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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Houston right here

We got the live blog roaring to life as we get closer to kickoff. Meet me in the comments section for that.

The inactives today for Miami are Tyler Thigpen at the No. 3 QB, Kory Sheets, Evan Oglesby, Andrew Hartline, Andrew Gardner, Lionel Dotson, Ikaika Alama-Francis, and Patrick Turner.

Yup, Patrick Turner is again inactive.

Ted Ginn Jr. starts as do Joe Berger at center for Jake Grove and Nate Garner at guard for Donald Thomas. 

Having said that, I have to address a story that is elsewhere in The Herald website -- that of having Andre Johnson join the Dolphins.

Um, he's signed through 2014 with the Texans. He's the best wide receiver in the NFL. The Texans are in the business of keeping great players, not giving them away. He was the No. 3 overall pick when he was selected in the first round.

He's not the kind of player to make a stink about being traded.


He is not going to be coming to the Dolphins anytime soon. Not next year. Not the year after. So please forget it. It's not happening.

It is happy speculative fodder. But it is not happening, not only because Houston won't do it, but because the Dolphins would never pay the draft day price it would take to pry Johnson away from Houston -- which I would imagine would be multiple first-round picks, plus other considerations.

So can we move on?

About today, the Dolphins must be more concerned with covering Johnson than acquiring Johnson. It will be a test for Miami's young corners, as I wrote earlier this week.


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The season is over Miami better luck in the off season

The coaching haters in this forum are annoying. You guys need to be patient. The road to the SB is not paved overnight.


Pass the Prozac/Valium this may be a long afternoon

week after week QBs look all world...did you notice the game Vince Young had against SanDiego...they shut him down...we allowed him to pass at will...

Of course this means that they'll probably play a lot better in the 2nd half... Why can't we ever put two solid halves together???

NE scores...7-0

Someone please tell me why are defense is garbage. Oh I know, no one to lead like zach Thomas, and CB's like surtain

Tried to tell you guys, even though the Texans arent considered elite, they are still mismatch hell for the Fins. You dont farewell going 60yd or more per drive without quick strike ability and they just went 80yds 5 plays. Do you get it now! LOL

I need more beer if they are going to play like this, especially at home.

ginn should be related to the old falcons tight end cause the name is so perfect. crumpler. thats what he does when anyone i9s near him.

Ginn, tackled by Ginn

another hole to climb out of this week...probably wont this week either...Ginn never, ever cuts up the middle of the field...never ever...goes to the side line ever time...

If I see a running play to start I am going to throw up!


This is a trap game for the Fins.. big time.. I'll bet they were looking at next week.. even if they don't want to admit it.

Ginn sucks.

I told you guys a million times. forget wr , this teams needs lb's.

Been saying it for a while now: Both coordinators need to go. Week after week this team is NOT prepared.

Thanks for the links guys.

If they had a stat for missed tackles Miami would lead the league! Terrible.

The Texans at least can't salt the game away with the run.

Not a trap game. They're just an overmatched team.

What's the link to the NFL playoff analyzer?

I want to see what the scenario is for the Dolphins to make the playoffs when they finish 7-9.

Can Ginn just get hurt so I don't have to watch him before, cause watching him is like watching a monkey jerk off a elephant.

10-0 is not a good start guys. Now we need the rooky to bring us back. Can you say INT.

This team is so far from being a playoff caliber team. It's time to get real about that.

We can't go blow for blow with playoff teams.

Okay puke

How many times are we going to let the screen play blow up?

Tom BRADY and MOSS just scored TD .

This when the turnovers start

its a shame every team is trying to put us in the playoffs and we are doing everything not to be in the playoffs

sad, really...I dont get it? Are we this bad?

Jeez, It's only the 1st qtr. Chill. Show a little a faith in your team.

These young CBs are going to be great. Yeah. Sure.

Third and one. You have a guy that is 13 for 13 and you pass?

nice play call. LOL !!!!!!


3 and out great job.

Let's make sure we don't over use RW!!!

The Dolphin players look beaten already...

Run, first down, run second down...??????????????

how many times has lousaka not made it??? nice job

WTF!!! no Polite!

Brilliant strategy putting bench warmers on their best receiver and throwing on 3d and 1. What a joke

Houston 31 Miami 10

Unfrigging believable. How do you get blown out on your own field?

block in the back


Another 3 and out!!!!!!

Yes, we are this bad...

Great O

Another horrible 3 and out

We need our CBs to really step up today...

3 and out on offense, this game could get out of hand early...

F' ron winters and the rest of these pathetic officials!

Trying to get cute

This team is plain old bad. Henne isn't the answer. Pasquoloni can't adjust. Sparano has a winning mentality but doesn't have the mental aptitude to be an elite coach.

The D needs to pin them down here.

so this is the miami dolphins future at quarterback, a guy who can't pick up a 3 and 1 in a critical situation, irather see pat white just run the ball

Time to step it up D!!!!! We need a 3 and out big time!!!!

Dolphins already driving me to drink

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