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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Houston right here

We got the live blog roaring to life as we get closer to kickoff. Meet me in the comments section for that.

The inactives today for Miami are Tyler Thigpen at the No. 3 QB, Kory Sheets, Evan Oglesby, Andrew Hartline, Andrew Gardner, Lionel Dotson, Ikaika Alama-Francis, and Patrick Turner.

Yup, Patrick Turner is again inactive.

Ted Ginn Jr. starts as do Joe Berger at center for Jake Grove and Nate Garner at guard for Donald Thomas. 

Having said that, I have to address a story that is elsewhere in The Herald website -- that of having Andre Johnson join the Dolphins.

Um, he's signed through 2014 with the Texans. He's the best wide receiver in the NFL. The Texans are in the business of keeping great players, not giving them away. He was the No. 3 overall pick when he was selected in the first round.

He's not the kind of player to make a stink about being traded.


He is not going to be coming to the Dolphins anytime soon. Not next year. Not the year after. So please forget it. It's not happening.

It is happy speculative fodder. But it is not happening, not only because Houston won't do it, but because the Dolphins would never pay the draft day price it would take to pry Johnson away from Houston -- which I would imagine would be multiple first-round picks, plus other considerations.

So can we move on?

About today, the Dolphins must be more concerned with covering Johnson than acquiring Johnson. It will be a test for Miami's young corners, as I wrote earlier this week.


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How come Henne never sees the Open receiver?

theirs our makeup call for the BS one on Camarillo last week. PATHETIC OFFICIALS

This is the worst damned franchise in the league, I don't care WHAT the records state. Williams and Polite in the backfield and we're throwing on third and one? The worst. The absolute worst. The Browns have a better future than this franchise does under brain-dead Sparano and senile Parcells. How in the world did this team ever get 7 wins? Oh well, I'm sure in the offseason we won't add anyone of significance other than 32 more celebrity part-owners.

All week I had hope and wanted something to believe in and they come out like this.

The talent is there guys. I think we need to go in a new direction at the offensive coordinator position.

Texans have obviously scouted us...did we scout them?...they are seeing our tendencies in sniffing out the plays...we seem to be guessing on O and D...

The san diego whooping over tenn showed how far away miami is from being a super bowl contender.

I'd play nickel and dime all day if I were the Fins defensive coordinator. Houston just isn't physical enough to force a base defense, imo.

Can u say overhaul in the off season...? Look for Parcells to make a lot of changes...It's coming...You'll see

this is embarassing. why cant we play a full game. sometimes i think we are 1 or 2 players away other times it looks like we are on the downturn.

Tommyya- trap game? They lose this game and their out. If their looking past this game then the problems are bigger then I thought. This ain't no trap game -- the phins need to start tackling for starters then sieze control back.

Im an idiot because Im realistic about my team. LOL

we need a pick 6 here!

Man, we really turned on the SUCK today.



Relax. We're going to win this game and see some great plays.

Yeah, Mandy. Not sure where you got this notion that we wouldn't like to run this staff outta town...They can all be drawn and quartered as far as I'm concerned

Sparano looks complacent, he should be pissed with our D! Most of all he should be pissed at our O. With the exceptions of Ricky and Camarillo and maybe Henne (although not a Flacco). This team has a lot of young guys that are stepping up, we need consistency from this team. Mando, Sparano's like a passive guy always defending the player and not managing the clock properly in important games.

3 and out????WTF

Is it time to take my kods to Alvin and the Chipmunks, "the Squeakel?"

Soliai needs to do that all day.


follow me on twitter

We have been in nickel Tommya. Havent you noticed Nate Jones 5 missed tackles and allowed TD???

I know it is 10-0 but you guys are more disgraceful than the Dolphins tackling. We do have 3 4th quarter comebacks this year with Henne and we nearly pulled another one off last week.


lets see, slant or screen play for first...or play action for long completion...

6 of our 7 wins came against teams 7-7 or worse. Yeah, I believe that makes us mediocre at best.

Drawn and quartered is too good for these heartless gutless bums. We're only 53 players and an entire coaching staff away. Horrible. Here's our draft next April - Tebow, Darryl Clark and the QB from App State. More Wildcat! That's what we need! We need more Wildcat like Chris Walken needs more cowbell! What a pathetic disgrace this franchise is. Pathetic disgrace.

Let's hold em and get good field position

Hey fire everybody your anidiot man do you realize how sparano and parcell have turned this franchise around? From winning hardly any games a couple seasons ago chill out we are just defiantely in a rebuilding period we just need new talent to build on and we are in our way

we are playing uninspired ball...we are one big def play away from getting a much needed spark...LETS GO!!!

Its called being in a mismatch. We match up terribly against Houston.

With Miles Austin and packers cover safety Nick Collins, plus drafting a couple linebackers. The difference between the 09 team and 2010 team will seem like night and day.

You guys are upset because of your own wishful thinking. Im not because I know the reality and next year's diagnosis of what I see. LOL

This team is really not very good. I'm sick of waiting around for them to improve. Every year another heartache.

Omg what the hell

Phinfan93, if you find what we've seen at Buffalo, at Tennessee and thus far today the remotest bit acceptable, then I don't know what to tell you. This performance has been abominable, unprofessional and flat-out heartless.

Where is the defense

Dolphins are aweful

Torbor playing terrible!

This game has the makings of a 38-6 killing.

14-0 NE

Fire pasqualoni and henning at halftime

Time to get Pat White in to light a fire under Henne's @ss!

Worse team in football.

We Blow

Pitt winning ne winning Miami SUCKING!!!!

Were done for.

Dont worry Ziggy the final score is only 31-10 and Im being generous with our points

Geez guys its early show some patience!

At least the canes will sow up Tuesday unlike these losers

Christ Gerry, are you not watching this game?

I agree it's very unnacceptable but you have to remember where this team is coming from you can't win one game in a season and two seasons later expect a superbowl

Not expecting a super bowl, expecting a competetive team

Heads ups ...there is alot of time left....................for the texans to score......cmon fish

Can We tackle score or do anything right ???

Worst team in the league.

Let's hope this doesn't turnout to be a 62-7 blowout.

Worst tram

Taylor was gettin In those db's ass

What I can expect is EFFORT and DESIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This team shows absolutely no effort or desire. It's a pathetic display of professionalism. NO PRIDE!

Dishpan......its sarcasm

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