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Live blog chat right here at 1 p.m.

After spending some time with the blog regulars during the 35-31 Colts victory over Jacksonville Thursday night, I got this grand idea that perhaps a live blog chat was in order.

So I dialed room service and ordered it up for today.

There will be a live chat on this blog at 1 p.m. and we'll go as long as you guys keep it interesting.

We can discuss Sunday's game. We can discuss the playoff picture. We can discuss anything and everything Miami Dolphins.

By the way, the Jacksonville loss Thursday night means the Baltimore Ravens (7-6) are now the No. 6 seed for the playoffs. The Dolphins (7-6) trail them, but obviously have the opportunity to make up that ground over the season's final three games.

Meet back here at 1 p.m. And if you can't be here then, leave whatever questions or comments you have now and I'll respond when the action begins.


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Armando I kow me and you disgree on one thing. You say Jones will resign Miles Austin, and I like to think Austin will try to hit Free Agency. Lets not forget the amount of money he has thrown at Romo, Barber, Witten, Williams, Crayton, Ware,Colombo, Hamlin & Adams.

Miles was discovered by the Trifecta similiar to how Davone Bess was discovered. I asked Adam Shefter on twitter and he answered me by saying that if Jones sleeps on Austin he expects Miami to try & sign him.

I will ask you the question once again, if Austin hits Free Agency how big a push does Miami make.

DyingBreed, glad you're here. All of you.

Look, I don't ask that you agree with me. We often don't. That's what makes the blog fun and interesting. I thank you for that.

But calling out other people's mother? Come on, Man. You gotta be better than that.

Also, posting as heil hitler and real fans and saying the Dolphins stink like dead fish?

What are you trying to accomplish? And do you think you're fooling me when I see all the IP addresses and email addresses?

You got good things to say, dude. Interesting things, a lot of times. Say them as yourself. And let's all respect each other.

Armando, Do you see the patriots losing a game, allowing us to sneak in as the division champions? If that does play out the only team in the playoffs that I'm worried about is San Diego. What teams in the playoffs do you think would give Miami a lot of trouble?

I have to get back to work soon so I figured I'd double up on my questions.

MN Phan; if we are tied with Baltimore then it might come down to the Commmon Opponents tiebreaker (that is what Darlington wrote in an article on Monday). BAL plays PIT twice though, so I'm not sure if that tiebreaker gets applied to us. We should definately root for Denver or Pats to lose a game though.

Armando if this is an uncapped year I agree as you said our wr is unlikely to come thru free agency or trade. If Arrellious Benn is available 2nd rd I believe we pull the trigger there.

At 2nd rd I believe he is a great value and his size makes him the prototype Parcells reciever. We would have to pull the trigger 2nd round if available because I dont see him hanging around until the 3rd.

what is your favorite peanuts holiday special?

@ DyingBreed why would Miami trade one of their most effective weapons. Just to give a chance to a guy who has yet to crack the lineup. Camarillo knows all the positions at WR plays Special teas & has been our most consistent reciever for two year along with Bess why do you get rid of that. Im sorry, but Mueller and Cam left a long time ago.

Thank you Mando...

What's the deal with Bell's injury? Is he gonna be good to go?

robert, again, Jerry jones is not going to sleep on Austin. That would be personnel malpractice.

he's their best WR. And you don't let your best WR walk. Trust me on this.

But if he's available, yes the Dolphins will chase him. He's perfect for what Miami wants. Big. Fast. Young. Hungry.

To be honest, I'm really going to miss this group of WR's next year. I have no idea who's going to make up that group but watching the growth of those guys this season has been really great and I root for them harder than any other position on the team.

Austin?? Is he a free agent? If so buy him

Tom, Dan Henning said yesterday that in film study the Dolphins recognized that the Jacksonville ends bite down on all those goal line plays almost 100 percent of the time.

Sooo ... they used that fact against them. It was a film study-coaching thing that led to the call versus a specific look from that defense.

Mando, Great work on here. Ignore the haters...your doing great! Looking back at the 2008 draft how do you think Henne would b drafted now compared to the others seeing what we've seen so far? I personaly think higher than Flacco. I think he has the most upside out of all of them. I grew up in Reading PA where Henne played high school ball for Wilson. Thanks, Tim

Question Armando,

Do you think we'll run another playaction bomb on our first play on offense? It seems as if every game we play, we run a playaction bomb and then never come back to it.

