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Live blog of Dolphins versus Pats starts here

We will be blogging live today as the Dolphins and Patriots play at Land Shark Stadium. The game and the live blog get going around 1 p.m.

I will be here earlier to give you the heads-up on pregame news, including inactives.

In the meanwhile, you should take a look at my column in today's Miami Herald that suggests the Dolphins need to get a lot more aggressive than they have been in free agency and the draft starting next year.

The point is we've seen Big Tuna Bill Parcells and Tuna Helper Jeff Ireland lay a foundation for this team the past two years with safe, logical moves. Well, mostly anyway. It's time to get a little more aggressive now.

One aggressive move I suggest is targetting Vince Wilfork, New England's star nose tackle who is scheduled to become a free agent in the offseason. Before you say, New England will never let Wilfork go, I ask you this question:

Do you know for sure?

Has Bill Belichick called you and detailed his plans to you?

You don't know and neither do any of the people commenting about the column. And yes, I know the Pats can franchise Wilfork. You know what that would do? Still help the Dolphins. It would put such a burden on New England financially that they might not be able to make other moves.

It is aggressive and competitive and a good idea.

In the midst of this conversation during pregame, I will be keeping my eyes on New England quarterback Tom Brady.

No, I don't swing that way. I do want to see if the rumors concerning some sort of finger or hand injury that has caused Las Vegas degenerates bookies and gamblers to dramatically alter the line on this game is a real concern or not. I'll be looking for hints of an altered passing release. I'll be looking for hints that perhaps the Dolphins will have an advantage when Brady attempts to throw.

Anyway, we can discuss your thoughts on these topics in the comments section. Same place the live blog begins.