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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Houston right here

We got the live blog roaring to life as we get closer to kickoff. Meet me in the comments section for that.

The inactives today for Miami are Tyler Thigpen at the No. 3 QB, Kory Sheets, Evan Oglesby, Andrew Hartline, Andrew Gardner, Lionel Dotson, Ikaika Alama-Francis, and Patrick Turner.

Yup, Patrick Turner is again inactive.

Ted Ginn Jr. starts as do Joe Berger at center for Jake Grove and Nate Garner at guard for Donald Thomas. 

Having said that, I have to address a story that is elsewhere in The Herald website -- that of having Andre Johnson join the Dolphins.

Um, he's signed through 2014 with the Texans. He's the best wide receiver in the NFL. The Texans are in the business of keeping great players, not giving them away. He was the No. 3 overall pick when he was selected in the first round.

He's not the kind of player to make a stink about being traded.


He is not going to be coming to the Dolphins anytime soon. Not next year. Not the year after. So please forget it. It's not happening.

It is happy speculative fodder. But it is not happening, not only because Houston won't do it, but because the Dolphins would never pay the draft day price it would take to pry Johnson away from Houston -- which I would imagine would be multiple first-round picks, plus other considerations.

So can we move on?

About today, the Dolphins must be more concerned with covering Johnson than acquiring Johnson. It will be a test for Miami's young corners, as I wrote earlier this week.


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It really doesn't make any sense to play Turner right now. We trying to win two games. This ain't the time to test rookies.

Bad start

good job joey! He must go!!

Think their gonna go to Andre?

y is bell covering johnson

The point of Neal's story was giving props to a hometown hero and a little wishful thinking.

You guys should be used to wishful thinking by now. It goes on in here at least 95% of the time do why the heck are you critizing David J Neal.

As NJ is infamous for saying, "Pot meet Kettle!" LOL

nice tackling

Clemons in!

Notice that Reggie Torbor is already in there.

Hartlines injured so ginn starts

tackle tackle tackle

I can already tell there is no sense of urgency from this team.

Very sad...

i like smith covering jos=hnson

Good pressure

That's the formula for stopping Houston's pass offense.

Drop Schaub on his butt time after time after time.

We have to stop Johnson those first two plays are ridiculous


hate that f'ing guy

Houston drive is six plays covering 45 yards. Brown hits a 49 FG.

Figures that Kris Brown kicks a FG against us...when was the last time somebody missed against us?

Hope Brown shatters his femur

I'm hopeful we'll get a stop one day after deferring 2 get momentum

Nice long drive with 7 in the end! Here we go O!!

Isn't that the formula for stopping anyone's pass offense?

This kicker kills us

Remember when we last blocked a FG attempt ?

Hey 3 isn't bad that's a good considering the only play was a bubble screen to Andre so the coverage was short no big deal guys we have him covered off the line 90% of screen passes are completed it's ok

Crowder done!

Nobody ever misses against us.

Can't give Johnson a free release

we will settle down on Defense now,ruff start. this was the earliest i ever seen wake in the game. BOUT TIME!!!

Where's the flag for that!!!

Crowder sprains his other foot hopping all the way to the locker room. Come on man! Use the meat wagon.

stadium looks empty

Ted Ginn's new nickname is "Goober."

Goes Out Of Bounds Every Return

Two Texans ride our guys out of bounds and no call. BS

Love the no-huddle

Hope crowder is ok. Did he pull a hamstring running his mouth ?

Crowder hurt

OMG the Rumblin' Fumbler got BLOWN UP!

Guess Ginn made a business decision not to block for Ricky

Ian Eagle likes to cheer for the road team.


Crowders mistackling will be missed.(NOT)

hate the play call...sweep rarely uses...why use it there...never pass on first down...

nice throw...ginn did bobble it

Ginn was down. Luckily. That's all it was. Luck.

Jesus...Where's the run blocking?

now, throw on first down...

someone block

pass the F'ing ball to soften the D

Ian Eagle: Official Voice of the Houston Texans

Looks like this is going to be on Henne's shoulders again today.

nice catch ginn

Aren't Texans supposed to have a bad rush D???

that screen looked to be so very well set up, but Houston converged quickly. they're quick on D.

If miami is going to run block like this , you can call it a day

D Ryans is auditioning for the Fins!


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