I don't know the number but you should find out why we continue to do that. I would bet we have done that 90% of our games.

what are the chances we unload Pat WHite during the off season and keep Pennington and
Thigpen as backups?
I am glad there was no Pat WHite plays last week

Ryan, I too love cammarello, bess, and Hartline, Notice i omitted Ted(No jock strap Required)Ginn ?????


Way to handle dying breed. I've heard you on the radio and how you communicate with people on this blog. You are a great person and deserve all the success you are having. You must have had some amazing parents.

Here is my Dolphins question: Is Paul Soliai going to be kept around after this year? You mentioned that NT is a priority. If they go get another NT in the first 3 rounds, does that automatically mean they let Soliai go (and keep Ferguson and the new NT rookie to develop)? Thanks

armando, if some one ask you what's the best time for you as a sport writer .is it draft time or playoff time or when the head coach get fired ? i am talking busy rich news time

Do you see Parcells staying around next season?
Are any other teams chasing him?

I hope we keep ginn, I need him to be able to play well in madden against the better teams

I had a nightmare that the Dolphins traded Ronnie Brown to the cardinals for a 1st and 3rd round pick. Im still shaking.

MN PHINS FAN: Welcome, man.

I wish I could visit and see the white stuff for a couple of days ... of course with all the global warming it never snows anymore, right?

Anyway, my bead is that Miami has a better chance of winning the division than they do of getting in as a wild card.

I think the Pats are playing poorly and would not be surprised if they lost one of the last three games. I can see the Dolphins winning out. They can do it!

Will they do it? We'll see.


Read the blog religiously...but rarely post. Gotta say.. Other fan bases just don't have a place that compares.

I'm on your soapbox when it comes to WR help. Would rather see this be a draft fix (Bryant or Tate in Rd1, or FA / trade fix?

You forgot Mando Austin has yet to show he is a Pre Madona something the organization hates of WR. I wish Austin hits Free Agency , bad. Fins continued to target Dallas players this year they got Berger & heard they wanted Kevin Burnett. I expect them to keep trying to get guys from Dallas.

BTW the emergence of Nate Garner & Joe Berger has been a beauty to watch. What is going on with Donald Thomas has he been benched. Also I know Grove practiced all week, but he did so with the second unit has he been benched for Berger or is he being brought back slowly.


Just have a hunch that Hartline eventually makes Camarillo expendable. Plus Bess is younger and a keeper. All 3 of these guys have pretty similar skill sets.

So if you have to part with any because of these facts, my personal choice would be Camarillo. I think he could have anywhere between 3rd and 6th rd value, depending on the team they talked to.

WOW ! BREED ? heil hitler and dead fish and the dolphins stink like dead fish ? REALLY ? BUSTED ! LMFAO . I hope all the Real dolphin fans see what a FRAUD ! . THAT YOU ARE. WHAT a F'N loser. And calling out people 's mother was Despicable. You consider yourself a alpha female. LMFAO !

Armando - anything about assistant coaches possibly moving on? I heard about Jim Reid, but how about anyone else who might have more impact? By the way, I was at the University of Richmond when Reid was the HC, our teams were pretty good but I met him through a few different things and he was such a stand up guy. Actually made his players go to class.

What up Cuban? Glad you are here.

Yeah, the Dolphins are still not as good a team as Arizona. Let me restate that, they are not as talented as Arizona.

That was obvious when they played each other. So if that's the nugget your holding on to for a Miami Super Bowl run ... I don't think I'll be jumping on that bandwagon right now.

t, 1st and 3rd for Ronnie Brown? I'd do it in a second.

Watching NFL's Top 10 - greatest Qb controversies. JJ and Danny are up next. Could you believe that block head JJ wanted to play Erickson ahead of Marino?????

Armando, South Florida has had record highs this entire month. Don't sleep on Global Warming just because it still snows up North.

Also, any insight on which WR Miami likes best coming out of the draft? I really like Thomas from GT and think he'd make a great 2nd round pick if the Phins go ILB in Round one.

Hey everybody , DYING BREED Is heil hitler and he says the dolphins stink like dead fish !!!!! FRAUD !

It is gonna be interting to see how Miami addresses ILB. I personally dont see Akin returning.

Armando - Great stuff!! What do you think the chances of Miami making the playoffs is? I am giving them a 75% chance. Also, do you think there is a chance at all a 9-7 team makes the playoffs from the AFC?

cleeuw, unless the Dolphins lose the final three games, both Tate and Bryant will be gone when they draft.

