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Live blog chat right here at 1 p.m.

After spending some time with the blog regulars during the 35-31 Colts victory over Jacksonville Thursday night, I got this grand idea that perhaps a live blog chat was in order.

So I dialed room service and ordered it up for today.

There will be a live chat on this blog at 1 p.m. and we'll go as long as you guys keep it interesting.

We can discuss Sunday's game. We can discuss the playoff picture. We can discuss anything and everything Miami Dolphins.

By the way, the Jacksonville loss Thursday night means the Baltimore Ravens (7-6) are now the No. 6 seed for the playoffs. The Dolphins (7-6) trail them, but obviously have the opportunity to make up that ground over the season's final three games.

Meet back here at 1 p.m. And if you can't be here then, leave whatever questions or comments you have now and I'll respond when the action begins.


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Dear Mr. Salguero

I just read this "Tiger captures PGA Player of the year award"

Will Tiger be on that HBO special about the Pimp convention ?

Just asking

Soiled :)

I don't know if anyone will see this but here goes. Armando, why don't you just set it up so that people are required to sign in before they comment? I'm sure this will take care of a lot of the problem posters because they won't be able to constantly switch names after they say or do something stupid. You could do that or just type up a simple rules list for participating in the blog and remind everyone to read it once and a while when it starts getting crazy again. Nothing to extensive because obviously we are all entitled to freedom of speech. Just some guidelines and if someone breaks them they can be warned, then given a time out for a week for a second offense, 1 month for a third, and then banned if that doesn't work. I'm talking about the real bad posters not everyone. The people who don't know when enough is enough. There are a lot of great posters in here but I haven't participated in a while because I feel that some of the things that are said go way over the line. Your blog, your decision. Just wanted to throw some ideas out there. I would love to start participating fully again but it's embarrassing having my posts in the same space with some of these guys. Whats up Mark in Toronto and Jersey?! Go Dolphins!!!!!

It just doesn't seem like the ignore button would work if people aren't required to sign in. That is unless the application recognizes their address and not their screen name. Usually it goes by screen name.


Peace be with you. There is no need to be childish. Go Dolphins.

Did you hear the high temp. on sunday in Nashville is 41? Yikes. Good thing Chad Henne is very good in cold weather.

Dear Mr. NYScott

I believe you should be registered with Herald/Typepad or what ever the option is before being able to post a comment.

Also an Idea would be to limit the amount of posts by said member to say about 10 comments per article, could be more or less.

One should be able to say whats gotta be said within 10 or so posts.

just an idea

Soiled :)

I still wish to insult at a high degree and with no mercy, Jets Fans....

What is your answer to that?

Hate limits, you limit your freedom!

Get it.

Self control Dogs!

NYScott , i always loved to read your posts but i didn't see you much posting even when all fans getting at it or on the live blog .you may just post more and voice your view on the blog .i agree w/your all your points .i am sure you read last nite fight between nj and d.breed .

Carlito , i am starting to think it's time to post only football from now on .so if there are people like NYScott are offended by this crap i don't want be one these bad people who push them away .


I am embarrassed for NJ and Dying Breed for looking like immature cry babies. I forgive them and hope they can come back to talking football with the rest of us.

Joey Porter and Jason Taylor need a big game to keep Chris Johnson contained and running inside.

Dear Mr. Po White Trash

" I still wish to insult at a high degree and with no mercy, Jets Fans....

What is your answer to that? "

Turds of the sonic age
Crap at the speed of sound
The step-children of NY

Soiled :)


P.S. I hope the Saints lose to the Cowboys tomorrow

Go Cowboys!

As I choke back The Puke....

For those of you who are interested, and I know most of you are. The Dolphins can make the playoffs with a 9-7 record. In order for this to happen the Ravens would have to lose to the Steelers and the Jags would have to lose to the Patriots. The Dolphins meanwhile would have to win 2 of their last 3 games with one of their 2 wins coming against Pittsburgh. If these things happen, the Dolphins will take the tiebreaker at 9-7 over the Ravens after the following steps are taken :
Head to head = N/A
Conference record = both 7-5
Record in games involving common opponents = both 2-3 (again the Steelers would have to beat the Ravens and lose to the Phins)
Strength of victory = The Dolphins win the wild card spot (through 7 games the total winning percentage of the Dolphins opponents in their wins is 3.076 to the Ravens laughable 2.539). This number won't improve for the Ravens as the Dolphins remaining opponents are all better the the Ravens opponents. With wins over the Browns twice and the Lions and Chiefs. The Ravens don't deserve the playoffs...the Phins do. I figured all of this out...I have no life. Go Dolphins.

Hope you folks don't change a thing.

This blog is great(and so are u all )the way it is.

We are all Phins Fans.

Some could grow up. I might be Included.

But what fun is that.

I'm almost positive that C Johnson will have 2-3 big runs (15-20 yds) but I'm pretty sure that those big gains won't prevent the Dolphins from winning the game.The Dolphins are starting to come together as a team,and for those who have any doubt,stay tuned.

