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Live blog of Dolphins-Jags starts right here

JACKSONVILLE -- Walked out of my hotel this morning and it felt like swampy weather -- humid, no wind, warm.

Football weather in December!

The Dolphins play the Jags today. That means live blog right here at kickoff.

That also means I will be giving you the update on players in and players out of today's game in about 30 minutes. Check back for the update.

[Update: Neither CB Rashean Mathis nor DT John Henderson are active for Jacksonville today. WR Mike Sim-Waker is active. For Miami, Nate Garner is starting for Donald Thomas at right guard while Justin Smiley starts at left guard. Miami's inactives are Kory Sheets, Erik Walden, Andrew Gardner, Jake Grove, Lionel Dotson, Ikaika Alama-Francis, Patrick Turner and Tyler Thigpen is the third QB.]

Meanwhile, check out my Sunday column in The Miami Herald. In it, Tony Sparano explains how he gets a pulse for what kind of performance he'll get from his team every week. It's not an easy task, as you know, because the Dolphins have been up and down this year.

Hence the 6-6 record.

Anyway, the Fins are on the field. I saw a ton of Dolphins jerseys around the stadium when I was coming in. I expect a strong Dolfans showing. 


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the pregame question in the press box was if the Dolphins make the playoffs, would they have a chance at San Diego? At Cincy?

lets see some QB pressure!!

that ball hit bess on both of his hands...

Huge shock, Jags give the ball to Maurice JOnes-Drew (MJD)


jax sure covers up alot of sections in their stadium

Nice stop on Jones-Drew. Why is Davis not starting?

Jets up 3-0

yes they would, we played well against SD, the fumble by Ronnie @ the 1 killed us. changed the game & penny was knocked out too.

Dolphins brought the blitz by Nathan Jones.

pats got stuffed agian on 4th down

good job defense

nice 3 and out

Stopped em!

3 and out...Good job

Mando . what's up with Vontae NOT starting ?

Why Davis not starting

we need to get a number 1 receiver badly.....

vontae not starting?

Jason Allen started ahead of Vontae Davis today. Very strange.

Told that is a coach's decision. Oh, oh.

gonna need a new link soon with apassword

Why is Jason Allen Starting?

Allen? WTF?

Mando . they said coaches decision. he will play

What is the deal with Vonte?

One more time:

I'm told it was "coach's decision," on Davis.

We'll see how long that goes.

morono some how thinks useless jason allen deserves to start over vontae?

is morono trying to lose this game?

whats the uh oh for? Maybe Vontae got in past curfew.

There ya go Teddy!

jason allen starting!!!!!>?????????? wtf

Ginn should of Burst more!

see that was a nice play, put ginn in position to make positive plays, build his psyche.

ginn was so looking for the sidelines early on that run

Ginn runs out of bounds again

Out of bounds ginn figures

There you go Bess...


nice job henne and having patience


The uh oh is exactly for the reason you mentioned, nyfinfan, missing curfew is not a good thing.

It is NOT an injury reason he's not starting.

Davone "money" Bess does it again on 3rd down!


Think if we put goalposts along the sidelines Ginn would still run out of bounds ?

Soiled :)

Soft field.


what a dumb play call....

the corner was right up on the line...

where was bess gonna go....

Welker is the last receiver I remember the WR screen working for...

Henne looks like a star in the pocket.

Thanks for the news Mando.

go for it

go for it

go for it

You cannot fumble forward for a first down. The ball is brought back to the spot of the fumble.

Give to MONEY!

that corner sure covered alot of ground

That ball was fumbled out of bounds, should be a first down.


Lousaka Polite 12 for 12.

polite is $$$$$$$



Louke "1st down" Polite



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