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Live blog of Dolphins-Jags starts right here

JACKSONVILLE -- Walked out of my hotel this morning and it felt like swampy weather -- humid, no wind, warm.

Football weather in December!

The Dolphins play the Jags today. That means live blog right here at kickoff.

That also means I will be giving you the update on players in and players out of today's game in about 30 minutes. Check back for the update.

[Update: Neither CB Rashean Mathis nor DT John Henderson are active for Jacksonville today. WR Mike Sim-Waker is active. For Miami, Nate Garner is starting for Donald Thomas at right guard while Justin Smiley starts at left guard. Miami's inactives are Kory Sheets, Erik Walden, Andrew Gardner, Jake Grove, Lionel Dotson, Ikaika Alama-Francis, Patrick Turner and Tyler Thigpen is the third QB.]

Meanwhile, check out my Sunday column in The Miami Herald. In it, Tony Sparano explains how he gets a pulse for what kind of performance he'll get from his team every week. It's not an easy task, as you know, because the Dolphins have been up and down this year.

Hence the 6-6 record.

Anyway, the Fins are on the field. I saw a ton of Dolphins jerseys around the stadium when I was coming in. I expect a strong Dolfans showing. 


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Good game coming up and we will win this must win game. Sound running and Defense.

Can wait for this game to get started

GO Henne GO
Henne wil do good today. HENNEbody agree?

Go Phins! Lets show em how to play some hard nose football!

I agree. Let's go PHINS!!! Let's kick some jag you are a**.

Slick Ricky will pound it to them. Henne by air. Fins 27 Jags 21

PHINS 31 Jags 14. Our defense will handle them. Henne will pick them apart.

Dolphins are gonna win this one. Henne is def going over 300 again today....plus 3 tds. Plus Williams breaks 1,000 yards today. Fins are hungry !

Henne going over 300yrds a game is going to be an average game for him.

Bess is on fire!

Hartline is going to have his best game yet!

Go fins

Ricky is gonna step on some necks!

I feel a Vontae Davis pick commin today!

Can we make sure that the blog is up to snuff today?

This should be an easy win today,but I'm sure the Fins will let it be close.They must want to be on the NFL Networks 4 best games of the week.I think they've been on every week,or darned close.

I'm thinking Henne will hit about 250 yards but 2 touchdowns. I don't think he will get intercepted. Ricky will have about 80 yards and a touchdown. It should be a decent day and another win.

Warm humid weather is hardly football weather. But whatever .....carry on.

Wake gonna get 1.5 sacks?

Maybe 2, 3 or more?

The update is up on the inactives.

Meanwhile, Steve, I KNOW warm and humid is not football weather. Being kinda sorta sarcastic.

I have a feeling that Sean Smith is going to have a big game.

Go Dolphins!

Okay Armando I'll let you off the hook with your attempt at sarcasm.... LOL. And thank you for the update on the inactives for today.

I wonder why Walden is inactive, he seems like a pretty good special teamer. Maybe because Oglesby is active? Also O-lineman Andrew Hartline is active again probably because he can play all three positions. Tell me why Nate Garner is starting for Donald Thomas? Is he really better then Thomas or what? That's a bit surprising

Is Porter and JT starting today Armando?

Testify Po White, testify...

The Jags are crooked on the injury report. BS!

Be that as it may, I cannot believe some (including the governor) want him to replace Garrard at QB.

Is Ted Ginn starting or is Brian Hartline starting at WR today?


I meant Tebow replace Garrard. Stupid.

I testify that I can not lie I see the Phins with a win and this is why....

Playoffs Baby!!!

My lord, these pre game shows make the Patriots 3 losses in 4 games seem like the end of the world.. and that Brady is some type of super hero for starting today even though he has a hang nail and banged up shoulder.

Not to mention the fact that they are laughing while they mention the loss to the Dolphins. I seriously can hardly wait until we are a true powerhouse and championship team year in and out to shut these jerks up.


We are gonna need a stream link for this one !

Have any of you had problems with the Dolphins app?I used to love it but since I updated it on my i-pod,I can't re-load the page to see what you guys are saying.....some times I don't want to know(especially last night)but it's fun to keep up during the games.

Fins 27
Jags 20

Watch for Wake and Henne to come out swinging! How cool would it be to win the division two years in a row? We need a win today... a big win would give us the momentum to reach the playoffs.


you are correct, sir. I have never seen so much hand-wringing over a team that has a one game lead & a relatively easy schedule & Brady, Moss & Welker.

Thats RIGHT Lips, our time is near!

Soon the NFL will watch the Dolphins with Fear!

Isn't time for a Parcells rumor to come forward to distract the team in a big game?


Cue Mortensen in 3, 2, .....

"Physical and nasty"

"Jags have no pass rush at all"

The boys on CBS see the light!

playoffs?playoffs?where's my Coors light oh yeah right here

lets get this W

"The Jags won’t have No. 1 cornerback Rashean Mathis"

"Jags two-time Pro Bowler defensive tackle John Henderson IS out"

This is real good for us Fellas.

anyone showing this on justintv?

Wish I could follow your blog and watch the game on the NFL's site Armando but being on the north west coast, I don't think they ever heard of the Dolphins up around these parts. But...go Dolphins, anyway!

i get a funny feeling when the other team has so many people out. we play down to the level of competition to often

See Buffalo

Let's Go Finssss!!!

i usually get a good feed for the game @ www.p2p4u.net

Go Dolphins!!!

I want to see alot of Jag turnovers, particularly in the interception department. Stop the run, rush the passer.

Think we looked past Buffalo to the Pats.

Can't see us doing that with the Jags.

If we can’t get motivated for this game all is lost.

I appreciate you coming here anyway, Tony.

Really Phinfan? I rarely get to see Miami Play unless it's a Monday night game on national TV.

Miami starters are supposed to be Hartline and Bess --- but sometimes they come out in a different package.

GEEZ, Tony just said on the pregame show that Jibril Wilson is playing well of late...wow. What is he looking at?

Porter and JT are also slated to start.

Dear Mr. phinfan from birth73


Thanks for the link

Soiled :)

yea that site has work nice the last 2 weeks,i moved to North Carolina i august and have not missed one game. WWW.P2P4U.NET

Thank you Armando. Too bad you can't provide a play by play or live feed here with your commentary too. But I guess I can't have it all.

This could be a huge weekend for us. With the Steelers losing and the Ravens & Patriots looking beat up and down right sad we might improve our Playoff chances Big Time! The Broncos might lose too! The Wets will probably win but their scrubs and don’t even matter.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Who should be more concerned ?

Miami's concern for Wilford or Jags concern for Tony McDaniel ?

Soiled :)

" Most say Miami"

Hope you all are watching CBS THIS MINUTE!

soil did you check the site?

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