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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Houston right here

We got the live blog roaring to life as we get closer to kickoff. Meet me in the comments section for that.

The inactives today for Miami are Tyler Thigpen at the No. 3 QB, Kory Sheets, Evan Oglesby, Andrew Hartline, Andrew Gardner, Lionel Dotson, Ikaika Alama-Francis, and Patrick Turner.

Yup, Patrick Turner is again inactive.

Ted Ginn Jr. starts as do Joe Berger at center for Jake Grove and Nate Garner at guard for Donald Thomas. 

Having said that, I have to address a story that is elsewhere in The Herald website -- that of having Andre Johnson join the Dolphins.

Um, he's signed through 2014 with the Texans. He's the best wide receiver in the NFL. The Texans are in the business of keeping great players, not giving them away. He was the No. 3 overall pick when he was selected in the first round.

He's not the kind of player to make a stink about being traded.


He is not going to be coming to the Dolphins anytime soon. Not next year. Not the year after. So please forget it. It's not happening.

It is happy speculative fodder. But it is not happening, not only because Houston won't do it, but because the Dolphins would never pay the draft day price it would take to pry Johnson away from Houston -- which I would imagine would be multiple first-round picks, plus other considerations.

So can we move on?

About today, the Dolphins must be more concerned with covering Johnson than acquiring Johnson. It will be a test for Miami's young corners, as I wrote earlier this week.


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ok fin fans!....whos got the link???....finally time to get a win against the texans!!!

Omar Kelly is STILL an idiot.

What ever he says will happen (this week he has the Fins winning) the absolute opposite will happen.

Read his 7 Points...they are the most basic things that need to happen for a team to win.

The majority of bloggers are better than he is as a writer.

carlito, your still mad about those '02' buckeyes i see lol!

check www.atdhe.net

We don't need Johnson! Defense wins championships! Look, if we give up more points then we score we lose, we are lucky to be 7-7. I put the blame on defense

Thanks for the link

No problem you can also search for Justins tv I'm having the other half look it up she's at the house. I know it sucks to not see it lol check back in a few I'll have it if you didn't find it

patricmartin did you get the game?

Here's a look at the playoff picture:


mediphin ?

Channelsurfing.net she is saying

Game on


Soiled :)

Google it

Spillmar here in SoCal. Good lick to the fins today. I have a good feeling Pitt will beat up Baltimore, Denver will lose to our friends in Philly, and jags will get caged.

Now is the time for Henne to get 4 passing TDs and show some poise since the Texans are week on pass D.

Mando, has any of the media ask why Thigpen is not (week after week) "active". He's clearly a better QB and no doubt a better choice in cat formations.

I think I know why but would like to hear it from Sparano.

huge game. go phins!!!

Armando, calm down!!! David Neal informed us that Johnson was signed through 2014.

Reality check: Texans 24 Fins 17

anyone have the link please!!!!

Armando, is there a reciever in the draft that you think has the potential to be our #1 star reciver that will be available to us?

Thanks for the links guys, you r some good and loyal dolfans.

Ok, going to watch the game.. check back in later.

Go Phins!

Dolphins game on


American football

Dolphins link

Soiled :)

Dying breed take a seat

Cocoa, I believe Thigpen is Miami's second-team QB.

If Henne were to get hurt, I believe Thigpen would be the guy starting the following week. Doesn't matter now because we're at the end of the year, but that's what would have happened if something had happened earlier this year.

Much like Henne was the No. 3 QB early in the season but became the starter when Pennington went down.

Enjoy the game

I got a gut feeling Houston will win...yuck!

Bring on your feeble hate, disbelievers.

T.Way, I know David wrote the guy's signed. So having written that, what's the point of the story.

Why don't we just look at Peyton Manning. He's signed with another team for five or six more years. Would we write he'd look nice in Dolphins colors?

Or how about Ed Reed? Or DeMarcus Ware?

My point was what's the freaking point of the story?

watching from Milan, Italy...go Fins!

Lack of quick strike scoring and inability to consistently stop quick strike scoring has been the Fins deep bends all season long.

Again reality check. Being right doesnt always mean being popular. I choose right. LOL

Big win??? Coming right up!

That's what I was thinking when i read the story. What's the point?

We're gonna win this f'ing game and we're gonna win it like men!

Mando, thanks for the explanation....just can't figure why Thigpen is not being used instead of White.

Welcome, Milan!

we dont need another wr in the draft,we need a veteran wr period. we need to draft LBs and on that note i like PAT ANGERER from iowa or MICAH JOHNSON from kentucky. both are better than akin right now. im willing to give CHANNING the benefit of the doubt for his bad play and if you think about it he might be trying to cover up for akin's non productive ass and porter's lack of run defense. JUST SAYING!!!

GO DOLPHINS! Fins 24 Houston 17!!!! Ravens 10 Steelers 17!!!! Heheheeeeee

please link to game someone???...please

The point was he nothing else to write about. He needed a story ( or non-story )

Good afternoon all...

I hate living in cent fl since now I have to watch the jags play.... What a waste of time!

Watching from Hialeah, FL.... Go Phins!!!!

Pressure the Texans QB, run the ball and NO MORE TURNOVERS!!!

0 an 4 to an expansion team... Absoulty rediculouse!!!! Go fins!!!

Houston wins the toss and receives.

Hey anyone know the severity of hartlines injury

patrick, read the prior postings, you will find 4 links.

Why is ted ginn starting?

Miami ALWAYS defers. WHY?

Blacksburg, Virginia


wow , the place is packed. LOL !!

Game on


Soiled :)

Y WOULD ESPN show the 30-30 series on the U today! thats stupid

Let's Go!

You might want to cover that guy

The thing about stopping Johnson is the Texans move him around all over. Hard to get a lock on him presnap.

Nice push by Langford

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