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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Houston right here

We got the live blog roaring to life as we get closer to kickoff. Meet me in the comments section for that.

The inactives today for Miami are Tyler Thigpen at the No. 3 QB, Kory Sheets, Evan Oglesby, Andrew Hartline, Andrew Gardner, Lionel Dotson, Ikaika Alama-Francis, and Patrick Turner.

Yup, Patrick Turner is again inactive.

Ted Ginn Jr. starts as do Joe Berger at center for Jake Grove and Nate Garner at guard for Donald Thomas. 

Having said that, I have to address a story that is elsewhere in The Herald website -- that of having Andre Johnson join the Dolphins.

Um, he's signed through 2014 with the Texans. He's the best wide receiver in the NFL. The Texans are in the business of keeping great players, not giving them away. He was the No. 3 overall pick when he was selected in the first round.

He's not the kind of player to make a stink about being traded.


He is not going to be coming to the Dolphins anytime soon. Not next year. Not the year after. So please forget it. It's not happening.

It is happy speculative fodder. But it is not happening, not only because Houston won't do it, but because the Dolphins would never pay the draft day price it would take to pry Johnson away from Houston -- which I would imagine would be multiple first-round picks, plus other considerations.

So can we move on?

About today, the Dolphins must be more concerned with covering Johnson than acquiring Johnson. It will be a test for Miami's young corners, as I wrote earlier this week.


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Tampafin, this team isn't going to score 7, so I wouldn't worry too much about that. But it's all OK because Harry Wayne Casey will be named a part-owner tomorrow and that's all it's really about, anyway!

I know, and this is bullsh it


Our coaches need a foot in their arses, their play calling is amature and only helps the opposition. this performance is humiliating. Ted Ginn.... He'd run out of bounds if my little sister approached him with no pads on and she's 5'1 and 120 pounds.

I understand I just saw Taylor crawling up the every defensive players ass along with porter theses two are competitive and will turn them around let's just hope it's not to late but wait and see they will show up they did last week against ten even though it came late they showed up and gave the o a chance, god blesss America a pick at a time Like this ugh

I'm done watching this


Players giving up. Coaches giving up. Time to go to the mall.

INT just we needed

...and the interceptions begin...

I for one am over it for this season...WE SUCKED!!! But am looking forward to the off season cuz I know Parcells and have been following him his career. Big coaching changes and a great draft are coming... It's gonna be fun to watch what he does.

Fire the defensive coordinator!

Every player should be cut.
Every coach should be fired.
Hell, tear down the stadium, the Hurricanes are worthless also. Tear it down, build something useful, like a school or a hospital or something. These bums are pathetic, unworthy of our support, unworthy of the paychecks they've stolen every week this season, unworthy of everything. I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY, PARCELLS!

This team is heading in the right direction.........we're only a couple of decades away of a SB

What the Hell

We make s hit athletes look like hall of fuc king gamers


You guys are the worst fans ever giving up so soon....:)

the worst in 10 years. bring shula and marino back!

CJ SPILLER in a fins uniform that would be perfect

This is disgraceful.

What is wrong did we do drugs before the game !!!

Anything at all would be an improvement

How did we go from a model franchise to this?

Obviously your a fair weather fan idc who the coaches or players are in a due hard fan always have been and always will but I know the difference between a sucky franchise all together and a franchise in a rebuilding period this is definately one of em wait and see we just need some time

Thought the Fins had broken the Jets, Jacksonvill and Texans curse.... well almost

this will have to be one of the biggest comebacks ever if Fins win

CJ would Probably become an instant fumbler or injury prone....our luck

Maybe you're right Gerry. I was trying to stay positive, but it's getting pretty hard.

I say we hire Zach Thomas as defense coach. He will lite a fire in their ass..

This is a sh it team

I never thought I would say this but I think I would rather watch that stupid UPS guy with the manwig than watch this debacle

Run some more

We're headed in the wrong direction. All I hear is wait until the off season and see what Parcells does. Come on give me a break I heard that last year and what did we do.....draft Pat White and Patrick Turner. Those 2 picks really helped turn this franchise around. Until I see the team play with any type of heart and desire I'll have no faith in the management of this once proud franchise.

Terrible let's look forward to next year start pat white and turner season is over. Routed our secondary our line backers. Totally out coached. Trade ginn for fifth or fourth rounder yeah right. But try

Whilst it's fair to consider we've come some distance from going 1-15 to AFC East Champs, and that a superbowl was maybe a little bit out of our reach at present, you would like to see PROGRESS. Yes there are positives this year, but how many games have been blown by poor decisions by the coaching staff. And Texans last touchdown was ridiculous, f**K me a child could have run though our defense

D is tackling like Zach Thomas.....aligator arms

turner was a waste of a pick

Its hard to watch....players gotta play...but F me running.....you can't fire the hole team someone has to take the hit

Saints made their comeback after being down 21-3 and closing to 11 points at halftime.

I'll be happy if we can do the same at half time.

Hopefully the Texans will ease up and not embarrass us like NE did to the Titans.

24-0 this team sucks. parcells get your head out of sparano's ass and make some changes already linebacker play is horrible I seen high school kids do better. these guys call themselves pros they suck. crowder torbor ayodele they SUCK. A TEAM WITH NO HEART. FIRE EVERYONE.

Lol alligator arms! Ayodele, torbor slow as a turtle, gibrir butter tackle Wilson, and sideline lovin ginn

Do I dare say it? We SUCK more than the crappy Oakland Raiders!!!!!

Progress is marked by improvement from one week to the next. Don't get it twisted, this team has no identity, leadership, or ability

I am excited to be leaving my house soon so I have an excuse to turn my back on this year's team. So many potential positives that have turned to garbage with added exposure.

This is a fuc king abortion

i don't know if i can even watch this dismantling anymore... i'm feeling sick..

I am headed to the shower to wash the stink of this team from my person!

I was prepared for a loss but this is embarrasing!!!!

Beach sound about right .......

Fins passing defense has been exposed

Did what I had to. Thought, oh well, I can't stop watching, even in a blow out b/c well, we could always come back...arrive just in time to discover the INT and another TD...wow...we weren't ready today, were we? PLayers weren't ready; coaches weren't ready...time to get some young guys in charge of play calling...the "old" way isnt working...stick with Sparano; he's gold; but dump the coordinators...lots of work to do this off season...think Parcells really wants to do this another year??

I hate you Dolphins. HATE HATE HATE HATE :(

Almost as bad as the asswhipping Jags put on us in the playoffs

Pat White and Turner are very good at their positions...The coaches are not...Obliviously or they would be playing already. Zach Thomas was Fins leading tackler every year so I think he could do better than what we have done so far

This is getting wider than my butthole!!!

really, truly, completely disheartening...no closer to a real team than we were two years ago...I really believe that...sad

I'm guessing that everything that we would have needed to happen this weekend to make the playoffs will happen, except we'll lose...sigh!

of course

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