I don't see the Dolphins picking a WR in the first round.

thank you for posting. Good question. Post more often!

Haha dying breed is a phony lmao

Watching it now Mark...


who do you like in the SB?

One WR I keep talking about in free agency is Malcom Floyd. I don't think any of the big names are going to move but Floyd almost certainly will. He's big, strong, fast, young, and in need of the opportunity to show that he is a top 2 receiver.

ukdolfan, other teams might chase him, but the word is out on the grapevine that he's not interested in going anywhere.

check out what I wrote about Parcells on Thursday morning. It will give you more detail.

Armando - in general what players not on the Dolphins do you go out of your way to watch, if any? Unfortunately for the Dolphins, Chris Johnson has reached that status for me (along with Peyton and Vince Young).


Thank you for your fine comments. I come here to have fun. Im sure as you know many guys use different screen names to say silly things as a way of comic relief.

Life's too short. Everyone must learn to relax, have fun, and not take this synthetic think tank called the internet so seriously. I have nothing personally even against NJ. He's just so much in how, just like a gopher, goes for anything.

If you cant have fun in life you cant have anything. I just love living and have a great passion for life.

Mando I rather win than pad JTs stats. I hope he stays tho.

NJ, What's your pick for sundays game???

ALoco, best time for me as a sportswriter is when the Dolphins are butt-kicking great. People are interested. Everyone's happy. Makes my job better.

When teams sucks, nobody's happy. My job gets tougher.


if by some mirical we do hit the superbowl, what would be a greater feat going undefeated or playing in your own superbowl?

Dying Breed you just dont get rid of players like Cam. Imagine Cam as a 4th WR in a emptyback formation taking on a dime corner for another team if we truly had a number 1 WR. The guy would be unstopable. Cam has alot of good things going for him. He has good hands, smart, excellent route runner, knows all position at the WR position & special teamer. He is the Cobbs odf our WR and you cannot get rid of him. I disagree my friend.

The Trifecta loves players like Cam & he wont be let go. Turner or Ginn are gone before Cam. No way no how he is traded or released.

Fake GM, thank you for the kind comment.

Soliai isn't going anywhere. The Dolphins believe you can never have enough good NT types. Plus, it is not guaranteed Ferguson comes back. As he told me, a lot will depend on his rehab.

Dolphins aren't going to bank on that.

But they definitely will not let Soliai go anywhere. Plus he's signed anyway.

Mando the refs gve the saints the game over the fins and last week they cheated the falcons. Is there a conspiracy to get colts vs saints in superbowl in MIAMI!!?? Sure seems like it.

Grow up nj phin fan- it is YOU that sound like a whiny little girl.

Since Cote insists on picking against the Dolphins weekly, don't you think we should take him to a holiday tree and let him ride on the outside of the plane ride to Tennessee?

FRAUUUUUUUUUUDDDDDD ! Heil hitler ? Really . The dolphins stink like dead Fish ? REALLY ? , LMFAO ! After being exposed like that , there's really nothing more to say. ZERO respect. i'm done with this .

Thanks Mando

*Tape him

And NJ, COME ON MAN its gotta be like 25 degrees outside, cant you do something????

Indiana Dolfan! Good to see!
I live in Indy, seems like like I'm alone up here in Colt's country. I've gotta wear my Ray Finkle jersey solo at BW3's every Sunday.

I bet Baltimore loses to PIT. We could get in as a 6 seed and have to play at CIN. If we win the division, we may have NE at home.

IF we win out...who you guys rather see?

Ryan in Naples, you are absolutely right.

They try to catch the opponent off guard every single game, it seems. The sad part is they haven't really connected on any of those :(

Get me a star WR!!!!!!!!


Here's a question for you (and everybody, I guess!) This might be a long shot, but doesn't it seem like Ricky Williams should at least be in CONSIDERATION for NFL Comeback Player of the Year?


Anyone would have to be a total idiot to release Cam. I never said that.

This is a very deep draft. If the Fins were offered a 2nd rd pick, like maybe the first 10 slots. Parcells would unload him in a heartbeat and would be crazy not to.

cleeuw - I llive in Indy as well. I grew up in Southeastern Indiana in the direct middle of Indy and Cincy, so I have plenty of family and friends that are Colts and Bengals fans. If we get the 6 seed, we will be going to Cincy 1st round and when we beat them we will have a rematch against Indy in Indy...

That would be great!

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