Carlito , look who's talking. You were going at with JOE the other day. You guys were changing insults all day. That's not the first time either. So please , give me a break with yourself Righteousness !

The run is never the issue.

The Pass (Young) and QB Mobility will be.

Yeah but Young is an aweful passer. Fact

Also, Carlito is dumber than a wet bag of hammers


lets give it a rest dude. I am one of the worst, we are all fixin to lose if we don't give it a rest.

Lets keep the insults to the Jets fans.


But I must say some of you make it real hard.


Then we will win hands down.

When is the last time we lost to the Run?

Po , the man says he doesn't what to fight on the blog anymore , yet he posts to comments my way. . Once alright but twice , i don't think so. So no i won't give it a rest.

NJ and Dishpan,

Peace be with both of you.

NJ, I have never taken a fight to the extent of the ones you have been in with several people and you seem to take them very personal. Thank you to you and Dying Breed as examples for showing me through your own mistakes that this is not the way. Come on NJ, lets keep it to football, you're better than that.

How do you think the weather will affect the game on sunday? I think this Dolphins team is good to compete in the cold (41 degree high).

NY SCOTT , What's up my long lost friend. Good post and thanks for the shout out. Keep in touch.

I was speaking to all bloggers including you, but not only you.

Cmon carlito , keep it football . You're better than that.

Oh well.....

Piss on the Jets at least.

Cuban menace , if your out there on patrol of the malls , here go's. Miami 24 TENN 23. Miami wins on a last minute FG by carpenter . He redeems himself after last week's easy missed FG.

OMG! get a life!

Sad but I have no life.....

Not that sad cuz no one cares....

Wo is me....




Its 10:30 and I am not boning a porker….

And on a Phins Blog….

Anyone gotta Sharp Razor?

Dull Razor?


" OMG ! get a life " says a poster who's comes on a freaking blog .

I see how yall are...

Man in need here...

Friend in need is a friend in deed....


Tortured you out there?

I like how people still think VY is bad QB, it time for your lesson.

Did not ask to be Drowned by trucker Jizz...

Tortured is of no use here....

Thank you very much!

Think he can be a good QB.

Worried bout it a little.

Is he gonna beat us in the air or what?

Po White I like your mentality. Some here just take this thing way to seriously. At times its football and at times its comic relief for me.

Right or wrong everyone has thier own opinions. I have nothing personally against no one here, yes that includes you too NJ.

I also never take seriously any insults thrown my way. None of us in here know eachother personally. So what the f'k do any of us truthly know about the other.

Life's to short so why be wound up so tight. LOL

He will beat you both in air and with his legs and CJ legs. You guys are living in the past. No one wants to play the new Titans. The whole team has rallied around VY and know he helps them win. He has stopped making mistakes and still making plays to get first downs. It's the biggest story in NFL and I guess Miami not following the news.

Thanks Breed.

I also think "VY" Would be a great back up to Henne.

We could always use a rough and tough Back up QB that can scramble. He doesn't have to be able to throw the long ball or be Accurate; just keep us in the game.

I dont think VY will ever be a hof type qb. dont get me wrong at certain times he can be very dangerous. But if youre an owner looking to sell tickets and boost attendance VY is your man.

Only two running qb's have ever won super bowls. Thats John Elway and Steve Young but even they had to learn the art of becoming a pocket passer and reading defenses before they accomplished this.

My point is feel good if you can shutdown the titans offense. Don't go in thinking VY is lame and not true NFL QB, else you will be very disappointed.

You guys forget the titans offense is not just VY legs. That is small part of yards, it's the threat and his no mistakes and CJ that will kill you.

I believe Pat white has the potential to be very good. He's one of the very few athletically gifted qb's who come along whom I believe is an actual student of the game.

I know most are harsh on him now but the kid has never been a pocket passer and I think the fins are working with him on this teaching that aspect of the game literally from scratch. You can tell by the make up and character of the kid he's very bright.

Once White becomes fully developed I look for him to be more Steve Young-like in playing style and ability. Just wait and see. It maybe 3-4 yrs down the road but I can definitely see it happening.

Bring on the run.

Most folks think the can.

Waiting to see it happen.

White works on his pass game he wil have use.

i've posted on all the apposing teams papers since owner forced change back to VY except the colts. I new better than do that on the road. All the remarks have been the same but the results I'm trying to warn you about have been the same. Tenn fans have been very slow this looked like there paper just a few week ago. All has changed, now they are hopeful his injuries will not hold him back. A long road coming off QB with best record in NFL last year.

OldOiler youre Right.

VY can make some plays, but some plays arent good enough. He cant put a team on his back and beat you alone. Thats why if you shut down the run game and you shut down the Titans.

The Titans are maybe a 10pt per game offense when you shut down thier run game. Vy still has a ways to go in his development and the more he relies upon his legs the least likely he will be to develop into what he really needs to be.

Well said breed...

Bring on the run.

We lose against the run i'll kiss your ass.

We lose it will be on VYs arm and legs.

Bring it son...

You ain't played the phins son.

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