfare.


When is Dan Henning going to stop taking viagra? It appears he needs more blood flow to his brain considering the type of insane playcalls we've seen all year.

How bad has Henning hurt this offense at times?

Hey Armando!! I read every post from Mexico City!! Congratulations!! Why the coaches insist that Bess returns punts?? He's way more valuable for our offense that Gynn, he almost got injured last sunday. Whyyy??

Matlock, the RB quesion is very interesting.

The Dolphins will wait to see how Brown recovers. He is supposed to be on target for his rehab. Obviously, he is Miami property if there is no cap. He's signed.

Otherwise, I would imagine Brown will test the market. I don't know that there will be a HUGE market for him because of his injury history.

But let me say this: The questions about him being a good player or not have been answered. He's a good player. Just wish he would stay healthy.

Also NJ,

For your info NJ, please excuse me for not being the robotic sheel that you are. There's much that Armando says I totally disagree with. Last I checked this is America and you're entitled to do that. I'm sure on this point Armando and I totally agree.

NJ Im sure you dont have a clue but there's an old adage that states, "when two or more always agree somebody's lying."

This is my last response to you today so get a life omega dwarf. LOL

I love Zach, and he is one of only 2 Dolphin jerseys I ever bought (of course 13 is the other). But his games against the Jets and Parcells are the ones that exposed his weaknesses the most I think. Still, Zach is #2 on my personl Dolphin "mount rushmore"

Armando Im gonna make a bold statement, If Miami gets a number 1 WR during the offseason via Free Agency or Draft. I predict Turner is release. The reson I believe this is because Camarillo, Hartline & Bess are real good WR, but they could all benefit from a true number 1. Ginn has shown he can be a good KR in this league and he himself could benefit from a number 1 WR. While Turner has not gotten on the field and cannot even play ST.

Robert, I've been told Torbor will play barring something strange happening. It's playoff time, folks.

All hands on deck!

Mark those are the only two fins gear i own as well, im torn about who to get next.. i almost bought a welker jersey before he got traded(gifted away)

You know what I'd like to see out of the WildPatCatWhiteWhatever package if we ever tried to use it again? The inside TE option that the Florida Gators made a living off of. I still think it's one of those plays that's way ahead of the curve in terms of defenses adjusting for it, and this late in the season it's one of those plays we could trot out for a big play or a crucial conversion.


That is an EXCELLENT question on JT. If you remember, I wrote in October he was thrilled to be here and wanted very much to come back.

But lately, the Dolphins have stopped using him on pass-rush situations. That's what he does best! That's what he wants to do most!

He has not complained publicly. But is he a little peeved about it? Absolutely.

So what looked like a certainty that he'd like to come back next year isn't so certain any more. It will depend on what happens the final few weeks of the season.


Will Torbor start he has clearly outplayed Akin, was my question


do you have any funny mark clayton or mark duper stories

Armando, isn't it time to move on from JT if he doesn't want to be a bit part player? Clearly, the Dolphins defense has dramatically improved since the OLB rotation was inserted. If he doesn't like his role, don't let the door hit him on the way out, IMO. The Dolphin D stunk and the pass rush was stagnant for the most part when he was getting his sacks. Can't have JT and JP playing 40 snaps a game.


the biggest mistake? They have underestimated the need to find a big playmaking WR.

They know that those guys come with big egos and those egos can get hard to hanndle when teams lose. So they avoided guys like TO and Laveranues Coles and TJ Housh ...

But in doing that they assured that in an age where the NFL is about passing and getting chunk yardage and scoring from anywhere on the field, they cannot do this.

They have a bunch of Rodney Dangerfield WRs, as Dan Henning said yesterday. That is a hole in the roster they haven't fixed in two years.

For everyone read this blog, please vote for Lousaka Polite, Dan Carpenter, Randy Starks, Ricky Williams, Jake Long & Ted Ginn ( as a Kick Reurner) for the Pro Bowl.

mando, who do you see actually finishing the season undefeated and winning the super bowl. until last night, i thought it was the saints. but peyton manning is playing at a level right now that i dont even think brady has played at. absolutely amazing!!


IMO, if fins land a big free agent wr Camarillo gets traded, Hartline's a bigger faster younger version of him. Turner's probably developed as the 4th reciever and Ginn will likely be listed as ST's making him available for specialty plays and maybe included in certain wr packages.

Good afternoon Mando, The Menace has arrived,What's yoiur take on the mighty air breathers chances on making a run this year, after all arizona did great last year after going 9 and 7, then again they had fitzpatric and boldin....

Greetings from snowy Minnesota. I'm a life long Phins fan as my pop grew up in Carol City right as Miami got the Phins in the late 60's. He played in a HS marching band that played in a game against the Jo Willy Jets!

Anyway, wondered if you have a bead on the strength of victory for Miami since if we and the Ravens win out, it might come down to that.

Love the blog, it makes me feel like i'm in Dade county in January!

I completely agree with Mark in Toronto. Porter and Taylor cannot handle the heavy workload and we have been doing better with a rotation. I still love their character on the team though.

Sorry, Fitzgarald

I sometimes join your game day blog when I can tolerate the server delay. At least one other poster & I commented during the Pats game that Henne doesn't even look to run and then next game @ Jax he runs it in. Any details to share how that went down? Was it designed all the way (like it looked) and will we see more?

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